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Neville helped Professor Sprout restore the greenhouses to their former glory after the war and never left so that when she retired a couple of years later he took over as head of Herbology. However, he did take a couple of years sabbatical to travel and collect rare plants from around the world later on.

As The Guardian points out, Tim Kaine (D-Va.) was the first senator to bring up the proposed Keystone XL pipeline—a major climate-related issue that the Obama administration is expected to make a decision on in the coming months.

“It would be very good thing if the president right now rejected the use of tar sands oil in the Keystone pipeline,” Kaine said. “Why would we embrace tar sands oil and backslide to a dirtier tomorrow?”

Environmental advocates have been urging the administration to reject the 1,660-mile pipeline, which would carry oil from Canada’s tar sands to refineries in Texas, on the basis that it would increase the country’s contribution to climate change. Oil from the tar sands produces more emissions over its lifecycle than conventional oil.

In his big climate speech last summer, President Obama said that the pipeline should be approved only if it “does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.” The State Department’s final environmental impact analysis did not find that the pipeline would, but another study recently questioned that analysis.

“I don’t want to bury my head in the tar sands,” said Kaine.

–Kate Sheppard

15. Absolutely no blowing up the Herbology greenhouses, claiming that you had ‘one hell of a sneeze’.

Even though we got detention for a month for this one, it was totally worth it for the look on everyone’s face. - JP

Allergy season is a dangerous time for everyone. - SB

You could have at least warned me before you got fake snot in my hair. - PP

Who said that was fake? - JP

Excuse me while I go take 1000 scalding hot showers. - PP



Rating: Teen

Pairing: Harry/Louis

Word count: 5k


“Oh look at the time,” Louis says quickly, turning on his heel and rushing to the greenhouse door. He twists the handle and tugs on it a few times, yanking progressively harder. “Oi, Harry, if you’re the president, then you’re in charge of this shack, right? So why won’t the fucking door open?”

Harry carefully steps over the mess on the ground and heads to the door, giving the handle a twist and pulling as hard as he can. It’s a futile attempt because the door doesn’t budge, not that Harry thought it would. There’s no way Louis would have known to be careful with the door, and with the wind howling outside right now, shutting it gently would be near-impossible.

“It’s shut,” Harry says, giving it a final, firm yank. The door doesn’t move an inch.

Or, Harry and Louis are locked in a greenhouse.

written for the @hlspringexchange2016 // ao3 collection

With a Kiss (Hogwarts Boys x Reader)

         "Come on Draco. It’s been three days. How long are you going to give me the silent treatment?“ (Y/N) pleaded as she sat next to him.

           Three days ago (Y/N) got them in trouble during class with Professor Sprout.

           "All right students finish putting the soil into the planter boxes and then we’ll add the seeds,” she said as she looked around for the seeds. “Well can’t seem to find my seed packets,” she said as she patted her pockets.

           Professor Sprout exited the greenhouse to retrieve the seeds. Some students continued working while others began talking to one another. (Y/N) looked across the table and saw her friend Ron making faces at her. She smiled at him and stuck her tongue out at him. She noticed Harry looking at her. She winked at him and he grinned. Ron flicked some soil at Harry and laughed. Harry grabbed a clump of soil trying to hit him with it but Ron grabbed his arm stopping him. (Y/N) laughed and flung a handful of soil at Ron’s chest. Both of them looked at her shocked. With a mischievous smile Ron gathered soil into his hand.

           "Don’t you dare,“ she said pointing at him.

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