harry edward syles

Not all the heroes wear layer. ∞ 

Not all the princesses wear crowns. ▶•◀

Not all the angels have wings. 卌

StayDay 17*His P.O.V**Flashback* My phone was ringing for the 9th time from the sink counter as the hot water from the shower ran down my back. “fuck” i groaned, stopping the water and grabbing it. The caller ID read ‘Liam’. “Yo, what’s up man?” “It’s (Y/N)! Something happened, the ambulance came and got her, hurry, get to the hospital!” His voice was filled with panic and I could tell he was crying. Before I could ask any questions the line went dead and I stood there, frozen. My hands started to shake and i ran to the bedroom. I threw on an old band shirt and a pair of jeans. They were probably dirty but i didn’t have the time to care. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my keys. I ran right past my shoes and got in the my old car. I turned the key but the car wouldn’t start. I’ve needed a new car for years now, but instead of getting myself one I bought one for (Y/N) and just haven’t had the time to go out and get another one. “Fuck, fuck, no! Fuck!” i started screaming, beating the dash, turning the key harshly. “Fuck!” I pulled out my phone and dialed Zayns number. He answered rather quickly, “Hey, i’m leaving for the hospital now, Liam already called the other boys, is everything okay? What’s going on?” “I don’t fucking know! My car won’t start! Come get me please!” *End Flashback* By the time Zayn had gotten there I was hysterical, crying, screaming, punching my car. But now I was sitting in the waiting room with Zayn Liam Louis and Niall. They wouldn’t let in the hosptial at first because I wasn’t wearing shoes, but zayn gave me his then went out and bought himself a new pair so he could get in. I was still crying and the doctors wouldn’t tell me anything. “It’s alright, mate” Niall cooed, handing me another coffee. I held it tight in my hands, almost crushing the cardboard cup. If nothing was wrong, then why won’t they tell me anything? *Your P.O.V* I laid in the hospital bed, clutching my stomach, crying as the doctor explained to me what had happened. “When you first came in we thought you were having a miscarriage, and it turns out that you were, but, you’re still pregnant” I shook my head, clearly not understanding. “Well.. You must have been pregnant with twins Ms. (Y/L/N), and yesterday you lost one.” I started breathing faster and tears came down like waterfalls. “I’m sorry to have to be the one to inform you of this. Even though you were lucky enough not to lose the second baby, it’s at high-risk, which means you need to be careful. You lost the first one do to stress, so whatever stresses you have in your life i suggest you put them away before you lose this one too” he explained, pointing at my stomach. “I-I need H-harry” i sobbed. The doctor called in a nurse and instructed her to go to the waiting room and find a Harry Styles. She came back in record time with Harry and the other boys. Harry told them to wait outside and he came in by himself. “Are you okay? Babe, i’m so sorry i wasnt here sooner” His eyes filled with tears and he held my hand tight. The doctor cleared his throat and introduced himself. After telling Harry everything he told me he left us alone. The rest of the boys came in silently, sitting around the bed. Louis was the first to speak up, “What happened?” I couldnt answer, i just started  crying again. Harry kissed my forehead and explained to them everything while Zayn held my other hand. “They’re keeping her here one more night and then sending her home tomorrow” Harry sighed. Liam kept a straight face, staring at the floor. I looked over at him and whispered his name. When he looked up I knew he wanted to say something. “Guys..” Liam finally said, breaking the silence. They all looked at him before he continued, “if she goes home with you, Harry, this is gona happen again. What’s going on between the two of you, and you and Zayn, and her and Zayn.. It’s just not safe. She can’t go home with you..” he looked over at me. “I think it’s best if she went to live with her sister until the baby is born..” Everything fell silent again. Niall and Louis stared at Liam while Harry and Zayn stared at me. “(Y/N)” Zayn whispered, “Liam has a point.. It would be best to go live with (Y/S/N) until the baby is born..” Harry shook his head, “no. No i can take care of her, we’ll just need to work on not fighting, and Zayn, you and I can work things out, everything will be fine” Harry said, trying to convince himself more than anyone else. “No, Harry. Seriously, she needs to get-” “Shut up, Niall!” Harry cut him off. “Harry.” they all looked at me, “Harry, they’re right.. I need to go stay with (Y/S/N) until the baby is born, and then I can come back” “(Y/N), please.. please don’t go. I can’t lose you again” “Harry…” “No, please! I love you! I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting and I cant let you walk away, not again, I can’t go another day without you.. (Y/N) please! Stay…”