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Ya know. As cringey as 2012 Tumblr was (“HARRY POTTER FANS GRAB YOUR WANDS!”, Mishapocalypse, etc) I kind of miss it. Back then, everyone was just so happy and silly and having a good time. But now this place has become a literal, toxic hell hole. People are calling out and demonizing people for one questionable thing they said years ago. People are getting doxxed for having the wrong opinion. People are getting death threats for drawing a cartoon character in a way that Tumblr doesn’t like. This mentality is just so, so sad and I hate it. I miss the old tumblr.

only tru tumlr users remember
  • the onceler fandom
  • people shipping a notepad with a clock
  • discourse of said notepad and clock about how it was too hetero
  • dashcon
  • the guy who pissed in the ballpit at dashcon
  • the homestuck cosplayer who almost killed themsellf by trying to dye their skin gray
  • WHAT NOW????
  • homestuck fandom in general
  • “peasent”
  • 2014 4chumblr raids
  • “superwholocks fans grab your tardis. 1D fans, grab harry. attack on titan fans, gra-”
  • january 2015 where the entire website broke
  • sonic for real justice
  • “always reblog the creator”
  • people calling danny divito “daddy”
  • people calling david karp daddy unironically
  • people changing john greens posts with the “cock is one of my favrouite tastes” copypasta
  • do you love the colour of the sky
  • mishapocolypse
  • doge
  • the time they changed the colour by like 2 shades
  • moreos guy
  • tumblr user pizza discourse
  • mario kart meme
  • flappy bird
  • i give you a hamburgur

thats it im in hell remembering all of theese fucking goodnight

Skyline {IV}

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Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 4k

A/N: Guys, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all (all 900 of you [!!!!!!]) for all the kindness and support I’ve received for this story.  You guys are so great, and I love each and every one of you.  Thank you for all that you’ve done, and will hopefully continue to do, as there will be a skyline pt. 5!!!!

{part I} {part II} {part III}

Three days.  You were kept in the hospital for three days. Three days of IV’s, probing, blood pressure being taken, bad hospital beds, worse hospital food, and no access to news about whether or not Spider-Man made it out of the collapsed bank.

At first, you didn’t even remember the bank hold up.  You had woken up after passing out from a concussion and blood loss in a white hospital room, beeping all around you.  Fear had raced down your spine; was there an accident?  Why was there an IV in your arm?  What had happened?  It wasn’t until you saw the dirt covered, tear streaked face of Alex sitting in the chair next to your bed that it all came back to you.

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Those who are surprised by Harry Styles’ stylings, or the deference he showed fans in his Rolling Stone cover story, or the fact that he wore a badge that said “treat people with kindness” during his “SNL” stint last month, shouldn’t be. There have been signposts along the way — his extremely pleasant tweets or the times he’s pointed out when something objectifies women, for example — that have hinted Styles was not your average pop superstar. Now that the spotlight’s on him, it’s easier to see than ever.
We Have Tonight - Harry Styles Imagine

“I think you just need to get over her,” Jeff says as Harry is staring out the window of their rented car whilst here in New York City. He rubs his bottom lip between his thumb and pointer finger, gently pulling at it as his eyes wandered the busy streets outside the car.

It was easy to say those words to Harry, but Jeff wouldn’t ever understand how you made Harry feel. It wasn’t some little crush, or a fling for lack of better words, it was falling in love in the worst of ways. Being the worst because it didn’t work out. What Harry imagined as a long lasting love, ended with tabloids and teary eyes. Things didn’t go the right way, instead it felt as though you and Harry had fallen while trying to made such a big leap together. Now all he had were some bruises and a broken heart.

“Don’t think I’ll ever get over ‘er, mate,” Harry mutters. Just then they’re driving into the hectic area of New York that is Times Square. And there you are, plastered on the sides of the buildings.

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Anon asked: ‘hey, what are your thoughts on harry styles? 👀

“He’s a great kid!”

Seriously though, didn’t really know much about Harry Styles before ‘Dunkirk’, so it’s been great fun discovering his music, personality and style. And meeting some of his lovely fans on tumblr, IG and Twitter —thank you so much for your support and interest in Cillian too.

How incredible is it that “doing a Harry Styles” is now a thing?! That term is now being used to describe other musicians moving into acting. Can’t wait for the release of ‘Dunkirk’ (126 days!) and for Cillian,Tom Hardy, Harry and the rest of the cast in interviews, on the red carpet and on the big screen. It’ll be fantastic.

Real Treasure | Harry Hook x Reader

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Request: Hi love. Could u do a Descendants imagine where y/n is a daughter of a powerful villain (doesn’t matter of who ) and is best friends with Uma since forever. Then one day y/n goes to visit Uma on the ship and she meets Harry in which they talk and he falls for her instantly and she falls for him too

Summary: You discover what Uma’s been hiding from you

Author’s Note: In celebration of Descendants 2!

“Where’s Uma?“ You slammed your hands on Gil’s table at Ursula’s Fish and Chips shop. “She’s on the ship. Why?” Gil asked. You didn’t respond. Instead, you quickly walked out of the shop and down the docks until you reached the ship. 

You and Uma had been best friends for just about all of your lives. Your parents completely hated each other but that didn’t stop you. But Uma told you to stop by the shop and she would give you another sword fighting lesson and in return, you would help her steal some crates of supplies from the Goblin Wharf.

 You strutted up the ramp, still not seeing Uma. She’s probably in the Captain’s quarters. Walking over to the door, you knocked on the door. “Uma?” You called out while opening the door. Instead of Uma, there stood a tall, dark haired boy in black and red leather. Well now I know what Uma’s been keeping from me, you thought to yourself.

“You’re not Uma.” You remarked, closing the door behind you. “No, I’m not, lassie.” His thick Scottish accent rang out. Ok, that accent just made him 10 times hotter. “I’m Hook. Harry Hook. Uma’s first mate.” He stepped towards you confidently. Oh yeah. Your dad wasn’t a big fan of Captain Hook either. Now that you think about it, your dad kinda hated everyone.

“And who might you be?” You hadn’t even noticed that he had started backing you up against the door until you felt his warm breath on your face. He leaned in, staring you dead in the eyes, his forearm resting above your head.

“(Y/N) Facilier.” You introduced yourself coolly. “Well, (Y/N). You might wanna tell me why you’re snooping around the ship or I may just have to hook you and I don’t want to hurt such a pretty face.” He pushed your hair out of your face with his hook. Wow, you had never been threatened and flirted with all in the same sentence.

“Do you wanna end up like the last person who threatened me?” You whipped out a shrunken head that you took from your Dad’s office. “I suggest you back up.” You pushed past Harry. “I’m looking for Uma. She said she was training me today.” You explained, turning back to face him. 

“Uma’s went to take care of some business. Won’t be back until tonight.” Harry explained, polishing his hook. “Oh come on!” You groaned. It took everything to convince Freddie to cover for you at the shop and she wouldn’t be willing to do it again. 

“You know, I was going to go and hunt for some hidden treasures but I believe I found the real treasure.” Harry winked. You felt your face heat up and resisted the urge to giggle. “I could train you. If you would like.” Harry offered. You bit your lip nervously. On one hand, he was cute. On the other hand, you didn’t know or trust him.

“What the catch, Hook?” You raised an eyebrow. “Smart girl.” Harry nodded. “We’ll spare and if I win, you go on a date with me. If you win, which won’t happen, I’ll do whatever you want.” Harry smirked. You thought about it. If I win, I get a favor from Harry. If I lose, I get a date with a cute guy, you thought to yourself.

“You’re so on. Prepare to lose.” You grinned at Harry and grabbed the sword you usually used. You turned back to Harry and your words got caught in your throat. “Like what you see?” Harry smirked, holding his arms out. Of course he trains shirtless! 

“Yes. Yes I do.” You nodded, almost laughing at Harry’s surprised look, not expecting you to be so blunt. “Come on then.” He walked out. You sauntered after him, heading towards the training area. Maybe losing isn’t so bad, you mused.

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Four

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Harry Hook was lying on his bed, one arm resting under his head as he stared stoically at the ceiling. Sure, the bed in the dorm he shared with Gil was comfortable. But, it was too comfortable. It felt nothing like the one back on the ship, or even the one back at your - now is not the time, Harry.

The pirate shook his head as if to shake away his thoughts. He couldn’t let himself get too caught up in his emotions. He had a job to do and it would complicate things too much.

He stood up, walking over to the window that stared out at the school-grounds. “Everything is so much prettier here than in the Isle,” He mumbled to himself. He scoffed as his eyes fell on the statue of the Beast. “And I thought I was full of meself. ‘Least I never had a magical statue made of meself… actually… That’s not a bad idea. A giant statue, dedicated to Harry Hook. With a magnificent, shining hook.”

His self-glorifying thought were interrupted by a half asleep Gil. “Harry, you’re talking to yourself again,” he muttered, covering his head with his pillows.

Harry rolled his eyes, “Go back to sleep, bampot.”Gil grunted in response.

Harry shook his head, looking up at the stars he had been deprived of seeing his entire life. He smirked to himself.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to finally have some fun while I wait.”

The knocking on your door started at seven in the morning that Saturday, lasting until 7:10, when you finally got tired of it waking you up from your sleep. You slid on your bunny slippers and stomped to the door in your (embarrassing) teddy bear pajamas, throwing the door open without a second thought. Carlos stood at your door, concerned look on his face before it melted into one of amusement.

“Nice pajamas. Did you rip them off a five year old?”

“Nice hair, did you rip it off a Q-Tip?” You shot back, crossing your arms.

“Ha, very funny. You might want to come down to the courtyard,” He addressed quickly, anxiously shifting from foot to foot. “Like, now.”

“You can wait for me to get dressed,” You replied, turning to walk back into your room before getting pulled away by Carlos. “There’s no time!” He barked, quickly pulling you down the stairs.

“Carlos I am in my teddy bear pajamas and bunny slippers! I can’t go down there!” you shouted, running to keep up with the boy.

“Call it a fashion statement!”

“Holy fadoodle Cakes,” You whispered, staring up at the statue of the Beast. Well, what was the beast. Now it was covered in pirate getup and dead fish. You were pretty sure you could see an octopus up there too.

You pushed to the front of the group of onlookers and found the pirates standing there proudly. One in particular looked very amused at the awe and horror filled gazes. Then, he met your eyes and his grin grew even more.

“Hello, Lass. Come to marvel at yer dear ol’ Harry’s work? Wait… Are ye wearin’ teddy bear pajamas and bunny slippers?” Harry asked, snickering at your attire.

You gave him an indignant gasp, glaring at the laughing boy. “Lay off my teddy bears and bunny slippers! And fix this statue! Now!” You shouted, keeping your voice relatively quiet as to not to alert any of what was going on.

“Now why would I do that, Princess? I put a lot of time and effort into this… this masterpiece, this show of me talents,” He spoke proudly, before giving you a mocking pout, “Do ya not like it, lass?”

“All it proves is your ability to ruin things,” You gritted out, angry at the image the pirates were giving to the children from the Isle. No doubt this little show would make others reluctant to accept the children of villains.

“Oh but darlin’ I’m from the Isle, ruinin’ things is what we do. Or have ye already forgotten?” Harry remarked, stroking your cheek with the hand that normally held his hook.

You clenched your teeth, anger flowing through you at a rapid pace. “No, Harold, I haven’t forgotten. How can I when a perfect reminder is staring me right in the face?” You growled, shoving his hand away with a harshness you didn’t know you still had. The mocking look melted away into one of shock as you stormed away from the insulting scene.

“Awkward…” Gil mumbled from beside him. In seconds he was pinned to the base the statue, an angry Harry holding a forearm to his neck. “You got somethin’ you wanna say, Gil?” He growled, as if daring the other boy to open his mouth.

Gil gulped, opening his mouth to reply, but was cut off by the shrill voice of Fairy Godmother.

“Harry Hook!”

“I can’t believe that little wench made us join the… what do you call it, Gil?” Harry grumbled, looking around the field.

“Tourney team?” Gil offered, tying his hair back.

“Yes. Tourney team. Pent up rage she says,” The pirate scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Course we have pent up rage. Life’s no fun without it. Know what I mean?”

“Mhm,” Gil hummed in reply, peeling the shell off of another egg.

“Will you stop eating those foul eggs?” Harry grumbled, fanning the air as if trying to rid it of the rotten smell. “ I don’t care what yer dad told ye, they won’t make ye any stronger. Maybe your gag reflex from breathing in those… what did that doaty science teacher call them…ah! Noxious fumes. Apparently those mess with yer head, ya know?” The pirate paused, looking at his friend, recalling the half an hour it took him to realize the push sign on a door meant push forwards, not upwards.

“It all makes since now…”

“Harry, for the last time you can’t hook Jay without your hook!” Uma barked at the angry pirate. “Well, when my dad was teaching me to fight as a kid he called this certain punch a hook,” Gil offered. “There we go! Then I’ll punch’em!” Harry remarked, leaning against the willow tree the group of pirates were resting under.

“Practice wasn’t that bad,” Gil muttered. “All we did was exercise. Well, until Harry tripped that blond boy for making fun of his eyeliner. I think he broke his nose.”

“And he made me do pushups! Pushups! Have you seen my arms, Lad!? Do you think I need to do pushups!?” Harry exclaimed. “If we were on the Isle I would have ripped his guts out through his mouth,” He growled, eyes darkening to a deep blue.

“Yeah well we aren’t on the Isle!” Uma stated, giving her first mate a stern look. “We have to lay low here until we finish the plan. You were supposed to stop going off the handle. It’s going to draw more attention.”

“It’s not my fault! I din’t want to come here in the first place, Cap! Things are a wee bit too bright and happy for me here! “ Harry shot back as Gil’s jaw dropped. He had never seen Harry talk back to their captain before. He must be more upset about coming here than he let off.

Uma scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Oh, please. You and I both know Y/N is why you agreed to come, whether you act like it or not. “

“Oh really? And what might the reasonin’ behind that be, Cap?” Harry growled, face flushing red.

“Because she’s the only person I’ve seen that makes you squirm like a worm on a hook with the mere mention of her name,” She shot back.

Harry froze, stopping his hands from fidgeting and pulling at his sleeves anxiously, “I do not!”

Minutes later and the two were still at it, both turning red in the face.

“G-guys?” A voice called from above them. They shared a concerned look before tilting their gazes upward, eyes landing on Gil, who was hanging desperately from a tree branch. “Help!”

“When did he-”

“How did he-”





Ride Me Baby *Part Two* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

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Hiya guys, so a lot of you have been requesting a part 2 of this story and wanting to know where it goes from there, so I decided to start this as a mini series, but ill let you guys give me the feedback first before I continue on. This is going to be a very explicit series so you have been warned. But without further of due, lets get into it! I hope you guys enjoy it, -K

Word Count: 2,978

Harry’s POV
Its coming up to mine and Y/N’s 3 year anniversary, and I have decided to surprise her with a holiday away to Bora Bora for a week or so, I’m so excited to tell her what I have planned. She has always wanted to go there and with me making Dunkirk and writing my solo album we didn’t have time to do anything for our anniversary last year. So to make up for last year I think this will be perfect!
I was sitting in our newly furnished kitchen at the island trying to figure out what I wanna order us for dinner. Y/N Is so indecisive when it comes to anything let alone food so its so hard to know what she wants to eat. Maybe ill wait until she comes home. Just as that thought came through my head I heard the creak of the front door opening and her heels clicking against the tiled floor. “Harry?” “Kitchen” As I heard her set her purse on the side table I heard her enter the kitchen making me look up. “Baby girl” “Hey” Her face started to blush as she made her way over to me. I love the way she blushes every single time I call her that. She is my baby girl. “How was your press day?” She is promoting a new campaign with PETA, ‘I Would Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur’ which is an amazing organisation that makes people aware of animals being killed for fashion. I’m so proud of her for making her fame into something to raise awareness for, one of the main reasons I love her. “Yeah it was good, just going over the same questions over and over and over, gets very boring but I’m glad its over” She sighed as she took off her cardigan, folding it neatly to put on top of the island. “Im proud of you baby, press days are always the worst though” Giving her a tiny pout. She giggled a little at my facial expression and walked over to the sink. “Where is my kiss hello?” “Sorry I was thirsty” She again giggled as she made her way over to me. I took her hand pulling her towards me, opening my legs for her to stand between them. “Missed you today” She whispered as she inched closer for a quick peck. “Well your home now” kissing her on her forehead I looked at her in awe. “So I have something for you” “Okay…” She replied with hesitation in her voice. “So you know the way its our anniversary next week?” “Yeah” I pushed her a little for me to get up, making my way over to my coat. “Well last years anniversary was a bust, you know that. So what better way to celebrate basically two years this year than to do something amazing” I took the envelope out of my coat pocket and made my way over to her. “Here, happy anniversary baby” I handed her the envelope and giving her a kiss. “Harry thank you” Her hand grasped the envelope looking down at it. “What is it?” “Well open it and see” Her fingers quickly ripped open the paper to find two plane tickets. “What.. This isn’t.. No way Harry!” Her face immediately lights up towards mine with the biggest beautiful smile that I know and love. “Were staying in Bora Bora for a week, you deserve it” “Oh my god Harry this is too much” Her hands started to shake, so cute. “Y/N your deserve everything and more. You’ve been so understanding this last year when I wasn’t around much and finding it so stressful and hard. But you made it so much better and being there for me when I needed you, and putting your life on hold for me, that really means a lot” I said looking down at her. “I love you so much Harry you have no idea” She draped her arms around my shoulders playing with my curls at the nape of my neck. Her hands then pulled my face into hers, kissing her so deeply, so passionate. “I love you so much” I whispered as I pulled away. I started kissing all over her face and she began to laugh uncontrollably. I pulled her waist into mine as she started to get weak in the knees with her laughter. My favourite sound. “So shall we go pack?”

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Only If

REQUEST : Write something where y/n had done something bad to harry and thats why H suddenly became cold to her and he makes it hard to earn his trust back but then y/n got into an accident? - Anon

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Sentiments Mean Nothing

A/N: Welllll, first Harry Styles fic because, honestly, I’ve been a hardcore fan of his and the boys since literally 2011 and his solo career has been hitting me right in the heart, my baby’s doing so well, I’m such a proud mother. So, have this. This is, by far, the longest shot I’ve written on this blog so let’s hope it doesn’t get too boring and you enjoy it as much as I did writing it x.

Warning(s): Swearing, very slight Daddy kink at the end, suggestive sexual nature throughout

Word count: 4,261

Pairing(s): Harry Styles x Reader / Harry Styles x OC (Original Character)

          You know, it wasn’t so much that she and Harry hated each other, per se, rather it was just that they had both developed a sort of, mutual dislike towards one another that, quite frankly, neither of them knew where it stemmed from. The pair had done nothing wrong to each other to deserve the hostility, but it was there and they both never really knew why. It was very much like an ancient feud between them.

Very Montague vs. Capulet-esque.

However, considering that they’d only had the pleasure of knowing of the other’s existence for about 2 years, the use of the word, ‘ancient’, seems invalid. Nevertheless, from the moment they first met, there seemed to have been an already established tension between the two personalities and needless to say, neither of them cared for the personality of the other.

See, he was a private person, an introvert, you could say; despite being a household name around the world, and preferred to keep himself to himself regarding personal matters but being quite the socialite when it came to public appearances.

She, on the other hand, she was… loud, in Harry’s books. An outgoing and excitable character that wore her heart on her sleeve within the comfort of her inner circle in contrast to the shy, non-talkative woman he had met through a mutual friend during a party.

With him being the one to instigate the conversations the whole time with a drink in his hand and a wide, fake-looking smile that looked practiced for situations like these, she found him pretentious and over-bearing. Talking to her as if she was a little girl who was too immature to talk to strangers.

And with her barely opening her mouth to answer his questions, nodding her head up and down or shaking it from side to side instead as an indicator of her feelings to avoid awkward stutters and embarrassing herself, all the while sipping from her glass and avoiding the glint in his eyes as he talked to her, he found her dismissive and arrogant. As if she didn’t have the time to converse with someone like him.

Despite their feelings towards each other, though, they had wound up spending extended amounts of time together over the course of the 2 years seeing as she had managed to pick up the job of his fashion stylist ever since the band went on a hiatus and he launched his solo career.

Although, the former cold-shoulders and silent treatments as they went on with their own tasks for the day started to dissolve. Their prejudices were still upheld, just shown in a slightly different manner as they became more accepting and comfortable towards their mutual distaste for one another.

During the first year, scornful glances and tight smiles were shared as they conversed briefly as to what Harry would be wearing for his next TV appearance. This was to be replaced during the second year with extra touchy-feely advances to tease and sarcastic remarks followed by cheesy pet-names to piss each other off were exchanged as she took Harry’s new measurements.

“You should buy me dinner ‘fore you get on your knees, sweetheart.” A dirty, but snide, comment was normal from Harry and she had honestly been expecting it from the moment she had started to measure his inseam.

“’S a good thing you pay for dinner then, i'n’t it? Tha’ way you can get on your knees for me.” She spoke in rebuttal before leaning back into a squatting position and standing back up. Her heels adding a good three inches to her height but still not nearly as tall as the 5'11" man in front of her.

She pivoted on her heel to place the measuring tape back in its rightful place before recording the numbers into her little journal of everything important she needed to know about Harry in order to fit him perfectly to his tailor-made, brand-name outfits.

She heard him step off the mini platform at the centre of the room and stalk behind her, his warmth radiating from his body to hers.

Why does he always stand so close, for fuck sake, it’s like he has no spacial awareness.” It was times like these where she thought to herself if there would be any chance in the world, where she could find a genuine bubble she could permanently place Harry in to avoid the close contact every minute, she would.

“Tell me again why we need t’ do these fitting things every six months? Seriously, ’m a grown man, my body doesn’t change tha’ much in tha’ time period.” Harry starting to fiddle with her pen she just used to write with as his minty breath fanned over the right side of her face.

“It does with your irregular fucking diet plans, Styles. Would it kill you t’ stick t’ one regime?” She spun around and leant against the grand table with her arms folded, looking up at the, now short-haired, tattooed man as he shifted to put his hands on the edge of the intricate furniture either side of her body.

“Mm, I think ’s jus’ 'cause you wanna try your hand at seducing me during these sessions.” His voice lowered down to a sultry, deep tone in an attempt to fluster his stylist but she, as always, stands her ground.

“If I wanted t’ seduce you, baby, I would’ve done it by now,” She leant up slightly, the endearing term fell from her mouth without hesitance while their breaths mixed between their parted lips as she continued. “And besides, size 10 feet? Not tha’ impressive.” She smirked subtly as she saw his face fall. He knew what she was indirectly referring to and, judging by the way he reacted, she knew she had hit a nerve in which she also gathered he would to try prove her wrong.

But before he could, however, she slipped out from underneath him and started walking towards the entrance to exit the room, her heels clicking against the expensive marble floors, not bothering to close the chrome door and yelling a, “make sure t’ lock the door when you leave!” to a rigid Harry who let out a sigh and rubbed his ring-clad hands over his face to let out some frustration towards the woman who was trapped in between him and the mahogany table not even thirty seconds ago, before slamming his hand on it and purposely leaving the door wide open in spite.


Was the only word from the judgmental, but somehow always right, fashion stylist that Harry heard as he did a twirl in his new suit. Having quite the admiration towards the look, if he does say so himself, after inspecting it in the mirror.

“Whyy?” He drew out the word to emphasise his annoyance with the constant change of outfits. He might as well be a marathon runner, he’s breaking a sweat from changing his bloody clothes.

“Because, honey, the shirt doesn’t match the suit at all. That’s why I told yeh t’ wear black, not white, bu’ look who didn’t listen yet again.” She stood there behind him with her pen held in between her front teeth and one arm around her torso to keep her other elbow resting on top, catching his eye through the mirror.

He scans her choice of clothing today and, as per usual, she’s wearing the most stylish and trendy pieces that she matches so well with her heels. Harry’s never really understood how she so effortlessly throws together a look ready for the runway everyday when she comes into work but still manages to keep it light and casual as if it was the first thing she found in her closet earlier in the morning.

He trailed his eyes up her body, tanned and fit, may he add, to her subtly made up face which was glowing. He assumed it was from the highlighter she applied, because why else would he describe her as 'glowing’? That’s disgusting. He doesn’t like her. Not one bit.

“Have you quite finished staring at me, or do I need t’ get the camera for yeh so it’ll last longer?” She allowed the tease to be projected as she approached him, standing on the tiny platform, meaning their bodies were now pressed against each others’ closely before she shrugged off his suit jacket and started unbuttoning his dress shirt.

“'Ey, 'ey, 'ey. You normally need t’ get me drunk first before we can 'ave some fun, darlin’.” He smirked down at her, watching as she aggressively rolled her sparkling eyes at his comment. She continued to pull the shirt off of him and stepped down to grab the black shirt she had wanted him to wear in the first place.

As she turned around, she couldn’t help but notice a slight change in his physical appearance. His back muscles seemed more prominent. His thighs looked even more full than they already were when she last took a good look at them. His arms were bulkier. His torso now adorned with evident bumps of abdominal muscles. Even his cute, little bum seemed rounder and plumper which made her stifle a giggle.

“Awe, babe, have you been working out?” She had to bite her bottom lip to stop her bursting out into laughter when she caught him standing up a bit straighter, looking proud that his work was noticeable.

“Nice t’ know you were checking me out back there. Like wha’ yeh see, angel?” The pet-names were used as a kind of second nature to the pair of them now, but they were far from endearments. No, on the contrary, they were always laced with slight undertones of incivility and cheek. They were both familiar with them by now.

“Oh, most definitely. You been working out jus’ for me? I know ’m the only one you strip down for lately.” She referenced to the multiple outfit decisions they had to endure with every appearance he made in public, which people would be surprised as to how often that is, and she had to make sure that he was not seen repeating a look. God forbid he wore the same trousers twice.

She slowly made her way towards the, still shirtless, male stood in the middle of the high-ceiling-ed chamber, decorated with mirrors, as she ran her hands up and down his back before rubbing at his shoulders. Harry’s head fell back at the sensation of the soothing motions on his shoulders, he had been meaning to go to a masseuse to get the knots out of his joints for a while now. He closed his eyes and let out a content sigh, completely forgetting that she would be the last person on Earth he would want to touch him like this a few days ago but he allowed the action.

“Yeh know I was filming 'Dunkirk’, sweetie, don’t flatter yourself.” He retorted as he pulled her round to his front by her waist and leant his body against hers, his frame towering over her smaller one.

“’S a shame, really. And here I was, about t’ let you have your way with me only if you had jus’ admitted this is all for me.” She fake-pouted as she taunted him, something she has perfected over the years, with her hands resting against his naked chest. There was something about the way her clothed, soft chest was pressed into his bare, hard one that made the both of them lose control of the situation at hand temporarily as they focused on each other in that moment.

“Don’t tempt me, baby.” His voice switched to a low whisper, a threat almost.

“I don’t have to.” She replied with confidence, her eyes flickering to his raspberry-coloured lips that looked so inviting.

It was strange for the both of them, being in this position they’d never thought they’d see themselves in, but here they are. Through all the slight sexual tension covered up by distasteful remarks about each other over the years, clouded by the decision subconsciously made that they had a repulsion towards one another, they had failed to realise that attraction could’ve easily been confused with said repulsion, convincing themselves that it was a fact neither of them liked the other and that was final. Perhaps too afraid to confess and deal with the consequences of their feelings.

Just as they begun to come to terms with the compromising position they were in, and even more conflicting emotions fluttering around the space, the door was pushed open and two flailing bodies broke apart at lightning speed. Harry quickly finding his black shirt and fumbling with the buttons as the flustered stylist violently grabbed her journal and pretended to write in it whilst holding the pen upside down.

Not another word was spoken between the two of them as they complete the fitting session, everyone coming to a conclusion that the black shirt was indefinitely better than the white, much to Harry’s dismay, and their day was done.

The two parted and went their separate ways, however, the mental image of the other never left their minds for the rest of the week until they had to face the music at the next session.

          Harry was fucked.

Royally fucked.

So fucked, in fact, that he decided to wallow in self-pity at how fucked he was then he went out and fucked a random girl whilst thinking of fucking his attractive stylist he had now realised he had already fucked things over with.

If that doesn’t scream, “fucked”, I don’t know what does.

Though what he didn’t know, was that said stylist was also feeling the same way about him and was completely distraught over the idea that she might like Harry Styles. The same Harry that would make her want to rather die than converse with him for more than ten minutes. The same Harry that would tempt her to spit in his food whenever it got delivered during the fittings. The same Harry that would force her to socialise with large groups of people she didn’t know when he knew it made her uncomfortable.

But it was also the same Harry that, when he held her in his arms that other day, made her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And it was the same Harry with pink, soft lips that she wanted to kiss so desperately whilst, at the same time, tugging on his curly locks.

Though, more importantly, he was her Harry. He had always been her Harry to tease, to taunt, to tantalise, and to mess with until he’d get all riled up and sometimes push her against the wall (which she didn’t necessarily mind). But now, she wanted to describe him as being her Harry in a different way, and that scared the shit out of her.

She didn’t know what the fuck to do anymore, it’s like her life lost all purpose if she couldn’t make fun of the Cheshire-raised lad, and now all she wanted to do was tell him about her family and cuddle. She had actually begun to suspect she had developed some sort of illness and hoped it would go away like a common cold.

Although, she figured this was not the case the next time she saw him, in all his 5'11" glory, at a party very much like the one they first met at two years ago. Sipping on her alcoholic beverage, she observed him from far away as he mingled, as he always does so flawlessly, with people she had never seen before in her life. The very mere fact that he was in her presence not even ten feet away made her stomach tighten with new feelings she never thought she would associate with the musician and she hated herself for it.

Turning her body away from him towards the bar, she asked for another drink, slipping the rectangular note of currency towards the bartender as he fixed her up yet another glass. She knew she had most likely needed to have stopped drinking so heavily around the 'two hours ago’ mark, but right now, she really couldn’t care less, she just wanted to forget about Harry and if getting her stomach pumped for the first time means achieving her goal then fuck it.

Her motive was short-lived, however, since the charming man that was swimming her mind plopped himself on the stool next to her and gave her a sly smirk.

“Wha’ do we 'ave here?” He questioned, mainly to himself, as he observed the obviously intoxicated woman in front of him.

She rolled her eyes, hopping off the high stool, only to fall face first into Harry’s crotch which made him jerk back at the impact and let out a slight groan before cupping her cheeks and lifting her head up to inspect how far gone she really is.

“Heloooo, handsummm!” She tried her best to imitate a wolf-whistle seeing as she couldn’t actually whistle so instead made a sort of high-pitched, 'whi-woo’, as she trailed her index finger down the curve of his cheek and smiling drunkenly, “I misst yeww…” The slur in her words concerned him, not knowing how much she’s had to drink and she clearly could not stand up without support.

“’M gonna take yeh home, okay, baby girl? You’re alrigh’.” He scooped her up into his arms without any struggle and started to manoeuvre his way out of the clammy air of the bar to the nippy, fresh air of the London streets. He set her down on her feet for a second, leaning her against him to keep her balance, as he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, knowing that even though his place was only a rough 20 minute walk from the party location, the chilly air would get to her more easily than it would him, she’d always been sensitive to the cold, and at this time of night, it certainly didn’t make the air more humid.

After a solid few minutes of walking to his abode, they finally reached the welcoming front door of his mansion, him fiddling in his pocket to find the right set of keys before twisting the lock and pushing the door open. A gust of warm, fruit-scented air hit the both of them as he stepped inside, laying her down on his extended white sofa in the living room before closing the door.

“Mmm, are yeh gon’ sex me up noww, Daddy?” Her sudden words making him choke on his own spit, as he cautiously walked towards the tiny figure resting on his comfortable seating area.

“No, no, ’m not, baby, not right now, yeh need t’ rest. I’ll get yeh some water and some Advil t’ take then we can go t’ bed, okay?” He spoke in a soft, calming tone that made her suddenly relaxed, only finding the strength in her to nod before he stroked her hair back from her face and made his way to the well-presented, expensive kitchen with more room than he needed.

As a matter of fact, all the rooms in this place were more than he needed, if he was honest, but he just didn’t know what else to use his money on.

Approaching the worn-out female sprawled across his sofa with a glass of fresh water and two pills in his other hand, he set down the glass on the side table whilst reaching his hand out to tilt her head up slightly and sit her up enough so she could swallow comfortably. He pried open her mouth by holding her jaw and placed the pills on the top of her tongue that had traces of alcohol left on it, bringing the liquid up to her lips and telling her to swallow gently. She obeyed and took the medication before slumping back onto the cushiony surface as he sighed, soaking in her beauty, even in this state of mind.

He watched as she closed her eyes and got comfortable, taking it as his cue to leave her to sleep, so kissed her forehead with care, and started to prepare to deal with whatever shit storm that was bound to happen, in the morning. Well, that was until he heard a small whine coming from her calling out for him.

“Harryy?… Stay wit’ meh? I wan’ cuddles.” She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling gently at the sight. She was just so adorable, how could he say no?

“’M right here, poppet, ’m not going anywhere.” He answered her before carefully laying down beside the inebriated girl he had grown fond of these past couple of weeks and tangled their limbs together, letting her rest her head against his chest and wrap herself around him in an attempt to snuggle and use him as her own personal pillow and blanket.

As he listened to her breathing become regular and so quiet he had to strain to listen to it, he knew she had fallen asleep so pressed another tender kiss to the crown of her head and whispered to her in her unconscious state.

“I’d never leave you.”

And it was in that sweet moment that Harry now realised that she had a hold on him, and he intended on not letting go.

          Harsh rays of bright sunlight beamed through white, sheer curtains and hit her face as she stirred from her slumber. It was a Saturday morning and she was definitely not in the comfort of her own home so thought the worst and groaned inwardly in shame at herself for letting herself get so wasted. The first thing she did was just look down at her, what she expected to be, naked body, but instead found herself and the mystery man fully clothed. Confusion overtook her features and something she noticed right away was that her 'pillow’ was breathing and they’re not supposed to do that, right? Or was she still tripping from the after effects of the amounts of alcohol she consumed last night?

A wave of pain radiated throughout her head as she groaned, bringing a palm to her forehead in an unsuccessful attempt to soothe it slightly. Her movements unnoticeably woke up her 'pillow’ and startled her when the familiar deep, raspy, and, dare she say, sexy morning voice sounded from underneath her.

Oh, fuck me, not Harry. Anyone but Harry.” She thought to herself, although not truly meaning it since she found herself absentmindedly wanting the situation to have been more… wild.

“Well, good mornin’, sunshine.” He chuckled lightly at her facial expression following the pet-name he had chosen.

“Wha’ the fuck happened last night?” She asked half-heartedly.

Part of her didn’t really care what happened whilst the other part dreaded what his answer would be.

“You really don’t remember?” His voice was thick with an emotion she couldn’t quite pin-point but she did know that she felt guilty after hearing it, sensing that he was a little disappointed.

She merely shook her head and bit her lip, titling her head up to read his clouded eyes, they always gave away whatever he was thinking, she detected this within the first few months of knowing him.

“It doesn’t matter, now can you get off of me, you’re starting t’ feel like a deadweight. I honestly can’t feel my legs.” His whole demeanour changed in a split second and she was a little surprised but what did she expect, really? He’s just the same old Harry, though she’d be lying if she said it didn’t hurt a little.

“I’m not getting up 'til you tell me exactly wha’ happened, Harry.” She was adamant. She was always the type of person to get answers out of whoever she wanted, he was starting to wonder why she wasn’t a fucking lawyer or something.

“Listen, nothin’ happe-.” He was cut off by her swollen lips pressed against his.

To say he was shocked would be an understatement, he was bloody flat-lining on the inside but he quickly reciprocated the sudden, but passionate, kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist with her hands coming up to caress his cheeks. Her legs ended up either side of his torso and she pulled away just before he had the chance to poke his tongue in her mouth, just to tease, like normal.

“D'yeh want something t’ happen?…” She questioned him inquisitively, not 100% sure that he shared the same feelings that she had pent up inside of her for, what felt like, decades.

He responded by flipping her so she laid on her back instead and hovered over her, leaning down to peck her lips once more before moving down to her neck and pressing open-mouthed kisses along the skin.

“All ’ve been thinkin’ 'bout for ages, darlin’. Let Daddy make yeh feel good.” He smirked into her skin once he felt her gasp quietly and visibly tense at his words.

“I called you, 'Daddy’, last night, didn’t I?” Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment once she heard him chuckle and answer with a muffled, “you did”.

“And it definitely won’t be the last time.” He commented in a sultry voice before raising his head to make eye contact with her and leaning down to connect his lips with hers another time.

He made a promise, and he was damn hell-bent on making sure he kept it.

Saturday Night Live

Surprise! While we’re all waiting to die tonight, here’s a little something about our baby being nervous for his first solo performance :) I just want to give him the biggest hug and wish him luck!


He’d been abnormally quiet in his dressing room, and if you were being honest, it was starting to scare you a little. He was never this way before a performance; he was usually so energetic, but you were pretty sure he hadn’t spoken a word in almost an hour.

He’d made sure that when he scheduled his first solo performance on SNL, it was during a time that you could go with him. He knew this was one of the most important performances in his solo career, and there were a lot of people counting on him to do well.

You finally made your way over to the couch he was sitting on and settled in next to him. He knew you were there, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at you. His stomach was doing flips, and he didn’t know how to make it stop.

“Everything okay?” You asked quietly, placing your hand on his thigh gently and finally snapping him out of his daydreams.

He finally turned to face you, and you could tell by the expression on his face that he was definitely not okay. His eyebrows were narrowed and there were creases in his forehead from stress, and he rolled his lips together before he spoke.

“M'so nervous.” He admitted, and your face immediately softened in sympathy.

“Hey… There’s nothing to be nervous about, baby. You’re going to be incredible.”

He gave you that look, and you knew that nothing you said was going to help calm his nerves.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this alone. I usually have the boys with me and I didn’t think it would feel this different, but it does. I’m completely alone.”

You scooted a little closer to him and wrapped one arm around his broad shoulders, and your other hand grasped his.

“You’re not alone; we’re in this together.”

He smiled a little and squeezed your hand in appreciation.

“You know what I mean, though.” He sighed. He paused for a second, and then looked back at you.

“What if I mess up?”

You couldn’t help your heart from swelling, because he reminded you a little of what he was like before One Direction became so huge. He analyzed his every move, and lived in fear of missing a note or forgetting lyrics.

“You’re not going to. You’ve rehearsed these songs so many times over the past few days; I think we’ve both been singing them in our sleep. You are going to be absolutely fine, okay?”

He nodded slowly and sat in silence for a few more minutes. Your hand rubbed circles on his back, trying to relax him in any way you possibly could. Of course Harry got nervous every once in a while before a performance, but this was completely different. He was usually able to brush it off and the adrenaline would take over, but now that he was only an hour away from his first solo performance, you didn’t think he was going to be so lucky this time.

“They’re going to love you no matter what, you know.” You whispered, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

“Your fans are so proud of you already. Even if you completely butcher this, and I know you won’t, they’re going to love you just the same. And so will I.”

He smiled a little and leaned his head on your shoulder.

“Just relax for me, yeah? Don’t worry about what could go wrong, or what other people will think. You love performing; just think about how much fun you’ll have being back on stage again.”

He let out a deep breath and settled into your arms, his heartbeat finally settling back down to normal for a while.

“Thank you.” He muttered softly, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards in a smile.

“It’s what I’m here for, innit?”

You kissed his forehead and felt relieved that he didn’t seem to be freaking out anymore. As much as you weren’t going to admit it, you were nervous for him too. You knew this performance was going to be completely different from anything he’d ever done before, but you also knew he was going to blow you away and make you prouder than you’d ever been.

That was the thing about him; it seemed like no matter what was thrown his way, he managed to handle everything in a way that could only by admired by you and millions of other people. No matter how nervous he was about releasing his solo songs or performing live for the first time, he was going to do it flawlessly. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life, and yours as well, because you promised you were going to be right by his side throughout everything.

You couldn’t wait to see what the future held for him.

Harry Styles - #SoloHarry Interview Imagine

[I too am in love with shy, bumbling Harry. I’m in love with any and all Harry’s there are, though honestly. Enjoy!]

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“Can you stay?”

“Harry, we need to go now,” you scolded for what seemed like the tenth time that night, tugging on his shirt. He turned away from the conversation he was having with his friends, the whites of his eyes red, a smirk still lingering on his lips.

“What did you say?” He yelled over the pounding music that filled the club. It was so loud the walls were shaking, and you could feel your heart pounding in your ears.

“We need to go!” You pointed to the nearest exit.

“Go where?” He asked, and tripped over a bar stool. He caught himself just before he fell. As his best friend, you felt a sense of responsibility over him. You wanted to always protect him, and make sure he was safe.

“I promised I would get you out of here before you were totally pissed. You’re pretty close to it; we have to go, Harry!” You gave him a pleading look. You could tell he was about to give in, just a little more pushing-

“Just a bit mor-”

“No, Harry.” The firmness of your voice surprised you. You sounded like a mother figure.

He sighed in defeat, “alright lads, I’ll see you on the weekend.” He waved goodbye to his friends and stumbled away from the bar, gripping your hand as you pulled him through the crowd behind you. He was like a gentle, little puppy when he was drunk. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, and that’s why you always felt comfortable around him because he almost never lost his temper, especially in this state. Except for the time you accidentally killed his pet goldfish, Fish. He went on a weekend trip with his sister, and when he got back, Fish was floating at the top of the tank. He went ballistic, but you laughed the whole time he lectured you.

Once you finally reached the car, you let go of him so he could get into the passenger seat, a sour look on his face. He looked like a five year old who asked for a toy and was told ‘no’.

“What’s that look for?”

He shook his head, flopped his mop back away from his face, and got into the car. You found yourself rolling your eyes at his childish behavior. He probably won’t even remember this in the morning, you thought.

The drive home was mostly silent. Harry fiddled with the radio the whole time, changing the station less than halfway through the songs. “Why don’t they play anything good anymore?!” Clearly frustrated, he threw his hands up and flopped back into his seat, a peppy pop song that you had heard a million times was ringing through the car.

By the time you made it up to his apartment, it was half past two AM and you could see the sleep that dragged at his eyes. “Thanks for taking me home,” he muttered, hugging you from behind, his head atop yours.

“Go brush your teeth, dork,” you laughed, shoving him off and gesturing for him to go to his bathroom. Rolling his eyes, he stumbled over to where you directed him. You sat on his bed once you heard the sink turn on. Harry’s room was very neat, neater any other guys room you had been in (and that wasn’t many). Everything had a place and a purpose.

You skimmed over the photos on his dresser, and found yourself admiring for what you seemed  to have done countless times, a picture of Harry and you from the first day of kindergarten. Your arms carelessly thrown around each other with innocent, childish grins splattered across your faces.

Harry and you had been friends for as long as you can remember. His friendship was so easy; you always had each other’s backs and got on really well almost all the time, except for the petty little arguments you would have over things like movies and books.

Next to that picture was your high school graduation. You were both clad in green graduation gowns and a green cap, proud grins lit your faces, head rested on his shoulder while holding the diplomas in your hands. That seemed like a century ago when you looked back. Now you were both nearing the end of your junior year in college; it was crazy for you to think about a time like that, things were so much easier then.

The bathroom door swung back open revealing a shirtless Harry. His legs were covered in a pair of old, plaid pajama pants, and his feet were bare. He ran his hand through his short curls and flopped down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling fan as it whirled and whirled in endless circles.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I think I’ve sobered up a bit.” You looked at him after he said this. His eyes were still bloodshot, but the color was returning to his face. You knew he was still drunk, but you didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to go-”

“Can you–” he paused, “can you stay?” He sat up and faced you.

You looked at the sincere expression on his face. He never asked you to stay. “Uhh-”

“Just for tonight–” he fiddled with fingers. “You don’t have to– I jus–”

“Yes, Harry.” You noticed how nervous he was, so you answered so he didn’t have to finish his sentence.

“I’ll stay,” the look on his face was priceless. He looked like a six year old who just walked into a candy store.

You got up and grabbed one of his t-shirts and a pair of boxers from his drawers, heading to the bathroom. Once you changed, you slipped under the covers with him.

“Thank you,” he croaked after a few minutes of silence.

“For what?”

“For everything,” you heard a small sniffle and turned to face him. “Thanks for always having my back.”

You smiled, at a loss for words and snuggled closer.

“You’re welcome.”

You fell asleep with a smile on your face, and butterflies erupting in your stomach.

Another Collection of AUs the Internet Doesn't Need (by me)

• It’s 10:30 at night and I left my glasses at home so I can’t read any of these labels and you’re one of the only people in the grocery store and GODDAMMIT DO YOU HAVE ANY TOMATO SAUCE WITHOUT CHUNKS AU

• We go to the same support group; I have social anxiety and you’re a kleptomaniac who sorta stole my heart AU

• You thought you were alone at the bus stop so early in the morning so you started passionately singing Fall Out Boy but your Patrick Stump impression could use some work and I’m not really afraid to point that out AU

• I’m an artist and you have a really nice face so would you mind if I drew you? AU

• We’re rival up-and-coming singers and every time one of us releases a new single the other does a cover to try to make it better; we’re always trying to top each other and out-cute each other, but half our fans aggressively ship us; our agents use this to their advantage and decide we should do a duet because it’ll be popular; unfortunately now that we’re in the same studio and I’ve seen what you’re like I really wanna know what your lips feel like AU


• We were both stood up for dates at the same nice restaurant so we decide to eat together and split the check but I dunno you’re pretty interesting aside from your distractingly enormous eyebrows AU

• We met at a mutual friend’s cheesy masquerade party and we agree that the only good thing about this party is the masks so you can’t judge a book by its cover only now that we’ve been talking I want to see your face but I don’t know how to ask AU

• You used to date my friend who absolutely hates your guts after a messy breakup and now you’re flirting with me and I really shouldn’t be so interested in you but I am AU

• I don’t know you but you’re singing along really loudly near me at this concert and it’s kinda hilarious because you just make up things when you don’t know the words AU

• We pass each other every day while we’re biking on the same path so we’ve started smiling at each other and one day you’re stopped because you’re having an asthma attack so I offer you my extra water bottle and now we’re talking and now I’M the one who’s breathless AU

Coffee date

Note: I know it has been a while since I put some writing out here. I’ve been busy with work and didn’t have that much of inspiration going on :/. So this is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Thanks to the lovely @lovingstyles87 for editing it 😘

I’m also working on a rebloggable masterlist, so that’s coming soon:) Like always reblog and like or come and talk, it is very much appreciated 💕 

Harry looked at his phone for the sixth time in four minutes. In his jeans and white t-shirt and big white sunglasses on his head, he blended into the scenery of the people in the cafè. Some people were chatting to a friend, others drank coffee and a few hid behind sunglasses in the almost bright spring morning

In his mind, it felt like he was dressed in neon colours because people in the cafè and passersby looked at him. He was sitting alone and people noticed that. This was going to be his second date with y/n and he couldn’t have been more excited.

Y/n hadn’t arrived yet. As he scanned for her short form, dark brown hair and her trade-mark Chelsea boots, she was nowhere to be seen, as some people walked into the cafè.

He checked his phone again. No message. Sure he was early, but the waiting was nerve wrecking. Taking the last sip of his black coffee his gaze landed on a old lady struggling with her grocery bag. A tap on his shoulder brought him back to the reality of him waiting for y/n.

To his surprise the lovely girl that tapped his shoulder was y/n. He stood up from his chair and they hugged each other.

“Hi Harry” y/n smiled at at him.

“Hi, how are you?” He stumbled on his words a little bit. His cheeks were getting red and hot. The only thing on his mind was how this girl could get his heartbeat racing.

“I’m good, thank you. How are you doing?” She asked when she sat down. “I’m doing great, let’s order some drinks and food shall we” and he gave one of the menus to y/n.

Harry’s mind was all over the place. He was sweating. Fidgeting. Y/n made him nervous. Not in a bad way, it felt nice.

He already knew that y/o was beautiful .. very beautiful. Her eyes that would light up when he told a corny joke, her smile, those little freckles on her cheeks.

“I just don’t ordinarily do this,” he says. “Going out, I mean. Dating. It’s one of those things you see on the telly or movies and something goes wrong. Never really occurred to me that it was a thing people actually did. I don’t date that much, not at all really.”

He frowns and takes a nervous sip of his coffee. “God, that makes me sound like a bit of a loser, doesn’t it?

“No,” she says, “I understand what you mean. Dating is weird and awkward sometimes. let’s just agree that this is hanging out, maybe it’ll take some of the nerves away” She smiled and looked down at the menu.

“Hello, my name is Daniel and I’ll be the waiter for this table. Can I help you two out yet?” a slightly older man kindly smiled at Harry and y/n. Harry took a quick glance at the menu and told Daniel that he wanted a carrot cake and a black coffee.

“Have you made up your mind yet y/n?” Harry looked over to her. “Hmmm… I think I have. But it all sounds and looks really delicious. I’m taking the New York cheesecake and a caffè latte please.” She gave the menu back to Daniel.

“How have you been Harry? The last time we saw each other was before your tour. Was it as exciting as you thought it was going to be?” She smiled and looked directly into his eyes.


He kind of forgot she looked people in their eyes while talking. Even though he liked her eyes, he now understood why people get a bit nervous from people (himself) doing that.

“It was amazing. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun. The fans all over the world were amazing. They sang every song, made signs and it looked like they had fun. And I heard stories from fans that they met friends because of me and the other guys. So if that’s the case than I did my job. I also had some time to spend time with family and friends. It’s always nice when I get that chance,” he said.

She gave him a smile and nodded a few times while he told some very touching stories, and she laughed with him when he told her about the funniest moments during his time on tour.

Harry noticed that y/n let him be himself and let him open up. Sure he knew he wasn’t always very talkative, but with the right people he could talk for hours and hours.

“Okay.. enough about me. What have you done the last couple of months?” He said, while taking a bite from his carrot cake. Munching on his cake he listened to y/n explaining what she had done.

“The last time we met I was working at Starbucks and I didn’t really like it. Didn’t feel comfortable there. But I found a job that suited me more. So I applied. I didn’t hear anything for a while.. I figured that meant I wasn’t the one getting the job.’’

‘’But a few weeks ago they called me back, saying they found my application back and they wanted to plan a meeting,” and y/n took a bite from her cheesecake, and started talking again. Until she realized she was talking with her mouth full, and he probably couldn’t understand a single word.

Harry didn’t really mind it. She looked cute while eating and talking about something she loved. Y/n seemed very happy about getting that meeting.

“Sorry,” y/n swallowed her bite of cheesecake. “I have a habit of talking with food in my mouth,” she spoke while taking a sip from her lattè and then continued with her story.

“I end up at the building where the meeting was held. So far everything was just going fine.. the secretary brought me up to the room. But we were running a bit late, and we started to run. And before I entered the room one of my heels broke. I tried to hold on to the wall or so I thought and it ended up being the door to the room where the meeting was. “

Harry was trying his best to contain his laughter. But failed miserably.

“Yeah.. yeah. You just laugh Harold. I ended up laying there on the ground with three people looking at me with their faces full of shock. Long story short.. I got the accountancy job. Now that’s how this girl got the job.”

Y/n smiled and took a few sips of her drink and ate her cheesecake.

“That.. is definitely how you manage to get a job. Just fall on the ground and make an impression,” he smiled.



Harry we need you at the studio for a few final checks. Can you get here in 30 min?


Yes, sure.

“They want or need you back?,” y/n looked at Harry’s phone. Trying to sound as casual as she could giving him a weak smile. She was having fun, but like the last time his job took time away from their dates.

“Yeah, Jeff just texted me. They need me back in the studio. I’m sorry” he responded. Knowing all too well this was the second time that his job cut their “date” short.

Daniel once more made his way over to their table. “Can I get you anything else?”

“Just the check please,” Harry answered.

They had to wait for a few seconds before Daniel returned with the check. “Let me pay,” y/n told Harry.

“Uuh, no? I’m paying” Harry shook his head and went to grab for the check. Before the check was abruptly taken away taken away from his hands.

“Like I said Harry, let me pay. You already paid the last time. Next round is on you”  and y/n winked at him. They both smiled at each other. After y/n paid the bill both of them stood up and put on their coats.

Walking to the entrance of the cafè, y/n made a stumble and fell on the ground.

“Ugh.. “ she sighed. Trying to get back on her feet.

“Don’t mind me. That’s how I usually make an impression,” and she laughed it off.

Harry helped her get back on her feet.

“I missed you falling for me the last time,” and gave a cheeky grin. Harry and y/n hugged each other and both went their own ways.

When y/n walked away, she turned around “Maybe the next time we see each other you will fall for me. How about that? Have a nice day”  and she waved Harry goodbye.

All that was going through Harry’s mind while he was walking to his car, was that he was already falling for her. 

He would show her on their next coffee date.

Thank you for reading! <3 I will try to get another one finished probably this week! there will be some smut in that one ;’)

Imagine #1: Long, Long Night

The crying. It was nonstop crying. Not even for a few hours, but since you’d gotten on the plane in LA to fly back to London. Of course Harry wasn’t there. He’d left with the boys earlier that morning. 

So there you sat. Alone. On a plane. With your crying child. You’re daughter was attached to Harry, just as you were, but you knew that this would happen. She couldn’t bear being away from him when he went to the bathroom, so lord knows him being in a completely different time zone was going to be disastrous.

Harry had been amazing enough in always bringing the two of you with him. Whether it was touring, recording, press events, award shows or just traveling, he made it a point to have you and Y/D/N with you. You loved it. You loved him.

What you didn’t love was the high pitched squeals as you sat in the back of the cab driving you to your flat. You couldn’t take much more, and you knew Harry wouldn’t be done performing until much later in the night. In fact the concert probably hadn’t started yet. 

“Excuse me?” You leaned forward towards the driver. He raised his eyebrows at you and looked in the rear view mirror. “I’m sorry. But could you take us to the O2?” It was your only chance at peace and quiet…or at least no crying. 

The driver nodded and switched his direction. As he drove through the busy streets you did your best to calm your anxious daughter’s tears. 

“Daddy’s here honey. He just has to work.” Her young two year old mind couldn’t understand that he’d be home in no time. It was fair. Sometimes you weren’t even sure you’d get to see him. 

The crying intensified as the cab pulled up outside the stagedoor entrance. 

“You sure about this miss? They’re picky about who gets in here.” The cabbie was watching you curiously as you picked up your daughter and your two bags. 

“Trust me. It’ll be fine.” You assured him as you paid him and left him a tip. “I really appreciate.” You smiled before walking away. You reached the stage door and immediately it opened.

“I’m sorry, but do you have-” Paul stopped when he saw your teary-eyed daughter and your dreary eyes. “Oh my.” He chuckled stepping to the side so you could enter. “What’s the matter?” He asked relieving you of your heavy daughter. 

“She hasn’t stopped since we got on the plane. Not even to sleep or eat. She cries through food and hasn’t slept and neither have I. I haven’t eaten come to think of it.” Your stomach grumbled as you realized the series of unfortunate events you had lived through. 

“I guess she misses Harry.” Paul sighed as she kept crying even in his arms. He handed him back to you with a sympathetic smile. 

“She does.” You mumbled rubbing her back and bouncing on your heels. You were desperate at this point. Even though you’d been bouncing, rubbing, patting and cooing for almost 17 hours you were still hopeful that it might just work this time. “Is there anyway I could see him?” Paul’s face killed any hope of the end of the tears.

“They just went on.” He looked everywhere but at you. At least he understood how desperate you were. “You know what,” He mumbled walking away, leaving you to stand by the stage door.

“Paul?” You waited for a response. “PAUL?!” You called out again. You heard a whistle come from one of the back rooms. “What are you doing?” You followed the sound as your daughter kept wailing. 

“Here.” He placed a pair of soundproof headphones on your daughter’s head and she went quiet for a few seconds. “Follow me.” Paul began to lead you both down a long concrete hallway. “You should still be able to find some chairs in front of the stage. Maybe he’ll see you.” He shouted as the crowd became louder and louder. 

“Thank you!” You mouthed before slipping out from behind the curtain that hid the entrance to backstage. You walked alongside the tall stage hoping to find a seat somewhere. When you eventually found one it was the furthest from where Harry was standing. There was no way you were going to be able to yell over thousands of fans, and certainly no way you could jump or wave your hands to get his attention.  

You were beginning to question your wit. Bringing Y/D/N to the concert to see Harry and hopefully stop the crying fit seemed like a great idea. But now that it was in action it seemed like a waste of energy and time. You could’ve have been back in your flat by now. Unpacked, cooking something to eat and maybe Y/D/N would have stopped crying by now. 

Just as you were about to turn on your heels to walk away you saw Harry walk towards you. As you saw him he saw you and your daughter. His eyes lit up and your daughter stopped crying. 

“Hello!” You shouted as Y/D/N began to smile and laugh instead. “I told you daddy was okay.” You giggled as she waved. 

Harry watched both of you as he waited to sing. For the rest of the night, every time he sang he would blow you both a kiss when he finished. The concert lasted for a few hours, but the lack of crying made it seem like a few seconds. 

As the crowd began to usher out Paul came out to lead you and Y/D/N backstage again. Your daughter began to whimper the second Harry had walked off stage and a pit of anxiety was growing in your gut at the thought of the wails. Tiredly you continued to bounce her watching the door to the dressing room open. When it finally did you almost found yourself crying out of relief. 

“There’s my baby girls.” Harry nearly ran the short distance between the two of you. “Aww, what’s with all the tears?” He lifted Y/D/N out of your arms and held her close to him. “There we go. You gave mommy a hard time today didn’t you angel?” He smiled as she started to close your eyes. 

“Finally.” You mumbled as you watched the two of them. Harry heard you and chuckled. He looked you up and down before smirking a little. 

“You look hungry, tired and stressed.” He laughed a little but adjusted his hold on your daughter so he had an arm to wrap around you. 

“I am. I am. And I am.” You sighed, breathing in his scent and relaxing. Finally you were free of the crying and the desperate pleas for silence that went unheard by your toddler. 

“You wanna go home?” Harry asked kissing the top of your head. You nodded. “Okay. Let’s go. No more crying.” 

People keep spamming that billboard fanwars poll link on my dash and pretend that its super important… like it doesnt fking matter? Theres literally no award, no one wins ANYTHING from it and i highly doubt any of the artists in it give a shit about this anyway. Billboard is once again trying to create fanwars and make ppl visit their site (which means $$).
I mean look at all the artists they picked and HOW they placed them; we have exo vs bts now and they’re obviously setting up more fanwars with harry styles vs zayn, fifth harmony vs that camelia girl that dropped them, beyonce vs riri etc
Stop wasting your time on pointless polls like this… no one wins anything from this apart from billboard who uses you for views on their page… If you want to support exo or whoever your fav is, go stream their mv or smth… voting on this is useless and you wont win anyway cause T-ara fans have like 2 million votes and they always win this

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Harry's gf is an actress and lands a really big role please

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Early 2013

“Do you really think I’ll get an Oscar someday?”

You and your boyfriend had been laying in the backyard looking up at the stars for hours now. Being in LA seeing stars were sort of rare if you were close to the city lights. But with Harry’s location you could see them all with no issue at all. Course he lived right on the hills, a pretty swanky house compared to your Venice Beach home.

You made a name for yourself, did some independent work here or there as well as some TV shows but you certainly not on any A list level. Not like Harry at least. You two met at a party, you were one of your buddies’ plus one. But you stood at the sidelines just admiring a drink. That was when you locked eyes with him. You knew who he was, Jesus you couldn’t flip the channels without seeing something about One Direction. And yes, your views on pop music and boy bands in general were the most critical but you were still polite to him. You two just started talking, and before you knew it he was helping you get home while exchanging each other’s numbers.

You were taken by surprise with him, you heard the stories and whatnot yes you were guilty…but he was so not that at all. He was funny, in a corny sort of way. He always made sure you were comfortable, asking you constantly were you okay even if you told him countless times you were. He was just…sweet, which was a nice change in dating assholes in this God awful town. You liked him, and her certainly liked you. Even with the fear of his touring taking him away most times you two always remained in touch. And when he got back it was like he had come home from war. The feelings you two were having were getting stronger by the day.

“Are yeh kidding me? Course yeh are,” Harry replied. “And I’ll be right there cheering yeh on when yeh geh it.”

“What if you’re touring,” you pointed out. He just huffs, grabbing your hand before giving it a tender kiss. That was another thing about him, the old school romance to him. He was so young, but had the soul of people half his age. He would always give you flowers, more so when he was away as something to remember him by. Whoever said chivalry was dead never met him.

“I’ll find a way to geh to yeh,” he told you. “Thah’s one thing I wouldn’t miss for the world.”

“Well, I’m sure we can figure out somewhere to put it with all your grammys,” you replied getting a small laugh from him.

“We’ll see babe, we’ll see.”

Mid 2014

“Harry! Harry I got it!” You were screaming running from the mailbox to the kitchen where a now semi long haired Harry was making a smoothie of some sort.

“Goh whah?” He asked, his eyes raised by your wild excitement.

“I did it, I got in a Quentin Tarantino movie!” You jumped up and down in excitement.

Your career has been building up little by little as the months rolled on with Harry. Yes you sort of got thrown harsher into the spotlight with your relationship with him but you took it in stride. You have seem relationships fall apart because of articles and paps. Not to mention in his field there were certain fans who did not take a shining to you. Thought you were a little too rough around the edges for their precious singer. But you held your head high, you had no intentions of going anywhere. That made Harry love you even more.

You have been wanting to be in a Tarantino movie ever since you saw Kill Bill for the first time. You auditioned and everything and now it has happened, you were finally going to be in his movie!

“Baby thah’s great!” Harry, after finally getting why you were so excited wrapped you in his arms and gave you a kiss. “I know yeh have been practicing hard for thah, whoh role did yeh geh?”

“I’m playing a convicted felon and I’m being dragged to be hanged but during a pit stop I try to escape. I heard Jennifer Lawrence turned this down, stupid bitch,” you mutter but gave Harry the script for him to read. He always liked reading the scripts you get. To him it was like reading something without even bothering to watch TV. Yes he made an exception for you but that was about it.

“What are you making?” You asked, looking at the green slop he developed in the blender.

“Kale smoothie, truy it it’s gud for yeh,” he spoke as he took a sip of his own while reading. It was a pretty thick script, you wonder if he had time reading it all but he did. While you took a sip, deciding kale was just not right for you, and going to the fridge to eat a salad instead.

“Hold it,” he finally spoke up. “Yeh didn’t tell me yeh where going to do this,” he pointed at the script. “Thah’s far too violent.”

“Harry’s it’s not real,” you inform him. “They are not really going to harm me.”

“I know thah! Buh…I don’ know if I wanna watch yeh being hung from the celing luike thah…”

“Oh come on it’s going to be fine,” you kiss him on top of his head. “Come on I’m making dinner.

Oscar Night 2016

When you were informed by your agent you were nominated for a Oscar you screamed so loud it nearly made Harry fall from the bed.

“Whoh…Whoh’s happening?” He mumbled.

“I nominated, I’m nominated!” You scream then turn on the TV to see the nominations. This was it, all the hard work and dedication paid off. And now it was here…you were nominated. There was just one small problem.

Harry had to go to France for a movie he was doing himself, if he thought he was upset at the fact you had to go through a beating for you you were in about tears when you found out his long locks had to go. But overall you both were striving in your success…and even though he promised he’d never miss your nomination he would have to.

“Baby it’s fine I understand,” you assured him. “There will be plenty more times.”

“I know buh I feel like a dick,” he mumbled holding you tight. “I’m going to watch every second if it’s the last thing I do.”

True to his word he made sure he was watching the whole thing go down while he was in France. Texting you on how pretty you look and he is celebrating in your win. While you reminded him you have not won he replied all the same anyway.

The fact you are being recognized is the important thing baby. x

He even went as far as live tweeting the whole thing, your phone was buzzing constantly at him tweeting a storm.

They called out the nominations…it was pretty stiff competition. All these people, you saw yourself in the movies or TV. The women you were up against were legends in there own right. When it came to you they showed a clip of your movie, probably the worst you have ever looked and it cut right to you as you made a face. But people were clapping for you, soon enough there went your phone again.

Then came the moment of truth, you saw the presenter undoing the envelope as you awaited. But alas, they called someone else’s name. You weren’t surprised, hell you weren’t that upset. You made it this far, just the fact you were there was enough for you. You could go home with that. You phone buzzed again, Jesus Harry was on a roll.

You laughed, quickly texting him to calm down, that it was okay.

There’s always next time.

Well I will be there for sure next time!

Baby I might even come back for you when you win your award!

I have a small role baby, but thank you. I’m so proud of you, love you to bits.

That made your heart melt, knowing you had someone cheering at your corner the way Harry did. He had been your cheerleader from day one and you to him…knowing you both had each other’s backs was everything. He was truly the love of your life, your champion.

More so when the press had a field day about his tweets. That made you feel proud…but he might be on Twitter time out for the time being.