harry hagen


Preseason with Pride | PT.1 

We’ve put in the work and it shows.

JENNY: I’m here with Aaron Hagen.

SALLY: The tall guy from the football team. He’s a year above us. I think he used to date Karen…

SALLY: Expectations? Not really. Just have fun.
JENNY. .. Maybe have a dance with the person I like.
SALLY: What are you talking about? You and Aaron are dancing all the time.
JENNY: ... Yeah… Aaron.. Sure.

SALLY: *laughs* Yes. She is.


Forget Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams, Miley Cyrus.

The only punk “queens” are Patti Smith, Joan Jett, Siouxsie, Wendy O Williams, Nina Hagen and Debbie Harry

The “princesses” could be Kathleen Hanna, Jemina Pearl, Brody Dalle, Donita Sparks and i know that too many people will refuse this, but Courtney Love too


“TOM HAGEN: It would be like trying to kill the president; there’s no way we can get to him.
MICHAEL CORLEONE: Tom, you know you surprise me. If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it’s that you can kill anyone.”

-Francis Ford Coppola + Mario Puzo (The Godfather Part II)


Based on these tweets it looks like the Orlando Pride’s home opener will be fantastic in terms of attendance. I checked the site and all the home games seems to have the “not many left” note on it. I wonder what their average attendance will be for the 2016 season.