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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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- meeting in third period charms and bonding over how stupid some of the other students were

- a lot of kisses on the forehead with a arm around your waist at all times

- forcing you to take his jacket

- im not kidding

- you two could be walking out of the library at 11 pm after studying for the potions exam the next morning and he’d come up behind you and just wrap his robes around your body

- ‘draco i already have my own’

- ‘oh shush i know your cold y/n’

- being a perfect gentleman around you

- but when he mouths off to potter and his friends you put him in his place

- not being a really big fan of how rude he is to the younger students


- yule ball was almost to most cutest thing in the world

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He’s Dangerous, But Not Around You: Part 2

A/N: Sorry for the delay. This is also kinda shitty.

Part 1

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Two months after Harry’s violent encounter with Niall, Y/n and Harry have been working on Harry’s temper. It wasn’t going so well, still coming home with bloody hands, cut knuckles, and covered in sweat. He was growing more frustrated with himself as time went on. He’s tried so hard to walk away from a situation that got him angry, but right as he’d walk away, every part of his body would go into fury and all he did from then on seemed out of his control. Y/n was always disappointed, but always stayed with him and defended him in any way that she could. She had never given up on him, not even for a second.

“You’re a peach” she’d always say, with the cutest fucking smile he’s ever seen in his life, “I’ll always love you, you just have to get through this.”

And oh, how badly did he want to. Not even just for Y/n, but for himself.

“Just a bit more scotch.” Harry grumbles to the bartender, sliding his glass toward him.

He hasn’t been drinking much, in fact, he really isn’t a big drinker to begin with. He only goes to bars when the guys ask him to. Of course, since Y/n wasn’t planned to be coming back from her sister’s for a couple more hours, he agreed.

“Yo, guys, look at that bird” Zayn says, grabbing the boys’ attention to a tall, slender blonde woman across the room.

The boys whistle, but Harry just simply turned his attention back to his refilled scotch. Other girls didn’t phase him, they didn’t do anything for him. Y/n is the only woman he’s ever loved, even looking at another woman didn’t feel right to him.

He sips on his drink as the boys are encouraging Zayn to approach her. Harry scoffs lightly, quickly diverting his attention to the vibrating phone in his back pocket. Quickly sliding it out, he sees Y/n’s name with a “Just left. See you soon, my love xx.” He smiles, immediately texting back saying that he’ll be waiting for her and how much he’s missed her.

It had only been three days without Y/n, but he misses her terribly. He’d spent nearly everyday comforted in her company for two years. He misses how he is with her, so delicate and true. She’s the only person to bring that out of him, how could he not miss that? How could he not miss the only person that brings out the best of him?

Harry is drowned in his thoughts until Liam snapped him out of his trance.

“Harry? Harry!” Liam says, pushing onto his shoulder.

Harry shakes his head slightly, “Uh- yeah? Yeah? What’s up?”

“Isn’t that Y/n’s ex?”

Harry’s head snaps to where Liam is pointing. He already feels his fingers clench to fists and his jaw becoming tense.

Hell no. Not him. Harry’s supposed to be getting better, he’s supposed to be making an effort to help himself. He hasn’t been doing that well, but he hasn’t fought since Y/n left and he wanted it to stay that way. What’s a better welcome back gift than for him to have not let her down again?

But he has to. Although her ex had stopped harassing Y/n since Harry stepped in, something inside of him is igniting with every passing second he spends staring at him. How dare he say all those things to her and threaten her like that? How dare he do that to his Y/n? She lived in fear for way too long because of Kurt. How could he not do something about it?

“Mate, mate. Calm down” Liam orders when he sees Harry stand up from the bar stool, “He hasn’t spoken to her in a while, yeah? That’s in the past, man. Y/n wouldn’t want you to do thi-“

“You think I give a fuck what Y/n wants me to do right now?!” Harry hisses, “He threatened her, you understand me? How would you feel if the love of your life was being harassed by a scum so much to the point where she can’t sleep at night?”

Liam swallows harshly, “I just don’t want you to lose her.”

Harry roughly grabs onto Liam’s arm, staring at him harshly in his eyes.

“I will never lose her” Harry snaps, “I’m doing this for her. If this were any other person right now I’d walk out those doors before I can blink. He ruined her life, I will never let him live that down. Now leave me alone.”

He rips his hand away from his death grip on Liam, quickly looking around the bar to see if Kurt is still there. He is. Drinking beer, chatting with some mates, seeming as though he hasn’t even acknowledged Harry’s existence.

He hears the boys muttering under their breath, only picking up a subtle “just let him be”, completely fixated on the man he’s been dying to see for months now.

His fist clench at his sides, body storming in his direction. This is it, this is what he needs to do. He doesn’t care about what Y/n would think of him, not now, because in all honesty, he’d feel more guilty if he were to let Kurt get away with what he did to Y/n than to beat him in cold blood.

Kurt looks up the second Harry approaches him, but before he has any time to react, Harry punches him as hard as he could. He drops to the floor, a loud groan leaving his lips once he’s out of shock. Harry doesn’t waste any time before lifting him back up on his feet by the back of his shirt, mercilessly ramming his back up against the nearest wall.

The bar falls silent, everyone’s attention diverted directly to the violence unfolding.

You didn’t stop!” Harry screams in his face, teeth clenched as he speaks, “She asked you to stop and you didn’t until I stepped in! You’re fucking dead, you hear me?!”

He throws another wild punch directly to his face. Kurt almost falls down again, but his loss of balance is no match against Harry’s raging grip. He spits out blood before lifting his head up. He’s panting, teeth covered in blood, cheek already bruised with his blood smeared all over it.

“You think you’re any better?” Kurt questions between harsh breaths. “Think you can keep her with you when this is how you act?”

Harry grips his throat, glaring at him in the most threatening way he ever has before.

“Don’t you dare make this about me.”

“You know you’re a monster, Harry, yet you still keep her with you. Why do you keep doing that to her, huh? Why do you do that to her?”

Harry roars, pushing Kurt’s body towards him before throwing it back onto the wall. Kurt groans again, squeezing his eyes shut in pain.

I said don’t make this about me!

His grip is tighter against his neck. He watches as Kurt mildly struggles for breath, but he’s not giving up. Not just yet.

“You think I’m the worst thing that’s ever happened to her, but you’re wrong.” Kurt chokes out, “you are.”

Before he says anything else, in the midst of his uncontrollable rage, Harry throws one last punch to him. He immediately becomes unconscious. Harry lets his body drop to the floor, strangled breath making his way into his lungs.

He looks around the bar. Shocked faces, people cowering away. He doesn’t care. All he can feel are unwanted tears piling in his eyes and his hands shaking against his thighs. Everything was right, everything he said was right.

“Harry, man” Louis walks up to him, everybody still staring shocked at him, “lets get you home, yeah?”

Louis throws a jacket around Harry’s shoulders, noticing the small nod in agreement before the boys lead him out of the bar.

“The boys told me what happened.”

Harry is snapped out of his trance at the sound of her voice. He hadn’t even heard her enter the house. He hasn’t said a word since he left the bar, hasn’t even looked at anyone since as well. Something about what Kurt said affected him in a way he never thought was possible. It was like he picked on a weak spot for him, like he dug into his mind and told him that all his greatest fears have now come true. Y/n isn’t right for him, and she never will be.

Y/n sighs, sitting down on the chair next to where Harry’s sat. She grabs onto his hands softly, her thumb running softly over his knuckles.

“Don’t listen to him” she whispers, “he doesn’t know anything about us.”

Harry looks at her in confusion. How is she not upset with him? How is she letting him get away with this again? This should have been the last straw, the last chance she had given him. How could she be doing this?

“It’s okay, Harry” she smiles softly, placing her hand on his face, “you were protecting me. You shouldn’t have done that, but you did. Not because you wanted to, but because you felt like you had to.”

Harry’s vision clouds over with tears, slowly taking her hands off of him. He just can’t keep doing this to her.

“How are you defending me right now?”

“Because, Harry, you-“

“Why do you even stay with me, huh?” Harry growls, flinging himself off of the chair.

Y/n let in a sharp breath, not entirely shocked by the question, but by the way he asked it. He normally asks why when he’s his weakest, after a fight while Y/n’s cleaning him up, or in bed after love making for hours on end. He’s never said so violently, like he’d doubting the relationship they’re in. Like he’s doubting her.

“Harry, why would you even-“

“Look at you, Y/n, look at you!” Harry raises his voice, interrupting her "You have all your shit figured out, you’re pure. Do you not see that? You’re pure. The only part of you that isn’t is me. I’m the part of your life that is reckless and dangerous and you want me to live with that for the rest of my life?!”

Y/n’s eyebrows furrow at his comment. A part of her feels guilty that he feels that way, like he’s the bad part of her that doesn’t belong. But a part of her also knows he’s right. Yes, of course he’s the part of her life that’s full of danger, but she doesn’t care. If anything, it makes her stronger, makes her want to stand up for herself and stray from the idea that she’ll never be anything more than a shy, weak girl she once was. He may see them as the worst thing for each other, but to her, it’s the best.

“No,” she speaks up, “No, because that’s not something you have to live with! I’m in love with you. You- You make me a better person, Harry! It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the dangerous part of my life, because no matter crap you pull, at the end of the day you’re still the same man I will forever love. The fact that we make each other better people, Harry, that’s what you have to live with.”

“I’m a monster, Y/n.” He speaks slowly, eyes filled with tears.

“You aren’t anything like that and you know that! You aren’t anything like you think you are, Harry, stop confusing who you really are with this image you want people to see you as!”

“That’s who I am, Y/n! Have you ever thought of that?!” His voice suddenly became louder, stronger, desperately trying to make her understand how absolutely wrong they are. But his eyes are bloodshot, filled with guilt and tears, overwhelmed by her seeing this side of him.

“I can’t be fixed! You can’t fix me because this is who I am! I am like this with everybody except for you. Wouldn’t you stop to think, even for a goddamn second that who I’m with you is fake?! Have you ever thought of that?!”

“Stop it, Harry! Just stop!” She yells, her hands gripping the sides of her head momentarily. "You’re drunk and you’re upset and I understand that but this is not who you are. You are hurt. You’re only 20 years old, your parents died, H. You didn’t have a home, your siblings left you because they blamed you for their death. You do this because you’re broken and you’re in pain and you want to push people away so that they don’t leave you first. I know this because you told me this yourself. How can I blame you, H?!”


His voice is animalistic, roaring in so much anger Y/n feels a vibration in the air around her. He throws a glass across the kitchen, the glass shattering onto the hardwood floor. Y/n’s body stiffens, never seeing him react so violently around her. 

He’s guilty the second he’s done it. He’s never acted this way toward her, but he can’t help it. He’s angry with himself. He’s had Y/n by his side for the past two years, always willing to help him and be there for him whenever he needed her. Seeing her reputation being ruined because of him, seeing how she’s been wasting her last two years hoping to change a man that can never be changed, it destroys him. She’s wasting her time with him. He’s a dead end, a false hope, and Y/n shouldn’t spend the rest of her life loving a man who could do this to her.

“Do you see that?” Harry whispers. “Do you see why this is a problem? I almost hurt you.”

Y/n shakes her head, slowly making her way toward his defeated body. She looks up at him, his eyes glossed with frustrated tears, looking at her the way he almost always does- with guilt. She runs her hands softly along his muscular arms in hope to calm him down.

“You’ll never hurt me.” She says softly, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Harry’s face scrunches in agony. He turns his head away from her, refusing to even look at her anymore. He can’t be weak, he can’t be right now.

“No. No, Y/n, stop.” He mutters, his hands pushing her away from him. 

He turns his back to her, not being able to look at her right now because of how much guilt he’s feeling.

Y/n shuts her eyes softly in attempt to rid the tears clouding her vision. No matter how hard she tries, he just keeps pushing her away. It hurts her- it hurts her to see him in war with himself. How a part of him is trapped, screaming, on his knees begging to be saved, and the other part of him so sure that there’ll be nobody listening to his pleas, finding it almost comedic that he’s lost all hope in his humanity.

“What else is there for me to do, Harry? I don’t know what it is you want me to do.”

Harry keeps his back toward her. Every atom in his body is pushing him to look back at her, hold her to him until the sun comes up, but he can’t. He can’t stand how heartbroken she sounds. Hell, she’s crying. Soft cries ripping out from her, and all he can fucking think about is how this is all his fault.

“All I want to do is help you, Harry. All I do is help you and you keep pushing me away.” She sobs- broken.

Her teary eyes are desperately looking at his tense frame, just hoping he’d turn around just so they can work things out- like they always do. She hopes he can see just how much he’s hurting more than he ever has before.

“I know what you’re doing. You do this with everyone else. I know you love me, and I know you love me more than anybody else in your life right now. You’re just pushing me away because you think I’ll leave you. You think we aren’t going to last because everyone made you believe that but you know I don’t know how to live without you. I’m not everyone else, Harry, this is different, we’re different.”

Harry lets loose tears fall down his face, his fingers fiddling with each other as he tries to understand her. But he can’t, he just can’t

She walks over to him, her hand reaching up to his shoulder. She massages his muscles softly as she presses soft kisses to his back. She’s still crying, soul shaking sobs still leaving her, but she can’t help but keep trying for him to realize she’s utterly and helplessly in love with him. There is nothing to lose between them, not if he were to just believe she would never give up on him.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.“

Feeling Y/n’s lips against his back makes him exhale a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It still amazes him how much she affects him. After two years he still never understood it. But all the good she’s done to him has only ever come back to harm her. Her friends leaving her, her having to come home to her boyfriend’s hands covered in somebody else’s blood, her having to leave her life with her family because every moment without her was another moment of danger, all because of him. And he can’t live with that.

He moves his shoulder away from her, feeling her detach from his body. He looks down, eyes squeezed shut. He doesn’t know how to do this. Especially to her.

“There’s nothing you can do, Y/n!” He cries out, flinging his body around so that he’s finally facing her.

“I would do anything for you, and you know that. But I can’t change myself just so that I can be with you. I can’t change who I am for you.” He whispers the last part, staring heartbroken in her eyes.

“God!” Y/n sobs out, punching her hands against his chest, “You know I’m not asking you to change! I just want to help you! And you won’t let me!”

Harry grabs Y/n’s wild hands in his, in hopes of calming her down. He feels like she hasn’t taken a fucking breath. She’s just so heartbroken, she’s lost and confused and on the verge of complete and utter desperation to have him stay with her.

It’s when Harry pulls her against him where she completely breaks down. He holds her head against his chest while she sobs against his black t-shirt. His fingers comb through her hair softly, chin held up by the top of her head. Harry hasn’t said anything, just listening to Y/n’s desperate pleading as she pulls at the back of his shirt.

“Pl-please don’t do this to me.” she cries out, taking in a harsh breath due to her lack of breath. “Please don’t leave me.”

She feels Harry tense against her body. He shuts his eyes softly, sighing out as he removes his hands from her.

“It’s over, Y/n.” He says softly, “Everything about us is wrong. It’s over.”

Y/n has never felt so much pain in her life. She pulls away from him, her eyes searching for any sign of remorse on his face, but there is none. He’s staring at her emotionless, but every part of him is breaking. The way she’s looking at him, he has never seen her look like that before. She just looks so- so defeated.

Just like that, everything she believed she had a purpose for has been ripped away from her. She doesn’t say anything as she lets go of him. Without a word, she half-heartedly makes her way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Harry flinches when he hears the door slam shut. He wishes he could cry, wishes he could go onto his knees and beg for forgiveness. He wishes he could be angry, punch a wall, curse at himself, blame himself. But he can’t, he feels nothing. Isn’t that ironic? How the man who mostly feels the most dangerous feeling in the world now can’t feel a thing?

He stays in the same place he was left for what feels like eternity before he hears Y/n make her way down the steps. He turns around and rounds the corner that leads to the front door. He watches Y/n as she sets down her duffle bag, opening the closet door to grab a jacket. She grabs everything she needs before she finally opens up the front door. She can’t go back, she can’t turn around to look at him. She doesn’t have the strength.

She’s still crying. She still hasn’t said anything.

“Can you say something, please?” Harry croaks out, wanting nothing more than for her to at least say something to him, at least acknowledge his existence.

She stops walking, hand still on the doorknob. She sucks in a breath.

“You did it, Harry” she whispers, “you’ve finally hurt me.”

She turns her head, but not enough for her to be able to see him, but enough for him to know how much she means what she’s about to say.

“I never want to see you again.”

Need (blurb)

I have no idea where this came out of.

WARNINGS: Its just pure… filth

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“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (II)

A/N: Part II of businessman Harry. It contains smut, daddy kink and it’s quite long. I’m stil not sure if it’s alright, but I hope you like it. 

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. 

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“Styles Enterprises’ CEO Harry Styles enjoys 22nd birthday bash in tropical paradise with long legged beauty”

While no one would ever dream of describing Y/N as anything less than a genius, a business luminary whose accomplished eminence is often described as freakish by those who are several decades older than her yet much less successful, she could humbly admit to all of them that she was the biggest fool in the world for thinking that getting over Harry Styles would be easy. She didn’t want him back; she just wanted what he had taken from her. He could keep the black lace thong he had tucked into his pocket a couple of months ago after he had bent her over his desk, raining dirty words and harsh nibbles down her neck. But her sanity? He would definitely have to give that back. The sooner the better. As for delivery preferences, no white roses or puke-inducing handwritten notes this time, please. And while he was at it, she had another request: If he was going to be in her head all day, he should at least regard some sort of decency and put some clothes on. How inconsiderate of him. Chivalry is dead.

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You’re Mine (SMUT)

A/N: Also combining this with the person who said they wanted smut GIFs in the story. Enjoy! I apologise for the lack of GIFs in here as it’s kinda hard to find ones that fit the scenario in this story XD

Character: Harry

Warning(s): Smut. Rough-handling.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the GIFs used here

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okay but like

Imagine waking up on a sunny morning with the buttery, orange-pinkish light streaming in through the new creme-colored silk curtains Harry had bought for you when he was in France shooting the movie. Everything is quite except for the faint sound of the vents humming and muffled birds chirping away outside. Harry has his face glued to the pillow, his bare back facing you since you had volunteered to be the big spoon the night before.

His short hair is in messy tuffs, sticking up at odd angles and you get whiffs of his Orchid Apple and Mandarines shampoo as you shift slightly, pulling one arm out from under his body and it’s warm from the heat he’s reflecting. You push your face into the back of his head, inhaling the scent of his hair even deeper and smiling against his scalp, your heart dripping with the warm syrup of familiarity and endearment.

You take spastic little sniffs, trailing them down the back and sides of his neck playfully, tickling the dip behind his ear bc you know he’s sensitive there. The proof is in how his shoulders shutter lightly, his head moving away from you a few inches and a soft, grumbly, throaty warning hum of, “Stop it…” fills the cool air around you.

And you roll your eyes, doing it even more, along with grabbing his broad shoulders and pressing him onto his back against the undone sheets, the upper half of your body on top of his. You watch with a small, loving smile as his whole face pinches, his nose scrunching up and wiggling in distaste at how you rose him so abruptly. His left cheek and jawline area is imprinted with tiny tick marks from the pillow and you laugh softly at how weird he looks.

Harry finally flutters his eyes open, squinting to take a few seconds to adjust to the bright lighting. His then focuses on you, face immediately dropping into a grimace. “Did y'havta wake me up right now? I was sleeping so good.”

“I can tell,” you agree, index finger tracing the marks on his face. “But I don’t want to be lonely.”

“And I don’t want to be tired.” He deadpans, yanking the covers back over his shoulders and snuggling into the mattress deeper, set on going back to sleep.

You snatch the covers from him, exposing his chest to the cold air. He gives a watery whine, kicking his feet like a child and pouting. “’M tired!”

“Too bad!” you snap jestingly, hugging him to your body tighter, one hand under his shoulders while the other lays on his chest, playing with the faint, sparse chest hairs.

It’s quiet for a few seconds and then harry sighs deeply, stretching his arms over his head and working out a kink in his neck. “I’ll stay awake if you make breakfast this time.”

You scowl. “It’s your turn.”

Harry shrugs, eyebrows raising and dropping dismissively as if saying, “Alright, then.” He starts to settle into bed again.

“No, no! Fine. I’ll make breakfast.” You give in, reaching up and using ur fingers to pry his eyelids open. He looks rather scary like that.

“Too late,” his voice is faint and wispy, his breathing already going back to a relaxed rhythm.

You sigh dramatically, hand coasting down to land right over the limp bulge in his boxer briefs. You cup it, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Mmph!” Harry jolts, but his eyes remain closed, traces of a smirk hinting at the corners of his lips.

You massage up and down slowly, fondling his ball through the cotton cloth. His breathing catches faintly, but his eyelids don’t budge.

“I’ll add in a lazy morning fuck, too…” You whisper in a sing-sing voice, rubbing faster, looking up at him from where your cheek is pressed against his left pec.

One of his eyes opens drowsily, peeking down at you with new-found interest. “Upside down, over edge?”

Harry is referring to a position he had recently become fond of. He fancies laying the upper half of his body over the edge of the bed so that he’s upside down, all whilst you ride him. He liked it bc the feeling of the blood rushing to his head increased the intensity of his orgasm by adding little shots of pain throughout his brain and body. You weren’t very fond of it merely because when you would be riding him, you would always start tilting forward and come a hair short of face-planting the ground. But you still did it because the way his cock twitched inside you and the way his eyes would slowly roll back into his head made up for the near-concussion experience.

“Deal.” You say, already getting up onto your knees to wait for him to assume the position.

Energy seems to inflate his body and he scurries across the king-size bed to get comfortable. In seconds, you’re scooping him out of his briefs, his pretty cock already sporting a moderate case of morning wood– slightly hard with the tip leaking scarcely. You give him a few absentminded strokes as you work on kicking off your panties, feeling him grow thick and veiny beneath your fingertips.

You plant the palms of your hands agains his chest for support, digging your nails into the supple muscles and hearing him hiss through his teethe. “Y'ready?”

Harry let’s his head fall back, jaw and neck veins on full display. “Fuck me until I’m as limp as one of those pancakes you’re gonna make me.”

“You’re stupid and I hate you.”

“I’m hilarious and you love me. Now make this worth my while, chef.”

Imagine... he touches you during a family dinner

“There’s no need for you to be nervous,” he looks at me, “I’ve already told them all about you. They probably know more about you than you know about yourself.”

I groan, “That’s not a good thing!”

“It is, though!” he laughs, “babe, you have nothing to worry about. They’ll love you.”

“I’ve never met my other boyfriends’ families before,” I say, “I’m new to this.”

“Well I’m glad to be your first,” he leans in and points to his cheek. I place a kiss on it and he smiles, “And hopefully your last…”

My stomach jumps and I grin, my smile so wide my eyes nearly shut. “I love you,” I tell him.

“I love you more,” he beams and throws a shirt over his head. I watch him while stood by the front door. “You ready?” he asks.

“Not one bit,” I shudder and he pouts.

“C’mon babe,” he pleas, “if I love you, they’ll love you… and you’re really easy to get along with. It’ll be nearly impossible for you to screw it up.”

“Okay,” I whisper and he leans in and kisses me passionately. He circles his hands around my waist, pulling me against him and I laugh, pushing him away. “Harry, we’ve got to go!” I whine and tug him out the door by his hand.


As soon as we open the door, I’m attacked in a hug. “Hi!” the girl yells, “I’m Gemma, Harry’s sister,” she introduces herself and I smile really wide. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, too!” I grin, “It’s really nice to finally meet you… wow… you are gorgeous!”

“Thank you so much, love!” She beams, “You’re not so bad yourself.” I giggle and she looks over at Harry, who’s hanging up his coat. “We’ve got some humiliation to do, don’t we Harry?” she looks at him and he widens his eyes.

“Oh, please, god no!” he whines. “I don’t want her to change her mind about me… I kind of like her.”

“I do, too,” she laughs. I like this family already.

“Harry! Y/N!” Anne walks in. Why is this entire family absolutely gorgeous? I hold out a hand, but she pulls me in for a hug instead, ignoring my gesture. “We are so happy to have you here,” she says.

“This certainly is a lovely home,” I compliment.

“And you certainly are a lovely girl!” Well, I see how Harry learned to be so kind. “I’ve prepared pasta,” she says, “Why don’t we start eating?”

Robin, Harry’s stepdad, is in the kitchen, putting the bowl of pasta on the table. He smiles at me and shakes my hand, introducing himself.

We all sit down and I’m barricaded with billions of questions, some of which I don’t have time to answer. “What’s your favorite song?” “What do you want to do when you get out of uni?” “Hobbies?” “Favorite movie?”

I’m in the middle of speaking about how Harry’s and my movie taste really clash when I feel Harry’s hand touch my thigh through my dress. “Yeah,” I breathe, “Harry always makes me watch Love Actually.”

“I know, right?” Gemma laughs, “It’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen!”

“Isn’t it?” I chuckle and Harry pretends to pout.

“What’s your favorite movie?” She asks and Harry slips his hand beneath my dress, catching me off guard and I gasp quietly, trying to cover it up with my thinking face.

“I don’t know…” I shrug nervously, “There are way too many. I’m a movie fanatic.”

“What’s the first thing that comes to mind?” she asks.

“Probably… Shawshank Redemption,” I say.

“I like her,” Robin points at me and looks at Harry, “That’s one of the best movies ever made.” I blush while Anne chimes in and starts talking about books and Harry inches his hand up my thigh. I grab his hand and give him a stern look, squeezing it and taking it off me. He smirks at me and holds my hand, engulfing my hand in his massive one.

“You two are such a lovely couple,” Anne says, “Remind me how you met again?”

I chuckle, “Well, uh, it was actually at a meet and greet,” I say.

“Really?” Anne teases, “So you’re a fan!”

I nod embarrassedly. “My friend and I won a contest to go backstage and that’s when we met… we went out to dinner a few nights later in Los Angeles and it just sort of went from there.”

“That’s so adorable that you’re a fan,” Gemma laughs.

“He never lets me forget it. I had this horribly embarrassing twitter account from when I was fourteen that revolved around One Direction,” I admit, “And he found it after our first date and called me. He actually blackmailed me.” Harry slips his hand under my dress again, but this time doesn’t hesitate to fiddle with the hem of my underwear. I bite my bottom lip hard to keep from moaning. His warm fingers brush against my center through the fabric.

“He blackmailed you?” Robin frowns.

“Yeah,” I giggle, “Uh, he said that if I refused to go on another date with him that he would expose me.”

“Harry, you’re a terrible person!” Gemma frowns.

“What?” Harry defends himself, “She knew I wasn’t actually going to do it! She wanted to anyway… I know it.”

“I still maintain that I was indifferent,” I laugh and try and pry his hand away but to no avail.

“She liked it,” he says, taking a sip of his water and moving my underwear to the side, exposing my center. I let out a long breath.

“What is it like, where you’re from?” Anne asks.

He abruptly starts rubbing circles around my clit, driving me absolutely mad. “It’s very warm… all the time,” I say, “I like it here a lot more.” I force out without stuttering or losing my focus. He slips a finger inside of me and I gasp.

“Are you okay, love?” Anne asks, concerned.

“Yeah,” I smile, “I just… stubbed my toe… sorry.” I shoot Harry a glare but he just stares at me intently, biting his lip. He smirks briefly and then looks away, adding another finger and pumping in and out of me. He eats a bit of pasta and Gemma frowns at me.

“You’ve hardly touched your food,” she comments. That’s because if I tried to, it would probably fall out of my mouth because your ass of a brother chose the wrong time to be horny. 

I look down into his lap, seeing a growing bulge in his trousers, turning me on beyond belief. “Sorry,” I say, eating some pasta and smiling, “I’m just a messy eater… and I don’t like chewing while talking,” I laugh, trying not to sound annoying.

“Oh, of course,” she says. Harry starts to take over the conversation, talking about my mad cooking skills while he adds a third finger while roughly pressing down on my clit, nearly throwing me over the edge. I swat at his hand, completely checking out from the conversation and getting completely lost in the pleasure he’s giving me.

“Oh my god,” I breathe.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Anne asks again and I look up.

“Could you point me to the closest restroom?” I ask shyly.

“Of course,” she smiles, “It’s down the hall and to the left.”

I thank her and stand up quickly, walking to the restroom. The minute I get there, I pull my phone out of my pocket and text Harry: “Why have you gone and done that?!”

Moments later, I get a text back: “you were just so irresistible in that cute little dress of yours.”

me: you couldn’t just wait until we get back home??

Harry: I’m afraid not ;)

me: just quit it, don’t do it when I get back to the table.

he doesn’t text back, but I hear a knock on the bathroom door. “One moment!” I yell. Without warning, Harry walks in through the door, instantly pressing me up against the door and kissing me roughly on the lips, slipping his tongue in my mouth immediately. I kiss back desperately, tangling my hands in his curls and pulling him tight against me.

“Let’s go to my room,” he whispers.

I nod silently, biting my bottom lip and breathing heavily. We quietly sneak out the door and down the hall to his bedroom. Before I can tease him about the childish decor, he pushes me up against the wall again and picks up right where we left off. He slips a hand under my skirt again and tugs my underwear down my legs. I slip my shoes off and unbuckle his belt quickly, knowing that this has to be fast or else his family will notice something is up. He pulls his pants off and throws me onto the bed. He hovers over me, lining himself up with my entrance and not hesitating to thrust into me hard and fast. I moan loudly and Harry throws a hand over my mouth.

“Shh,” he whispers, “quietly, love.”

I slip my hands up his shirt to rake my nails against his back. He winces in pain, but he likes it. He pounds into me harder, edging me on and bringing his mouth to my neck, biting and sucking the skin on my neck, sure to leave a mark. He drags his lips to mine to keep me quiet, kissing me passionately while he picks up the pace. He brings a hand down to where we’re connected and rubs my clit again.

“Faster, Harry, oh my god,” I moan quietly and he happy obliges, slamming into me unfathomably fast, causing me to arch my back in utter euphoria.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he groans, “Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer.”

“Me either,” I whimper as I feel my orgasm approaching. He continues doing what he’s doing, mercilessly sucking on my neck harshly, making me want to cry out in pleasure.

“Cum for me, Y/N,” he whispers and I release, my entire body shaking, waves of pleasure surging through my body as I ride out my high, clenching around him, completely throwing him over the edge as well.

“Fuck, Y/N, baby, yeah!” He moans a little louder than expected. He continues thrusting into me sloppily until he collapses on top of me, nuzzling his face in my neck.

“I hate to ruin the moment, Harry, but we have to get back out there.”

“You’re right,” he breathes, picking himself up off of me and finding his pants on the floor, pulling them on. I put my underwear back on and we share a knowing smile before walking back to the dining room, where only Gemma is sat.

“Mum and Robin went to the kitchen to get some ice cream.” Gemma tells us and Harry nods, walking to the kitchen to help. She turns to me, “You’re okay, right?”

“Yeah, I was just feeling a bit sick,” I say, “Harry came to help me. I’m feeling better now, though.“

“So that would explain that massive hickey on your neck?” Gemma grins teasingly, tucking my hair behind my ear and admiring the dark red mark.

My face turns bright red. “I—uh… I’m…”

“It’s okay, love,” she winks as Harry rounds the corner, adjusting his trousers, “I know it wasn’t your idea.“

#42 Not Worth It (Harry Styles)

DISCLAIMER: Hello! This was an imagine I had posted on a co-account I owned, but we shut that down so, I put it here, just cause.


“Isn’t she cute?” she giggled as she held Samantha’s daughter in her arms. She kissed her cheeks as the baby laughed in her arms. Babies loved her, they were always attracted to her, and they always laughed in her arms. She made them laugh.

“Let’s leave Honey,” I repeated for the fifth time. She was so busy playing that, she didn’t pay any attention to me at all. I was getting late. Had Cara’s party tonight and, didn’t want to be late and, Ally here was not moving. “Okay, c’mon!” I took the baby from her and handed it to the next person in line. I took her hand, wished the host goodbye and pulled Ally out of the house.

“I think I forgot my wallet inside…” Ally said once, we reached the car.

“Oh, for god sakes, really!” I shouted. She flinched and checked her bag, again.

“It’s here…” She mumbled and sat inside the car.

I looked at my watch, “I’m so late…” I huffed.

“Isn’t the part at 9? It’s still 6:30, you’ve plenty of time!” She smiled.

Plenty of time? I had to get ready, then, drive all the way down to the hotel, it takes time. What’s wrong with her! I didn’t reply and rushed back to our apartment.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked. “I’m sorry, Lila was so adorable and, you know, I love babies…”

“I know! I know! But, if I ask you to leave, at least listen!” I raised my voice again.

“I’m sorry, it’s been so long. I haven’t stepped out of the house and, I just wanted to be out for some time.”

“Oh so, now it’s my fault!”

“I’m not blaming you…” She shook her head, keeping her voice low. “I just wanted to be out for a little bit. This entire deal of keeping me hidden is not exactly ideal, you know. And, it’s not like you’re locked up with me.”

“You aren’t locked up!”

“You know what I mean.” She got out of the car and walked off.

Ally’s POV

I wiped my tears as I opened the gate to our apartment. I had lost all hopes of fighting with him. Especially now, that I knew he had asked the management to keep me hidden. It’s been more than 1.5 years now. Earlier on, I wanted it to be undercover. I didn’t want our relationship to go out and be demeaned by fans but, that was in the beginning. After being together for almost two years, you do expect to be accepted. Although, when we sat down to discuss this, he blamed it on to the management. And, stopped going out with me altogether.

I’ve been stuck at home for the past three months because, this was the only way I could be with him but, he didn’t care about that. Like today, we were supposed to be at Samantha’s at 3 for the birthday party. He came in late, and we left within one hour of being there. So, much for being together! He didn’t even ask if I wanted to go for Cara’s party. Like, I didn’t exist.

I took off my dress and slipped into a big T-Shirt while he got ready. I saw Cara’s gift kept in a bag. It was beautiful. I thought I should wrap it.

“I’m leaving,” He announced fixing his watch. “There was a packet kept here…” He asked searching for it.

“Umm, I wrapped it. It’s on the counter!”

“Wrapped it?” He said picking it up. “God Ally, why? This looks tacky now! I don’t have time for this, where is the fucking packet?” He snatched the packet from my hands and banged the door.

I curled up on the couch with my blanket, just wondering where things went wrong.


I sat with Harry, curled up in his lap watching some random TV show. I had no interest in TV shows but, Harry enjoyed them. A scene where a mother held a baby for the first time in her arms was on.

“Do you like kids?” I asked.


“Would you like one of your own?”

“Where is this coming from?” He asked, annoyance in his voice.

“Nowhere, the TV,” I just said keeping my head down.

“Yeah, I’d like one of my own. Not now though…not with you.”

“Wh-what?” I looked up, shocked. “Is there something wrong with me?” My heart just shattered. I shifted away.

“What no, forget what I said, come here…” he said, pulling me in his lap.

I refused, “What does ‘not with me’ mean?” I asked.

“Means nothing,” He said, keeping his phone aside which he was stuck on till now.”I don’t plan to have any kids, right now. Just that…”

“I don’t plan to have any, right now, either. But, one day…” I got up from the couch. “Do you even plan a future with me?”

“You’re over reacting. Come here.”

“What are we doing here, Harry? Tell me I’m not some time pass.”

“No, you’re not. Now, forget what I said and come to me, baby” He pulled me towards him and kissed me.

I let that go that day, quite easily. Didn’t think too much about it, either. But, it’s been eating me up. He doesn’t plan a future with me. He doesn’t even see one with me. This was the reason, I asked him to tell his fans about us. He was taken aback. Then, a few days later told me that, the management didn’t think right now was the right time.

I found out, management didn’t say anything at all. It was Harry. After that, he hasn’t even been the same. Today was just another day of the same insulting behaviour I was living with now. My friends say that I was an idiot. That, I should leave him. But, I couldn’t believe it. I loved him and, there was another reason, I’m sure.

I woke up next morning, with a backache. Sleeping on the couch, in that position, wasn’t a great idea. I walked into our room and found Harry sleeping on the bed. He didn’t wake me up when he came back. I took a shower and got dressed. I had film pitch today, and I felt drained already. Plus, I was late. I rushed out and heard Harry talking. I don’t know why but, I hid behind the pillar.

“Yes, it was great! You were great! Hahaha!” He laughed on the phone. “Yes, 21st? I’m all yours! No no, no worries. Hahaha. I told you!” He continued. This 21st? It was our anniversary. 2 years. Okay.

I slowly walked out and went to the kitchen to grab an apple before I left. Harry went from laughing to whispering. This was weird.

“Yes, fine love, I’ll see you!” He laughed again.

I walked into the room and hugged him from behind, kissing his shoulders. He stiffened, “I’m talking…” He said and walked away. I felt the familiar ache in my body and left for work.

He was surprisingly home when I came back, “Hey, how was your day?” He asked, sipping his beer, “Want some?”

I shook my head. “What are you doing home, today?”

“I’m home. C’mon!” He laughed.

“Hey, Rachel’s pregnant!” I smiled. I was so happy for her.

“Rachel? Your Rachel? Are they even married?”

“No, I think, he’ll propose, though. We’re getting old!” I laughed.

“Are you inclining something?” he kept his bottle on the counter.

“Wha-no, no…I’m just…”

“Cause, I don’t want to get married.” He said, taking another sip.


“And, it just seems you’re giving me all these little clues but, it’s not happening so, don’t think and cry about it.” He laughed, he took this so lightly. Was he drunk? “I mean, I don’t even want to get married to you, much less have a baby with you…I mean, a baby – with you, what! I don’t even want people to know about us, a baby is out of the question!” And, then he looked at me.” And- I didn’t- I didn’t mean that…baby…I didn’t fuck!”

I had to take the support of the pillar to stand. He crushed all my love, my hopes, my dreams in a laugh. “Fuck baby…look at me! I didn’t mean that…really! I’m just a bit drunk! I didn’t mean that.”

I couldn’t register what he was saying now. He was suddenly hugging me and kissing me, and I couldn’t take it in. I just pushed him away and, walked into the room. Numb and heavy headed.

“Babe! Babe!” Harry banged the door. I curled up on the bed and broke down. He was serious. He didn’t want anything with me. There was going to be no us. I was just emotional support and a sex toy to come back too. For fucking two years, he played me! That asshole played me! He wasn’t planning anything on the 21st either like my heart imagined! I couldn’t stay here! I had to leave.

I packed a bag and collected my belongings and got out of the room. Harry was sleeping on the side of the door. He almost fell when I opened the door. “Ba-baby…” He woke up, dazzled and stood up. “Baby, I didn’t mean it…really. I’ve no idea why I blurted those things…let’s talk about it…why are you holding a bag?”

I shrugged his hands off my shoulders and walked out. “Look, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Why are you overreacting! Ally! Ally…” He ran in front of me and held my face in his hands. “Look at me…look at me! I’m sorry! Really baby, don’t go! Don’t leave me!”

“Now, you don’t have to lie to me about the management not wanting us together. You won’t have a reason.”

“You knew?” He asked, he was crying, why? “Look, I’m sorry…I can explain…”

“I don’t want to know, I’ve embarrassed myself enough. It’s clear now, you don’t want me as a wife much less a mother for your child! You made it very clear. Bye…”

“Ally!…” He followed me down to my car but, I left. I couldn’t lower myself anymore. This wasn’t who I am.

(1 month later)

“I’m gaining weight” I mumbled, as I came back from my morning run. I rubbed my hand on my tummy.

“Hahahaha! It’s a bulge! It’s like you’re pregnant!” My best friend laughed. “What-what? Why did you go so serious?”

“I’m not pregnant.” I lifted my top and rubbed my stomach. I missed my period for the past two months. But, that was regular with me. I missed it because of stress, and my pattern was always weird. It’s been two months, that I’ve had sex. It was the time Harry, and I got drunk and woke up naked in the living room. Fuck. I didn’t think. “Do you have a test?”

“Are you saying you can be pregnant?” She asked, her eyes wide. “But, you don’t have any symptoms!”

“Every body is different. My mother didn’t know she was pregnant till her fourth month! Just get me a test!” I freaked out. She ran and got me one.

I flipped it around in my hands, “Go Ally…” she nudged me. What is happening to my life!

I was going to enter the washroom when my phone rang. “The father’s calling,” My friend gave it to me.

“I really don’t enjoy your sense of humour,” It was the fourth missed call from Harry, since morning. He didn’t stop calling me. After I had left, he disappeared for a week without any contact and, every word he spoke got engraved in me. Then, he suddenly dropped in front of me and broke down. Begging for forgiveness, asking me to come back home. Telling me, he’d taken me for granted. I couldn’t accept it. Not after he told me that I wasn’t worth having a future with. He said, he wouldn’t stop trying and clearly hasn’t. I kept my phone away and took the test.

3 minutes.


I was pregnant. Fuck. I was pregnant. I slid down the washroom door and cursed myself. I couldn’t break down. Knowing that the path now, was alone, without a partner, I had to be strong. I collected myself and booked a flight back home.


“She isn’t picking up!” I said, banging my head on the tile.

“Hey, that’s new!” Louis scolded. “Maybe, she’s sleeping!”

“Nope, she goes for a run, can’t live without a morning run.”

“You’re an idiot for saying all that to her, give her time!” He said. But, I knew if I didn’t get her now, I’d lose her forever.

“I’m going to meet her.”

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All I want for Christmas is you



(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry


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okay but I feel like Harry would definitely send you nudes n shit while you’re in class

Like, you’d be listening to your professor lecture and your phone would vibrate and you’d take a quick glance and just about scream– it’d come out as a tiny garbled squawk.

And it’d be a thread of pics of him, starting from a selfie where he’s slumped into the couch in his donut hoodie with his messy nest of hair bc he didn’t feel like brushing it this morning so he just ran his fingers through it a couple of times and then called it a Grammy-worthy hairstyle. His face is neutral as he’s staring at the TV, the hood of the jumper hanging over his right shoulder and he just looks cozy and lazy. And then the second pic would be a pic of him looking down at some unknown thing off camera, but by the angle of the pic you deduce it’s his lap. And then the pic after that would be of him with his hand tucked into his black Nike running shorts, the outline of his knuckles showing that he’s cupping himself underneath. This picture would be followed by the caption, “im hard :(”

And you’d roll your eyes, typing back a quick “handle it” and locking your phone, setting it back on top of your textbook and continuing taking notes. It’d vibrate again, but you’d ignore it bc you don’t want to miss anything important. Then it buzzes again, and again, and again, and it keeps going at faster intervals and you know he’s aware that you’re ignoring him. You snatch it back up with a small, exasperated sigh, flicking through the 19 messages he’s shot at you. “help me!” “It hurts!!” “Don’t be so cruel :(” “baby I need you to cocks me through this!” “Get it? ‘Cocks’? Sounds like coax :D"

Then a pic of him all pouty with his big emerald eyes all doe-like. “just a quick one, c'mon. Just tell me what you’d do to me if you were here :)”

“I’d tell you that you sound like a fuckboy.”

“You answered so it worked”

“Because it was annoying. Now leave me alone I have work to do!”

And then a pic would come through of his bare hard-on, tucked out of his shorts and in his large hand with his fingers wrapped around it, pearls of pre-come shiny on the tip. “But I’m so hard for you :((”

You’d yelp, lowering your brightness to the lowest setting and tapping out an angry reply: “I’m. In. Public. You. Dipshit.”

“Scandalous ;))”

“do you want to get blocked again?”

“Tell me you wanna suck me off :)”

“not now, Har, please. I have to go”

And before you shut off your phone a vid pops up and you see his face as the thumbnail, so you click it, glancing up quickly to make sure no one is watching and putting one earbud in.

“I’m really hard– s'like, it hurts a lot. And you’re not here and I just want you wrapped around me.” He frowns like a child, knuckling at his eyes and you can tell he woke up recently, even if it is one in the afternoon. “So ’m just gonna…hold on…this new phone’s a slippery one, innit? I’ve dropped it more times than I can count…”

The camera flips and, sure enough, there he is, all shades of red and purple, thick and veiny and bubbling over with jizz as he strokes himself at a medium pace, twisting every now and then to give the handjob some variety. “I just want you so bad, minx. Wanna push myself inside your hot, wet, soft and tight…fucking hell, you’re so tight…”

You’d shift a bit, legs clamping out of instinct. He’s such a dick for doing this. You glance up and there’s 5 minutes left of class. You can make it.

He flips the camera back over to his face, where he’s leaning his head back against the sofa and biting his lips raw, tiny feathery moans oozing from his lips as his breathing gets heavier, his shoulders visibly jolting. “Oh, fuck me, doll. Make me come so hard, so much…Wanna taste you– just shove my face in between your pretty little legs and lick into you until you’re shaking.”

His jaw clenches, the muscle ticking and the veins in his neck chisel themselves into existence, his Adam’s Apple bobbing slowly as he swallows thickly. Sweat is beading his forehead, a few teeny curls sticking to his skin. You can see the hint of stubble that curtains the lower half of his jaw and trails onto the underside of his face and it only worsens the ordeal because you can just about feel it now, rubbing against your thighs or scratching down your back as he takes you from behind. The little shit is staring directly into the camera and smirking, for fuck’s sake, licking the corner of his mouth and humming out a long groan. “Nice and hard for you, babygirl. Want you to fuck my brains out…”

The video ends there with Harry’s back arching off the couch, cutting off as he gives a watery yelp. You sit there, blinking tears of desperation from your eyes and trying to force the blush from your cheeks.

“When i get home, you’re fucked.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way ;)”

Maybe Teasing Wasn’t Such a Good Idea

She knew she wasn’t going to get away with this for very much longer as she casually bent forward in front of Harry, letting her shirt fall open, exposing her cleavage inches from his face.  Harry let out a slow breath, the warm air from his lungs, raising goose bumps along her skin. She’d been teasing him like this all day, subtle touches here and there, a few choice words whispered in his ear, and now it was starting to take its toll. His expression was dark as she sat across from him at the small secluded table in the restaurant.

Harry picked up his glass, the amber colored liquid swirling around, the slowly melting cubes of ice clinking against its edges. He took a slow, deliberate sip, keeping his eyes locked on her face. She could feel the flush creeping up her chest and onto her neck. She pressed her legs together under the cover of the table, thinking to herself that maybe teasing him all day hadn’t been the best decision.

“Angel…” Harry’s deep voice made her heart jump in her chest. “You know that this can go both ways, don’t you?” His eyes locked with hers. She could see the lust hidden behind them and feel the hunger in his veiled threat.

She cleared her throat and tried to sound braver than she actually felt. “Is that so?’

He smirked and she knew she’d said the wrong thing. She’d essentially just given him an invitation to tease her with everything he had in him.

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#43 The Gang Leader (Harry Styles)


Where are you?

The light flashed on the screen of my mobile, stealing my attention away from the class. Annoyed, I took it off the table and threw it in my bag. After class, still vibrating in intervals, I took it out.

Call me ASAP.

What does ASAP mean?

Honey, I need to talk to you now. Where are you?

Have you seen the update? I need to talk to you before that.

Okay, I think you must have seen it. Is that why you aren’t talking?

It’s been 2 hours! C’mon! I need to talk to you.

Pick the fuck up.

I picked up the incoming call to avoid answering the texts.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He yelled.

“In class! My gosh! If I’m not answering your messages or your call, I would be busy, right?” I yelled back.

“No, you’re supposed to answer my texts!”

“When have I answered texts!” He wasn’t making sense.

“Okay. Point. Where are you?” He asked, calming down.

“Just got out of class! She took a two-hour lecture. My head hurts.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Wait, Mike is right outside the building. Climb into the car, and come here.”

“Where is here? I rather go home, Harry,” I told him, already tired of the long day.

“It’s not safe right now. Come here and rest.” He cut the call, and I had to climb into the car. Mike was sitting there, smoking away, and he straightened when he saw me.

“Sorry, Harry asked me to take you back to his house.” He told me, starting the car. They worshipped him, it seems. I’ll never understand gangs.

Harry was the son of the leader of one of the two biggest gangs that ruled this city. And I, a normal international student, who came here on an exchange program and chose to continue my degree here, became his girlfriend. I didn’t know how, because I recently found out about his affiliations with the gang. I was just quite into my course, studying Media and Culture and he just was nice to me from the start.

“We are going to his house? But, that’s so far away!” I groaned.

“Don’t you have a week off, now? Festival and stuff?” Mike asked.

“At least, stop on the way to my place so I can collect my things. I’ll work there.”

“Umm, it’s not safe. We shouldn’t stop.” He fidgeted.

“Please Mike,” I sugar-coated my voice.

“Okay, you will have five minutes, though!”


I ran up the stairs to my room and took the largest bag out. Dumping some clothes, my prep kit, books, laptop, chargers, everything I could possibly need in the week, and rushed down.

Coming down the stairs, the main door was blocked off. I called Mike, “Dude, the doors shut! What’s happening?”

“Fuck! Charlie’s guys are here! Listen, climb down the back balcony, I’ll pull the car there!” He said, hurried and tensed.

“What? What’s happening! Climb down where?” I tried pushing the door open, but it didn’t budge.

“Call the Boss. We got the girlfriend.” I heard a voice claim and bang the door from outside.

I climbed the first floor and saw Mike pull the car. “Catch my bag!” I threw it down, and he caught it, dumping it in the backseat.

“Be careful. Harry will have my throat!” He said as I climbed down the pipe. Slippery as it was, I twisted my ankle as I hit the ground. But, Mike picked me up and made me sit in the car, before rushing to his side and driving off.

Hitting the main road, I turned around to get my bag, “Mike, we have cars following us!”

“Oh shit! Fuck!” He increased the speed and speed dialled Harry.

“Where the fuck, are you?” He screamed.

“Harry! We have cars following us! We stopped at my place to get my things, and they shut the door, and they said we got the girlfriend, they are catching up, Harry!” I yelled.

“What! You stopped at your place! What did I tell you, Mike! Straight home!” Harry’s voice when angry could make a grown man cry. A little harder, and he could pee in his pants as well.

Mike, increased his speed with Harry’s voice increasing.

“Jason! Tell the lads to leave the warehouse! Keep talking to me, baby.”

“Harry! What is happening?” I asked, scared now.

“Nothing honey, I’ll explain when you reach.” Within no time, we had two cars, right beside us acting as protection against the cars that were following us.

“I hurt my ankle too,” I said, watching the cars following us stop, as we enter the Styles’ Land. The car slowed down as we reached the mansion, and I saw Harry standing outside, with five bodyguards around him.

He opened my car door and picked me up. My hands went around his neck, and he placed a kiss on my lips. “I am sorry for rushing you.”

“I am sorry for delaying the plan. I wanted my stuff,” I whispered. “It’s not Mike’s fault.”

Harry nodded, “Get her bag, and keep it in my room.” He told Mike. We walked inside the lobby, where a nurse was ready to fix my ankle.

“I don’t think it needs more than a spray,” I told her. She checked it and shook her head.

“I am wrapping it up, don’t put pressure on it,” Harry grumbled, in anger.

“It’s my fault,” I repeated.

“No, it’s mine.”

“What happened? Tell me now?” I was genuinely worried now. “Where is your father?”

“He is out of the country. Will come in a week, I messed up.”

“What did you do?” I asked, pulling him closer.

“Old beef with Charlie. Raised it up, again. Family rivalry. It’s just worse this time because, we fought,” Harry sat closer to me, pulling me in his lap. I checked his body for injuries. “I don’t have any, he does though,”

“So, are we having an off because of this? The entire week is off, will it continue for longer?” I asked.

“Till everything calms down,” I sighed. “Well, it’s not my fault that our party’s ruling.” He smirked.

“Take me up.”

“Harry, you’re in the news,” I called for him.

“What?” He ran and sat next to me.

The Styles family clashes again with the Shaw’s. Is it just a fight between the big boys or will it take a political turn?

“What sort of reporters are these?” I said, disgusted.

“I don’t know. You’re studying Media,” He giggled.

“So, I can’t leave the house?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained,” He laughed as pushed me down on the sofa, and climbed on top.

“You guys fight was no reason.”

“Hmm,” He said kissed up my neck.

“You think, I can talk to Charlie? Put some sense into him, too?” He stopped and looked at me. I tried to reach his face, but he held my wrists.

Anger filling his expression, “No, you won’t talk to him.” He said, tightening the hold.

“He was my friend, you know?” I whimpered.

“I said, no.” And he climbed off me.


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