harry gets hit in the balls

(Love) Letters

Harry Potter,
Last chance to accept my proposal of friendship. You don’t want to make a mistake you cannot erase.
Draco Malfoy.

Hey Putter,
I’d love the hit you with a few golf balls.

Hey Potty,
Were you born that ugly, or did you get punched in the face too many times by your muggle family?

Hey Scarhead,
How’s your frizzy-haired Mudblood girlfriend? And your pet orangutan?

Hey Arselmouth,
I didn’t realise specky gits enjoyed murdering Hufflepuffs with snakes? I’m almost impressed.

Hey Orphan,
Missing Mummy and Daddy?

Hey Princess,
Did you hurt your head real bad when you fainted, or are you already damaged beyond repair?

Hey Prickter,
I know you’re up to something. I know what Hagrid’s doing.

Hey Prince,
Didn’t get enough attention last year? Had to cheat your way into championship? I don’t think you’ll last 5 minutes.

Hey Porkie,
Are you still starving yourself? You’re like a bag of bones. Except with less fashion sense.

Hey Pisster,
I can’t believe you’re still alive! Maybe die next time?

Hey Pothead,
Is your little Mudblood still crying over a couple of words? Just learn, you must not tell lies.

Hey Plonker,
Umbridge is looking for you.

Hey Plantpot,
Umbridge can’t get into the room. She doesn’t know how.

Stop following me.

Seriously, stop following me. I’ll fucking kill you.

You almost killed me.

Where are you? Why did you leave?

These letters just keep getting brought back. Where are you? Are you dead?

Please come back.

I knew it was you.

You were in my house. You saw my house.

You can’t die. Please don’t die.

You fucking saved me.

You’re dead. You’re gone.

You aren’t dead.

You did it.

Hello Potter,
Thank you, so much, for saving me. Thank you for saving my mother. Thank you for saving the entire wizarding world. I’m sorry for everything I did. And, I-
Sincerely, Malfoy.

Mr Potter,
Thank you so much for returning my wand.
Draco Malfoy.

I don’t know how you did it, but thanks.

How do you unlock the staff room again?

Hello Potter,
Granger is forcing me to ask you if you’d care to join us for drinks on Friday night. (You can say no.)

Are you still coming tonight?

Hey Potter,
Thanks for last night. I’m sorry you had to see me like that.

Hey Potter,
Do you want to go for a pint tonight, after work? I’ll pay?

Hey Potter,
What time did you say you’re picking me up?

Hey Harry,
Yesterday was amazing.
Ps. We were always going to win!

Are you sure I’m supposed to feel like this? Are you sure it was a muggle film? There was no misery potion involved?

Where did you learn to cook!?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I miss you. When are you home?

I love you.

Are you sure this is a good idea? Last chance to back out?!

I’ve forgotten my keys..


Will you cook tonight? Pretty please?

You forgot your paperwork. I’ll send Hedwig.

Hey Harry,
Come and find me, I’ve got your coffee!

Where’s my tie!?


Marry me, Draco?

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*chants* we want dressing room smut ;) pleaseeeeee

“Babe…you hafta stop…shit they’re about to…”  He looked down while your hands traveled to the button of his jeans.  The bed in his dressing room had been Corden’s idea.  A joke bit for The Late Late Show during Harry’s week long residency.  He wasn’t expected out on stage until the end when he was supposed to sing “Kiwi”.  Harry had never expected it to be some kind of trigger.

But he should have.  His work schedule had been slightly busy lately.  And by slightly busy that meant he got maybe three hours of sleep and a 15 minute break to smack a quick kiss on your mouth before he had to shove food down his throat while he was carted off to the next gig.  

So to say you’d been neglected was…well…putting it lightly.  

The moment you saw the bed in the dressing room your eyes lit up, thinking it had to have been some sort of surprise he’d planned rather than a joke for the show.  The moment the two of you were alone, your mouth crashed down on his with needy, hungry kisses while your hands wrestled with the button of his pants.

You let out a frustrated grunt,

“Fuck…what is with this button.”

Harry shook his head,

“Because it’s not a button.”  He tried to pull your hands away from his pants, “They’re gonna knock on the door any minute.  James is doing his monologue.  You have to stop.”

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Bullying at Columbine: Eric & Dylan

Both Eric and Dylan:

-Name calling, especially gay slurs (There was an incident in which a jock went up to Devon Adams and said, “Why are you talking to that faggot, are you a dyke?” After she spoke to Dylan)

-Making fun of their clothing (Trench coats, combat boots)

-Making fun of their music tastes (They listened mostly to industrial rock music)

-Throwing items in class (Paper clips launched using rubber bands were common)

- Pushing, shoving (Pushed into lockers, this was proved in this home video) 

- Bottles, mostly glass being thrown at them as they smoked in the smoker’s pit.

- A cup of fecal matter was thrown at them in one incident.

- Being squired with ketchup and having Skittles candy thrown at them in the cafeteria. (They would come home with ketchup stained clothes as this happened almost daily)

- Falsely accused of carrying drugs and alcohol 

Dylan Klebold:

- Pelted with ketchup covered tampons by seniors (He told his mother this was the worst day of his life)

- Being falsely accused of smoking Marijuana to the point of being pulled out of class and having his clothes and locker searched.

- Being picked on for his interests and learning skills.

Eric Harris:

- If Eric’s gym team won a game against the jocks he would get hit several times in the face with balls 

- Frequently pushed against lockers by jocks in the hallways.

- Students joked about Eric’s Pectus Excavatum and laughed when he took of his shirt to the point where he no longer took his shirt off to change during gym class.

- Picked on for being shorter than other students (Eric was 5′9)

- Picked on for not being from Colorado.

When asked about the jocks, Dylan responded to his mother, “I’m six-four, they don’t bother me too much, but they sure give Eric hell”

There is a misconception that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were not bullied at Columbine. The reality is that they were bullied, and those are just a few available examples. Please spread this post.

Random Admitted Facts Of USWNT:

Shannon Boxx - I broke a chair at a national team dinner, but never hit the floor while still holding Christie Rampone’s daughter Rylie on my lap.

Lori Chalupny - I wish I could grow just a little bit so I could be listed at 5-5 instead of 5-4.

Lauren Holiday - When I was 10, I wanted to go to football camp but my mom put me in cheer camp instead. I won best toe-touch.

Tobin Heath - I used to steal gear from U.S. Soccer when I was younger, but for that I am sorry.

Carli Lloyd - I prefer sandals over sneakers.

Heather O'Reilly - I have an enormous sweet tooth. I maul chocolate.

Ali Krieger - I never leave the house without mascara.

Christie Rampone - I am a real red head!

Morgan Brian - My favorite show growing up was “SpongeBob SquarePants” and kinda still is.

Megan Rapione - Playing in Chicago may be dangerous for me, because as I said, I love to shop.

Amy Rodriguez - One of my worst habits is cracking my knuckles. My Grandma thinks I’m going to get arthritis.

Hope Solo - I buy myself flowers because I love to have them in the house.

Abby Wambach - When I was waking up from the anesthesia after my surgery for my broken leg, I was crying and saying “I want my mommy.”

Alex Morgan - My cat has six toes on each of its front paws.

Kelley O'Hara - I put water on my cereal.

Alyssa Naeher - My parents told us that when Amanda and I were babies, we’d just sit up in our cribs talking to each other for hours.

Christen Press - I never touched the ball once in my first soccer league.

Becky Sauerbrunn - I’m really good at video games.

Whitney Engen - My parents loved to dress my brother and I up as children.

Julie Johnston - I used to cry every time I fell down on the soccer field when I was nine.

Sydney Leroux - I was at the office every single day and they had to call my mom to come get me every single day.

Ashlyn Harris - I hit a kid in the face with a fish in Florida when I was younger.

Meghan Klingenberg - When I was around six years old, believe it or not, I was really shy.

Imagine #6: Bad boy Luke trying and trying again.

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Requested: Yes

Request: Can you make something where it’s bad boy Luke and he trying to ask you on a date but you reject him at first and he tries again?

Word Count: 814

Warnings: None

“I already told you no, Hemmings,” The stubborn but adorably cute girl spat out at the tall guy, that was for the fifth time that week asking her out. He stood there yet again,  acting like he was the shit, which wasn’t a lie too most he was the shit.  But too her and a couple others, he was just down right annoying.  Always thinking that everyone wanted to either be him or want him.  

Not Y/N, in her opinion he was to cocky and showing off all the time.  Awesome, everyone knew that he had a motorcycle instead of a car, that doesn’t mean you have to speed out of the parking lot popping a wheelie every so often.  

“Why?” Luke questioned for the fifth time that week, he was confused why you didn’t want to go on a date with him. Just about every girl and/or guy wanted him, either as a fuck buddy or relationship, slamming the locker door shut a little too hard, “Because, you are to cocky all the time. We get it, you know you are hot, everyone knows you are hot; We get it you have a motorcycle instead of a car, you have tattoos on your arms. That you are in a gang that is feared by half the people in town. I get it you are hot shit right now, but not everyone is going to be wrapped around your finger. One day you will be some piece of shit that is still hitting on high school girls in his forties, with either a lot of kids or no kids.” You spoke with honesty before turning around and walking to Mr. Tanner class, and the whole was there you felt eyes burning into the back of your head.

-Next Day-

“He keeps staring at you,” Ann whispered leaning over her books, just to inform you yet again, that Luke was staring at you like a creep.

“Am I supposed to care?” You retorted in response, turning around towards Luke who did that annoying little smirk again, flipping him the bird. Paying attention again back to the class, you were writing something down when something hit you. Glancing down at the floor, seeing a balled up piece of paper just lying there. You heard the sneekers from the back of the room, just like you heard a chair get scooted back the loud sound of the metal scratching the floor.

And than you heard the scuffle of people, along with fists connecting with faces, and sure as ever. There was Luke beating the crap out of two guys, Mr. Harris was an old guy, maybe seventy or younger. But he was frail, and he was calling the office instead of trying to break them up, the other students on the other hand were rooting for Luke or for Dylan and Zakk.

“The dean’s aren’t going to get up here soon enough and either Luke will lose or wi-” You were cut short when something shattered, and there was Zakk standing with a broken piece of glass in his hand from the window. It was dangerously close to cutting and/or stabbing Luke in the back, springing off the stool, grabbing the closest thing next to you which just so happened to be the Bio book. Chucking it at Zakk, it hit him right in the head, “Okay, aiming for the arm but that’ll do,” You spoke out loud, jumping at the sound of the doors getting pulled open a little too harsh.

“Put him down Hemmings!” One of the Deans ordered out, Luke had Dylan by the shirt, holding him in the air. His knuckles were bloody, and his nose was pouring out blood, but finally after much shouting set Dylan back down. Well more like dropping him back down, but it was better than nothing, “Come with us Luke,” Wright said, grabbing Luke by his broad shoulder, while the school nurse came rushing in the room. A first aid kit in her hands, “Wait!” I hollered after them, Ann giving me a confused glance.

The Deans and Luke stopped in the middle of the hall, “I’m coming as well. I hit Zakk with the Bio book, and I know that he will tell someone soon,” You told them, with a questioning glance towards one another they then waved you towards them. Luke and yourself were in front of the Deans, “Pst,” You tired getting Luke attention, his eyes darting towards you, “What?”

“Let’s say Tuesday, at 5pm?”

It took him a while before it finally clicked, his eyes brightening a little more, “Deal.”

“Why the sudden change in thought?”

“Eh, you stood up for me. Though you didn’t have to, that and I have saw you stand up for others. Always thought you were an ass, but I judge you before knowing you.”

Birthday Blues

Hey babes! This is my contribution to the Harry birthday one shots. It’s going to be a little different to other birthday one shot’s you may have read, with plenty of angst, but of course with a VERY fluffy ending! PSA: this is not a part of my one shot series, and does include some explicit language! xxx

Y/N’s P.O.V.
The fighting started weeks ago. God knows why, it just did. At first, it was just bickering. I understood Harry was tired from work, and I’d been studying for exams a lot so the both of us were constantly exhausted. But to make matters worse, the two of us being so tired meant no sex, which meant no stress relief. So we kept bickering, going to bed without good night kisses and leaving in the morning without so much as a “good bye.” Until the real fights started. One day I got home late because I forgot to tell Harry I was working late, and when I came home at nearly 11 PM, he lost it. Then everything came out, and we haven’t gone more than a few days without a fight since. It exhausted me, but today was his birthday. I was going to make it so special for him, and put the past few weeks behind us. I woke up without Harry next to me, so I grabbed his present (a new journal) and wandered down stairs to find him fully dressed, looking like he was about to leave. “Going somewhere, birthday boy?” He looked up, startled. “Oh, hi. I’ve got meetings all morning then I’m going to lunch with Gem, so I won’t be home until later. Then the boys and I are going out for drinks tonight.” My stomach dropped as the cold tone of his voice washed over me. “Oh, okay. Well, here’s your present. Enjoy lunch with Gem. Happy birthday.” I tried to control the shaking of my voice, and walked back upstairs so he wouldn’t see me cry. An hour later, I woke up again and wandered downstairs to see his present completely untouched.

Harry’s P.O.V.
I wasn’t really going to lunch with Gemma. I was going with Kendall. I felt bad for lying to Y/N, I really did. But Kendall offered for my birthday and I knew Y/N would be mad at me, so I lied. As long as no one told her, I’d be fine. The morning dragged, and guilt started to set in. Y/N was supposed to be the love of my life and I was going behind her back. The meetings finally finished, and I hesitantly went to lunch with Kendall. All went smoothly, with no paparazzi, but I was anxious to get home to Y/N. I needed to put everything behind us. I pulled up to the house, and made my way inside. “You home, baby?” I called out, but the house was quiet. I walked around looking for her until I saw her outside, a cigarette in her hand, and her face all puffy like she’d been crying. I opened the back door and she glared at me. “How’s Kendall, Harry?” My stomach dropped. “W-who told you?” She took a drag of her cigarette. “Niall. Thought I should know you were going behind my back. Why’d you lie, Harry? You know I wouldn’t have minded if you had told me the truth.” Her voice was calmed, which scared me. “I just wasn’t sure how you’d react, given the past few weeks. I know I shouldn’t have lied. I’m so sorry.” “I was ready to forgive you, Harry. Forgive you for treating me like shit lately, but then you go and pull this shit! How fucking dare you!” She was yelling now, her voice dripping with venom. I was mad now, too. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?! You’re the one who’s been moping around for weeks!” “Is Kendall going to be there tonight, Harry?! You gonna spend the night balls deep in her fucking pussy?!” I was raging now, and approached her, yelling in her face. “Maybe I fucking will, considering you haven’t given it up in weeks!” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I fucked up. Bad. Y/N was shaking and tears were running down her cheeks. “No, no baby. Don’t cry. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” I reached up to wipe her face, but she hit my hand away. “Get away from me, Harry. Get out. Now.” I nodded, not wanting to cause any further arguments, and left.

Y/N’s P.O.V.
I spent hours just crying and smoking. I only ever smoked cigarette’s when I was under a lot of stress, and now they at least soothed the pain. It was dark, and late so I made my way upstairs to shower and try to get some sleep. After tossing and turning for hours, I finally started dozing until my phone started ringing. Niall’s name came up on the screen and I answered, nerves starting to build in my stomach. “Niall? What’s going on?” “Y/N, you need to get down here and get Harry. He’s not in a good shape.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “Niall, I don’t care. I’m not ready to face him.” “He’s sobbing for you, Y/N. He needs you.” I sat up, getting out of bed. “Okay, I’ll be there soon. Make sure he doesn’t drink anymore.” “Thank you, Y/N. We’ll be outside.” With that I hung up, got dressed and made my way to the local pub. I pulled up to see Harry and Niall, standing outside, my 6ft tall boyfriend a sobbing mess. I got out the car, and Harry stumbled over to me, wrapping me in a huge bear hug. “Oh, my baby. I’m so fucking sorry I’m such a piece of shit. I would never cheat on you. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.” I rubbed his back. “Baby, we can talk about it in the morning, okay? We need to get you home.” He nodded and sniffled, letting me help him into the car. I waved goodbye and called out “thank you” to Niall, and drove home. Harry was still a mess, but I managed to get him upstairs and into bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly. I curled up beside him, and quickly fell asleep, too.

I woke up, my head pounding and stomach churning. I got up and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. After a while, I groaned and stumbled downstairs to find Y/N pottering in the kitchen. The sight of her wearing only a pair of knickers and one of my t-shirts with her hair in a floppy bun warmed my heart. She turned around, a small smile on her face. “Morning. I made some peppermint tea to help your tummy.” I picked up the tea and sipped on it. “Thanks, love. Now, about last night.” She shook her head at me. “Drink your tea. Then we can talk about it.” I nodded and sat down beside her at the table. “Did you sleep okay last night?” She rubbed my shoulder gently and whispered, her voice cracking. “Only after you got home.” I put my tea down and took Y/N into my arms. “Oh, my sweet girl. I’m so, so sorry.” She sobbed hard into my chest. “You can’t say stuff like that to me, Harry. You almost killed me.” I held her tighter. “Sweetheart, stop cryin’, please. You’re breakin’ my heart.  I know I’m a terrible boyfriend, and you deserve so much better, especially with how I’ve been treatin’ ya lately. But you mean the world to me, and I don’t think I could function without you.” I cupped her face so she’d look at me. “You’re the love of my life baby, and I am going to marry you one day.” Tears were still running down her face, but she smiled at me. “Really? You wanna get married?” I kissed her lips gently. “There’s no one else I want to spend my life with.”

After I showered, Y/N made the two of us breakfast and we spent the whole day watching movies. After we finished watching If I Stay, Y/N stood up and walked to the counter and picked up my present I’d left there yesterday morning and brought over to me. “I know it’s not much but-” I cut her off with a kiss. “Sweetheart, stop. Whatever it is, is perfect.” I unwrapped the paper, carefully, revealing the journal. My breath caught in my throat. Y/N never failed to amaze me. It was a beautiful, leather bound journal with thick paper. “Baby, I love it. I truly love it. Thank you so much.” She leaned in and kissed me sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Even though my hang over was terrible, Y/N and I had sweet, lazy, intimate sex and were laying in bed. All was quiet until Y/N whispered “Harry?” I kissed the top of her head. “Yes, my sweet girl?” She looked up at me, her big eyes full of love. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life. Happy reading, honeys. Please reblog! xxx

getting new pics of harry every two minutes is like getting hit in the face with a ball so hard that you’re blinded for a while and when you finally get the time to react another one comes at full speed again

best friends

This one’s for the anon who prompted me with Stiles and Derek as five year olds. All together now: awwww! 

It’s been a long time since John Stilinski woke up to the sight of Stiles streaking naked around the living room. Although, if he’s honest with himself, it hasn’t been that long. It’s Stiles, after all. But it’s been a long time since Stiles was running around naked and he only came up to John’s waist.

“Stiles?” John asks, jaw dropping. His eighteen-year-old son doesn’t look a day over five.

“Daddy!” Stiles dives into his lap, bare knees squeaking against the worn leather of the chair.

He’s so damn little.

John runs his hands down his cold back, and stares helplessly over his shoulder at Scott, who suddenly appears in the doorway.

“Um,” Scott says. “So there were these witches…”


It’s really dark. Derek isn’t scared of the dark, because he’s an alpha and he’s not scared of anything. He has claws and red eyes, and he’s the scariest thing in the dark! He’s much scarier than the bogeyman. He prowls back and forth on the cold floor for a little while, making practice growls and pretending to fight bad guys, but then he finishes doing that and it’s still dark, and now he’s hungry too, and there’s nothing in his refrigerator except some eggs and some powder stuff in a tin that tastes really gross.

Derek’s tummy growls, and he stands on his tiptoes to see if there’s anything in the cabinets. Then, because he’s still not tall enough, he gets a stool and clambers up on that instead. There’s some stuff in the cabinets, but Derek’s not super great at reading yet, and he doesn’t recognize any of these labels. None of them are peanut butter, that’s for sure. Maybe alphas don’t eat peanut butter. Maybe grownups don’t. Derek isn’t really sure of the rules.

He wishes his mom was here.

Derek’s tummy hurts and it’s not just because he’s hungry. It’s because he knows that this is supposed to be where he lives except nothing here feels right. He wants Mom and Dad. He wants Laura. He wants to be sitting at the kitchen table, swinging his legs and watching eagerly while dinner gets made. This cold dark open space isn’t his home.

Where’s Mom?

He knows he should remember, but it’s really, really hard.

It’s like the longer he stands here in the dark, the harder it gets.

The smaller he feels.

“Mom?” he whispers in the dark. “Momma?”

Nobody answers him.

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Sucking him off in the bath, his hands in your hair, holding it in a ponytail, and he moans as you slide your mouth fully over him, the tip of him hitting the back of your throat making you gag around him. His hips buck, and his grip gets get tighter. You start stroking his shaft up and down and you suck his balls, kissing them all over. "So pretty" you say in between kisses. "Your cock is so pretty and pink, like this bath," you suckle his tip, "but even prettier"


Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.

Larry on late late show

Alot happened on late late show with one direction 2015 …louis and harry weren’t out but they did have a great time.

lets see,

( Moment 1 ) right from the start when liam was supposed to sit with harry but louis changed seats keeping “NEXT TO YOU” alive.

louis looks happy borderline proud.

well yeah “happy and proud”

( Moment 2 ) while talking about their tattoos both louis and harry looked pleased even though “most of their tattoos are pretty stupid”

Well happy couple with stupid tattoos indeed.

( Moment 3 ) when harry simply drinking his tea is enough for louis to fond over him for days.

( Moment 4 ) when discussions of harry getting hit by a dildo on stage amused the boyfriends and James gave the candid information that “getting hit by dildos” is actually a regular in Larry world.

( Moment 5 ) when dream team rose again after a long hibernation.

( Moment 6 ) when louis wanted to hold harry’s hand but couldn’t !!!!!

( Moment 7 ) when the size of your pants don’t match during and after the show because of the rushed “interaction” you had to have with your boyfriend in the locker room.

during the show !!!

after the show !!!! 

also these two were the only ones half dressed..WELL SOME INTERACTIONS TAKE TIME !!!!

( Moment 8 ) when you showcase your “how to be embarrassing parents” skills with your boyfriend.

and the “judgemental” ones too

( Moment 9 ) when you don’t even try to pretend sympathising for your  bandmate (alleged boyfriend ) who just went through a breakup. 

well louis also didn’t look like he wanted sympathy. “HAPPY SINGLE MAN AFTER A LONG TIME”

( Moment 10 ) when louis followed harry’s every single move 

lets watch this again …the way louis’ entire body moves just to follow harry’s movement is so amusing.

( Moment 11 ) when james made louis act like a cat and made him sit on his lap …our night in shining armour bringing every “cat louis” “hybrid louis” fiction to life !!!

well harry was fine with the cat arrangement but not at all happy with the lap arrangement … and by not at all ..i mean NOT AT ALL !!!

but this reminds of that time when louis was the jealous one…because james kissed harry

paybacks are always bitter !!!

( Moment 12 ) its time to discuss the elephant in the room …THE NO CONTROL SEQUENCE !!!! …the song that louis wrote for harry … the song that is about harry …if people were speculating about it and had their doubts, louis and harry’s expressions confirmed it all ….and nialler’s too !!!!

( Moment 13 ) when clicking the appearance picture louis was biased with his hand placement on liam and harry.

( Moment 14 ) when james said louis was his favourite because harry didn’t agree with him ..now the best part here is that there were two other options for james to choose from ( liam and niall ) but he picked louis ..the way it came out its like an instinct ..with only explanation that louis and harry have been together for so long that their friends joke about picking one over the other.


we get louis and harry sitting together.

they shareD the milkshake but Ben Winston got possessive over it and decided to keep it with himself  


this is my favorite part OF carpool for some reason.

harry adjusting his seatbelt while louis tries to not get distracted by it 

larry being adorable babies throughout

harry screaming on the top of his voice offends liam but not louis …never louis !!!!!

louis and harry pointing at each other ..subtle song dedications !!!

no idea what happened here, but calm down larry !!!


phew…. lets take a break and enjoy how beautiful louis and harry look standing together ….there’s alot left !!!

( Moment 16 ) when harry got hit by a ball in his balls and he immediately turned and looked at louis 

guess louis felt his boyfriend’s pain too.

( Moment 17 ) harry’s smug face when louis said there are no further plans 

( Moment 19 ) louis and harry focus alot on each other …not just the late late show but every interview , every performance , every concert !!!! one knows what the other one is doing at all times !!!!

( Moment 19 )  when they were asked to pick up cake pops to lick and niall had put his captain hat on !!!!

( Moment 20 ) when harry focused on louis and sang to him like always than to the cameras in front !!!!


Thank you very much …IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU ALL !!!!!

Believe It or Not. Part 14/?

Summary: With tensions increasing between Derek and the rest of the pack, they try to understand why he’s turning other teenagers. In the midst of everything, expectations of one’s self get in the way.

(Based off 2x02 “Shape Shifted”)

“I’m serious. It’s not like the last full moon. I don’t feel the same.” Scott said with reassurance while walking down the halls between his sister and best friend.

“Oh, does that include the urge to maim and kill people, like me?” Stiles quipped sarcastically. At his comment y/n leaned behind Scott and punched Stiles in the arm playfully.

“Hey!” He shouted grabbing his arm. Y/n just laughed.

“I swear I don’t have the urge to maim and kill you.” Scott laughed along with y/n as they continued walking.

“You say that now, but then the full moon goes up and out come the fangs and the claws and there’s a lot of howling and screaming and running everywhere, okay? And it’s very stressful on me so yes, I’m still locking you up.” Stiles finished without taking a second to breathe.

“Okay, fine,” the beta gave in, “but I do think I have more control now. Especially with how good things are with Allison.”

Y/n rolled her eyes, “Oh my god Scott! Yes, we’re aware of how good things are with Allison. You make us aware every 2 seconds.”

Her words barely phased the boy, “they’re really good.” He whispered with a big goofy smile on his face.

“Please just shut the hell up before I have the urge to maim and kill myself.” Stiles chimed in, making Scott look butt-hurt and y/n to continue giggling. They parted ways as the boys entered the boys’ locker and y/n the girls.


Y/n rather quickly dressed in her cheerleading uniform and made her way out to the field. She found a nice, dry spot on the grass to sit down and begin their routine of stretches. Silently, she watched the lacrosse team run laps for warm-up. A jersey she’d never seen before, number 14, caught her eye. He must be a new player.

Time seemed to pass by as she was down to the last 15 minutes of practice. She felt a little bit a sweat lightly run down as she ran through the new routine for what felt like the 50th time. She decided to take a break, walking to the bleachers to grab her water bottle. As she was taking a cool drink, she turned towards the lacrosse field to see her brother practically running over every single person trying to score a goal.

The players were all in one straight line practicing running towards the goal, Scott guarding the goal which was odd since that’s not his position. She watched a few more guys try to run through and score, and each time Scott ran away from the goal and straight at them. Ramming into them and making each of them flip and land on their backs.

“McCall! The positions goal keeper. Not goal abandoner.” Coach yelled at her brother, before blowing his whistle.

Y/n noticed Stiles standing outside the line of players intently watching Scott plow through everyone. Y/n found herself walking across the field until she reached Stiles.

“Hey.” She said rather firmly, grabbing his attention as he turned to look at her.

“You wanna tell me why Scott’s beating down half the team?” She stood next to Stiles, watching as Scott, again, destroyed a poor boy.

“Look it’s fine,” he said holding his hand up to her signaling for her to calm down, which actually just annoyed her more causing her to cross her arms, “When we were in the locker room Scott felt the presence, or smelt, or something but he thinks there’s another werewolf on the team.”

“So… He’s attacking everyone on the team because he knows the werewolf will use their abilities to land and not let themselves get hurt?” She clarified, putting the pieces together.

“Yeah exactly, although no luck so far.” He said as Scott repeated his actions, Stiles and y/n flinching as the player obviously wasn’t a werewolf.

Without them noticing coach had marched over to them, “Stilinski! What the hell is wrong with your friend?”

“Uh, he’s failing two classes. He’s a little socially awkward and if you look close enough, his jawline is slightly uneven.”
Y/n didn’t even try to suppress the snort that left her as she immediately put her hand over her mouth to control her laughter at the sarcastic boy’s response.

Coach looked at her as she laughed, finally noticing she was there.

“You, who are you?” He asked pointing at her.

“Y/n McCall.” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Oh great,” coach rolled his eyes, “there’s more of you.” After that he blew his whistle again, and walked away.

“And that’s my cue to leave-” y/n started to walk away but caught herself turning on her heal. They both watched as Scott ran at the last player in the line, number 14. But this time, as the boy flipped in the air, he landed on his feet in front of Scott. Y/n’s jaw dropped in shock.

“I think we found him.” Stiles whispered from next to her. Not taking her gaze off the scene in front of her, she just nodded her head in response.


Just ten minutes after the figured out that the boy who’s the beta’s name is Isaac, the police showed up and arrested him.

Scott, Stiles, and y/n stood together watching him be taken away.

“So they think he killed his own dad?” Y/n asked while watching them drag the boy away, he turned around and made direct eye contact with her as if he had heard her. She turned away immediately, feeling a little bit of fear take over her.

“They can lock him in a holding cell for 24 hours.” Stiles said.

“Like, overnight?” Scott replied.

Knowing exactly why Scott was asking he looked at him with an expression y/n had never seen before, “During the full moon.” Stiles confirmed.

“Why would Derek choose Isaac?” Scott asked out loud, not really expecting an answer.

Before anyone could say anything else, they bell rang signaling they had ten minutes to change and get back to class.

“We gotta go.” Y/n reminded, picking up her bag.


They were sitting in their biology class at their lab table that seats three. Y/n in the middle with Scott or Stiles on either side of her.

“Doesn’t being a teenager mean your dad can’t hold him?” Scott leaned forward to look at Stiles.

“Not unless they have solid evidence, or a witness” y/n answered before Stiles could.

“Wait,” Stiles said turning around to the table behind him, “Danny, where’s Jackson?” Now all three of them had turned around and were staring at the poor boy.

“Principals office.”

“Why?” Y/n questioned.

“He lives across the street from Isaac.”

They turned back around, all glancing at each other.

“We have to get to the principal’s office.” Y/n smirked.

“How?” Scott asked.

Stiles and y/n locked eyes, smiling, already knowing what the other was thinking.

All of the sudden, three pieces of balled up paper flew across the room, all hitting Mr. Harris.

He turned around, annoyed. “Alright, who in the hell did that?”

The three determined teenagers all pointed at each other, solidifying their plan.


The plan to get to the principal’s office turned out to be a bust, except for finding out that Allison’s grandpa, Gerard, is the school’s new principal.

He asked that only one of them stay behind to accept the punishment. It couldn’t be Scott, because he had to talk to Derek. So Stiles finally gave in, offering to stay behind.

Scott and y/n pushed open the door exiting the office, and Scott took off sprinting towards the exit.

“Scott wait!” Y/n called after him, breaking out into a run as well.

He ran straight through the two blue doors, only to see Isaac in the back of a police car being driven to the station. He was too late.

Finally, y/n managed to catch up. Doubling over and breathing heavily. Once she caught her breath she stood up, still wincing.

“You know,” she took another deep breath, “I don’t remember you ever being that fast.”

“We were too late.” He ignored her sarcastic statement, watching the police car until it was officially out of sight.

As if on cue, Derek’s car speedily pulled up to the curb.

“Get in.” He said directly to Scott.

“Are you serious?” Y/n yelled back before Scott could.

“You did that! That’s your fault!” Scott yelled angrily, walking down the steps until he was at the window of Derek’s car.

Y/n wouldn’t say it out loud, but she felt a little hurt, and disappointed in Derek. He was the first person to tell her the truth, and she thought she had a friend or at least an ally in him. And now he was going around biting teenagers? Taking their life away from them? He didn’t have the right to do that. She slowly walked down the steps, following Scott.

“I know that. Now get in the car and help me.” Derek demanded.

“No, I’ve got a better idea. I’m gonna call a lawyer. Because a lawyer might actually have a chance at getting him out before the moon goes up.”

Y/n was proud of her brother for taking charge, almost like an alpha would. At least a good alpha. But his last sentence kind of caught her off guard.

“Scott, we can’t afford a lawyer.” She whispered to her brother, but both of them ignored her.

“Not when they do a search of the house.” Derek said smugly, “Whatever Jackson said to the cops, what’s in the house, it’s worse. It’s way worse.”

Y/n heard Scott sigh. Defeated, he opened the door to the car.

“I’m coming too.” Y/n piped up, hopping in the back and buckling her seatbelt all in one quick motion.

Both Scott and Derek turned around to look at her.

“No.” They shouted simultaneously.

Y/n raised her eyebrows at them, it was cute that they were trying.

“Okay,” she nodded, “which one of you is going to drag me out of the car then?” She crossed her arms, staring at them with a smile.

Derek and Scott turned to look at each other. Derek annoyed, but Scott’s expression had turned into a smile.

“She’s coming.” Scott stated, Derek rolling his eyes before pressing on the accelerator and taking off towards Isaac’s house.


Derek pulled up to the house, the brakes screeching as he came to a sudden stop.

“Damn, where’d you get your license? Doggy-Day care?” Y/n said while rubbing her neck.

“You’re fine.” Derek got out of the car, not even glancing at her.

“I think I got whiplash.” She whispered to herself before finally exiting the vehicle.

She followed Derek and Scott into the Eerily quiet house.

“If Isaac didn’t kill his father, who did?” Scott asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t know yet.” Derek replied walking further into the dark house.

“How do you know he’s not lying?” Asked y/n, glancing around the house and taking in all her surroundings.

“Because I trust my senses,” Derek turned around and snapped at her, “and it’s a combination of them. Not just your sense of smell.” He aimed the last statement at Scott.

Scott’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

“You saw the lacrosse thing today? Did it look that bad?”

Derek smirked, “yeah.”

Derek grabbed Scott’s arm and lead him to a door that opened up to a staircase, leading to the basement of the house.

Y/n watched from behind them, not really thrilled about what she assumed was to come next.

All three of them stood there, looking down on what faded into complete darkness. You couldn’t even see the whole staircase.

“You want to learn? Let’s start now.” Derek’s voice echoed down the stairs.

“What’s down there?” Scott asked, fear evident in his shaky voice.


“And what am I looking for?”

“Follow your senses.” Was the last thing Derek said before Scott started taking hesitant steps through the doorway and into the basement.

“What happened down here?” Y/n could barely hear Scott’s voice.

No more creaking from the stairs could be heard, signaling that Scott was finally and completely inside the room downstairs. Y/n crossed her arms over her chest for some sort of comfort.

“Stay here, I’m going to go guide him.” Derek whispered to y/n.

“Wha- really? No I don’t want to stay up here by myself.” Y/n complained moving closer to Derek.

“You being down there will just distract him, you’ll be fine.” Before she could say anything else he was already hopping down the stairs leaving her behind.

She sighed rolling her eyes and moving away from the open door. She walked around the house, looking at photos on the wall in the kitchen, trying to keep her mind occupied. Y/n took a few more steps before she heard something break beneath her foot. She bent down to pick up whatever it was, it looked like it was part of a glass that had broke. Examining it, she shifted her gaze to the wall in front of her. It had a dent in it, she stood up to get a closer look at that too. Once y/n could see clearly, she saw a piece of glass sticking out of the wall as well. The glass had been thrown across the room. The thought sent a shiver down her spine, she knew at that moment a lot of bad things happened in here.


Stiles was let out late again from detention purely just for Mr. Harris’ enjoyment. It was now dark out. As he frantically made his way to the jeep he quickly got out his phone to call Allison.

“Hey, sorry, Harris literally just let me out of detention. Literally. And he had my phone the whole fricken time.” The boy babbled.

“Well, we need to do something right now. They were asking me all these questions about Lydia and how she was bitten by Peter, and then they sent this guy out.”

“Wait, what guy?” Stiles asked as he opened the door of his jeep and put the keys in the ignition.

“He was dressed as a sheriff’s deputy.” She calmly replied.

Stiles stop moving altogether, rolling his eyes as he put it all together, “They’re sending him into the station for Isaac.”

“I’m on it.” Allison hung up quickly, a devised plan already in place.


She followed the guy sent out to kill Isaac. knowing exactly what streets the car was going to drive down, the girl positioned herself out of sight behind a corner.

She patiently waited until she could see the dim glow of headlights shine on the brick wall in front of her. She placed the arrow in the correct place on the bow, readying herself.

Allison watched as the car drove by and waiting until it was just a little bit in front of her, aiming her arrow towards the back tire and releasing. It wa a direct hit.

She confidently placed another arrow in place. Once the man stepped out of the car, she shot another one right into his calf.

She smirked to herself and called Stiles back.

“Hey, did you slow him down.” His voice echoed through the phone.

“You could say that.”

“All right, I’m headed to the station right now. Scott’s at Isaac’s.”

She furrowed her brows, “does he have as plan?” She asked knowing tonight was the full moon and Scott may still need some help controlling himself.

“Yeah,” Stiles’ voice interrupted her thoughts, “but not a very good one. And unfortunately we don’t really have time for anything better. I’m on my way there now to pick up Derek but I won’t be able to stay.”

“I’ll go there now.” Allison said, hanging up on Stiles’ again.


Y/n continuously paced around the cold, dark house. Her teeth slightly chattering as she shivered, although she wasn’t cold. Just scared. Scott and Derek had been in the basement for awhile, and she still remained upstairs.

Y/n walked back into the kitchen to look at the hole in the wall she had found earlier.
As she was looking at it, a sudden burst of light illuminated the wall make her turn on her heel quickly. It was headlights from as car that were blinding her.

She walked closer to the kitchen window to try and determine who had just pulled up. Only to recognize the familiar blue jeep. She ran outside to see what he was doing here.

Stiles looked up to see the McCall girl standing in front of his car. The light from the jeep making her look even more beautiful. However, he was overcome with confusion to why she was here.

He rolled down the window as she made her way over to him, grasping the the door with her hands and staring at him.

“What are you doing here.” They both questioned simultaneously. Stiles was the one to continue.

“Y/n why in hell would Scott let you come here?”

She tilted her head in confusion at the outburst, “what do you mean?”

“You remember what day it is right? The full moon. What happens when Scott loses control and attacks you? What happens when Derek decides to widen his pack even more and he bites you? You can’t just be running around and going wherever you want.”

She was shocked to say the least, not really understanding where this was coming from.

“And you can?” She sasses back, catching him off guard.

“Stiles you’re human too. Every risk that I’m taking right now you’ve taken everyday for the last couple of months. So don’t you dare sit here and tell me that I should just stay home while my brother and my- and you are out here every night risking your lives for our friends who happen to be my friends too.”

When she finally stopped, face red and breathing heavy, he stayed completely silent. Honestly, he was speechless. He knew everything she just said was right, and that he had no right to make her feel stupid. They just stayed there, locked in each other’s eye contact until the sound of the passenger door opening startled them both.

“Let’s get going, we don’t have much time.” Derek said to Stiles as he buckled himself in.

Stiles wanted to apologize, but it would have to wait. Y/n backed away from the car and he drove off, leaving her standing in the street.

No more than 15 seconds later another car pulled into the driveway that she recognized as Allison’s.

Feeling more calm, she waited for Allison to get out of the car. Once she stepped out, she didn’t waste anytime.

“Where’s Scott?” She asked with worried eyes.

“In the basement,” y/n answered, “here I’ll take you to him.” She started walking back inside the house, Allison right behind her.

Once the girls reached the bottom of the stairs they were met with Scott doubled over, heavily breathing.

Allison began walking towards him, y/n remained in place knowing that he needed Allison right now. The brunette glanced to the duffle bag filled with chains on the ground, knowing what was about to take place.

“Scott, are you sure we have to do this?” She whispered sweetly to the boy.

“Yes.” He huffed back.

“Where?” She placed her hand on his arm.

Both Allison and y/n watched as he glanced back to a large freezer behind him.

Y/n watched sadly as Scott placed himself inside, Allison shutting the lid and locking it. Not before kissing him on the forehead. Y/n couldn’t watch as Allison officially locked it.

“Scott-” y/n started to speak to her brother.

“Just go!” He yelled, almost sounding like a growl.

Y/n and Allison hurriedly made their way up the stairs, neither one of them wanting to be down there any longer.

When they reached the top y/n waited for Allison to get through the door before shutting it completely.

They both stood there for what felt like hours. Silence drowning them both.

“Talk about something,” y/n said grabbing Allison’s attention. She looked up to see y/n staring back at her, “please, anything so I don’t have to think about what my brother’s going through right now.”

Allison smiled, “Okay, sure,” she swallowed, “well, what’s going on with you and Stiles?” She teased slightly.

“Oh god, anything other than that.” Y/n sighed throwing her head back against the wall she was leaning against.

Allison laughed at her reaction, “no, come on, before everything went to hell the night of the dance you two totally could not stop staring into each other’s eyes while dancing.”

Y/n squeezed her eyes shut, sinking down to the floor in embarrassment as Allison continued to laugh.

She covered her eyes with her hands so she couldn’t see Allison as she let the words fall from her mouth, “We kissed.”

Allison’s jaw dropped, “you what?” Well have you guys talked about it at all?”

“No!” Y/n threw her hands up in the air in frustration, “I’m afraid to. Because just ten minutes ago he was a complete asshole, also he’s probably still in love with Lydia.”

Allison’s shocked facial expression faded into an empathetic smile. “You’ll never know anything until you ask him.”

Y/n knew she was right, so she didn’t say anything back. The room becoming silent until Allison spoke again.

“Okay but I have to ask, was he good?” Y/n couldn’t help but completely lose control and burst out laughing at the question, Allison following suit and doing the same.

Everything was fine, and they were having a good time until Allison lifted her finger to her mouth and shushed her. Y/n stood up from her place on the ground, fear consuming her again.

“Do you hear that?” Allison whispered.
Y/n just shook her head.

She followed Allison into the kitchen, watching her grab two knives, handing one to her.

Y/n gripped the knife with both hands, trying to steady her shaking hands. Frozen still, she watched Allison continue to walk forwards. Then she heard it, a hissing noise.

Glancing up towards the ceiling, she saw- whatever it was- glancing down at her.

“Allison” she whispered with terror lacing her voice.

Allison turned around, but before she could do anything the animal used its long tail to rip the knife from y/n’s grasp. Continuing to wrap around her ankle and throw her on the ground, knocking the air out of her.

“Come on!” Allison shouted at the creature, but it never approached her. It ran away and broke through the front windows of the house.

Allison ran towards her friend on the ground, trying to help her sit up.

“Y/n are you okay?”

The girl struggled to get her breath back, and once she did she looked at Allison with wide eyes.

“What the hell was that?”

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Be Careful (Wroetoshaw)

Be Careful

 Wroetoshaw x reader 

Slight angst, but fluff at the end 

Requested? Yes! “Hey, r u still taking requests? Can u write about Harry getting hurt cuz he’s dumb and reader taking care of him and telling him he needs to be more careful? Pls n thx” I hope you like it love! 

Warning: Cussing 

“What’s up guys! I’m here with my girlfriend Y/N, in Guernsey, and on top of my roof… again.” Harry practically screeched with excitement, but slowly trailing off when he realized his current situation. Y/N snorted at his face of realization, a Cheshire Cat like smile on her face. Harry’s eyes trailed to hers at the sound of her laugh, the normally wide eyes squinted into slits. 

 "You’re lucky we’re on top of a roof right now" Harry grunted, but Y/N shrugged, jumping off of the roof, face towards the sky and landed on the mattresses at the bottom, letting out a loud “woo!” when her back hit the soft texture. Harry let out a chuckle as he glanced back down at her, shaking his head.

 "You need help getting back up?“ Harry asked, but he already knew the answer, Y/N was a gymnast, and a pretty damn good one to. Y/N pointed her finger at him as if she was drunk, her body nestled between the the mattresses. 

 "Hey! Do you know who you’re talking to!” She slurred, but then her eyes widened, realizing that she was on camera. “Don’t keep that in”

 "Oh I’m keeping that in" Harry grinned, already knowing how he wanted to edit it. 

 "Harrrryyyyy" Y/N groaned, slinging her head back into the mattress, not wanting to get up. 

 "Come on babe, we need to get this video done" Harry ushered her to get up, and with a groan, Y/N complied. She jumped back into the roof with ease. Letting out a huff and straightening out the hoodie she had bored from Rosie. 

“Right ok! So today, were going to be jumping off of my roof and onto those mattresses, doing tricks and shit, but here’s the thing. We’ve got Rosie and Josh at the bottom, throwing soccer balls at them, and we have to avoid them. Who ever gets hit the least, wins” Harry explains briefly what the idea was of the video was, Rosie and Josh taking that as their cues to throw soccer balls at us.

 "HEY! HEY!“ Y/N screeched, both siblings targeting her. 


 "You’re an idiot” Y/N murmured, stroking Harry’s limp hand. After the pair got done with Harry’s video, they decided to keep jumping off, Y/N taking the time to practice some old tricks, and Harry trying to impress his beautiful girlfriend. Most of the time, Harry’s pretty in touch with his athletic side, but there’s always that one out of many flips that goes bad, and well unfortunately for Harry, he experienced that very flip. The blue eyed boy was trying to impress his girlfriend, attempting a triple back flip off of the roof, but it quite literally, went south. 

     Harry’s body had fumbled when he fell off of the roof, completely avoiding the mattresses and landing on his leg. It was gruesome sight, Y/N almost crying at the state of Harry’s leg, but managed to call an ambulance. Now Harry is in the hospital with a cracked ribcage and a broken leg, knocked out by the overwhelming amount of pain killers. 

 "Knock knock" She heard a quiet voice behind her, two soft taps following suit. She turned her head and was met with the sight of her Cousin, Chris Dixon. “Hey” Y/N murmured, a sad smile tugging at her lips.

 "I got a fairy ride as soon as I could" Chris smiled assuringly, sitting down in the chair next to her, his eyes trained on the limp body in front of him. 

 "I think this is the most still I’ve ever seen him" Chris joked, Y/N giggling a bit. 

“Yeah, always moving, even when we’re asleep. It’s damn well annoying sometimes.” Chris snorted at his cousins statement, taking note of the irritation that lingered in her tone. 

 "Yeah?“ Chris mocking Y/N with a grin, but before she could respond, Harry shuffled, groaning, opening his mouth to speak.

 "Stop talking about me you fucks” Harry grumbled, his eyes still shut and feeling extremely Drowsy. 

 "Fuck Harry, you’ve got to start being more careful" Y/N breathed, diverting her attention to the grinning boy. Harry, slumped against the bed, feeling guilty. “I know” Harry whispered as if he was a child who just got scolded. Y/N squeezed his hand, her fingers coming up to brush his jaw. 

 "Hey, show me those bright eyes of yours" Y/N demanded, her voice gentle, but stern. Harry looked to her, a shy smile tugging at his lips. 

 "Ah, there they are" She coos, smirking at his flustered face. Chris snorts from beside me, trying to contain his laugh, but when he saw how flustered Harry was, he couldn’t contain it anymore, a loud burst of laughter filling the room. 

“Mate, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so vulnerable, oh my god” Chris teased, gripping Y/Ns shoulder to support himself. “Fucks sake. Do you see what you do to me?!" 


 "Alright, slow and steady” Y/N eased Harry into his bed, his body aching in pain. When he was finally comfortable in the bed, he let out a loud breath.

 "It’s been a long week" he muttered, grabbing for Y/Ns hand hanging at her side. 

 "You’re telling me" her body sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to avoid Harry’s leg and rib cage, placing her palm on his chest, rubbing softly.

 "Lay down please" Harry pleaded, whining like a child, tugging at her hand. “I don’t wanna hurt you” Y/N frowned, her eyebrows furrowed as she swing Harry’s hands around, their fingers intertwined.

 "You’re not going to hurt me. I haven’t cuddled with you all week" Harry groaned, pulling Y/N down with a yelp, her body landing next to his, practically on top of him. 

 "Please be more careful ok?“ 



Hiiiiii, so tonight I thought it would be a great idea to write a little au oneshot to prep myself for the new au I’m writing. In the process I remembered this post and the light bulb turned on. so fromherlips and alwaysinstylesfics , here is your semi smutty, personal trainer Harry au one shot. You’re welcome and enjoy! 

Work Hard, Play Harder  (a personal trainer au)

She rolled up her mat and tucked it underneath her arm. “No legs today?”

Harry shook his head. “I want to focus on abs and arms.” They walked over to an empty area where two boxing gloves sat as well as two hand pads. “We’re gonna work on your strength and speed with a bit of sparring.”

Ella’s eyes widened and her brows furrowed. “You want me to punch you?”

“Well not literally. Like I’ll be wearing these and you punch them.” he laughed

“So I can’t punch your face?”

“No you can not.” Ella tsk’d and set her mat and water down, replacing them with the black boxing gloves.

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Pain (Request)

Can you do a shot about the girl being on her period with really bad cramps and Harry comforts her/does anything he can to make her feel better? <3


You should have known it was coming. There was a reason you had calendars and phone apps for this sort of thing. Plus, it wasn’t all that hard to calculate 28 days in your head. But, for some reason, it always seemed to sneak up on you. And, when you say ‘sneak’, you really mean, ‘hit you like a freight train’.

You were somewhere in the middle of a dream that included ice cream and a dinosaur and something about a pirate. The pirate walked up to you and started punching you in the stomach, despite your pleas for him to stop. You could feel his fist hitting your gut repeatedly and, eventually, it got so painful that it woke you up. At first, you were disoriented. You knew you were in your bed but the feeling of getting punched in the gut still lingered. Once you finally woke up a bit more, the realization of what was happening hit you. Or rather, it squeezed your insides like a wet cloth being wrung out over and over again. You curled yourself into a ball and wrapped your arms around your stomach. It was still somewhat dark outside and when you glanced at your phone you discovered that it was just past 5 in the morning.

Harry was still fast asleep beside you, snoring lightly on his side. You let out a small groan and rolled out of bed, stumbling in the direction of the bathroom. Your entire abdomen felt as if it were being physically tortured, your head was pounding and your legs shook. Normally, period cramps weren’t this intense but every so often Mother Nature decided she was really going to pack a punch and send a ‘gentle’ congratulations to you on going another month without getting pregnant.

You got yourself cleaned up and sorted out and were about to head back to bed when a massive cramp hit you like a brick. It forced your legs to give out and you slumped down on the cold tile floor and leaned back against the side of the tub, clutching your stomach and folding your head into your arms.

Dammit, you didn’t want to cry. You were tough enough; you had dealt with this since you were fourteen years old, but this morning the combination of the cramps, plus the headache, plus the fact that you hadn’t gotten a ton of sleep made you start to tear up on the bathroom floor. You desperately wanted to go back to bed and curl into Harry’s side but you also didn’t want to wake him. So you sat - curled up on the bathroom floor - a sniffling, pathetic mess of a thing wearing one of Harry’s long t-shirts.

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anonymous asked:

Can we just talk about harry jerking off for a minute? Sometimes I just remember he does that and I wand to cry. I want to see it so bad his huge hand wrapped around his cock while he's playing with his balls and moaning. And when he cums it would go all over his fingers and onto his abs maybe hitting the butterfly tattoo. And I wanna know what kind of porn he likes too. What do you think he watches?

YES WE CAN BECAUSE IT IS ART. Harry jacking off? Art. Iconic. I really try not to think about it…because then I get distracted…like he could be doing it right now….or now….or now… oh my god when he does cum it’s all over him… that butterfly has seen things. beautiful things. Do you guys also think filthy thoughts about that cross tattoo he has on his hand?? how many times he’s probably spilled over it. not exactly holy lmao. wow i’m hurting myself here and getting distracted. as for porn, i really have no clue. i imagine he doesn’t sometimes because he doesn’t want the sounds of it exposing him if he isn’t at home…maybe he’s just got a good imagination….very imaginative and visual….

also…. i wrote a full thing about how i think harry wanks and you can read that here …. i got really carried away then…



Procrastinating from English Coursework and so here is a masterlist for you all of my imagines. You may want it, or you may not want it but I really don’t want to do my coursework so I might aswell waste my time effectively! :) 

In this list you will find:

- Youtubers (Jack and Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Jai Brooks)

- Logan Lerman

- Niall Horan 

- 5SOS (Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood)

- Nathan Sykes

- The Vamps (Connor Ball, Brad Simpson)

- Taron Egerton

- Dylan O’Brien

(Can we also keep in mind some of these imagines are from 3 years ago now, so they’re not exactly the best! And some are just general whereas others were requests written for specific people, but they can still be read, you can just substitute yourself in!)

Jack Harries:

- You meet him on the beach after he accidentally hits you with a ball (For mariahakharchen )

- He is your waiter when you get stood up on a date

- You’re throwing out old clothes (For therebeccam)

- He gets angry that Caspar likes you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For rawrnarryfeels)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You go camping together (For bieberfeverlife)

- He saves you from falling off of a cliff (For saartjedegroot)

Finn Harries:

- You train at the gym together (For seewhatmakesyoubeautiful)

- You babysit his sister (For pinetreeskatekd)

- You’re a vampire (For hazelharries)

- You’re a vampire part 2 (For hazelharries)

- You meet him at the airport when you go to a swimming competition (For strawberry-narry)

- He sets you up on a blind date, and then admits he loves you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For gretchynmarie)

- You meet filming School of Comedy 

- You meet on a quiz show (For Marissa)

- He helps you prepare for your Oxford interview (For sailuvsjackandfinn)

- He hires a motorbike (For kassietehe) 

- You go shopping together (For infinite-unique)

- You think he’s forgotten your birthday (For gorgeous-youtube-crew)

- You meet in the supermarket (For Darcy)

- You think he’s cheating on you (For harrystylesismyaddiction)

- He’s a life guard (For infinity-blogs-and-beyond)

- You watch Paranormal Activity together (For lusjustdreamon)

- He surprises you with a puppy (For fuckyoufuckinfucker)

- You go paintballing together (For finnsbigschlong)

- You celebrate your “friendship anniversary” (Feauturing Caspar Lee) (For day-dreamerdressage)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You and Finn are known as the schools pranksters (For captainstypayhorlikson)

- He tries to cheer you up after you are sent hate messages (For celinetheviolene)

- You break up with Finn to go to Juliard (For ninasfirstblog)

- You return from Juliard (For thewantedsparkle)

- He finds out you self harm (A/N: This was requested, I no way myself would romanticise self harm, and please if anybody would like someone to talk to my ask is always open, don’t feel you have to go through things alone)

- He makes you a photo collage for your anniversary (For jackthemaomslover)

Marcus Butler:

- You help him when he loses his glasses (For maydayemotions)

- You meet in a park (For caroline-is-cray-cray)

- You paint him (For k-i-n-g-s-and-q-u-e-e-n-s)

Alfie Deyes:

- You meet at the New Years Eve countdown in Times Square (For sonnyeclipse)

- You meet at the library (For gretchynmarie)

- You make a cake together (For Breanna)

- You meet out dog walking 

- You go to watch the London Olympics together (For jconnxo)

- The lift breaks down when you’re both in it (For gretchenweiners1)

Caspar Lee:

- You give him a tour of London (For yaslineforeverandalmostalways )

- He thinks you’re cheating on him with Jack (For naterubate)

Troye Sivan:

- You go to a private boarding school and he walks past the gates everyday (For addictedtothe1d)

- He gives you a promise ring at the beach (For delaneyschneider)

- He gets jealous that you’re on a date (For 1d-prefs-outfitsgalore)

- He finds your song book (For ali-hayne-rides-the-payne-train)

Kian Lawley:

- He’s your older brother and teases you that cheerleading isn’t a sport

Connor Franta:

- You’re in a drama class with him (For youtubers-andstuff)

Jai Brooks:

- You meet him whilst on holiday in Sydney (For hazelharries)

Logan Lerman:

- He watches you play the piano (For Rosie)

Niall Horan:

- You like him but he has a girlfriend (For madagascar180200)

- You get Niall and Harry to play a prank on stage (For Rosie)

Luke Hemmings:

He forgets about your date and goes out with the boys instead (for 5seconds0fsex)

- He admits he likes you after the boys bully him into it (for Indie)

- You play fight with him and he admits he likes you (Featuring Niall Horan) (For Poppy) 

- You find out you’re pregnant (For Beckzi)

- You do something daring to get him to notice you at a concert (For 50shadesofsharae)

- You help him make the bed (For theodahorse)

- He finally tells you he likes you (with a bit of help from Liz) (For chloehemming)

- You go to a baseball game with him, Ashton and Calum (Featuring Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin) (for Michelle)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Michael Clifford:

- He dyes his hair for you 

- You both play your “surprise outfit” game (For boybandss-and-youtubers)

- He forgets he’s given you one of his favourite tshirts (For urbanlune)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Ashton Irwin:

- He’s the new boy and he sticks up for you (For xxthepaynatorxx)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Calum Hood:

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Nathan Sykes:

- You meet him fundraising for Red Nose Day (For Bianca)

You meet each other in a coffee shop

- You think he’s cheating on you with Ariana

- You do photography together (For kellisykes)

Connor Ball: 

He teases you for being small (Featuring Tristan Evans)

- He surprises you with pizza (For along-came-connor)

- You try to put him off when he’s doing a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For urbangrxnge)

Brad Simpson:

You hate each other, but soon realise it’s because you both secretly like each other (For hannahtomlinsonblog)

- He leaves you his number after you serve him in a pub (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For fieldingoutside)

- You’re on a late night food stop on tour

- You visit your own private beach together (For Grace)

- You go to see him at a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the band) (For Bella)

- You go to the beach with the boys and Brad admits he likes you 

- You surprise Brad on his birthday

- You go travelling with Brad

Taron Egerton:

- He gets bored of you doing work and makes you watch Wolverine

- You break up with Dennis (Asbo)

-You visit him on the set of Legend

Dylan O’Brien:

- He looks after your daughter on set

- He waits for you whilst you’re in detention

- You join the cast of Teen Wolf (the notes on this one are crazy, thank you so much!)

- You distract Dylan whilst he’s in a lesson

- You surprise him at ComicCon 

- He ditches a showbiz party to spend the night exploring with you

- You’re trying to distract him whilst he’s filming

- He’s your best friend and wants to protect you at all costs because he secretly has feelings for you

You and Dylan bring your kittens to meet the Teen Wolf cast (Featuring the rest of the Teen Wolf cast) (For Aisha)

You spend a romantic night together under the stars

You go to the beach together

You’re a famous youtuber and you meet him on set 

You take a picture with him on the last day of school

He comforts you as you’re scared of driving in the rain

You go to prom together

He talks about how much he misses you in an interview

You always take pictures of each other at embarrassing times (for audrey-loves-ya-blog)

- He looks after you’re daughter when you’re filming a film together (For Julianna)

- He photobombs a picture of the Tylers on set (For damned-by-love)

- You surprise him at a photoshoot 

- Stiles sticks up for you in a club

- Stiles worries about you playing lacrosse 

Let me know if any of the links are wrong and I’ll sort them out :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog!! I've read a lot of your recommended FF and I absolutely loved it! I was just wondering if you would recommend some bottom!Draco? It could be chaptered, oneshots, rated-G, etc (though, I prefer if the plot "thickens", do you feel me). Anyway, thanks for the consideration!! You're doing such an amazing job with this.

Thanks anon! That’s lovely of you to say! I don’t generally keep track of who’s topping and bottoming, so this list owes debts to capitu’s drarry recs and gracerene’s drarry recs, since both of them do keep track, and their rec lists can point you towards load more bottom!Draco. But I definitely have some favorites from each of those lists, all of which will give you bottom!Draco. There’s humour, pathos, romance, drama and, given your parenthetical, all of it will involve some, you know, thickening. Which is to say, if I’ve understood correctly, some hot, hot fucking.

H/D Bottom!Draco Recs

Breaking All the Rules by Frayach - NC-17, 22.5k - Malfoy is slowly wringing the last vestiges of pleasure from Harry’s life with all his rules and committees and agendas and reports. Or is he?

check this hand ‘cause I’m marvelous by lumosed_quill - NC-17, 8k - Harry’s had a crush on Malfoy for months now. But it will take a bar full of his friends, some Firewhisky, wagers made on his behalf, and Malfoy himself to get him to act on it.

Draco the Magic Dragon by Sansa - NC-17, 13k - Draco’s granting wishes, Harry’s investigating a mystery, and Luna’s giving away pants.
Crystal balls and kissing, dirty talk and candy floss – and that’s just the beginning.

Immovable Unspeakable meets Irresistible Hit Wizard by Alisanne - NC-17, 11k - Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are just average, ordinary wizards working in dull positions at the Ministry and leading average, ordinary lives. Or, at least, that’s what they’d like everyone — including each other — to believe.

In the Toilet of the Leaky by marguerite_26 - NC-17, 3k - Um…filthy toilet sex?

Let’s Dance to Joy Division by femmequixotic - NC-17, 12.5k - Let the love tear us apart, I’ve found a cure for a broken heart…

Liar by jad - NC-17, 50k - Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy have always preferred the worst of each other; it was too bad they both had to have better halves.

A Loosening by eidheann - NC-17, 2k - This is something between the two of them, and that is enough.

The Motivational Benefits of Sleazy Men by fantasyfiend09 - NC-17, 16k - Draco was resigned to being groped until his creepy co-worker was named his Department Head. Blaise assured him he needed a powerful lover to protect him. Draco agrees, just not the way Blaise wanted him to.

One Night at the Ministry by Maeglin Yedi - NC-17, 11.5k - One night. One party. One arch-nemesis. Lots of champagne. Now all Harry has to do is survive.

Pharynx-Larynx-Oesophagus-Trachea by firethesound - NC-17, 4k - Harry’s idea for helping Draco study is the most brilliant thing he’s ever come up with, and Draco discovers that studying can be fun when one has the right study partner.

Rarely Pure and Never Simple by birdsofshore - NC-17, 28.5k - Harry never thought taking a job as Draco Malfoy’s bodyguard was going to be easy. Add in a curse that makes Malfoy even more of an obnoxious git than usual, and Harry’s got serious problems.

Sex, Lies, and Veritaserum by lettered - NC-17, 18k - This entire fic is one long conversation about sex.

A Touch of Silk by raitala - NC-17, 4.5k - Harry has won a bet and Draco Malfoy has to serve him afternoon tea while wearing a dress. This should be amusing, Harry thinks.

Enjoy!! And always remember to leave comments and kudos for these fabulous authors!