All I Need Is You

All I Need Is You- Harry Styles One Shot [Requested]

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Hiii babe. Just wanted to wish you a very, very happy birthday. Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you. Have got a whole day of interviews, so I’ll call you later tonight. I Love you.

H .xx

You re-read the text message for what seemed like the tenth time since he had sent it earlier that morning. With the band back on tour, late night phone calls and scarce texts throughout the day were the only ways to stay in contact with him.

When he was gone, nothing felt quite the same. The apartment felt much too empty; his mug sitting on the counter untouched, his side of the closet a little emptier, and the bed felt cold at night.

You never made it a point to remind him about that though, because you knew it was hard on him too. Since you moved in with him, Harry couldn’t help the slight sense of guilt he felt whenever he had to leave you alone for such long periods of time.

He missed how you would always take up most of the bed and how he’d have to fight you for the covers in the middle of the night. The late night dinners on the living room floor, the lazy morning showers you would take together, all of it. When he had arrived at the first tour location and found the t-shirt you had snuck into his suitcase sprayed with his favorite perfume that you owned, he almost lost it. Being alone wasn’t his strong point.

“I am just a bit under the weather,” he confessed, looking away from his phone screen while you Skyped. The hotel bed not doing wonders for his sore back. “I love it here, do not get me wrong. It is beautiful, babe. I wish you could be here to see it. It’s just….I don’t know.”

Frowning, you lowered the volume of the television as you adjusted the laptop over your lap. “Are you feeling all right? Getting enough sleep?”

He nodded, running a hand through his hair. “It’s not that.”

“Then what is it?” Your heart broke as you noticed his desolate expression. His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Harry shrugged, not saying a word. He missed you more than he thought he would and it was proving to take a toll on him as the days slowly ticked by.

“Harry, please look at me.” You begged. You wanted to wrap your arms tightly around him and just hold him. Brush his hair back like you knew he liked it. “I do not know what to do,” your tone was desperate as you tried to find the words to try to fix him. “Tell me what I can do.”

“I need you,” he finally whispered. A simple confession that you painfully related to and it almost broke your heart.  

That video call a couple days back had nearly brought you to tears. The stress of the tour, the many flights, it was all still overwhelming for him and you knew that. Your busy schedule at Uni and late night shifts at work didn’t help either.

Today was different though because after almost two months of not seeing each other, he had managed to go back to London for a whole weekend to be there for you on your special day.

It had all been planned in secret with the help of your best friend and his managers clearing the schedule to make it happen.  

All day, he had been trying his hardest to avoid any type of contact with you. Your best friend had been quite vocal about not ruining the surprise and if there was anyone that would do that, it was him. Anything could slip out, so he decided to play it safe.

The long plane ride back had helped, so as soon as he landed he called her to make sure everything was still going according to plan.

“She doesn’t know, does she?”

Your friend scoffed as she stood outside the restaurant everyone had gathered at for your birthday dinner. “Who do you think you are speaking to, Styles? I am a stealth master, of course she doesn’t know.”

He laughed, shaking his head as he switched lanes on the road. “I guess that’s true.”

“Speaking of surprises, I should probably go back inside before she suspects anything. One can only ‘excuse themselves to the restroom’ for so long before some concern arises. Are you nearby?”

“Yeah, a couple minutes away actually,” his grip tightened on the steering wheel with anticipation, the restaurant visible only a couple blocks ahead. “Don’t worry, I can handle it from here. Thank you again, for helping me with all of this. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, love.”


A lot of your friends from Uni and work had come together for dinner tonight and you couldn’t have been more grateful. A four course meal and a generous amount of drinks had you in a blissful mood. There was no other way you would have liked to spend it on this chilly night in London than with such a loving crowd of people.

Well, there was one person missing, your subconscious chimed in.

You brushed the reminder away though, not wanting to spoil the evening. Only a month to go before you would see him. It was okay.

Wrapping your tan coloured sweater (xxx) more tightly around your body, your fingers mindlessly traced his cross necklace that you always wore when he was gone.

“To keep you safe,” Harry had said as he clasped it around your neck the day he left. “And to remind you that I am here with you, always.”

Clearing your throat, you straightened up in your seat as you took another bite of the delicious pie.

“Cheers to the birthday girl, eh?” One of your co-workers raised her glass, grinning over at you. “May you have many more years and I hope we can celebrate every single one of them with you, doll.”

Setting your fork down, you smiled over at her before wiping your mouth with your napkin, mouthing a thank you and blowing her a kiss. Everyone else chimed in with the cheers as your best friend came back, her cheeks flushed as she sat back down just in time to raise her glass as well.

Just then, you felt a light tap on your shoulder. Turning around on your seat, you noticed your waiter smiling, holding up the check.

 “I just wanted to let you know that someone already took care of your tab,” he announced, placing the paid for receipt on the table.

Your eyes widened at the news.


“Thanks mate,” your friend shot him a look before a look of recognition crossed his features. With one last nod, he bashfully congratulated you and walked off.

Turning back on your seat to face her, you raised your eyebrow. “What is going on?”

“I know there is one man missing from all of this,” she began. “And we also know how much you miss him, so he wanted to do this for you since he couldn’t join us for dinner.”

The tightening sensation returned in your chest. “Harry paid for it?”

Even if you would have known about it, you knew there was absolutely no way you could have stopped it. If there was one thing he liked doing, it was giving you things. Especially little details like this one. You weren’t in the relationship for that though, you were in it for him. The man who liked to have his hair played with as you two lied in bed together or while watching a film. The one who always tried to help out when you cooked but almost managed to almost burn the kitchen down each time. The one who stayed up late at night, just holding you, while you studied for an exam.

Harry was more than just fame and fortune; publicized qualities that constantly misinterpreted his real character. He was someone that would give you everything he had before taking any for himself.

“It was a surprise,” smiling, she wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “You know how he is, he insisted when we spoke on the phone a while back. It was all part of his gift to you I believe.”

On the phone? “Wait, what-“

“Oh!” Before you could question the situation any further, she was already out of her seat. “We should get a photograph of everyone! I am not leaving this place until we document everything and I get the recipe for the pie we ordered because that was delicious.”

Laughing slightly, you playfully rolled your eyes. She had been one of the first individuals you had met when you moved to London for school and you loved her with all your heart. Wild personality and all. Pulling out your cell phone again, you unlocked the screen and checked the time. It was much too late to call Harry where he was at the moment, so you would save that for the morning.

“Hi- hello, sir?” You heard her call to someone behind you. “Would you mind snapping a quick photograph of my mates and I? Trying to get a proper birthday shot with everyone in it.”

“Sure,” a male’s voice responded from behind you, your fingers freezing in the middle of composing a text message as you recognized the strong English accent. “Mind if I get one of the birthday girl first though?”

Harry grinned, taking the camera from her hands and standing in front of your table. “Smile on three or after I count to three?”

“Oh my God-“a choked laugh escaped your lips as you covered your mouth with one hand, your eyes already watering.

It felt unreal. To see him standing no more than three feet in front of you, the smile you fell in love with brightening the whole room. He was here. He was actually here.

“Surprise!” Your best friend exclaimed as everyone else in the table clapped to a plan perfectly executed. “You have got no idea how hard it was to sneak this one halfway across the world without you finding out.”

Not realizing it was happening, you felt warm tears trail down your cheeks, still not able to even form a coherent sentence. It felt almost like a dream after not seeing him for such a long time to have him right here.

“Aw baby,” he chuckled as he set the camera down on the table. “Don’t cry, love. Come here.”

You bolted out of your seat so quickly that the chair fell back but you did not care as you practically ran to the other side of the table.

Harry opened his arm wide before you crashed against his chest, your fingers quickly clutching the fabric of his black leather jacket (xxx) as his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. Picking you up, your legs wrapped around his waist.

You did not even care anymore as your light tears turned into full on sobs of pure happiness. One of his hands went up to hold your head against the curve of his neck while his other arm held your body up.

In that moment, Harry felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of his shoulders. The scent he had grown so used to being around, the body that molded perfectly against his, it was all here.

You pulled back to get a good look at him. His disheveled brown curls, a little bit longer now. The spark was back in his beautiful green eyes and his smile did not falter, the dimples on his cheeks quite noticeable.

“I missed you,” he whispered, only for you to hear as he wiped his thumb under your eyes, clearing the moisture. He only had to inch his face slightly forward up to have his mouth barely brushing yours. “I missed you so much. I love you with all my heart, you know that right? You look so beautiful every single time I see you.”

“I love you,” you cried against his lips, holding his face with both hands as you pressed your lips against his. “I love you,” you repeated between kisses. “So much, Harry.”

He grinned against your lips, pulling you back to press his warm lips against yours once again. The kiss was slow and full of longing, almost as if everything you had felt during his absence was manifested there and you wanted to kiss it away.

“All right you two,” one of your friends said, shaking her head as she smiled at the two of you. “Save that for tonight before you give us all a free show.”

“Do you hear that?” Harry whispered in the darkness of the bedroom of your apartment. “It’s raining.”

You barely lifted your head from his warm chest to glance over at window. It was dark outside, but the slight illumination from a lamp post allowed you to see the raindrops continuously falling down.

“Yeah,” you whispered, staring out the window. The noise of the droplets hitting the glass creating a very calming sound throughout the room. “It is.”

For a couple seconds, you both enjoyed the almost rhythmic pattern of it from the comfort of the bed. His jacket and your shirt both discarded at the end of your bed while the other clothing items were scattered in a careless mess starting at the living room and all the way back in here. The earlier glasses of wine you had shared when you came back to your apartment making you feel warm and cozy, were still sitting on the kitchen counter.

“I never thought I would miss the rain so much,” he confessed. His fingers were slowly tracing mindless patterns on your bare back, occasionally spelling out his name.

You hummed in agreement, tightening your arms around him.

“I missed you second most, I promise. “He teased, tilting your chin up.

Smiling, you leaned on your forearms to be able to look at him in the eyes. “Thank you so much for everything, Harry. For dinner, for coming here. I know how busy you are, so this means the world to me.”

His hands moved to brush the hair away from your face, smoothing it back. “I am sorry it is only for a little while.”

You shook your head, turning your head to press your lips against the palm of his hand. “Even a couple days feel like heaven. I wouldn’t ask for anything else.”

“I never got to properly congratulate you.”

“Harry,” you laughed, glancing over at the clock before looking back at him. “It is past midnight anyways. My birthday has been over for a couple of hours.”

Ignoring your protest, Harry sat up on the bed, laying you down on your back before he moved to prop himself over your body, his forearms on either side of your head. “Let me have a moment to make my own speech, woman.”

Having him so close, feeling his skin right against yours never failed to send shivers through your body.

“All right, all right,” you gripped his biceps on either side, running your hands up and down his firm muscles. “I am ready.”

Clearing his throat, his expression turned serious as he trailed his hands down your naked sides, memorizing every curve as he spoke.

“Well, first things first, I reckon my girlfriend has such great b-“

“Harry!” You yelped as his hands trailed down farther than necessary at the moment. “Behave,” you playfully scolded, laughing at his cheeky actions. “I know what you are thinking, mister.”

“Sorry,” he laughed as well before quickly pecking your lips. “Couldn’t help myself.”

Even naked, you could never be as possibly comfortable with anyone else as you were with him.

“I remember when I first met this girl,” he began, his gaze fixed on yours. “She had the most beautiful eyes. I think that was the instant I fell in love with her, right when she properly looked at me.”

You could feel your cheeks getting warm as you averted your gaze. “Be serious.”

Before he spoke, you felt two fingers tilt your chin back up to look at him again.

“I am,” he smiled. The feelings came back all over again in that moment as he looked down at you. Each time you looked at him, he completely melted in your hands. There was something about your eyes that from the very beginning, knocked him out right at his weak spot.

“I was so nervous when I first asked her out, oh man, I just-“Harry exhaled, remembering the hour long phone call he had with his mum about it a day before. Anne knew him well enough to know in that moment that this was something special. “I thought I was going to pass out when I pulled up to your apartment that day. I guess it’s true, I am not as smooth with the ladies as I’d like to make myself believe.”

This time, you reached up to run your fingers through his face. “You are the smoothest, most charming man I have ever met, babe. Oh, your jokes are also the best I have ever heard.”

He narrowed his eyes. “My jokes are funny.”

You bite your lip as you nodded, trying not to laugh.

“As I was saying,” he grinned, kissing the tip of your nose. “I never told you, but after we kissed for the first time and I dropped you off at your apartment afterwards, I sat in my car for five minutes smiling like a bloody fool. I knew in that moment, I would not be able to get you out of my mind. I raked my head every day to find any excuse to speak with you.”

Your heart felt like it was going to beat right out of your chest with every confession he made. “Is that why you would ‘accidentally’ call me almost every night?”

“I just wanted to hear your voice,” he smiled. “I loved it when you said my name.”

As your fingers continued to run through his hair, you felt like there was no humanly way possible to love this man more than you already did. His raw honesty, how he wasn’t embarrassed or afraid to tell you any of this meant a lot to you. Honesty was not ever easy, yet Harry let it all out like he only had tonight to do so.

“I fell in love with a beautiful girl, who to this day, still takes my breath away.” He could surely hear your accelerated heart rate, you were sure of it at this point. “I miss sleeping next to her when I am away. I miss the way the pillow next to mine smells like your perfume, or the way you get mad at me when I do not separate the laundry. I miss not hearing you sing in the shower while you get ready in the morning. I miss everything about you, more than you know. I will never forget the first time we got into a huge fight and you stormed out of the pub into the pouring rain. Even when you had every reason to go, to never speak to me again, you still said to me ‘Don’t ever leave.’ Even in that moment, I knew I would never be able to let you go.”

He was simply tired of feeling alone.

You remained silent, not because you did not know what to say, but simply because you were afraid that if you opened your mouth to say anything, you would break down in tears again. No one had ever been so honest with their emotions for you before. Another thing that further convinced you of how special this man from Holmes Chapel was.

Harry studied your face, trying to gather a reaction from everything he had just said. Perhaps it had been too much. Too much, too soon.

“Say something,” he whispered. “Please…I don’t know if I said too much. I’m sorry-“

Without saying a word, you pulled his face back down to yours. His lips were urgent against yours, almost as if he feared that when he opened his eyes you would be gone for sure this time. Never in his life had he wanted to hold on to someone so badly.

“I am in love with you,” you firmly stated against his lips. “I don’t just love you, I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with you, Harry Styles. Never, ever, apologize for telling me how you feel. You will always be the only one for me, no matter how long you are gone for. A couple months are nothing in a lifetime, and I am so, so proud of you for how hard you work. This is what you love, and I will always support you with it. You were the best surprise tonight.”

Moving his hands to intertwine his fingers with yours over your head, he spoke the words before he was even able to fully process them.

“I’m going to marry you someday.”

It was kind of like the feeling after the first kiss. The rush, the excitement, the nerves, love. Except that you made him feel like that every single day. You helped him be a better man. Call it the extra glass of wine talking, but he would not take those six words back. It was a promise for the future that you two were more than willing to wait for.

That was the only surprise you ever wanted from him. Just to have him here, with you. That was exactly what you needed.


Thank you for the request and I hope you all enjoyed it! 


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Save You Tonight

Save You Tonight- Harry Styles One Shot (Requested) 


The line kept ringing on the other end as you made your way across the kitchen, holding your cellphone against your ear. Harry was supposed to be back already, but he wasn’t. All of the boys had gathered at Niall’s house for some boy time, sharing a couple of beers, and just catching up. With the most recent tour coming to an end, everyone had been quite busy back home so this had been a chance to just hang out for old time’s sakes, before wives and babies.

“Come on,” you sighed, hanging up and tossing your cell phone back into your purse.

With Darcy’s delivery date coming up, you and Harry had decided that a family dinner with Anne, Gemma, and Robin would be a lovely way to spend some time together.

The ham was roasting away in the oven, the steamed vegetables, and mashed potatoes, everything was cooking just in time for tonight. Midway through making your famous chocolate cake, you realized you had run out of eggs and milk. Two simple ingredients that would make or break this dessert.

Since Harry was out, you had asked him earlier to stop by the market to pick them up for you. There would be enough time to finish it if he in fact would have come back when he said he was going to. Now, with his family arriving in less than an hour, you decided to go do it yourself.

Granted, at this stage in your pregnancy, walking was probably not the best idea, but with your car in the shop and Harry using the Range Rover, you did not exactly have a choice.

“All right, baby girl,” you hummed, smoothing your fingers across your stomach as you shrugged a coat on and slipped on your shoes. “You and mummy are going to go on a little adventure.”

Straightening back up, you winced a bit as your back protested the sudden rushed movements.

“We can do this,” grabbing your purse from the counter, you stepped outside of your home, locking the door behind you. “It is only two blocks.”

Much to your relief, the walk to the grocery store had been relatively uneventful. A few of Harry’s fans had managed to recognize you, but they were polite enough to only offer good wishes and be on their way.

As you made your way down the aisles, a small metal basket holding a few items on your arm, you noticed a bit of a commotion gathering outside. Your grip instantly tightened on the handles as you noticed the light gleam off of the camera lenses. You would have never thought that they would find you, especially considering Harry wasn’t even with you. Usually the paparazzi were after him.

“Are you all right, love?” The kind elderly lady behind the counter asked, concern clear on her face as she noticed your tense posture. Her gaze drifted down to your hand resting over your stomach. “How far along are you?”

Averting your gaze from the windows and the now large crowd gathered outside, you offered her a slight smile. “Going on 32 weeks.” You handed her the basket, suddenly really regretting the decision to do this on your own. Your heart rate began to pick up as well as your nerves.

“Congratulations, honey. These will be some of the happiest moments,” after bagging the few items and ringing up the order, she gently handed the paper bag over to you. She knew who you and Harry were, especially considering all the late night runs he made whenever you got a new craving at the oddest hours of the night. “Damn photographers, no sense of respect. Are you here on your own? Where’s your mister?”

“Yeah,” you grimaced. “Harry went out with some friends before dinner tonight. I should have waited, I just- I needed to get this done and he wasn’t answering. I am so, so sorry about this.”

She scoffed, waving her hand in your direction. “This is not your fault, you do not have to apologize. I am worried about you going outside though, I wouldn’t want them to hurt the baby.”

Nodding in agreement, you grabbed your phone and tried Harry’s number again, turning away from the flashing lights.

After a few rings, his voice came on and you almost whimpered with relief.

“Hiii baby, I am so sorry about that. We started a round of golf and you know how Niall gets, he wouldn’t let us go until it was finished.” He chuckled on the other end. “Louis told us the funniest thing-“

“Harry,” you interrupted, your voice breaking a bit. You couldn’t hold it back anymore, because even though you were trying to be strong, the overwhelming feeling of the whole situation was putting you on edge.

Harry’s expression immediately changed as he sat up, disconnecting his phone from the speaker and placing it against his ear. He never held his phone while he was driving, but the pure fear in your tone put him on high alert. “What’s wrong? Is it the baby? Are you okay? I am pulling up to the house right now, sweetheart. I will be there in a second.”

“No, no,” you ran a shaking hand through your hair, jumping startled as one of the photographers banged his fist against the glass, trying to get your attention. “I need your help. I wasn’t hearing back from you, and your mum is going to be here soon and I needed two things from the grocery store so I decided to go on my own, but they are here and I can’t leave.”

“Who’s there?” He frowned, pulling off to the side of the road.

“The paparazzi- Harry, I didn’t know. I am sorry.”

As soon as the words left your lips, he was turning the car sharply around, the tires screeching against the pavement. If there was a record on how quickly someone could floor it down a street, Harry had probably surpassed it in that moment.

“Is it the store by the house?” His tone was rushed as every little thing that could slow him down happened. People crossing the streets, stop lights taking too long to switch to green, everything. “Baby, I am right here, right outside. Wait in there and I will get out to get you.”

“Okay,” you swallowed, nodding quickly. “See you in a bit.”

Turning the corner, probably going much too quickly than what was legally allowed, he noticed the crowd of paparazzi crowded outside the small grocery store.

“Bloody hell…”Pulling the car up as close as he could without actually hitting anyone, Harry hanged up the phone and tossed it to the passenger seat.

You had not realized your hands were shaking until you nearly dropped your phone as you noticed his car pull up a couple feet away from the entrance. In a matter of seconds, he was out and making his way over towards you. The dense crowd of photographers slowed him down as their cameras continued to flash.

Without hesitating, you firmly gripped the grocery bag before stepping outside into the chilly London breeze. What was once muted commotion turned into downright chaos as they all clamored to get a better shot.

Harry pushed and shoved his way across the lot, not caring about manners in that moment. All he wanted was to get to you and get you out. Stress was the last thing you needed with the baby.

“Hey darling, what about a quick photograph? Show us the belly!” You yelped startled as a man appeared right in front of you, blocking your view of Harry.

Stepping back, you instinctively wrapped your arms around your stomach, trying to protect it from the shoves caused by their pushing.

The shouts and activity had your head buzzing, making you feel nauseous. You had been mobbed with Harry before, but this was different. You had something far more precious to protect inside of you.

Harry’s mind raced to the exact same place as he noticed them moving closer to you. “Hey!” His tone was sharper, more menacing. “Back off!”

Pushing away from the crowd gathered around you, you quickly made your way over to him, crashing your body against his. Harry’s arms immediately wrapped around you, shielding your body with his.

“I got you,” he reached down, cupping your cheeks with both hands. “I’m here, it’s okay.”

Your fingers clung to his shirt, clutching the fabric until your knuckles turned white. You almost felt like dry heaving, especially when you could not tell if the ache in your stomach was from the anxiety or the baby.

For a second, the surrounding sounds seemed to be muted. With your face buried against his neck, you focused on your breathing, taking in his familiar fresh scent.

Cupping his hand around the back of your neck, Harry kept your face hidden. He quickly pressed his lips against your hair, silently letting you know that he was there for you now.

There were a few things Harry was extremely protective about, but you and Darcy were now his number one priority. He would never allow anything to happen to you.

“Hey man, would you mind backing off a bit? Do not crowd my wife, please.” He glanced up, trying to get the attention of as many as them as he could. “Could you all give us some room? She is pregnant.”

The polite requests were useless. They continued to push their way towards you, the activity as busy as ever. You couldn’t see the streets ahead of you anymore and your heart was starting to beat more rapidly in your chest. You ignored the shoves against your free arm as you used it strictly to protect your stomach from the pushing of the crowd.

“Harry,” you whimpered, pressing your body as closely to his side as you could. “They are going to shove me if I keep moving, I-I can’t.”

What started off as a tolerating attitude suddenly turned over-protective for him. Harry would do anything to keep you both safe, especially right now.

“Back off!” He snarled, directing his attention to the men holding cameras closest to you. “I mean it!”

“Just trying to do our jobs, man.” The paparazzi did not even acknowledge him, his camera still pointed in your direction. “What are the plans after the baby? Getting right to number two?”

“Stop,” you managed to sternly demand. “Just leave us alone.”

The man scoffed, obviously not satisfied with the only response he had managed to get out of you. “Well no need to be a bitch about it, just answer the questions.”

The second the words left his mouth, you almost wished for his sake that he would have kept them to himself.

Harry stopped dead in his tracks, his head whipping in the direction of the crowd. “What did you just say?” He breathed, his eyes filled with anger. Never in your life had you seen him get this worked up, this quickly. “Want to say that again?”

The man raised his hands in surrender, finally pointing the camera away. “You should teach your wife how this works, otherwise they will start labelling her as a b-“

Before you could react, before you could even stop him, the bag was dropped on the ground as Harry swiftly walked over to get in the man’s face. “Don’t you ever, ever call her that again! You really have the damn guts to do that with me standing no more than a foot away?”

“Harry!” You managed to wrap both your hands around his arm, trying to pull him back before he did something he would surely regret. “Just leave it, its fine!”

This is exactly what they all wanted from the start. To get something out of him, some sort of reaction, even if it meant something like this. It disgusted you that knowing you were pregnant, they would still end up mobbing you to get a decent photograph to sell.

 “Calm down, man.” The photographer seemed to finally get the clue as he began to back off.

“No one calls my wife that, do you understand?” Harry was livid. He almost did not even realize you were gripping his arm until you tugged more firmly, getting him to step away.

As quickly as the mess had started, it ended. The rest of the walk went by in a blur. Pictures were still being taken, but from a distance now as some by standing police officers managed to hold the crowd back. Harry thanked them before getting your door and setting the bags in the trunk before getting in himself and pulling away onto the main street.

The first couple minutes of the drive back to your home were spent in silence.

You kneaded your fingers against your sore side, surely bruised from the earlier commotion. At the same time, you noticed Harry’s grip tighten on the steering wheel so you immediately returned your hands to your lap.

“Are you angry?” Your voice was small, barely above a whisper.

Was he angry? He couldn’t even answer that himself. “No,” Harry settled with saying. “I just wish you would have waited for me to get home.”

“I did wait,” He was not about to blame you. Sure, it had been a bad idea on your part but it was not all your fault. “I waited until the last minute to go. Your family is going to be there any minute, and I was-“

Finally pulling up to the driveway of your home, he abruptly threw the car on park before turning it off.

“What in the-Harry!” You barely managed to catch yourself with your hands against the dashboard before whipping your head over to stare at him in disbelief. “What the hell is the matter with you?”

The abrupt halt had prevented you from noticing his red rimmed eyes, his gaze fixed somewhere outside of the car. He knew it was his fault. If he would have been back when he said he would you wouldn’t have gone out on your own. The mere thought of what could have gone wrong if they would have mobbed you out on the street killed him inside.

Without saying a word, he reached across the center console and rested his hand against your stomach, his fingers ghosting over the fabric of your shirt.

Turning on your seat to face him, you placed your hand over his.  

“I am not going let anything happen to you,” Harry murmured, almost to himself. Darcy was not even born yet and he already loved her more than anything. You were both his girls, and he would protect you with his life. “I love you both so much, more than anything.”

“I love you,” you brought his hand up to your lips, kissing his knuckles. “I know you will always keep us safe, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about that. I feel stronger with you by my side, no matter what. This little girl,” you pressed his hand against your belly again where Darcy had decided to start kicking. “Will be the luckiest baby in the whole wide world with a daddy like you.”

Harry finally glanced up to look at you, worry still in his eyes. “Would you ever change anything? About us, about your decision to be with me because of this? The rubbish included.”

“No,” the response was instant as you tightened your hold on him. “Absolutely not. I accept all of you, Harry.  Your job too, the good and the bad.”

He nodded, smiling slightly in return. “Through the good and the bad,” he agreed. “Just like we promised on our wedding day, huh?

“Just like that,” you laughed, the tension completely gone between the two of you. “Would you ever change anything? About being with me I mean.”

Before he responded, Harry got out of the car and quickly made his way over to your side. Opening the car door, he took both of your hands in his, pulling you close to his body. Your movements were clumsy as you climbed out with his help, both of you laughing breathlessly as his arms wrapped around your waist as he held you close, your belly keeping some distance between your bodies.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, you smiled up at him. “What are you up to, mister?”

Tilting your chin up with one finger, Harry pressed his lips against your warm ones. Moments like this reminded you why you had fallen so madly and deeply in love with him. Without words, he could show you just how much he cared for you, anywhere, anytime.  

You both knew you could not prevent things like that in the future, at least not forever. Next time you both went out, they would probably mob you again. It was part of this whole wild adventure, the one you signed up for when you decided to marry this handsome English man from Holmes Chapel.  As long as he was there, you weren’t afraid.

“The only thing I was ever glad to change about being with you,” he grinned against your lips. “Was your last name.” 


Some protective Harry going on in this one! Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy it! .xx 

Preferences #12: The Way You Guys Kiss


Passionate and full of love


Playful yet Loving


Teasingly Sweet


Lustful yet slow


Deep and Lasting

Make It A Home

Make It A Home- Harry Styles One Shot

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House hunting was not particularly something you wanted to do while being pregnant and having a toddler already in the house.

Darcy was almost three and a half years old and it seemed like she grew more and more by the minute, literally right in front of your eyes.

Her latest fascination? An abundant sense of curiosity towards any possible thing in this green earth.

The world was new and exciting for her so it made sense that recently she had developed a new found wonder for anything or anyone new. When the news of your pregnancy came out to the public, you sat down with Harry to explain to Darcy that very soon, she would have a baby brother.

Being almost four years old, her immediate focus became on understanding how you would be able to carry someone in your tummy.

“How?” Was the first thing she asked.

“That’s where the baby will grow,” you remember Harry explaining. “It takes a few months though, so we have to wait.”

For a couple seconds, all Darcy did was stare at your stomach before shaking her head. “Aunt Gemma said babies are brought down by angles.”

With one agreeing silent look, you and Harry had decided that for now, that seemed like a suitable answer.

Harry had been hesitant about starting to look at houses now because he did not want to inflict any unwanted stress on you during the pregnancy. You wanted to do it though. The apartment that once suited you both as a couple was now too small to fit all the new little additions.

“Mummy?” A sleepy eyed Darcy appeared by the doorway of the kitchen in her red and white polka dot footed pajamas (xxx), courtesy of Uncle Liam, her small hands rubbing her eyes.

You glanced up from the French toast cooking away in the pan. The kitchen smelled like vanilla and cinnamon, giving the place a very welcoming feel.

“Hey you,” you smiled as she made her way over to you, clinging to your knitted white sweater (xxx). “Be careful. The pan is hot, baby.”

Without a word, she simply sighed as she held on to your thigh, her body fighting to fully remain awake at 8 in the morning.

Running your fingers through her unruly curls, which strikingly resembled her father’s, you lowered the flame on the stove and covered the pan with a lid.

“Is daddy awake?” A quiet chuckle escaped your lips as you glanced down and noticed her slightly swaying on her feet, clearly not fully there just yet. “Darcy?”

“I dunno,” she mumbled, knuckling at her eyes once again.

Walking over to the cabinets while she towed along, you opened the doors and pulled out some plates and silverware, setting them down on the counter. Once those were out, you crouched down to get at eye level with her, cupping her cheeks before giving her a gentle peck on the lips.

Darcy immediately opened her beautiful green eyes, her mouth spreading into a huge grin. “Mummy kisses.”

“That’s right,” you nod, smiling back. “Now, do you want to help me set the table up or do you want to go get your father out of bed?”

The idea of a potential chore had her eyes quickly widening.

“I figured as much,” you playfully rolled your eyes, patting her bum in the direction of your room. “Go get him then.”

Morning time with Harry was one of Darcy’s favourite things. Since she was young, any extra time she could spend with him was taken full advantage of, especially since she never really knew when he would have to leave on long tours again.

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Come Back When You Can

Come Back When You Can- Harry Styles One Shot [Requested]

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Every single time before Harry went up on stage, there was a bit of a routine.

From the vocal warm-ups with the rest of the boys, Lou applying the last touches to his unruly hair, and sound check, not once did Harry fail to call you.

It was a habit, something that regardless of how long they had been performing, still calmed his nerves and brought him comfort. The only difference was that this time, he had two girls wishing him good luck.

When Darcy was born, Harry did not believe he could love another human being as much as he loved her. A switched flipped within him as soon as the nurse handed him the small, squirming bundle. It truly was love at first sight and in that moment he knew he would never be the same.

He bawled that day, and he was not even ashamed to admit it. The rush he was so used to experiencing on stage in front of thousands was multiplied by a million when her small fingers wrapped around his finger, her big green eyes studying him curiously. He was a dad now.

“Come on…” he murmured, sighing in frustration when he got your voicemail for the fifth time in a row in the past hour.

Hanging up, he decided to try the house instead considering that perhaps your mobile device was off.

“Hiii, you’ve reached the Styles’ home. Unfortunately we are out, so please,”

He smiled at the sound of your voice before Darcy’s took over the message, finishing the rest of the voicemail with her baby lisped words.

 “Leave your message for mummy and daddy after the beep!”

“Hi my beautiful girls,” Harry’s clutch on his cell phone tightened as he began to pace the dressing room. “I’ve had no luck trying to reach mummy, but I just wanted to let you both know I am going on stage soon, so I will just call you after. Text me when you get this, I love you both so, so much.”

Slumping down on the couch, he ran his shaky fingers through his hair, mindful not to ruin Lou’s work. It was extremely unusual for you to not answer your phone, so he could not help the small bit of anxiety to arise in his mind.

With Darcy at three years old, she kept you both on your toes. She was an adventurous little one, always getting into all sorts of trouble. At this point, he hoped the lack of responses did not have to do with anything bad.

“Everything all right, mate?”

Harry jumped startled as he noticed Liam leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest.

“Yeah,” Harry nodded, smiling slightly.

“No word from the missus?” His friend inquired.

“Not yet,” he sighed, getting up and clipping his microphone to his jeans. “She is probably just busy with Darcy, I am sure they will get back to me eventually.”

“Of course she will,” Liam reached forward and patted Harry’s back reassuringly. “They always do.”


Deciding to surprise Harry on tour had been your idea, and frankly, it had not been easy. With his managements help, they were able to find you two airplane tickets and a ride to the arena all without him finding out.

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Migh' be. Although, I'd much rather have yeh tremblin' an' wrecked beneath me cos I've overstimulated yeh x -H

oh god OH GOD PLEASE tell me all the details (for me and my followers)

Roleplayers wanted

Hello lovelies! 💋
I need some new people to start long term roleplays and have fun!
➡I do first person ( and first person only )
➡ i do mxg
➡ I do only doubles or a roleplay where I play the girl
➡ I roleplay one direction, 5 seconds of summer and vampire diaries. But usually we can talk about anything
➡ I would like to have mid long replies but I am cool with short ones and long ones also
➡ please be online as often as you can

My kik is aylopayne
( Don’t text me if you are a guy and want nudes)