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It finally happened!


Spectating at the Marine Corps Marathon!

1) I met up with @malloryrunsthis, who had a very popular sign among both runners and spectators. A few runners even stopped to take a picture of it. There was a woman about 30 feet ahead of us who also had a Trump-related sign that said something along the lines of “Run like Trump is right behind you.”

2-3) I got two (good) photos of @busybeerunningfree! After snapping these two, I tried running ahead again to get a few more, but they didn’t turn out so great. I tried looking out for other Tumblrs, but I missed you all. (We definitely need matching Tumblr uniforms to make it easier to identify people when they’re running, ya knoooow?)

4-9) Costumed runners! Including a pirate, a 1920s gangster?, a cheeseburger, Forrest Gump, Harry Caray, and Waldo.

10) Not sure what to think of this guy. He’s wearing cargo shorts and a henley tee. Did he just wake up and decide to jump in the race? But also, that bib number belongs to a 43 year old woman. Was he running in place of a relative who couldn’t make it in the last minute? We may never know…

Congratulations to all of the finishers!

Harry Caray's Purchases Andrew Shaw Stanley Cup Stitches

Its final folks, the stitches that Andrew Shaw received in Game 6 of the cup finals have finally been auctioned off to benefit cancer research.

The popular Chicago based restaurant Harry Caray’s bought the stitches for $6,500 and will display them, along with a autographed photo of Shawzer at their navy pier location.

So next time your feeling a little hungry and want to see what held Shaw’s face together you can go see them for yourself. But you may just want to eat your food first.


Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris || I’m Yours - Alessia Cara

I saw someone asking for it… So I hope you have fun watching!! I tried to put all tayvin videos together in this one I’m sorry if I missed any 

walls ‘verse ficlet (in which puck is offended and there are dramatic denunciations)

Here’s another little thing I wrote during my time away from tumblr. For a couple of months, I was pretty deep in a depressive episode, and there were a few people who kept the connection going by every so often sending me cute pics of otters or hedgehogs (hearts to @svmadelyn @coffeekristin @mosgirl9 @winds-wanderer @veritas0three). It’s always been easier for me to write something for someone, so this was my response riffing on the pic below, sent by @mosgirl9/starzgrl.

Takes place in the 09-10 season.

Jon’s digging in his pocket for his key card; he can hear the tv through the door as well as yips that mean Puck’s still hyped up. He gets that way after games sometimes; Jon’s never quite figured it out. It doesn’t always correspond to Patrick’s post-game mood, and that’s true tonight. Patrick had gone 0 for 3 and Jon can hear, once he finally unlocks the door, that the shower’s still on, as it had been 20 minutes earlier when Jon had gone down to the coaches’ suite for a brief meeting.

Griffe is sitting on the bed, eyes fixed on Puck, who is clinging halfway up the brocade drapes.

“Pangur Bán,” says Jon reprovingly, right as Puck launches himself through the air to the desk, war whoop in full force. He skids a little, pushing Patrick’s wallet and the key cards to the floor, but then he’s off again, landing on the arm chair.

“Prepare to die!” he intones dramatically to Griffe, then bounces onto the bedside table, knocking the phone awry. In the next second he’s gathered himself for a divebomb attack on Griffe, but her reflexes are as good as Niemi’s, and she bats Puck right out of the air. He squawks and flails on the edge of the bed, grabbing at the duvet with his claws.

“And she knocks it out of the park!” Griffe says, like she’s Harry Caray. “What a slugger that girl is.”

Puck loses his battle with gravity and plops indecorously onto the floor. He lies there moaning extravagantly, though Jon can see him peeking over, assessing his effect on Jon.

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