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When the twins were born, Molly’s brothers Gideon and Fabian Prewett moved into the Burrow, and stayed to help out with the kids between Order missions. 

They did a lot of reading to two year old Percy, and were the ones to teach seven and five year old Bill and Charlie to fly, freeing Molly up to take care of two tiny babies - both of whom had more powerful innate magic than their brothers. 

ready, freddie?

Fred Weasley felt the world come crushing down around him, the ground was shaking and everything around him was burning to the ground and the last thing he remembered was his older brother joking as he duelled. He had always made fun of Percy for being the stuck up one, for once he had let it go and Fred had to let it go, too. He felt his body become too heavy to carry and he slowly let it all go.

Fred opened his eyes to an unfamiliar place, he was staring at the ceiling but he had no idea what he was seeing. Then a strong set of hands gripped him and before he pulled him up he whispered “Ready, Freddie?” and he was standing but he could swear he just.. died. Fred turned around to see who it was that helped him stand up and was hit by the man’s striking resemblance to his mother. There was not one but two of this guy and he had heard about them from Bill and his mother. 

“Fabian and Gideon Prewett?”

“Exactly” they answered simultaneously and Fred suddenly thought about his own other half that liked to talk at the same time as he did. “George!”

“He’s alright Freddie, he is alright” said one of the twins as he put his hands on Fred’s shoulders. 

“Where the bloody hell am I?”

“Welcome to afterlife,” revealed one of the twins, Fred still had no idea which was which. He felt his heart clench at the thought of his mother not being able to tell him and George apart and how it must have been an awful reminder of her little brothers, everyday. Fabian and Gideon had the same structure as Molly but Fred could swear he could see George’s eyes looking at him.

“I’m Fabian,” said the slightly thinner twin as he extended an hand. Fred didn’t need to shake hands he needed hugs, firm ones at that. So he just ignored Fabian’s hand as he hugged the man who was unmistakably his uncle that he never got the fortune to meet.

“Alright, buddy” laughed Fabian as he hugged Fred back.

“And that makes you Gideon” Fred said as he pulled away from Fabian and launched himself on Gideon.

“Oh, he’s a smart one” teased Gideon as he patted Fred on the back softly. 

“It is an honour to meet you. Mom mentioned you and Mad-Eye talked about with so much pride–” Fred took a deep breath, he must be here too. The fallen warrior. “He is here isn’t he? Mad-Eye?”

“Of course he is ickle Freddie, he is with Dumbledore” replied Gideon as he pointed to Fred’s former Headmaster, who looked younger than he did his last year.

“Mad-Eye always told us how it took five Death Eaters to, umm–”

“It was seven, but who’s counting?” joked Gideon as he winked and Fred felt a shiver down his spine. How was it that even the way they talked was so reminiscent of George even though they have never met them?

 “Why am I here?”

“We are not sure ourselves, we think it is because we all have something in common and we all have something we’ve left behind, something we are not ready to let go of yet,” explained Fabian. “We weren’t ready to let go of Molly just yet then she started popping all of you out one right after the other and now we stay for the fun of it.”

“Not that there has been anything remotely fun ever since Cedric arrived,” interrupted Gideon, his eyes focused on something Fred couldn’t see. “We are so proud of you Freddie but you know, the good die young.”

Fred remembered the day Cedric left his now older life very clearly, nothing had been the same. He remembered the kind face of the Hogwarts Champion and the way Harry held on to him as they reappeared in the middle of the Quidditch pitch. 

“We want you to meet some people here if that’s alright, looks like we will be together for a while now” suggested Fabian after clearing his throat and taking a deep breath. Well, now Fred know how he got his ability to change subjects almost instantly.

“Do you remember that ridiculous map you used with Georgie?” asked Fabian.

“That map is not ridiculous, it saved our arses hundreds of times from Filch.”

“I think he is in love, Fabian” teased Gideon. “Do you know who owned that map?”

“Umm, the Marauders?”

“But do you know who they are?!” said Fabian impatiently.

“No,” answered Fred, a little taken aback.

“You have met Sirius and Remus right, Padfoot and Moony?”

“WHAT THE– really?!” shouted Fred, he had met the people who created that awesome piece of paper and he didn’t know.

“And that,” said Gideon as he pointed to a man who looked like he could be the twin of Harry, “is James Potter, or as you may know him Prongs.”

“You are fucking with me,” babbled Fred. 

“Now, now, Freddie did you kiss Molly with that mouth?” laughed Fabian as he stared at Fred with a shine in his blue eyes.

Fred was in awe. Him and George owed them so much and he had returned the Map to it’s owner’s son without intending. For the first time he felt excited, he looked up to them so much without knowing them. The original pranksters of Hogwarts.

“But there was a fourth one. Wormtail?”

“Peter Pettigrew. Well, fortunately that bastard is not here.” complained Gideon and Fred didn’t understand what was going on so he stared at the twins with a confused face. “He is the rat who betrayed James and Lily. He was their best friend, now he’s a pathetic mess of a Death Eater.”

“We know he is dead, he just never made it here even if he did, we didn’t see it. We were friends with him, too.” he said guiltily. “None of us understood he was the mole.”

“We should get back Gideon,” said Fabian. “We were watching the war with them, we got to keep an eye on them, everything’s a bloody mess at the moment.”

“Can I watch Georgie and the others?” asked Fred. 

“Of course you can,” they replied together and they walked next to the growing crowd around James and Lily Potter.

Until George arrived to where ever he was, Fred had a new home and apparently a new family, too. He stared down at his twins pain stricken face as he duelled a masked Death Eater with Percy by his side. 

For the first time ever they were separated and this was their final adventure together whether they liked it or not. Fred felt like he should start getting used to the fact that this will be the hardest thing they will ever have to do without each other.

“Ready, Georgie?”


I always see posts like ‘The Marauders welcomed Fred into their group in the afterlife’ and ‘The Marauders watched everything Fred and George did from the afterlife’ and stuff like that.

But no.

Do you honestly think the Prewett twins wouldn’t be there for Fred in the afterlife? That they’d let him join the Marauders in the afterlife instead of them? That they wouldn’t be watching them from the afterlife and cheering on their pranks and everything?

I mean, yeah, Marauders headcanons are cool, but we’re talking about Molly’s twin sons and her twin brothers, that connection is so much more than what the Marauders have with the Weasley twins.

It annoys me that people completely ignore the Prewett twins (and also completely ignore Peter being a Marauder) when they come up with these kinds of headcanons.


Buffy classic #46: The Death of Buffy (2002) 

Buffy is dead. A horde of lizard-demons plan to resurrect their fallen leader and paint the town blood red. Can Buffy’s friends face the threat without a Slayer to defend them? Willow finds that she can learn a great deal from these reptilian mystics. And if there’s going to be one resurrection, why can’t there be two?

Writers: Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe, Fabian Nicieza; illustrator: Cliff Richards; colorist: Dave McCaig; covers: Brian Horton, Paul Lee.


I don’t know how to name this so… Characters of the marauders era fancast [Part 1]  

 Members of the order of the Phoenix and others.

Carey Mulligan as Alice Fortescue

Jim Sturgess as Frank Longbottom

Eddie Redmayne as Gideon Prewett

Eddie Redmayne as Fabian Prewett

Arthur Darvill  as Arthur Weasley

Rose Leslie as Molly Prewett

Alexis Bledel as Amelia Bones

Hunter Parrish as Edgar Bones

Bradley James as Ted Tonks

Felicity Jones as Hestia Jones

I have a headcanon that Molly was only as hard on Fred and George as she was because they reminded her of her own twin brothers, with all their jokes and pranks and all around mischief, and she knew that another war was coming and didn’t want to see Fred and George’s names on gravestones next to Fabian and Gideon’s.

Can we just talk about Molly Weasley for a hot second

I was just thinking about Molly Weasley as a character the other day and how she is so protective of her family and just..

We can infer that Molly was probably at least 7 years older than the marauders, because when Harry and Ron start school, Charlie and Bill have already graduated. Molly and Arthur probably went to a Hogwarts that wasn’t preparing for a war, unlike the marauders. They were probably preparing for a normal life. She wanted to have a lot of kids (obvi), so when the war came around she wasn’t involved with the order (probably because she had anywhere from 3-6 toddlers). Maybe she was light-hearted at home, playing with her kids, teaching them to cook, laughing a lot.

And then her brothers died. Fabian and Gideon Prewett were killed while fighting off 5 death eaters. In OoTP I think Moody says that they only found pieces of them. They were probably at the Weasley’s house doting on Molly’s kids. Molly may even have followed their naming pattern with Fred and George. And suddenly she realized how quickly she could loose everyone she loved. She had already seen her brothers die, as well as countless others. So throughout the time her kids are at school, she has to watch Ginny almost die in the Chamber of Secrets, Ron be poisoned in Half Blood Prince, Charlie working with dragons. Even her kids driving in a flying car across the country. In HBP when Fred and George make light of Voldemort in their shop signs she says “they’ll be murdered in their beds.” 

She just wants to keep her family close and safe, which makes it all the more devastating when she loses Fred and amazing when she defends GInny like

Momma lion Molly Weasley is my favorite. 

Friendly reminder that Molly Weasley gave Harry her dead brother’s watch because it’s wizarding tradition even though that was probably one of the only things she had of his. 

Also friendly reminder that Fabian Prewett was killed during the First Wizarding War along with his brother.  Molly Weasley gave Harry her dead brother’s watch and if that doesn’t say she thought of him like a son I don’t know what does.