harry eating u out

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Can u do one where harry wakes u up by eating you out in the morning ;) please

Warning: well

Member: Harry

Side Note: this is kinda short but this is hot so here we go

You’re in a deep sleep. You’re in a sleep so deep that you didn’t wake up when you felt someone kiss your neck… or your stomach… or your thighs.

You stir a little but you’re still caught up in your dream. You feel someone bend your legs and something tickles your inner thighs. You move your hand to brush whatever it it away and you hear a low chuckle. 

Your dream suddenly changes. You’re not dreaming about an alien invasion anymore, you’re dreaming about Harry going down on you. And god, it’s hot.

In your dream he slowly licks a bold stripe up your heat and uses the tip of his tongue to swirl your bundle of nerves. A sharp moan falls from your lips and you arch your back.

God this is such a good dream.

His tongue dips into you and his big hands hold your hips down when you try to move them. 

In your dream you reach down to grab his fistfuls of his hair. He groans and the vibrations from his deep groan wake you up.

You gasp and your eyes shoot open. You look down and Harry smirks up at you as he puckers his lips over your clit, sucking hard. You moan and tug on his hair. 

One of his hands move away from your hips and you feel his long fingers dipping into your heat. You whimper and grind your hips against his mouth.

He nips your clit and you gasp, moving your hips with his fingers and tongue. You’ve squeezed your eyes shut again, your stomach knotting, ready to release any second now. 

Harry pumps and curls his fingers against your walls, sucking harshly on your clit, making you come. You moan his name loud enough to wake the neighbours, your whole body shaking.

He licks you clean before kissing up your body, pecking your lips before whispering “good morning, lovely.” 

You stare up at him with wide eyes and somehow manage to mutter a “good morning” back.

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Imagine having sex with Harry when your pregnant and he's so gentle and slow and soft and he whispers to you and the baby!!!

Harry eating u out while you’re pregnant with his baby and him massaging ur tummy

Okay but imagine this: Harry eating you out while youre pregnant and him massaging your tummy

i’m gonna somehow work these together lmao 

making out while he rubs your belly, harry kissing his way down your neck and chest until he reaches your tummy, hands roaming all over it leaving small kisses from one side to the other “hello little baby, are you okay in there? i’m just gonna make your mommy feel really good for a little while, nothing to worry about” “harry, don’t talk to the baby when you’re about to go down on me” “i just don’t want the baby to get scared by all the weird noises” “are you saying my moans are weird” “no, now shhh”, giving your belly one last kiss before he settles down between your legs, bending your knees and spreading your legs apart, fingers gently running up and down your thighs making you shiver, taking you by surprise when he gets his mouth on you, hands stroking your belly while he eats you out, and you can’t really see harry’s head with your belly blocking the way, linking your hands together still on your tummy, grinding down on his tongue trying to ride his face, harry letting you use him how you want, releasing harry’s hands to throw them over your head fisting them in the pillow as you come, riding out your orgasm grinding down on harry’s face until he pulls away, helping you to roll over on your side, moving so that he’s face to face with your tummy again, fondly shaking your head at him, “see, wasn’t so bad was it? we’re gonna let you sleep again now, sorry for disturbing you”, giving your belly a few more kisses before he crawls up to you, kissing your face all over before you cuddle up together, just enjoying the silence and the small flutters in your tummy

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gOD i love ur gross boyfriend feels tag let's talk about harry being obsessed with eating u out/having u sit on his face :( rip

rip indeed :(

like just riding his face and then harry grabs your hips to hold you down on his face and you’re a little scared you might actually suffocate him, but he won’t let you move so you can’t do anything but grind down on his mouth and tongue feeling him moan against you, not stopping after you’ve reached you first orgasm, his grip probably giving you bruises from how tight it is when you try to squirm away after you’ve come, but harry just keeps going until you collapse forward as he brings you to another orgasm, finally letting go of your hips so you can roll over on your back next to him, not saying a word as you lie there panting staring at the ceiling, harry curling up against your side and you can literally feel his smirk when he buries his face in your neck

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early in the morning you have somewhere to be but harry stirs awake very horny pulls you back and eats u out and the pounds into a new fucking world

You sit up and decide it’s time to get up, after the fourth time your alarm has gone off.  You have a class to get to, but damn are you regretting signing up for an 8am class.  Still, you feel bad for disturbing your peacefully sleeping boyfriend with your alarm clock.  It’s not his fault you so stupidly signed up for such an early class.

You rub the sleep out of your eyes and turn to get out of the bed when you feel a strong hand grasp your elbow.  You turn around, startled, to see Harry smiling at you through barely opened eyes.  “Stay baby,” comes his low, raspy voice.

You smile.  The invitation is so damn tempting.  So you sigh and sit back against the pillows.  “Babe, I can’t. I have to go to class.”

He rolls over with eyes still closed, draping an arm around you and resting his head on your tummy. “Just five more minutes.”



You look down at him, and god he looks so cozy with his head nuzzled into you.  You actually question whether or not he’s fallen asleep since he muttered that last plea not ten seconds ago.  You sigh and try to wiggle out of his grasp.  “Harry, I’m gonna be late for class.”

“Stay with me,” he whines, long and slow.  You stop and look down at him once more, and though he hasn’t opened his eyes you know he’s awake.  Sleepy as hell, but awake nonetheless.  “Baaaabe,” he continues, “How many times have you missed this class?”

You squint your eyes, trying to think about the last time you skipped this class.  “The beginning of the semester cause I had the flu.”

“So you caught the flu again.”  He tilts his head to press a kiss to your stomach through the t-shirt you’re wearing.  “Please baby.”

You sigh again.  “Harry you’re a terrible influence.  And awfully persuasive.  You know that?”

His eye peeks open and he grins.  “Is that so?”

You roll your eyes.  Unbelievable what a little shit he is.  “It is so.”

“So does that mean you’re staying?”  He squeezes you closer, like you’re his teddy bear, and nuzzles his head a bit further into your tummy.

You decide to have a bit of fun with him.  You grin.  “I dunno.  Persuade me.”

He looks up at you from under his eyelashes, dimple flashing.  “Is that a challenge?”

“If you want it to be.”

He grins, sitting up instantly.  He grabs your hips and pulls you down so you’re no longer sitting up, but laying.  Through both of your giggles, he presses a kiss to your lips before positioning himself back at your stomach.  He presses soft, slow kisses to the spot below your bellybutton, speaking between kisses.  “Oh I’ll persuade you.”  Kiss.  “But just remember…” Kiss.  He looks up at you with a mischievous little grin.  “You asked for it.”

Harry considers himself lucky that you don’t normally sleep in pants.  Usually just a long tshirt will do.  He reaches down to tug at your underwear and, never once removing his lips from your stomach, begin rubbing your clit.

You let out a soft moan as his lips travel lower.  “Oh baby,” he says, kissing a line down to your slit.  “I’ve hardly even done anything yet.”  He presses a kiss to your clit.  Gentle and seemingly innocent, but still enough to drive you wild.

You allow your head to twist a bit on the pillows in order to get a better look at him down beneath the covers.  “God Harry,” you say through a gasp.  “You’re so fuckin good at this.  And the suns hardly even up.”

He chuckles into your folds, and the vibrations make you shiver.  “Best way to start the day,” he says, punctuating his sentence with a long, broad stripe against your slit,  “A pretty little pussy such as yours,” kiss, “is the most delicious breakfast.”

You want to laugh at his cheesiness but god, does it feel good.  You allow your hand to travel under the covers and tangle up in his hair, pulling just shy of pain because you know he likes it.  He lets out a moan against your skin. “God baby,” he says.  “You drive me fookin crazy.”  He reaches over to coax your legs up over his shoulder so he can have better access to you, and god does it feel incredible.  You let out a long, loud moan, and Harry loves the feelings of your thighs clamping down on his head.  With his hand, he begins pumping two fingers in and out of you while his tongue and lips work their magic on your clit.

“You like that? Mm?” He says, picking up the pace with his fingers.  “Think you’re gonna cum for me?”  He tilts his head to kiss your thigh before returning right back to your clit.  He’s having a hard time keeping you still with all the thrashing and moaning you’re doing.

“Oh GOD Harry,” you whine, and he only smirks.  

“Oh baby,” he says, curling his fingers inside of you in a “come here” motion, “The fun’s only just beginning.”  He pulls his fingers out and immediately begins undressing, revealing his increasingly hard dick.  He grins at you as he pumps it a few times.  “Aren’t you glad you chose to stay home?”