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How did you find out that Louis and Harry are together?

One afternoon, I decided to call Louis to get that confirmed for once and for all. He told me “binch have you ever seen my dagger?!”. I couldn’t say anything but “damn you’re right. You got the dagger”. We laughed together and went out for drinks with Harry and Niall (Niall showed me all the evidence he gathered for years)

  • Hermione: [groaning] How can you drink like this? I feel like I've been hungover for three months.
  • Draco: [shrugs]
  • Pansy: It's actually been four months this Friday.
  • Hermione: How!? How do you do it?
  • Draco: Something about being pureblood I think. We can hold our liquor to the point of alcohol poisoning.
  • Blaise: Its in our DNA. It's like our forefathers knew we would have to drown our sorrows on a regular basis.
  • Hermione: Or... and this is just a thought... you're all alcoholics.
  • Pansy: Nah.... that can't be it.
  • Blaise: Must just be Slytherins.
  • Draco: and if you're going to be hanging out with us you best get used to it Granger.
  • Hermione: Or I could break up with you.
  • Draco: [offended] Or You could not!!
Each house as: a hot drink
  • Gryffindor: Milk coffee – a refill of energy, but with some sweetness in it, kindly gets you through the day
  • Hufflepuff: Hot chocolate – warm, comfy, with a lot of whipped cream when everything is shit
  • Ravenclaw: Tea – Multiple flavors and colors, surprisingly strong under a calm façade, best companion for a reading session
  • Slytherin: Black coffee – determined, monochrome & shiny, makes you feel kind of like a dramaqueen when you order it
  • Albus: (phone starts ringing)
  • James: (looks at who is calling)
  • James: (laughs) You still call our dad 'Daddy'?
  • Albus: (answers call and makes direct eye contact with James)
  • Albus: Hey, Scorpius
  • James: (chokes on drink)
  • Hermione: [groaning] The day after St Patrick's Day needs its own name...
  • Ginny: Like 'Let me lay here and die' day..
  • Harry: Is it not already 'Walk of Shame' Day?
  • Ginny: Isn't that the day after Halloween?
  • Ron: Your Halloweens clearly go WAY differently than mine...

Remus Lupin and Marlene McKinnon, in a truth or dare game

- taken by James Potter while Sirius was was all fucked up watching his boyfriend and ex-girlfriend kissing, February of 1976

Domestic boyfriends part IV
  • Draco, on the phone with Pansy: so how does it feel being married to a literal sex symbol
  • Draco: *glances over to Harry*
  • Harry: *tries to drink butterbeer while laying on the couch*
  • Harry: *accidentally waterboards himself with butterbeer, coughs for like 5 seconds before trying it again*
  • Draco: it's okay i guess