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Taron: … He kind of sort of got me through it, really. He’s just always there to lend support, some advice. Colin just has been a really good friend, yeah. He’s a.. he’s a cracking fella. :) God, he’s going to watch this, isn’t he? :D


Malec Appreciation Week Day 1 - Favorite Magnus Moment

I’m not talking to you. 

Bonus: Alec’s Little Smirk and Shrug

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I dare you to share a something from a WIP if you have one (please pleaseee im so curious!!!)

I don’t usually publish my writing, like at all, but i actually like this part a lot so here you go. :) Oh, also context, this happens after Harry and Ginny go clubbing and Ginny kisses a woman for the first time. Harry’s very happy for her.

They walk in comfortable silence the rest of the way. Only, Ginny stops him before Harry can step into the apparition point. He comes to a halt and waits for her to talk.

“Do you ever…” she breaks off and huffs. “Have you ever felt like you could like someone, even if they aren’t, you know, a woman?”

Harry thinks about it. He remembers Cedric Diggory for some reason, his dark tussled hair and bright grey eyes. Ginny speaks up before he can say anything.

“Sorry. I knew it was stupid.” she says, rushed, and turns away from Harry. “I’m just tipsy. Let’s go.”

“Maybe.” Harry says instead.

“Maybe what?” Ginny looks back to Harry, clearly confused.

“Maybe I could like someone, even if they weren’t a woman.”


“Really.” Harry shrugs.

Ginny’s eyes widen, looking curious and a little hopeful.

“That’s cool,” she says after a breath.

“Is it?”

“I guess so. It was cool kissing Olivia.”

They stare at each other for a second and promptly burst out laughing. Harry doesn’t know what exactly they’ve learned about each other today, but it makes him feel lighter somehow. 

Caught up on The Magic in His Kiss by @heartsdesire456 and I love potions professor Magnus. I also cannot wait to see what happens with Simon. 

(Personally I’m rooting for Raphael, but Jace is really adorable???? So either way it will be amazing. I like this win-win situation <3 )

Movies for a blue night (in no significant order...okay, maybe a little)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Across the Universe

Stuck in Love

(500) Days of Summer

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

It’s kind of a funny story

The way, way back

Love, actually

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II

Easy A

10 Things I hate about you

Pitch Perfect

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Notting Hill

Adult World

The Grand Budapest Hotel

About a Boy

Big Fish

A Knight’s tale

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

The Breakfast Club

Silver Linings Playbook

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Bend it like Beckham


The holiday

A lot like love


Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The help

No Strings Attached


About time


Moonrise Kingdom

Catching Fire

The Fellowship of The Ring


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Just to change your and my mood ….look at louis in the mirror… Tiny son always up for some mischief 😍

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

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2015: the media & antis: Louis hates Harry! there's no friendship anymore! / Louis: *brings water bottles for him and Harry, cleans the way for Harry so he won't trip over anything, checks if Harry's not out of breath to help him out, brings mic stands for him and Harry* *exchanges clothes with Harry* *sings to Harry and vice versa* *makes sure nobody will hurt his baby*

2015 was the year of harry being louis’ baby


request:  Yo! You should do one where harry and y/n go out to karaoke (y/n is also a singer) and sing “endless love” (Harrys go to karaoke song but normally has no one to sing it with) as a joke but then once the end of the song comes by they have completely forgotten about everyone around them and in that moment fallen in love with each other.

hello loves! so this is absolutely crazy, ‘Dust’ got 200 notes within the first 12 hours of it being posted, which has never happened before! i love all of you and your kind words that you send me! anyways, keep sending in requests from this drabble list, or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Niall Horan is a hopeless romantic. Yes, he believe in love at first sight, even though he gets teased relentlessly about it. He wants everyone to find there true love. He hasn’t found that person yet, but he knows that shes out there. But when he sees two of his closest friends alone, knowing full well that they are perfect for each other, he knows exactly what to do.

You weren’t, exactly, a hopeless romantic. You believed in love, you believed in marriage, you believed in the attraction to someone, but you didn’t think love at first sight existed, you didn’t believe that there was one specific person in the world for you; you believed that you could fall in love with multiple people in your lifetime. Niall, being your best friend, wasn’t having any of that. He knew who your other half was. Coincidentally, Harry felt the same way as you. He never believed in love at first sight. But Niall knew that you two would change your minds as soon as you guys got into that special moment. 

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important detail

draco is taller than harry by a few inches as we all know
but he’s got super long legs so when they’re both sitting down he actually becomes shorter and uses this circumstance to nuzzle into harry’s neck whenever it’s possible
i just felt like y’all needed to know


Request from @beauty-kids: hi! im really in love with your imagines! Can i have one where Draco leaves the manor druing the war to get away from his parents and death eaters for some air, then he meets a girl and her little brother who are homeless from the war and he sneaks her into the manor. He starts liking her and stuffs but then Voldy finds her and her brother making her work for him!

yeah sure! sorry this has been a long time in the works, i’ve still got 24 to work through 😬 I hope you enjoy, this was fun to write :) Thank you for making a request :* I’m sorry if it went a bit off the plot, I didn’t really know how to go about the whole Voldy thing lol I tried my best! But ugh, I’m so sorry for the ending, I had no idea how to end this 

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