harry blythe

“Hi.” Harry looked straight at him with the overly-focussed gaze of the alcoholically augmented. “Wanna come out?”

“No, you fucking idiot, I do not.” Draco pulled him in; Harry’s wet shoes squeaked on the hardwood. It was bucketing down outside, being London in the springtime. “Even if it weren’t midnight, it’s revolting outside and you hardly look like you’re capable of standing upright, let alone being charming company.”

“Hi,” Harry said again, and wrapped his arms around Draco, hugging him with a little sigh.

Draco stood very still. Harry’s hair was wet-spiky and cold against Draco’s cheek.

“Alright,” said Draco quietly.
—  Adjournment by blythely

Japan Haul 3/3 - Everything Else

1. Yuko Higuchi books and plate from an exhibition in Osaka.
2. Loot from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The whole place was awesome.
3 + 4. Studio Ghibli merchandise from the museum and bento box from Donki.
5. A few things from Alice on Wednesday. I’m a sucker for Alice stuff.
6. 100 yen store buys. It’s the perfect place to buy crap you don’t need.
7. Various prints from Shinjuku Marui.
8. Bits and bobs from Swimmer, gashapon, and claw machines.
9. I kept calm at Disney Land, but the Disney Sea mascots were too cute to pass up on.
10. Some Blythe things from Dolly Teria. The Neo needs a little TLC, but I don’t mind playing Doctor.

My dash is lonely and cold.

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  • Anne of Green Gables 
  • Little Women
  • Once Upon A Time (Captain Swan esp.)
  • Harry Potter
  • The X-Files
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  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • North & South
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  • Terra Nova

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