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“But seriously, what are you wearing.”

Still drawing some of these per requests, and this one may or may not have gotten out of hand. @okumurachild-satan, I’m so sorry your ask got turned into drarry, ack!

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I, unlike most of you, are never fooled by the public image of these royals. Of course they must be nice, shake hands, be lovely. I don't fall for that crap because at the end of the day they are humans, All that pretty fairy dust presentation they put on is an act. These are wealthy people, put on a pedestal, people are bowing down to them (literally), They don't have to work their asses off and pay bills. After a few years, superiority can go to ones head. Harry, Kate,William. They're all fake

You lost me at “unlike most of you.” I’d advise you don’t criticise other people for being put on a pedestal and acting superior when you’re putting yourself on a pedestal and acting superior.

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Have you heard some of the new quotes from Prince Harry in some magazine? Do you think that maybe they're too candid or damaging?

I wouldn’t say candid. I would say arrogant and inconsiderate. I’ve given him a lot of leeway in the past when he’s said insensitive things because sometimes people’s words get misconstrued. But he really needs to start thinking before he opens his mouth

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Someone may have done this already, but I'd love to see a "Harry doing the tongue-biting thing" master post.

Oh the tongue biting… he does it a lot doesn’t he?

But it’s not new, he’s been doing it since he was a cute little cherub

And it’s even more painful when he does it along with the smug look™

And he knows the wrecking effect it has on us, so he even does it on purpose…

Honestly I can’t believe we have to deal with this teaser

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I think that Harry says the truth about nobody wanting to be King : it means the death of Queen Elisabeth, I have the impression that William doesn't like his job. The younger royals can work more but they don't, I think it will be hard for them to manage the same number of engagement of current senior royal

If that’s what he had said- as Charles has in the past- then that would have been fine. But he didn’t. And he spoke on behalf of people who he has no right to speak for. And to be honest I agree with them that the Royal approach of pumping out hundreds of engagements with no impact isn’t the way to do this

  • Cooper Lawrence: I love how your fans love to speculate about every single syllable, everything you've written like, sweet creature, so i don't know if you saw this but this is my favorite thing. So all over twitter and social, they're sure that it's not about a girl, it's about Louis and that, you know, especially like two hearts in one home, it's hard when we argue, we're both stubborn, they're sure that that's about your relationship with Louis Tomlinson, is it?
  • Harry: I mean.... i think... umm... *makes uncomfortable noises*... i mean... i think everyone... people are always gonna speculate about what songs are about, um, and i don't think i'd ever want to tell someone that they're wrong, um, for feeling how they feel about songs even when they're not necessarily right. I think, you know, i think the fun thing in music is you get to, you get to write a song and that's all that you want to say on it and you don't necessarily have to explain it much more than that. But i think if you really listen to the lyrics i think you can work out whether it's about that or not and i'd lean towards no.

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I solemnly challenge you to complete the song. "Somebody once told me/ The world already known me/ Just because both of my parents are dead. I was looking kind of dumb/ with my finger and my thumb/ pressing my lightning scar on my forehead."


(Well, the spells start coming and they don’t stop coming,
Death eaters came, so I better start running,
When does this Chosen One stuff get fun?
I got a wand, wish I had a gun.

So much to do, so much to see,
But not down on Knockturn Alley.
Malfoy’s here, think I gotta go.
That kid is up to something bad, you know.

Hey, now, you’re a wizard, Harry Potter, and so
Hey, now, you’re a saviour, beat the Dark Lord, gotta go
Your spells won’t win you the gold
Drink the felicis, do what you’re to-o-old.)

Apparently there’s a theory saying that Crookshanks was the Potters’ cat? So family selfie portrait time!