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Just because Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift does not mean she is any less human. I know y'all think celebrities aren’t like us so we can talk shit about them behind our screens, but PEOPLE. This. Woman. Was. Sexually. Assaulted.

Where are all the feminists fighting for women’s rights and equality. Where are your voices now???? Just because she’s Taylor Swift doesn’t mean she doesn’t need support like all the other women or men in the world.

She’s not even doing this for herself but in efforts to prevent anything similar from ever happening to others.

The man who assaulted her is being sued for $1. I repeat. One single dollar. She isn’t doing this for money. She’s doing it for you. So don’t joke about this situation like it’s nothing. Please.


I finally watched “Rebel Without A Cause” and loved it’s themes of the american youth and the differences and conflicts between generations, and the film made me think of my own internal conflict and journey into adulting and how I’m still trying to ride through this whirlwind and I guess made a playlist based on it…..X

If anyone likes:

Game of Thrones,

Harry Potter,


The Maze Runner,

The Walking Dead,

The 100,

The Royals,

Alessia Cara,

Taylor Hill,



Scream Queens,

Pretty Little Liars,



Ansel Elgort,

Stranger Things,

Little Mix,

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every time the media tries to navigate the complicated system of relationships in hollywood they always get it WRONG. like taylor dated harry and harry made out with kendall on a yatch (among several other places) but kendall was never friends with taylor. she’s friends with taylor’s friend gigi who dated joe who taylor and demi also dated. and demi was childhood friends with selena until she became best friends with taylor, so demi hates taylor and shaded her (and essentially every person in this planet) mulitple times. and selena dated joe’s brother nick, who is good friends with demi and also dated miley, who was demi’s best friend and never liked selena, probably they both dated nick. but miley’s smoking weed and engaged to liam, so she’s kind of irrelevant to the social circle now… as is a guy who’s name is also taylor, who both selena and taylor, who are best friends, dated. but more importantly, selena also had a thing with niall, who is in a band with harry and was interested in demi. niall also had a thing (SEX) with ellie, meanwhile ellie was  seeing ed, who wrote a very defamatory song about the incident. and ellie remains friends with taylor even though taylor is best friends with ed, who’s also friends with harry and wrote songs for justin, who’s selena’s ex. and justin also had a thing with kendall and kendall’s friend hailey. hailey is also friends with gigi who is now dating zayn who was in harry’s band and selena said she was open to dating but never did. and gigi’s ex cody is also friends with justin. zayn also feuded with taylor’s ex calvin, who is friends with ellie. and both gigi and taylor are friends with cara who selena may or may not have dated. but cara definitely dated harry, who again is taylor’s ex. and now selena has a thing with abel, who dated gigi’s sister bella, but bella was never really friends with selena or taylor. they were just in the same social circles…. is that so hard to get????