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Music Series: Olivia by Canyon City

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“Hey, did you hear she’s back?” Harry’s mate told him as they left to get in the car. Harry looked at him in surprise, knowing exactly who he was talking about.

“How do you know?” Harry asked, a bit nervous in his asking.

“I saw her…talked to her,” the friend answered. “She looks good, man.”

Hello, old friend. Are you in love with love again?

Whispered to my reflection. Have you forgot just how it ends?

Good bye, good dream. It sure was nice to fall asleep thinking of you

But now daybreak screams so loud. I understand you have to leave

“Yeah, I, uh…our social media accounts are still connected,” Harry nodded. “She’s always looked good.”

“Still miss her, don’t you, H?” his friend asked gently, knowing you were a touchy subject with Harry.

The two of you had dated for two years. You did everything together. But when both of your lives became busy, your relationship slowly fell apart, and you mutually decided to split up. It wasn’t a nasty, messy breakup. You both loved each other, both as friends and as lovers, it was just a lot of work on both your parts to make it work. Time and work that neither of you seemed to have at that point in your lives, with Harry’s solo career taking off nicely, and your career moving in a different direction. It just seemed better for both of you, to just be friends.

“Yeah,” Harry finally answered. “I still miss her.”

But there’s one thing or two

I’ve been thinking through

And need to slide off my mind

So if you find a little time

I wrote a note that goes something like

Harry’s heart nearly jumped into his throat when he saw you. At first he wasn’t sure it was you, standing outside of a small vacant building in a neighborhood he sometimes shopped in. Your hair was longer, maybe even a slightly different shade, but as soon as you turned and he saw your smile, there was no further doubt in his mind. It was definitely you.

Harry pulled his car into a parking space and watched as you stood outside the empty business, talking to someone in a suit. Harry noticed how good you looked. Your body was still the same, perfect in his eyes, and he could never forget one inch of it. He watched as you shook the man’s hand, he placing a “for sale” sign in the front window, and both of you walking inside of the building, then a few moments later, the man left as you smiled at him and walked back inside.

After sitting in his car for what seemed a lifetime, Harry finally mustered enough confidence to leave the safety of his car and walk to the little shop, peeking into the glass front and seeing you standing with your back to the front windows, writing on a paper attached to a clipboard. After another moment, Harry tapped on the glass.

I don’t blame you for the winter

Or the way I feel when I’m alone

And I won’t hold your smile against you

Or write your name into a song


Honestly we could be happy

If we first taught our hearts to stand

But just so long as I need to need you

We’re two left feet going dancing

You turned and looked toward the tapping and was shocked for a moment to see your ex, standing peeking and waving in through the glass window. You smile sweetly and walk to unlock the door.

“Harry?” you say, unbelieving that he is standing in front of you. “What are you doing here?”

“I…saw you out front, a moment ago,” he stammered over his words. “I thought I’d come…say hi.”

You look at him, still surprised, then smile and lean to him, kissing his cheek and wrapping an arm around his neck.

“I’m glad you did,” you say sweetly. “Come in. It’s been a long time.”

Good news, new day

The sun has chased the dark away

I do have one favor to ask

When everybody’s gone could you just stay

A few minutes past

News spread quickly among your friends that you bought a building and would soon be opening a new business. You were excited to finally use your college degree and business experience to do what you were trained to do, and you were looking forward to building your business from the ground up. You had worked hard to get to where you were, and you intended to find success in it.

The day Harry saw you and stopped in to talk with you, it was a bit awkward, but after talking for awhile, the two of you loosened up and were able to chat comfortably, even with your history. The two of you had practically lived together, spending all your time together. But it had been a little over a year since you both decided to end it to move forward in both of your professional lives, and you had fallen out of touch.

You explained to Harry that you moved back to start your business, and was happy to find such a great little building, that would allow you to live in the upstairs loft until you found something more suitable. He was proud of you, that you were doing so well, but mostly that you were back and maybe the two of you would have the opportunity to spend time together again. He thought of you often over the past year, as much as you had thought about him, but you both knew that at the time, it was for the best, and there were no hard feelings.

As Harry was about to leave to run some errands, he was happy to see a text from you.

Painting party, free pizza and drinks, this Saturday. Could use all my friends help if you’re free! I have all supplies needed, just need all of you! xo

Harry saw the text was to him and about a dozen other people who were friends of yours and his. Harry thought it sounded fun and texted you back.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Count me in! xo

You smiled as you read the reply back from Harry. It meant a lot to you that he, especially, had agreed to come. Truth be told, you missed him a lot. Probably still loved him. You knew you did. But you also knew that the breakup had been for the best. Your only regret was that the two of you had gone over a year with no contact, but even that, you knew, was probably for the best. You supposed you could live with just being his friend, even if deep inside you missed having more with him. But a year had passed, and you knew he had no doubt moved on, and you had accepted that.

Just so long as I need to need you

With every twirl we’ll fall

So if we can’t move on from this


I won’t blame you for the winter

Or the way I feel when I’m alone

But I might hold your smile against you

And fake your name in a song


Greeting each one as they walked into your new little building, you felt so loved that you had such good friends who were willing to give up their Saturday to help you. As you looked around at them, standing around talking and laughing with one another, you realized how much you had missed being a part of that group of people. Smiling, you clink the metal of your ring against your glass to quieten everyone and get their attention.

“Hey, everyone! I’m so glad you all came today to help me usher in my new business!” Everyone cheers and applauds, happy for you in your new venture. “With all of us working, I think we can bust this out quickly. If you have any questions, just ask. Pizza will be arriving in a few hours, and I have a huge cooler on the counter filled with a variety of drinks, so please help yourself. By the time we finish, we may all be slobbering drunks, but at least the walls should look interesting!” Everyone laughs and agrees as you finish your little speech. “Thank you all so much. You don’t know what this means to me. I’ve missed all of you so much the past year I’ve been away, and I can’t wait to spend time with you and catch up. I love you all! Now, let’s get painting!”

Harry thought as you spoke those last words of your speech, that you may have been speaking more to him than anyone, but the way you were looking at him. Maybe wishful thinking, but he could hope.

For hours, you and your friends all paint, talk, drink, have pizza, and enjoy the company of friends. Scads of photos are taken, some plastered on social media, and you’re happy for the memories.

As you stand back, looking at the area you’ve been painting, you feel someone step up behind you.

“It looks great, love,” Harry says next to you, kissing your cheek. “What a great idea this was! So much fun seeing everyone and getting your building ready.”

“I appreciate you coming, Harry,” you say, smiling. “I know you’re a busy guy. It means a lot to me that you’re here.”

Harry hugs you sweetly and smiles.

“It’s so good to have you here again,” Harry says. “I hope we can spend time together. I’ve…” Harry hesitates, looking around and seeing the two of you are alone. “I’ve missed you, love. Very much.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” you smile.

The two of you hug again, then happily return to your work. By the end of the evening, you are hugging all of your friends, thanking them for everything, and looking around at the finished walls and paint supplies lying around. As you cross your arms, looking at what had been accomplished, you hear someone walk in from the back.

“Oh! Harry, I didn’t realize you were still here!” you laughed.

“Yeah,” he smiled. “Was just washing out some of the brushes in the back.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that,” you nod.

“Let me stay and help clean up,” Harry offers.

“That’s okay, I don’t mind,” you grin. “You did a lot of work today. Go home and rest.”

“No, I’ll stay and help. Not sleepy anyway,” he said as he shook his head. “Where are you staying tonight? Can’t sleep in the loft with the paint fumes.”

You smile a huge smile and raise your eyebrows.

“Wanna see?” you giggle as he chuckles at you, following you to a back stairwell, right behind you as you lead him to a door, the two of you walking out onto the roof. Harry sees where you have set up a bit of a makeshift camping site on the roof of your building.

“Are you serious?” he laughs. “You’re going to sleep up here tonight? Sweetheart, it’s the roof of a building!”

“Yes?” you ask, not understanding why that is so strange but giggling. “It’s a beautiful night. Look at all the stars out! The front of the building will be locked up, and I’ve opened windows to allow the fumes to vent outside, and there is a bathroom just inside. I have pillows and a big sleeping bag, the cooler with drinks and ice and water, and I even have music. I’m set!”

Harry laughs and shakes his head.

“You’re crazy!” he jokes.

“Been said before,” you nod. “I’ll be fine. Worse that could happen, I suppose, is…rain…or…fire in the building, but there is a fire escape off the back of the roof, and I have a phone if I need the police. It’s all good.”

Harry grins at you, then sits down on the sleeping bag.

“What are you doing?” you ask him.

“Am I not invited?” he chuckles. “Would be awfully lonely on this roof without company, wouldn’t it?”

You smile. “It would, yeah. Thanks.”

“Want to make sure you’re safe, love,” Harry says, sincerely. “Besides, It’ll be fun.”

“How about,” you smile, “if we go inside, clean up the mess, you can have the shower first, there’s still pizza if you’re hungry, and we’ll get this campout started?”

You offer your hand to Harry to help him up, and he stands in front of you and moves closer.

“I’m happy you’re back, babe,” Harry tells you, kissing your cheek sweetly, lingering for a moment, and still holding your hand.

You lean to him again and softly kiss his lips, feeling his other hand find the back of your head, holding your lips against his for a moment longer. You finally stand looking at each other and smile, as Harry speaks softly.

“Missed you more than you know.”

Cus honestly we could be happy

If first we taught these hearts to stand

But just so long as I need to need you

We’re two left feet going dancing

Just so long as, I need to need you

We’re two left feet going dancing

Okay so I spend so much time reading One Direction fanfic that I feel the need to organize all my best readings in this post and let here for reference. This probably will be so f*cking long cause I read most of the ships. So here we go.

Honorable Mentions: 

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Things I learned from the PSAT:

Improve the thing                    

You can’t use a leash on a dolphin                                        

You see the Grand Canyon but you don’t SEE the Grand Canyon    

You actually DO need to know cursive in High School… huh.  

Slash on the Harry Potter fandom                                      

We aren’t suppose to talk about it but we are                      

No one appreciates Young Sensei’s calligraph        

Crimson leaves, falling              

Your daughter is a dog “Woof!”           

Jasmine is lucky                                      

bedazzle bedazzled bedazzling camels

BOSTON MAN                            

Make love to the rocks

Positive reinforcement is dehumanizing

If you’re sick tell a proctor so they can DESTROY your test

You can only be in PSAT Fandom if you sell more candy than the 2nd graders

Long Live Form W