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  • Lily: Why is this the first I'm hearing about this?
  • James: I thought I told you.
  • Lily: When?
  • James: Remember when you were half asleep and listening to the wireless and Harry was down for the night, and I said, real low, "hey, Lily. I'm going to break into Malfoy Manor. You want something to eat?" And you were like, "what?" and I was like, "you want something to eat?" And you said, "sure." And I got you an oatmeal cookie? Remember?

That mini panic attack you have when your youngest adoptive son comes to visit you while your oldest son is already there and you know they are having a feud

  • Tina: Percy, keep an eye on Newt today. He's going to say something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
  • Graves: Sure, I'd love to see Newt get punched.
  • Tina: Try again.
  • Graves: I will stop Newt from getting punched.
  • Tina: Correct.