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- Harry Potter
- The Outsiders
- The Maze Runner
- Teen Wolf
- Hamilton the Musical

- Newt, Thomas, Minho, Brenda (TMR)
- Ponyboy, Johnny, Sodapop, Two-Bit (The Outsiders)
- Derek, Lydia, Stiles, Scott (Teen Wolf)
- Harry, Hermione, Draco, Tom Riddle (HP)
- Percy, Nico, Hazel, Jason (PJO/HoO)

- Drarry
- Wolfstar
- Tomarry
- Newtmas
- Harmione/Harmony
- Jily
- Jasico
- Jercy
- Ponyboy Curtis x Curly Shepherd

- Panic! at the Disco
- Fall Out Boy
- My Chemical Romance
- Twenty One Pilots

- Funny Jokes/Vines
- Anything Ironic
- Old Nick Shows (like Drake & Josh, Danny Phantom)
- Shakespeare quotes (they’re funny)

*Please know that I’ve read a couple hundred books in my short life but I’m not as attached to them, hence the small fandom list.

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Happy 21st Birthday Harry


It’s low key at the plant show!🍃🌿 So don’t you throw away recyclables ♻

**Travis Scott Antidote Voice**