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We Meet Again

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader
Warnings: none
Request: @thetempleofthemasaigoddess “HC for being Harry’s girlfriend when you were both in university studiyng entomology and than meeting him again when he’s a Kingsman and reconnecting with him? Thanks, you rock!”
A/N: This was meant to be headcanons but I thought it would make a brill fic!!

Nineteen years ago, you and the love of your life parted. Unexpectedly, granted. You’d both finished university, almost time for graduation, and then he vanished. One day Harry was there, the other he was gone, and you haven’t seen him or heard from him since.

It was the day before your 40th birthday, and you thought of Harry every day, especially leading up to events like this. You still loved him, and you hoped one day he’d come back to you. In the time you was apart, you’d never been with anyone else. You was waiting for Harry. 

You hoped one day he would just walk into your shop, for butterfly keepers. That was your main passion between both of you. He promised one day if he ever found a rare species of butterfly, he’d name it after you.

You was at the counter at the back of the shop, tending to some butterflies in an enclosure, when you heard the bell on the door go. Spinning around, you went to greet the customer, but the words wouldn’t form in your mind and you couldn’t say a word. 

The suited and booted man smiling softly before you with his arms open made all the memories come crashing back onto you. You wasted no time in running into his arms, holding him like he would just slip away again.

He came back.

“You came back.” you whispered between tears, looking up at him. “After all these years, you came back?” You couldn’t help but smile, and it was undoubtedly the best day of your life. 

“Of course I did, Y/N.” Harry smiled, brushing some hair out of your eyes. “I couldn’t miss the love of my life’s 40th birthday now, could I? By the way, you still look as beautiful as you did nineteen years ago.”

You was speechless. You couldn’t quite fathom it. It was like he never left. “You’re staying this time, Harry Hart. No disappearing for nineteen years again, you better have one bloody good explanation.”  you said, playfully nudging him. 

It was surprising how you could both act as if you’d never been apart. You was both waiting for each other, there was never anybody else for you, and there was never anybody else for Harry. It was always you who had his heart, and from now on, it always would be. 

Harry leaned down and finally pressed his lips to yours, and you’d never been so happy in your life, and you could hide your smile. 

“We have a lot to catch up on, darling.”

okay, okay, hear me out:

what if the boy who lived was the girl who lived? scruffy tomboy harriet “call me Harry” potter, getting extra rubbish from the Dursleys both from being a girl and being the wrong kind of girl

and absolutely nothing in the entire 7-book series changes except for pronouns. because girls can be brave and imperfect and angry and sulky and loud just like boys can.

(except a girl harry would room with Hermione Granger and the Patil twins instead of Ron and Sean, but that’s literally the only thing I can think of that might change)

the charming pirate and the naval officer <3

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Learning to be okay without him is weird.
I swear I’ll be fine for weeks,
but one morning I’ll wake up
and my heart feels heavy for no reason at all
And I feel like I lost him all over again.
It’s just hard, you know?
Thinking you’re making all this progress only for it to be ruined when you see someone else brush their hair out of their eyes the same way he used to.
One little thing, and bam-
You start thinking that you’ll never be able to live without hearing his laugh ever again.
—  I’m okay, but I’m not really okay
How much independence?

(November 2011)

(August 2013)

In my opinion, when One Direction (usually Liam) have spoken about control, they aren’t talking about public actions, promotional strategies, and publicity. They are speaking about artistic control and the creative process—songwriting, production—their sound. Did they have more and more writing and involvement with each of their albums? Yes. And it’s extremely important to them. They didn’t get to choose their singles, though. (Consider, too, did they choose their merch? Were they eager to release yet anotherwas it the fourth??—perfume? Or a 1D make-up line? No.)

30 October 2012

November 2012 (no link)

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You don’t understand. I like Malfoy but I don’t like Malfoy. I have very positive feelings of attraction towards him but I also want to punch him in the face again.
—  Hermione Granger, confused