harry being a little shit

Tom Holland dating reader who is the same age as Sam and Harry

° Tom would be overprotective of her

° Same thing for Harrison

° reader and the twins instantly clicking cause they’re the same age

° Spending times with the twins

° Sam teaching you how to play the Piano

° Tom would be jealous but he won’t admit it

° The twins teasing you and Tom ALL THE FUCKIN’ TIME

° Especially Harry cause he’s an asshole

° Tom thinks your relationship is so cute

° Helping the twins with their homework

° Study nights with the twins

° You would sit on the bed, Sam on the desk and Harry would be on the floor

° Tom barging into the room to annoy the shit out of you

° “ Babe come and cuddle with me”

° “ Tom we have a fuckin’ exam tomorrow”

° “ But I wanna cuddle with you”

° Sam laughing quietly cause his older brother looks like a baby waiting to be cuddled and appreciated 😂

° Harry rolling his eyes cause Tom is acting like a damn fuckin’ child

° Tom ending up cuddling with you on the bed while you are all Studying

° Tom won’t stop talking

° “ wait I know the answer to this one”


° Tom giving you all the offended look

° Paddy loving you so much

° Harrison and the twins pranking you and Tom most of the time

° Nikki Snapping photos of you and Tom when you’re not aware

° Dom loving your sense of humour

° The Hollands attending your graduation with your family

( the boys are not in the same school as you because they probably go to a school for boys only like Tom)

° Tom crying during your speech

° Nikki / Harry capturing that moment

° The boys cheering for you when you’re handed your diploma

° Tom being so proud of his girl

° Harry taking photos of you both

° Having these photos framed and you take them with you to collage

° “I am going to miss you darling” (DARLING)

° “ You’re gonna make me cry”

° You both end up being a crying mess

° When you let go and walk away and he just can’t stop himself and runs after you


°"Babe I have to go “

° ” just one last kiss"

° He kisses you passionetly that you almost ALMOST back out from the collage thing just to stay with him 😍

° The Twins calling you to let you know that they have been accepted at the same Uni as you


° Tom would be a little relieved that the twins are gonna be with you

° Tom surprising you 😏😏😏

° You Help the boys with their bags

° “ What did you guys put in this bag?” you said when you saw Them carrying a big bag together

° “ Hey Y/N do you mind opening the bag and unpack our stuff? I really need to use the toilet”

° “ Yeah and I need to go get our schedules”

° “ kay!!”

° Harry being a sneeky little shit peaking from the toilet’s door to see your reaction

° Sam didn’t go to get their schedules he was just hiding somewhere 😂😂😂

° You opening the bag and Tom jumping out of it


°” Holy **** you scared the shit out of me"

° You guys hugging each other tightly

° Harry Snapping more pictures of you……as always

° Spending the night with tom at your dorm leaving the boys to unpack

° Harry keeps on complaining about how you and Tom should of helped Them unpack as a thank you for carrying Tom all the way there

° “ I mean he was so bloody heavy”

° Sam rolling his eyes because he’s not that much of a complainer 😂😂😂

° Yours and Tom’s conversation be like “ But how did they let you through the airport in a bag?” “Darling they put me in the bag after we got out of the airport” “Oh”

°Tom laughing at you

° Blushing like crazy “stop laughing at me”

°" Sorry Princess" 😍

° “ But imagine if the security gaurds found your skeleton on the scanner” you wondering out loud with wide eyes imagining the situation

° Tom laughing AGAIN at your “imagining face”

° “ Aaah darling you’re really one of a kind”

°Him kissing your forehead

° Sleeping in each other’s arms not caring what your dorm mate thinks

° ALL of you Facetime-ing Nikki, Dom and Paddy from the boys’ room

° Having fun with the guys till the end of the week

° Tom whining about Having to go back and leave

° “ Don’t worry Babe I have Harry and Sam to look after me”

° “ I know darling I just want to be with you all the time”


° You and Tom managing to get over the difficulties of a long distance relationship

°Harry and Sam scaring away any guy who tries to make a move on you 😂😂😂

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Imagine Sirius enjoying to make you blush by calling you “Kitten”.
You were sitting in the great hall for breakfast. Still beyond tired, you grabbed your mug like you’d fall over the second you’d let go. That was until a certain someone slid on the seat next to you. 
“Morning, Kitten. Had a long night?”. He grinned at you cheerfully, but when he noticed how your head snapped in his direction, a puzzled look crossed his face. “Y/N? Are you okay?”
“I uh.. yeah sure”, you croaked out, wide awake now, trying anything to prevent him from seeing the blush that was creeping across your cheeks.
Pursing his lips, while looking at you, you were certain that he knew what was up, but he still couldn’t resist to tease you a bit further.
“I don’t know, Kitten. You don’t look too well. Want me to bring you back to the dorms?”, he said, while placing a hand on your shoulder.
“I’m.. I.. Thank you.. I think I can.. I can make it alone though”
You were cursing yourself for the effect his words had on you, not that you didn’t already try to put yourself together when he was around, but the nickname literally gave you the rest.
Sirius however enjoyed the way your eyes tried to avoid him while a soft shade of pink caressed your face. He was trying to make a move on you since what felt like forever, while you seemed to not even notice the efford he was putting in trying to get closer to you.
Be it the energy from his decent night’s sleep just a few minutes ago, or the fact that you finally showed some affection towards him, he decided to get a bit more forward with you from on.
Placing his larger hand on top of yours, he lifted his other hand to your face, forcing you to look at him.
“You know, the more I think about it.. I think you should better stay, Kitten

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what are your favorite drabbles you've ever done ?


something about harry being nervous to meet your extended family

something about harry fucking you so rough you can barely get up the next morning and he’s a smug little shit about it

something about harry being tired and pouty and begging you to fuck him

something about harry tasting himself after he’s through with you

something about harry having too much fun tempting you throughout the day

something about post-shower fucking and a wiggling butterfly tattoo

something about smug face-riding and cheeky spanking 

something about hades!harry seeing the missus homesick and having his get-well gift backfire on him

something about pegging dominant harry

something about harry’s two favorite girls being sick, almost pancaking a Camaro, and 3 flavors of Tylenol

something about post-shower harry in those red Hawaiian pajamas, smelling like the sex you can’t have

something about niall coming out (but not really?), a pretty boy in a dad shirt, and a mistaken identity

something about a morning blowy, goat bleating, and contemplating death-by-yogurt 

something about running late for a plane and accidentally dropping some not-so-precious cargo

something about soft sex and Harry crying

something about a high school reunion and some dirty vengeance

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What is/are your favorite Haylor moment/s ?

I have loads, so get ready

I love everything about 2014 AMA’s. From his freaking whistle

to him literally staring intensively in her direction

to her pointing at him during Blank space and singing along to their performance

2014 AMA’s was the best time for us, nothing will ever top that. Okay moving on to their iconic date in Central park. I love that little moment when Taylor accidentally hurts Harry while putting down Lux and he’s making a fuss cause he’s a needy little baby

I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Harry’s face when she’s mentioned. Like this interview

or this one where James is literally messing with him

or when the first thing that came to his mind when a fan’s name was Taylor was Taylor freaking Swift

Harry getting asked what he thinks of 1989 and trying to be cool about it like he didn’t listen to it a million times during release week

Okay next category could easily be named Haylor watching each other. Like the good old moment at the Brits 2013 when he literally licked his lips watching her slay his life with that hot black dress

Or the classic moment at the 2012 Jingle ball where they were present for each other’s performances and Harry certainly enjoyed little show Taylor put for him during Trouble

and Taylor watching her boyfriend performing One thing and having fun like a little fangirl

From the recent ones I really liked a little moment during 2015 BBMA’s when they boys were being introduced to the stage and you can literally see her smile so big and starts clapping for them

When we’re at it the highlight of 2015 for me was definitely their January hangout, when they randomly met at friend’s birthday party {which led Harry to tweet Serendipity} and went to dinner afterwards.

Harry’s iconic 22 tweet

Don’t know if this counts as a haylor moment but Taylor liking this post about Harry’s mom

and gif of him talking about her songs

Also one of my favorite moments is her talking about him as that certain someone who floats in and out of your life and you feel like he might interrupt your wedding lol

Harry being a little shit and dming group of haylor shippers freaking out about Perfect

Also Harry being a little shit and enjoying the bootay whenever he could

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I guess that’s all, I might have missed something but these are the moments that came first to my mind. Hope you enjoyed the ride. xx

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Can you do a little something about our Harol with a really short girl? 😊

I received this ask less than an hour ago and I had to write it straight away because I can relate. This is just Harry being an annoying little shit. Enjoy.

Harry likes to think he has the patience of a saint. He has sat through his sister’s entirely too long graduation ceremony without falling asleep once; he has listened for hours and hours a repeat of the same demo of one song, trying to figure out what else he needed to add; he had even sat with Niall in a dull little hospital room for hours after he had too much to drink and hit his bad knee after jumping off a table.

Today, however, his patience was being tested.

“Babe,” He whined, clicking the power button of his phone to find that time still hadn’t moved any faster since he last checked ten seconds ago. “You looked gorgeous in the first fifty dresses, why can’t you just choose one so we can get out of here?”

“It was your idea to go shopping.” She reminded him, pulling the changing room curtain across the railing and stood with a pout, hands placed on each hip.

“Yeah, to buy the first dress you liked, not to try on every single dress they have to offer.” He said through a yawn, which she was sure was fake and was only done to emphasise his point. “What’s wrong with that one? I think it looks-”

“I look like a fucking tree stump.”

There was a short moment of silence, in which Harry rolled his lips together and tried with everything in him to not laugh; but when he pictured the image in his head, he couldn’t help the snort before a loud laugh boomed throughout the private changing room they were in.

“I’m sorry!” He continued to laugh, dodging the small cushion she threw at him. “‘m not laughing because I agree, ‘s just a funny imagery!”

She didn’t look even slightly impressed and it only made him laugh harder when her brows furrowed even more and her adorably hilarious serious face made an appearance.

“Harry the premiere is in two days and I’m still tiny with nothing to wear, stop laughing!” She stomped back into the cubicle and roughly pulled the curtain across, before throwing it out of the way again not even two seconds later. “Unzip me.”

Trying his best to stop the laughing fit, he got up with a cough and walked over to where she was standing.

“Stop getting so stressed about it.” He said, gently pulling the zip down the length of her back. “Doesn’t even matter how small you think you look, I think it’s adorable.” He shrugged.

“Adorable?” He braced himself for another outburst when he seen the look on her face, muttering a quiet ‘fuck’ under his breath when he realised he had said the wrong thing. “Great!” She threw her hands up, voice only slightly muffled when she stepped back behind the curtain. “Everyone else will be beautiful,” He could hear a hanger drop to the ground. “Gorgeous!” The sound she always made when she squeezed her skinnies on. “Stunning!” The zipper of her jeans. “Maybe even,” He jumped slightly when she came storming out of the cubicle unexpectedly. “Sexy!” She threw the dress at him and he quickly grabbed it with both hands, gingerly reaching down for the hanger. “But I’ll just be tiny,” She shoved her arms through her t-shirt. “Adorable.” and grunted when she pulled it over her head. “Little (y/n)!”

She huffed one final breath, before grabbing her bag and storming out of the changing area.

“Wait!” Harry called, after he set the dress back on the railing. “Where are you going?” He didn’t have to jog for very long after her. “What about the dress?”

“Are you still grumpy?” Harry bravely asked after a silent five minute car journey. He reached over the put the radio on as soon as he got in but the glare he got from the passenger seat suggested she wasn’t in the mood to be bopping along to Radio 1.

“I’m not grumpy.” She huffed.

“You’re a little bit of a grumpy bear.”

“Harry!” She rubbed her temples in frustration. “Keep calling me adorable and comparing me to a fucking grizzly bear and we won’t have sex for a month.”

“Woah, someone obviously didn’t get time for nap time toda-ow!” He screeched when she slapped his arm.

“You’re so annoying!” Her temper only increased when he started to laugh at how worked up she was getting. “I’m being serious, Harry! Consider yourself chaste for the next month!”

“As if you’d be able to resist me.” He snickered and she rolled her eyes. They continued to drive for a few minutes, before turning right into the entrance of their local Tesco. “Shit.” He muttered once he noticed the few paps that had been following him the entire day.

“I’ll go in by myself.” The flat tone in her voice made him want to laugh but he knew better than to annoy her further. “Get a few minutes of peace.” He snorted at that.

“You love me really.” He smirked, winking at her when she rolled her eyes and pushed the door open. “Oh, wait!” He called when the door was halfway closed.


“Pick up some condoms.”

His answer was a slammed door.

I need you to come in here.

What’s wrong?

I need help.

Are you ok?


I’m too small to do normal everyday things that every other human on this earth does.

What do you mean?

Where are you?

Do you need me to come in?

For God’s sake, Harry, I can’t reach the fucking condoms on the top shelf and if you come in here with so much as a smirk on your face, I will seriously break up with you.




I knew you couldn’t resist me. On my way darling dear xx

That time when Harry says ‘bruv’ in front of the rest of the spies and all of them are just like. ‘???’ and Eggsy is sort of trying not to die of laughter in his seat. 

“Eggsy has really rubbed off on you, hasn’t he?” Percival says, smiling teasingly as the rest chuckle. 

“In more ways than one, yes.” Harry retorts, a light smirk curling at his lips while Eggsy chokes because he wasn’t expecting that. 

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Girl we need to discuss a thing. Think about it. Don't you know...when Harry is in *that* mood..daddy, being a little shit. KNOWING the orgasm he can give you & your body is his. He's above you, constantly watching your face. Egging you on. Cocky smirk. Slight nodding of his head, smug AF. "Mhm...I know what spot it is, don't I, pet?" Your eyes wide when you look up at him & nod. His cock so relentless in his strokes. "Go on then, my sweet girl," Dimples pop. "Putty in m'hands, aren't yeh."

But the face he would make at you… that smirk, the one that’s so incredibly cocky it makes you want to slap him and fuck him all at the same time. The same smirk that falters when you pulse around him every time he hits the spot he’s talking about, the same smirk that disappears when his mouth falls open in awe as he watches your body positively shiver underneath him as he keeps ramming up into you - ramming, yes, cause every time he’d slow down his hips you’d ask him to go harder.

“That’s the spot, innit? Right here?” He asks you, mouth open when he watches your back arch and a tear run down your cheek, every sensation a bit too much but you welcome all of it. “Gonna cum, aren’t yeh? Can feel it… feel it on my cock.”

And all you can do is nod before gasping for breath, your nails digging into his bicep when he reaches between you and presses his fingers to your clit. “C’mon now, pet. Cum. Make a mess outta m’ cock, c’mon…”

And then he’s smirking again, watching you shut incoherent words mixed in with his name while your fingers almost rip the sheets when you fight against the intensity of your climax.

“Did good, didn’t I? Fucked yeh so good… ” He’d say with a that insufferable smirk and you whine, rolling your hips up. “Gonna make yeh cum again.”

And that is a ticket for another earth shattering orgasm, every single one he gives you paired with a cocky smile that let’s you know all the yelling and thrashing and moaning you’re doing are confirming to him something you already knew - only he can fuck you this good.

Drunk in Love

In which Harry is drunk and cuddly and you, being the wonderful girlfriend you are, are stuck taking care of him the whole night. 

A/N: Hello world!  Here it is: MY FIRST ONE SHOT! Kind of on the lengthy side, but give it a try?  I worked really hard on it and would love some response. Thank you! ~S

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Top 6 Narry moments 😍

Top six @permanentcross and stylesunchained moments, you mean? lol I’m joking. Here it is:

1. Harry being a little shit and making Niall swear on tv :)

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2. The “choreography” (which is mostly both of them being clumsy and weird af and I love it lmao)

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3. This hug <3

Originally posted by stylesharry

4. The “I’m trying to make you laugh” kiss:

Originally posted by narrymakesmeweak

5. Competitive Narry is the best Narry 

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6. The “I’ll say something naughty to make you bust out laughing” narry:

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Hot And Bothered

In which post-concert Harry is being a horny little shit and you have to deal with it all night.

A/N: Hello once again, my fellow thirsty Harry girls!  Sooo a backstory to this: I was at the OTRA Baltimore concert Saturday (Yep. I had to watch Drag Me Down live.  I had to hear Harry’s voice in the end with my own ears.).  How am I still alive, you ask?  Well, I’m barely hanging on to my life.  The post concert depression hasn’t gone away and basically all I want to do is lay on my couch and cry because GOD I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. So, as a result, I wrote this to maybe quench my thirst (but in reality it just made it so much worse).  Hope you enjoy!

Stay thirsty, my friends. x

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Narry sexual tension and flirtingL...

This took me ages but here  i go…..These are some of my favourite narry moments sexual tension/flirting/cute moments on stage. I’m gonna focus ‘on stage’ this time 👀😉

Remember Niall giving Harry flowers and waiting for a kiss…..Imagine 2015 Harry missing a chance like this lmao

Niall and Harry getting ready for a ‘chest bump’ is that the name? Anyway, Harry was ready but Niall had other ideas….he just wanted to hold Harry….relatable 😧

When the “narry serenading each other” was barely a thing.

Harry and Niall dancing to a song….or attempting to. This is one of my favourite moments tbh. Just them being idiots together….and the dance is…..ridiculous 😰

The beautiful moment when Niall is passing by and he gets distracted for a moment because he can’t stop staring at Harry…..ME TOO NEIL ME TOO 😍

A common thing: The boys trying to get their attention because they’re too distracted *cough* in love *cough*

Now that we’re talking about “distractions” what about those times Niall was being a little shit provoking horny Harry….everything was peachy 🍑

AAND don’t forget this one..

Remember that iconic moment when Niall’s bum actually touched Harry’s dick…..This is the nasty shit they were doing back then…I mean same Harry 👀🙊

The ballroom dancing night……One of the hottest moments ever. Niall was literally on top of him….remember the ‘Niall’s always on top", thank you Harry we finally understand. I C O N I C ❤👬👏

Harry checking Niall out. Niall loves the attention ❤

Speaking of checking out, Niall being a hoe because he knows Harry loves it. He’s looking at Harry making sure he notices when he looks at his dick. What was he trying to say? I think we all now tbh 👀🙊🍑😛

When it comes to narry the 'serenading’ is an important concept. These are Harry and Niall singing to each other #INVESTIGATEYOU&I 👀👀👀👀

Even more when this is clearly an inside joke 😉😉

I hate them 😧🙊👀

Harry telling Niall that he loves him deserves a mention because honestly I’m 10 years younger by just watching this precious, spontaneous moment 😭👬💔

Speaking of iconic moments we all talk about how Harry said he’d do Niall in front of thousands of people, in front of their own families, but we never pay attention to their individual reactions after that confession (because we all know Harry wasn’t kidding). When any other guy would freak out or be shocked after that Niall just out there flirting with Harry biting and then puckering his lips and I’m pretty sure he said he’d do Harry too but the mic didn’t catch that 👂

That was someone Harry clearly enjoyed..

Zayn noticing Niall and Harry dynamic. Niall trying to play it cool 

Zayn doesn’t fall for that

Zayn teases Niall about it and Niall becomes this nervous teenager with a crush 👀

*Niall and Harry harmonizing* *Harry looks at Niall*

*Niall fonding over Harry telling him to sing and laughing at him* *harry…..*

*Harry can’t stop smiling* *harry….nuts*

You know how we all talk about Harry loving Mullingar? Well in this case we’ll talk about Harry and Niall giving some love to Holmes Chappel. Niall out of nowhere talking about driving around Harry’s hometown.

I’m Zayn. Waiting for them to finish….

This is also another “we’re in our own bubble” moment. If you watch the video you can hear Louis telling them to introduce the fucking song already lmao.Harry was ready for the snogh though 😉❤👬👌

Not my gifs.

Let me be your good night.

This was written as part of my fic, Let Me Touch You Where Your Heart Aches (aka the Temporary Fix AU) and it was supposed to be a Bonus chapter, but I decided it didn’t fit. However, I think it would be nice to share it with y’all. Thanks to @roseandbee and @aslowmotionaccident for all the help. <3 

This is a drabble about how it all started. 

Warnings: Smut. Um… that’s it. There’s smut in there. 


“It doesn’t work like that!” Louis shrieked, reaching to snatch Harry’s controller from his hands. “You’re not supposed to just press a button consecutively and win the battle. It’s stupid and ruins the game.”

“You’re just saying that because I am winning!” Harry leaned as far away from Louis as possible, laying on the couch to avoid Louis, eyes focused on the screen across from them.

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Teacher Harry Headcannon AU

Harry teaching is my ultimate okay. Nerdy dorky 25 year old Harry who has seen so many of the horrors that the world has to offer going back to Hogwarts because it’s his home.

Teacher Harry who wears bobbly sweaters all year round with a crooked tie and comfortable suit trousers because why the shit would he wear robes?

Teacher Harry who gets REALLY SUPER INTO quidditch games and is constantly borrowing Luna’s lion hat

Teacher Harry being a smug little sassy shit to literally anyone who gave him shit.

Teacher Harry reading the quibbler upside down in the DADA classroom wearing Luna’s huge purple glasses over his own and knowing he looks mad a loving the look on the kids faces when they see him.

Teacher Harry who has tea with Neville and biscuits with McGonagall and talks about the postcard he got from his friends who are in Spain for a holiday.

Teacher Harry who lets Luna paint the ceiling of his class room because it has so many bad memories and he wants the room to mean learning and love of magic and he knows no better person to help him with that.

Teacher Harry who is just so relaxed in his calm, safe, normal life and has holidays with his girlfriend and his best friends and has dinners with Minerva and has to see Molly heaps and his biggest issue is keeping his hair under control.

Teacher Harry who is loved and respected, not for what he did, but because he’s just the best teacher ever okay I know he looks like a huge nerd but give him a chance.