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For Christmas prompts, how about frosting Christmas cookies with Merlin?

since you didn’t specify ship this one became Merlahad.


“Bugger, I need a gift,” Harry realized. “Bloody Aunt Temperance and her party.”

“Ye actually have an aunt named Temperance. Does she know how much you drink?” Merlin asked.

“Yes, actually, she pickled her liver decades ago. Now I need a gift for tonight.”

“Last I checked shops are open,” Merlin pointed out.

“She likes gifts from the heart, that show craftsmanship, and you care and thought about the receiver of said gift,” Harry sighed and flopped onto a chair next to Merlin. “I’m doomed.”

“What happens if you go empty handed?”

“Well then anything I have faced on this job will not have prepared me for her wrath.”

“I do not have the time for a candidate training, come along then.” Merlin got up and Harry followed him to the kitchen. “Cookies.”

“I’d love one,” Harry agreed heartily.

“No ye we make them and frost them and put them in this tin and it will be fine.” Merlin somehow found a dusty old Christmas cookie tin with adorable little children playing in the snow on the front. “Now then would she prefer shapes or rounds?”

“Can we do them shaped like a gin bottle?”

Merlin looked through cupboards and found a few old cookie cutters. “Nothing Christmasy, but we can say this is the Christmas star. Now get a mixing bowl.” Merlin ordered Harry about and to Harry’s astonishment an hour and a half later they had a tray of cookies.

“Royal icing,” Merlin said. “I’ll get started. You go to the greenhouse and bring back this list.”

“We have a greenhouse?” Harry was astonished.

“We have a basement with uv lamps where my techs grow a few interesting things. Now go get those.”

“Are you so chill on my missions because you have been partaking in drugs?” Harry acted quite scandalized.

“No, that’s the reward once you are on the plane. Now go get the fucking lavender and other things.”

Harry returned with the items on the list as Merlin finished making a beautiful and glossy white icing. 

“Excellent,” Merlin said and took everything Harry brought, washed and dried it and then mixed three different bowls. “I will ice, you will sprinkle the edible flora over top. Simple and elegant and you helped. Aunt Temperance won’t kill you and I won’t have to train another agent.”

They worked together and soon there were two dozen beautifully decorated cookies.


“Merlin what are you doing?” Eggsy asked coming into the kitchen.

“Getting the ingredients together for Aunt Temperance’s Christmas cookies,” Merlin said.

“Because that sentence makes sense.”

“Harry, it’s a thing,” Merlin said. He smiled to himself. “I would have made them for her when Harry was - well, during, but I didn’t have her address and she’s not actually in any of his files.” Merlin put everything out and put his apron on.

Harry came in a couple minutes later and put on the apron Merlin handed him.

Eggsy watched the two men work seamlessly together. And something tickles at his brain. “Wait…tis the old bat relative you were telling me about?”

Harry glared at Eggsy. “You are needed elsewhere.”

“Thought you said she died like 8 years ago, left you that giant clock.” Eggsy looked between the two men. Harry’s flushed cheeks and the actual emotion on Merlin’s face. “Right, totally needed elsewhere.” He ran.

“Dead?” Merlin asked. “Aunt Temperance is dead?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you,” Harry said.

“You tell me sorry Merlin no cookies this year, she died,” Merlin stared at the cookie cutters. “8 years?”

“Yes! And for 8 years I got to have this one day, these handful of hours where you were mine and we were happy and doing something domestic together. No murder, or mayhem, or mission. And don’t even think about making a crack about all the M words there,” Harry warned. “Never mind.” He took off the apron and went to his office.

3 hours later there was a knock on his door.

“Cookie delivery,” Merlin called through the wood.

Harry debated not opening it, but that would be absurd. He went over and twisted the knob and there was Merlin with a plate of cookies. Harry took the plate and slammed the door shut. So maybe he would be a little absurd. He sat back down and stared at the cookies. All hearts and all with a date perfectly iced on them. He didn’t get it.

“I don’t get it,” he called out.

Merlin opened the door. “Every date where I was yours,” he explained softly.

Harry looked closely at the cookies and the one at the bottom of the plate had no date, just an infinity symbol.

“Close the door,” Harry said and took a bite out of the cookie.

Neville helped Professor Sprout restore the greenhouses to their former glory after the war and never left so that when she retired a couple of years later he took over as head of Herbology. However, he did take a couple of years sabbatical to travel and collect rare plants from around the world later on.

15. Absolutely no blowing up the Herbology greenhouses, claiming that you had ‘one hell of a sneeze’.

Even though we got detention for a month for this one, it was totally worth it for the look on everyone’s face. - JP

Allergy season is a dangerous time for everyone. - SB

You could have at least warned me before you got fake snot in my hair. - PP

Who said that was fake? - JP

Excuse me while I go take 1000 scalding hot showers. - PP



Rating: Teen

Pairing: Harry/Louis

Word count: 5k


“Oh look at the time,” Louis says quickly, turning on his heel and rushing to the greenhouse door. He twists the handle and tugs on it a few times, yanking progressively harder. “Oi, Harry, if you’re the president, then you’re in charge of this shack, right? So why won’t the fucking door open?”

Harry carefully steps over the mess on the ground and heads to the door, giving the handle a twist and pulling as hard as he can. It’s a futile attempt because the door doesn’t budge, not that Harry thought it would. There’s no way Louis would have known to be careful with the door, and with the wind howling outside right now, shutting it gently would be near-impossible.

“It’s shut,” Harry says, giving it a final, firm yank. The door doesn’t move an inch.

Or, Harry and Louis are locked in a greenhouse.

written for the @hlspringexchange2016 // ao3 collection

M is for Marriage

@listentotheshityousay are pushing each other to be productive writers and to finish this series, so here is my rather belated entry for M. She and @coffeeinallcaps are writing angst - mine is considerably more fluffy than theirs. Enjoy!

All things considered, this should not be the most surprising part of their engagement.

Kingsman runs a tailor shop that is a functioning tailor, for all that it’s also a front for their organization. So of course Merlin is well-connected with the best caterers, designers, planners, florists in all of London. Once they set the date, the ball gets rolling, a clock ticking down until The Day: touring posh ballrooms and churches on their way to and from missions, jotting down drafts of guest lists on bar napkins and in the margins of debriefing reports, stealing kisses whenever they can. Engagement is supposed to be fun, right? No one told Eggsy that it would be like having a part-time job on top of being an agent of international espionage.

It’s why he finds himself here, lingering bleary-eyed among rows and rows of flowers in this greenhouse on an early Saturday morning, when he should by all rights be back in their bed sleeping off their latest recon mission. Harry strolls ahead with the florist, umbrella hooked over his arm and chatting amiably about arrangement preferences and coordinating colors. Eggsy lets them go. Only a few more months of this, he tells himself. Only six more months.

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Okay but I keep seeing posts with people complaining about Queenie and how “that’s not how legilimens works” but we already know that witches and wizards can be naturally gifted to certain branches of magic.

Neville was hopeless with a lot of things when he first started Hogwarts but he was king of the greenhouses. Harry was able to conjure a corporeal patronus at only 13 when most adults can barely manage mist. Etc.

As far as I’m concerned Queenie is a -true- legilimens and doesn’t need to cast a spell to make it work. Her magic and mind are so powerful that it just happens naturally.

Also she refers to her sister as the ‘career girl’ of the family while she only serves coffee and the like, and Tina looks kind of sad about it. It’s like they both know how dangerous it could be should the MACUSA find out about Queenie’s power and so she hides it. Could you imagine what they would do and how they might use her if the magical government found out that there was such a powerful legilimens among them? One who did not need a wand to enter minds? Especially with how quick they were to eliminate Credence as a threat instead of trying to help him control his magic.