harry gets hit in the balls

Here, have some beautiful Hermione with some subpar coloring.

The Perfect Date
where your best friends with the twins and the golden trio and its the yule ball and you’ve had a crush on Fred since forever so you walk down the stairs with Hermione and finally kiss Fred your date

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

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“Hermione, I don’t know why you insist I got to the Yule Ball when I don’t even know who my date is,” you huffed as Hermione fussed over your hair. When Hermione heard that you didn’t have a date to the Yule Ball she went to work on finding a date for you. However, when she finally found someone that she believed you’d get along with she wouldn’t tell you whom. You asked Harry and Ron if they knew who your date was but Hermione’s warning glare intimidated them into not answering.

“Trust me on this, I know that you and your date will hit it off the moment you see each other,” Hermione insisted, adding one last curl to your hair. “I didn’t just choose any old bloke I found, I took several factors into consideration when I made my choice.”

“Alright Hermione, I’ll trust you on this but if I have a horrible time tonight you’ll need to buy me ice cream in compensation,” you demanded. If you were going to have a crumby night out, you might as well get rewarded for it. You would’ve much rather stayed in your dorm and read one of your books for pleasure.

“If you have a great time then you need to buy me ice cream because I want to hear every gory detail about what happened,” Hermione winked as she led you out of the room. “Now let’s get going we don’t want to keep our dates waiting too long.”

The closer the two of you became to the great hall the more nervous you felt. What if your date was absolutely horrible to you and ruined your night? What if your date was someone you loathed more than anyone, certainly Hermione wouldn’t go that route. When you arrived at the top of the stairs leading to the great hall you froze letting your nerves get the better of you.

“Y/N if you don’t go down there I’ll send him up here. I’m not allowing you to escape your date,” Hermione instructed offering you her arm. “ Let’s get you to your date so you can have a wonderful night.”

Reluctantly, you followed Hermione down to meet your date and were surprised to see a familiar red headed boy standing beside Krum looking at you in awe. You turned to Hermione who had a smug grin on her face, had your friend really set you up on a date with your biggest crush, Fred.

“Fred I had no idea that Hermione paired us up together for the ball,” you blushed.

“I practically begged Hermione to let me be your date. I hadn’t figured out how to ask you to the ball and when she came and asked me who you should go with I couldn’t help but mention myself as a potential candidate,” Fred grinned, taking your hand in his. “I was afraid you wouldn’t show up to the ball because going with a stranger is a bit intimidating.” You couldn’t hide your surprise that Fred wanted you to be his date.

“Hermione’s a difficult person to say no to Fred. Even if I was nervous she wasn’t going to let me miss the ball. Besides, I wouldn’t have missed out on a chance to be your date for tonight,” you smiled.

“Well let’s just be happy that we’re both here together then. I can’t wait to see where our evening will take us,” Fred beamed, pressing his lips to your hand. “Shall we dance?”

You nodded in agreement and silently thanked Hermione profusely for setting you up with the perfect date.  



prompt; You (Gryffindor), get detention with your enemy, Draco, where his true feelings for you are shown

I groan in exasperation, as yet another crumpled paper ball hits the back of my head, courtesy of none other than Draco Malfoy. "Would you stop that!” I hiss, turning around, and giving him a death glare. He seems unphased, simply laughing with his sidekicks, as if nothing happened. "Miss Y/L/N, what is the problem?” Snape drawls, as the rest of the class turns to stare at me intently. I hear Draco snicker, which causes a wave of anger to wash over me. "Oh would you just shut up, you prat.” I shout at Malfoy, who sports a shocked expression at my angry outburst. "Well why-why don’t you shut up, Y/L/N.” Draco stutters, as he tries desperately to quickly think of a good comeback. Hermione giggles at Draco’s pathetic retaliation, which causes him to shoot her a nasty glare in response. “Detention tonight! For the both of you!” Snape shouts at the two of us, before turning around to resume his boring lecture. Yet I’m unable to focus, all I could think about was my detention tonight with Draco… After dinner, I slowly saunter towards professor Snape’s class for detention. Great… I think to myself, slowly making my way down the long corridor to his classroom. Two full hours listening to Snape drone on and on about why we should be respectful in his class, and to add to the misery, having to spend it with Malfoy. I reach the class, and am surprised to see Hagrid. “Oh there you are Y/N! Must say I’m surprised to see you here.” Hagrid booms, in his usual loud voice. "What are you doing here Hagrid?” I ask confused. "Well Snape couldn’t make detention. Asked me to take the two of you out to the forest tonight.” He says as if it was nothing. "What!” Draco shouts, making his presence in the back of the room now known. He looks almost..scared, but quickly brushes it off and his face returns to its normally stoic expression. "Scared Malfoy?” I giggle, and I can tell Hagrid is trying to suppress a smile of his own. "N-no” he stutters, "just thought this school would know better than to send me back into that forest. It’s not called the forbidden forest for nothing you know.” I laugh at his response and shake my head, following Hagrid out of the doors and to the forest, Draco not far behind. "Here, take these.” Hagrid says, handing the two of us large, heavy bags, which looks like it contains raw meat. "The smell is vile!” Draco says, extending his arm, and holding the bag far from himself. "Well it’s the only thing stopping you from gettin’ eaten yourself.” Hagrid says in a nonchalant manner, before sauntering off back to his hut. "Wait! You can’t just leave us here!” Draco shouts after him, but it’s no use. Not wanting to spend anymore time than needed with Draco, I begin to walk deeper into the dark forest. "Wait!” Draco yells, causing me to spin around on my heel, arms crossed. "What now, Malfoy?” I question, irritated. "Erm well-I just don’t think you should be alone.” He stutters nervously. ”Me? I’ll be fine, but thanks for your concern.” I laugh, spinning around and continuing down my previous path. “Okay!” Draco says, causing me to stop in my tracks, and smirk before turning back around to face him. "Are you…scared?” I taunt, causing an angry expression to take over Draco’s previously terrified one. "No I-I just-” I begin to slowly walk backwards deeper and deeper into the forest as he speaks. "Alright! Just let me come with you. Okay?” Draco sighs exasperated. I giggle and smirk triumphantly. "Okay. Just don’t slow me down Malfoy.” I tease, to which he rolls his eyes in response. ”Lumos.” I whisper, a light emitting from my wand, lighting up the way ahead of us, as I continue to walk down the narrow, winding path, Draco following closely behind. “Ow!” I wince, as my wand drops, and I find myself laying on the dirt. "What happened?” Draco asks almost..concerned? "I must have tripped.” I say, making my way back up to my feet, before wincing and falling back down to the ground. "I think its broken.” Draco says, gesturing to my leg. ”No shit” I mutter, low enough so he wouldn’t hear, but he does. "I heard that.” Draco retaliates, rolling his eyes. Just then, I feel two arms snake themselves around my body, hoisting me up, and into their chest. "What are you doing!” I shout as Draco begins carrying me bridal style. "What does it look like? I’m helping you.” He states, sarcastically. "B-but why?” I question nervously, thinking he must have gone mad or something. "Because erm-I-I cant just leave you here?” Draco says, as more of a question than an answer. "But you hate me?” I question, skeptically. "I don’t hate you.” he sighs, "quite the opposite actually.” He finishes, causing me to give him a bewildered look. "I don’t understand..” I whisper, blushing once I realize just how close Draco and I currently are. Draco notices, and smirks, causing my face to heat up even more. "So how long have you liked me for, Y/N?” Draco asks, with a smug look on his face, and continues when I don’t respond, "oh come on Y/N, I know you like me too.” So he does like me? Truth be told, I always thought Draco was handsome, but since we always bickered, I never saw us being together romantically… "I-I erm-” I stutter nervously. "Do you find me attractive?” Draco asks cockily, raising his eyebrows. "N-no.” I lie. "Liar.” Draco smirks, causing me to blush again. Just as I was about to open my mouth to speak, his soft lips met mine. I remained still, frozen with shock at first, but soon melted into the kiss. His tongue swiped across my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I gladly allowed, parting my lips, as our tongues fought for dominance, his winning. After several minutes of kissing, we both pulled apart, breathless. "Told you.” Draco smirks, "I knew you had the hots for me Y/N.” He chuckles, raising his eyebrows up and down. "Oh shut up!” I laugh, playfully hitting his chest. He leans down and places another gentle, passionate kiss on my lips, before carrying me delicately to Madame Pomfreys, where we cuddled for the rest of the day.

Hogwarts houses
  • Dodgeball teams
  • Gryffindor: The Kid who's always picked first. gets really fucking into it, throws the ball way too hard. Brings sweat bands and shit to class. WANTS TO WIN!
  • Ravenclaw: The kid that purposely moves in front of the ball to get out and got sit out.
  • Hufflepuff: Damn it, he's the kid that tries so fucking hard to do good. He can't trow as hard but sometimes he'll hit a foot. He really wants his team to win.
  • Slytherin: Kid that don't give a fuck about winning, don't give a fuck if they get out at some point. Just as long as they can hit that one guy in the face who takes it way too seriously.

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And "I haven't got a chance James!" And Niall the Gun and Harry in the short shorts (of course) And Harry and Louis doing the wheelbarrow race (nailed it) and Harry getting hit in the balls and looking directly at Louis. A blessing, I'm telling you.

a true blessing indeed. i think we deserve a repeat of that


“And then, oh and then he tells me that he never actually asked me to be his date to the Yule Ball and he gets cranky at me for telling someone that Neville and I are going together! He’s my boyfriend! Why wouldn’t we go together?”

“Maybe he just wanted to be romantic and ask you,” Hermione suggested, smiling at you.

“Ugh, should I call it off entirely, Ron?”

“Sure?” Ron said, clearly intimidated by you.

Hermione hit his arm. “Don’t say that!”

“No, no. I think he’s right. Now Neville can ask whoever he wants to the Ball.”

Guess: Veronica Malik
Harry: *affected voice* One Direction are here to see you.
Liam: the woman who Zayn played.

Guess: Harry getting hit in the balls with a shoe
Harry: we were in Scotland, we were singing and then I got hit with an object
Liam: a shoe in the bollocks

Guess: Zayn refusing to dance in the X Factor bootcamp.
Harry: where is Zayn?
Liam: dancing at Bootcamp stage.

Guess: No Jimmy Protested!
Harry: we were doing a video on the stairs, it’s a quote that fans seem to like
Liam: is it about a book? No Jimmy Protested! He was reading from the book!

Guess: It’s a snake habitat turn around.
Harry: you said it once, I think it was in Australia and I think people found it quite funny.
Liam: was it about Japan being close to Australia?
Harry: no, it was about s…
Liam: Snakes, a habitat, turn around, don’t go there

(He didn’t guess the pasta tweet, but to be fair, Harry used the word ‘carbohydrates’ in his explanation…)

Keep telling yourself he doesn’t know…

American Candy

So they went over to the knock over the pins with a ball thing, and Harry insisted on doing it first because “I’m gonna win you the biggest bear in there.”

Louis knew Harry was a terrible shot, though. He couldn’t even get a paper ball into the trash can, God, this was why he didn’t make the baseball team in seventh grade. But he did it anyways, and hit zero pins, and then he was mad and claimed the game was rigged.

“Harry, for fuck’s sake get out of my way.” Louis said a little too loudly, and could feel the mothers all judging him. But he took the balls and knocked over all of the pins on his first try, and won Harry the big stuffed unicorn with the rainbow tail.

or where Louis and Harry are a couple of teenagers going to the fair and Louis doesn’t expect anything special really

pure fluff, also a proposal, ~3.7k

Important things to know about the Late Late show interview..

-Louis is the sun
-Louis talked the most
-Harry and louis bumped balls
-harry and louis were wheelbarrow partners
-louis and harry eye fucked each other during the reading of the no control lyrics
-louis was totally subtle when James was talking about harry getting hit in the face with dildos.
So basically. I’m completely refreshed and ready to take on the world. HELL YES