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You know how we say things usually make sense later? I think they're doing that with Louis talking about E and how some of his songs are about her.If they break up tomorrow and in three months or more we'll get a song about green eyes and long chocolate locks it'll be so easy to link it to her.Look at what happened with Two Ghosts. Harry sings about blue eyes and red lips and they link it to a relationship that died years ago.

Ok so after watching this whole “album is about my girlfriend” thing unfold, I am very certain that a song on louis’ album has to do with matching tattoos and it would be too obviously not about E. that’s why such a personal tattoo is on a random spot - it’s where all the paps can see it. His other personal tattoos are up his arms and he sometimes covers them but it doesn’t matter because they’re not for the public. The E is.

they’re planting the seeds (pretend i never said seed) and they’ll reap them later when louis’ album inevitably turns out to be the gayest thing since last bread


Two Ghosts 

                    –Harry Styles

Imagine meeting Draco in the library at night.
You would’ve spent your evening re-reading one of your favourite books, but being you, you didn’t notice how fast time had passed by. So it was already dark outside, the castle went silent and it was only you and the glow of the little lamp, pouring yellow light over the pages of your book.
You’d get up with a sigh, to bring your book back to the shelf, when suddenly someone’s hand rests on yours and forces you to put the book down again.
Surprised you’d turn around, finding yourself looking into piercing blue eyes, gleaming like pure water in the dimmed light and feeling his warm breath stroking your cheek.
“Still awake, little bookworm?”

(Dream scenario for a friend of mine, hope you enjoy)