harry being a little shit

Imagine Sirius enjoying to make you blush by calling you “Kitten”.
You were sitting in the great hall for breakfast. Still beyond tired, you grabbed your mug like you’d fall over the second you’d let go. That was until a certain someone slid on the seat next to you. 
“Morning, Kitten. Had a long night?”. He grinned at you cheerfully, but when he noticed how your head snapped in his direction, a puzzled look crossed his face. “Y/N? Are you okay?”
“I uh.. yeah sure”, you croaked out, wide awake now, trying anything to prevent him from seeing the blush that was creeping across your cheeks.
Pursing his lips, while looking at you, you were certain that he knew what was up, but he still couldn’t resist to tease you a bit further.
“I don’t know, Kitten. You don’t look too well. Want me to bring you back to the dorms?”, he said, while placing a hand on your shoulder.
“I’m.. I.. Thank you.. I think I can.. I can make it alone though”
You were cursing yourself for the effect his words had on you, not that you didn’t already try to put yourself together when he was around, but the nickname literally gave you the rest.
Sirius however enjoyed the way your eyes tried to avoid him while a soft shade of pink caressed your face. He was trying to make a move on you since what felt like forever, while you seemed to not even notice the efford he was putting in trying to get closer to you.
Be it the energy from his decent night’s sleep just a few minutes ago, or the fact that you finally showed some affection towards him, he decided to get a bit more forward with you from on.
Placing his larger hand on top of yours, he lifted his other hand to your face, forcing you to look at him.
“You know, the more I think about it.. I think you should better stay, Kitten

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Teacher Harry Headcannon AU

Harry teaching is my ultimate okay. Nerdy dorky 25 year old Harry who has seen so many of the horrors that the world has to offer going back to Hogwarts because it’s his home.

Teacher Harry who wears bobbly sweaters all year round with a crooked tie and comfortable suit trousers because why the shit would he wear robes?

Teacher Harry who gets REALLY SUPER INTO quidditch games and is constantly borrowing Luna’s lion hat

Teacher Harry being a smug little sassy shit to literally anyone who gave him shit.

Teacher Harry reading the quibbler upside down in the DADA classroom wearing Luna’s huge purple glasses over his own and knowing he looks mad a loving the look on the kids faces when they see him.

Teacher Harry who has tea with Neville and biscuits with McGonagall and talks about the postcard he got from his friends who are in Spain for a holiday.

Teacher Harry who lets Luna paint the ceiling of his class room because it has so many bad memories and he wants the room to mean learning and love of magic and he knows no better person to help him with that.

Teacher Harry who is just so relaxed in his calm, safe, normal life and has holidays with his girlfriend and his best friends and has dinners with Minerva and has to see Molly heaps and his biggest issue is keeping his hair under control.

Teacher Harry who is loved and respected, not for what he did, but because he’s just the best teacher ever okay I know he looks like a huge nerd but give him a chance.

That time when Harry says ‘bruv’ in front of the rest of the spies and all of them are just like. ‘???’ and Eggsy is sort of trying not to die of laughter in his seat. 

“Eggsy has really rubbed off on you, hasn’t he?” Percival says, smiling teasingly as the rest chuckle. 

“In more ways than one, yes.” Harry retorts, a light smirk curling at his lips while Eggsy chokes because he wasn’t expecting that. 

anonymous asked:

my thighs are so ticklish and i can just imagine Harry being the little shit he is taking advantage of that

okay adding onto the tickle fight; you’re attempting to wiggle out of his grip, you have tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard, he’s laughing and smiling so wide his face must hurt. you manage to get out “fuck you Harry!” through the laughter and then he stops and says “oi! I know ya don’t mean that, love.”

He’s straddling you, so you can’t really go anywhere at this point, and you’re cursing him for being so strong because his hands are both working at your thighs and waist and you STILL can’t manage to get free!

“Fuck you, Harry!”

He stops, feigning offense, and frowns.

“Oi! I know y’don’t mean that, love! S’not a very nice thing to say to your boyfriend.”

Still trying to catch your breath, you shake your head.

“Well you’re being very mean right now!”

“I’m bein’ mean? Was just tryin’ to get you to smile for me, love.”

“And this is the only way you could think to do it?”

He stops, thinking for a second, and then his entire body is covering yours and his mouth is on your neck and he’s leaving wet, sloppy kisses everywhere and blowing raspberries all over your skin, causing you to laugh even harder.

“S’this better?” he asks, voice mumbled.

“No!” you gasp, “Harry, stop! Please!”

He finally leans up - his hair wild and messy around his face - causing you to smile at his condition, despite your best efforts to pout at him. He grins, finally giving you a proper kiss.

“You’re smilin’ though,” he announces, “S’all I really wanted.”

He gives you one more poke in the ribs, causing you to squeal, before sitting up and drawing you to his body so he can cuddle you for real, watching for any movements from you that may suggest that you’re plotting your revenge…

P.S: Every time people send me tickle-related blurbs, I feel it necessary to dedicate them to @trulymadlysydney. This one’s for you, Syd! <3

Hot And Bothered

In which post-concert Harry is being a horny little shit and you have to deal with it all night.

A/N: Hello once again, my fellow thirsty Harry girls!  Sooo a backstory to this: I was at the OTRA Baltimore concert Saturday (Yep. I had to watch Drag Me Down live.  I had to hear Harry’s voice in the end with my own ears.).  How am I still alive, you ask?  Well, I’m barely hanging on to my life.  The post concert depression hasn’t gone away and basically all I want to do is lay on my couch and cry because GOD I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. So, as a result, I wrote this to maybe quench my thirst (but in reality it just made it so much worse).  Hope you enjoy!

Stay thirsty, my friends. x

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Slytherin Harry/Drarry

-Imagine if Harry was raised by Sirius his entire life because Voldemort’s killing curse bounced off Harry and ended up killing Voldemort instead
-Imagine Harry acquiring both his fathers’s and godfather’s skill in being a cheeky little shit.
-imagine Harry knowing that he was a big deal and accepting it, not being totally arrogant but still knowing how to get his way with people
-imagine Harry being sorted into slytherin because there was no denying his mischievousness
-imagine Harry constantly flirting and playfully annoying Draco
-imagine Harry still being best friends with Hermione and Ron but having a kind of friendship/100% sexual tension with Draco
-Draco tries to ignore it and bully Harry but Harry always replies either by flirting or with an innuendo that Draco doesn’t know how to reply to
-Draco always looks away and blushes rather than reciprocate the dirty minded flirting but deep down he wants to suck Harry off so fucking bad
-one day they’re studying together and Draco just gives in and shoves Harry against the wall kissing him to make him shut the hell up
-from that moment on the rest of the house gets used to putting up silencing charms every night
-imagine them always being late to class with their ties loosened and messy hair
-fights full of pulling at their own hair and screaming at eachother but they refuse to walk away
-the fight always ends in something along the lines of “I just don’t want to lose you” and kisses full of apologies and they just can’t get close enough to each other
-Harry being the one to propose
-“Draco Malfoy, will you do me the honor of marrying me so that I will never, ever have to lose you?”

these two together? they’re a nightmare.

inspired by this post. Young!Harry and Eggsy being rebel little shits (and making Arthur’s life a hell)

Baking for the first time in forever and all I can think of is Harry being a smug little shit and watching me with a raised eyebrow while saying, “ Yeh sure you’re doin it right, pet? I can help yeh, used t'be a baker yeh know.”

Okay but Harry Hart being insanely good with Daisy. 

Harry Hart singing to a baby Daisy so she can fall asleep and then continue holding her until he falls asleep with her on his chest. 

Harry Hart having tea parties with four-year-old Daisy complete with tutus and tiaras and being smacked when he breaks the made up rules of tea parties. 

Harry Hart allowing an older Daisy to paint his nails and completely owning it when he went out on missions. 

Harry Hart letting Daisy stand on his feet as he waltzes her around the living room. 

Harry Hart sitting on the ground in pajamas next to Daisy while they marathon every single Disney movie in existence. 

Harry Hart calling while on a mission because Daisy refuses to go to bed until he says good night. (And like he always says “Sweet dreams, my little flower” or some shit.)

Harry Hart being able to braid Daisy’s hair and letting her mess with his curls while he works on paperwork. 

Harry Hart being amazing with Eggy’s little sister!

It had never been a secret that Eggsy had an absolutely filthy mouth. From the moment he was old enough to get away with saying ‘bad words’, he did. Although managing to clean up his language around adults when the situation called for it, and perfectly capable of articulating his emotions in more polite terms, nothing felt quite as good as unloading a heaping train of curse words.

To be honest, that would never change. And were Harry or Merlin to compile a video montage of all the times Eggsy had been captured cursing a blue streak on his glasses feed, the span of his employment at Kingsman alone would span a solid twenty six days without stopping.

Eggsy’s mouth did, however, manage to get away from him at times. Especially when running down hallways away from people firing guns at him, when half the building was on fire, and the whole of the underground concourse rigged to explode at the push of a button. (That one was particularly impressive, and several of the agents who had been working on connected missions congratulated him on both a job well done and his ability to yell obscenities at people who already had plenty of incentive to want him dead while not actually dying.)

The soft words muttered under his breath had to be Harry’s coveted favourites. When Eggsy spilled hot tea on his pant leg because his pug went tearing under his feet. The first time he had seen Harry alive and promptly walked into an antique end table. Realizing the kitchens had made his favourite pastries and was marvelling at the taste while trying not to moan.

Sparring with his ex-protege was always an experience, however. No matter how many times Eggsy would believe he had beat him, the younger man always ended up flat on his back on the mat, and Harry could never quite figure out why. After a rather outstanding sequence that landed Eggsy, once again, on his back, with Harry on his knees over his waist pinning him down, he managed to deduce the answer. It was, in short, half-lidded eyes and heavy breathing and bitten off groans and a softly whispered “Harry, fuck.” If Harry could sum his sparring partner up in a single word, it would be debauched.

“Not now, Eggsy, there are cameras. Remember, a gentleman never boasts.”

Although they would have to discuss how to proceed, the look on the blond’s face had been entirely worth it.

(Eggsy’s train of incoherent muttering interlinked with excessive use of expletives quickly became his favourite things to hear.)

idc what jk rowling says about draco malfoy i’ll always love him tbh and not because “we girls like to romanticize bad characters” as rowling said but just because. i don’t want him to become harry’s bestfriend or stop being the little sassy shit that he is, i’m not romanticizing a flying fuck i just love him for who he is and it’s actually sad when an author can’t come to appreciate fully one of his/her characters

honeymilkharry  asked:

I know how much we both love Harry being a little shit so PLEASE DO ME THE FAVOUR and write situations in which Harry is a teasingly cheeky Little shit :) I NEED IT PLEASE hahaha Xx


-Harry being a little shit in the mornings. Waking up super early and trying to wake you up, knowing how much you like to sleep in.  Yanking the pillow from under your head and hitting you with it.  Singing loudly and off-key, plopping down right on top of you, leaving sloppy and wet kisses all over your face and maybe squeezing at your sides a little, saying, “WAKE UPPPP, BUG!”

-Saying something seemingly innocent, but totally sexually charged around your parents.  “Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Poor y/n here had to deal with me all night long, m’afraid.”  To which your mother would reply, “Oh no, were you sick?”  And he’d say, “Well,  I think it was something I ate.  Don’t you think, babe?”  To which you’d blush and focus your eyes aggressively on the meal in front of yo and nod.  And then he’d continue, “Yeah.  Might’ve been the sticky bun I ate after dinner.” You’d nearly choke on your food, but he’d continue.  “Bit too sticky, I think. But it was delicious.  I’d eat it every night if I could.”

-When he’s drunk?  That’s when he’s the worst of all.  Clingy, giggly, warm, and constantly whispering in your ear what he’s going to do to you when you get home.  He’d make you take shot after shot, and then kiss you afterwards, giggling out that you “taste like tequila.”  He’d also want to do body shots off your tummy, and he’d let his tongue dip a little too low when no one’s paying attention.  He’d have his hand on your thigh constantly, too, creeping dangerously higher with every passing minute.  And he’d squeeze it every now and then, reminding you that he hasn’t forgotten about his promise to make you scream when he gets you home.

-Whatever you do, DON’T watch a scary movie with him. He’d grab you and shout at the most suspenseful parts, and it would startle you EVERY TIME without fail.  And then he’d giggle every time without fail.  It would also be impossible to get through a whole film without his commentary.  “Is he cheating on her?  I hope the ghost kicks his ass.”  “Listen, babe… it’s sad and all, but honestly, if she was dumb enough to go down into the basement in the first place, maybe she deserved it.”  “NOT THE DOG! CHRIST, WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO THOSE FUCKIN’ BASTARD GHOSTS?” “Okay but why don’t they just move out of the house?”  “I know its far fetched but hear me out….. these aren’t ghosts at all……. they’re aliens.”

-Tickles.  Literally all the fucking time.  The minute he finds out you’re ticklish, you’re done for, so you’d better hope you can learn to tolerate it if you can’t already.  He’d tickle you whenever he could.  There would be,  “Haven’t heard your laugh in a while” tickles,  “Oh you think thats funny?  I’ll give you something to laugh about” tickles, “You disagree with me?  Lets see if that opinion changes when I do this” tickles, “Just because I’m a little shit” tickles, “You don’t want to go get me a glass of water?  Are you suuuure?” tickles, “We’re in public and have to be quiet” tickles, etc.  And the whole time he’d be a teasing little shit too, like, “What’s wrong babe?  Why’re you laughin’ so hard?” or “Awww listen to that snort” or “I’ll stop as soon as you stop laughing, babe!” But the minute you turn on him and try to tickle him back?  Forget it.  He’s giggling like a little boy before your fingers even touch him. 

-Doing sexy things and faking innocence.  You’d bend over to pick something up and he’d slap your butt.  And then when you shot him a dirty look, he’d only grin and say, “Don’t act like you don’t love that, you kinky little shit.  You seemed to enjoy it last night, at least.”  Or referring to himself as “daddy” when you’re in public.  Like maybe at the store, he’d lean close to you and whisper, “Stay close to daddy now.  Don’t want you getting lost.”

-SURPRISE VISITS TO YOUR WORK.  LIKE ALL THE TIME. Maybe one day he’d be sending you some very provocative texts and pictures, and then out of NOWHERE he’d show up to your work.  Grinning, holding a little paper bag in his hand.  He’d take pictures with a few customers and walk right up to you.  Of course, he’d be wearing your favorite shirt and some DELICIOUSLY  tight pants that you’d literally just want to rip off.  He’d greet you with an innocent, “Hi, baby.  Thought you might be hungry so I brought you lunch.  You look nice!” He’d lean in and kiss your neck, his lips innocently grazing your ear as he’d whisper, “You must be drippin’ for me.  I could smell you the minute I walked in the door.”  He’d pull away and say, loud enough for people to hear, “You smell nice!” Everyone would assume he’d be talking about your perfume, but you’d both know better. 

-We can all agree that Harry seems like the type of person who’s body is naturally like a furnace, yeah?  So one hot summer night, you’d be falling asleep and he’d lazily roll over and pull you into him.  Which would be nice at first. But after about 5 minutes, you’d start getting super hot.  So you’d complain, “Harry I love you but it is too hot for this.”  And he’d only giggle, and say, “What’s that?  You’re cold?  Let me warm you up then.”  And he’d full on lay on top of you, wrapping you up in his arms so you couldn’t move and giggling whenever you let slews of curse words and mean names escape your lips.