harry and louis wearing the same t shirt

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What if now Harry starts getting papped wearing a black t-shirt under his shirts and for the rest of the world, it'd seem like a normal t-shirt but instead it's the jho one and we will recognize it because we all have the same? What if the t-shirt is like the "next to Louis" hoodie and he's gonna wear it when he's missing his boy?


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Sea in your tag you say that Harry is emphasizing the swallows and humping his man. The cool thing is that the blouse is Stella's, and Louis is wearing Stella's clothes for his promo and today he wore one with flowers. LOL

Okay, I don’t think it was “humping” (typo maybe lol!) but I support this message.

Stella McCartney is a label Harry wears. Louis has worn her “Tomorrow” sweater in the BTY bts clips.

I love that Harry is wearing the swallow shirt to draw attention to his tattoos, AND Louis said “It Is What It Is” is his favorite tattoo— same place, innit. I love the Gucci bee shoe and the sweatshirt three sizes too big, and the message, “Nice One.” I imagine a certain raspy voice saying it sarcastically while watching Dan’s smashable face.

Btw, I meant to make a post about it– erasing Danielle Campbell, a unique human being, from Louis’ timeline and replacing her with, basically, any brunette, long-haired, female human– is the height of misogyny, and entirely consistent with 1DHQ politics.


Let’s talk about this fetus photo of Louis:

Ok.. now we can talk about this harry fetus photo:

Well.. are you both in the same place or is just my imagination?? 

Wait a second.. can we put the zoom to that boy who is wearing a black t-shirt??????¿?¿?!!!!??

But that t-shirt is from… well.. is HARRY STYLES!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE!¿?!¿!?¿?!

So… this gif.. now has a lot of sense!! 

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lolol my last ask about girfriendmagazine was supposed to be for Styloff sorrrrryy but yea i still dont know what is going on

I am honored by the mistaken inbox identity! I’m not sure exactly what discourse you missed but the girlfriend magazine thing I assume is about the larrie (roleplaying a journalist) who wrote an entire article alleging that Louis was trying to cast doubt on the paternity of his son by boldly…wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt in his little video clip. (Interestingly, this same ‘journalist’ wrote the only article on the presumably fake Harry Holmes Chapel secret show so make of that what you will.)

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I dont understand how the clothes Louis' wears that are Harrys are so big, like the height difference isn't that big, and Louis is more broad than Harry, like I don't understand.

Seriously, nonnie?  

You and Louis must share the same glasses prescription. LOL

The height difference is definitely there. And Harry has gotten bigger and broader while Louis is petite and curvaceous. 

Exhibit A:

They may have started off similar in stature…

…but that didn’t last long.

Based on this highly scientific analysis, I conclude Harry is both taller and broader than Louis.

Therefore, Louis looks like this in Harry’s (alleged) t-shirt:


I’ve got a story.
I was having a conversation with a friend the other day when she told me that couples sometimes share their pajamas and I said:
- What? They put one leg inside the same pants or…
And she said:
- No! One wears the t-shirt and the other wears the bottom piece.
So, obviously I immediately thought that Louis and Harry do that.

louis in denim jackets

do you see this

this is cute louis in denim jacket. he is laughing at all of us, because he has that magical ability to look bloody amazing in any jacket he likes and we are all here just admiring him. also crying. personally i need to have a drink.

anyway. under the cut in no particular order there are many pictures of louis wearing denim jackets and everyone needs that in their life, i promise.

(gifs/pics are not mine. i have only pain)

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I gather that there are some people who are RATHER MIFFED about Louis calling out the writer in question, with the main issue being:

“The article didn’t even say he was gay, it was just about him supporting gay rights.”

BUT. When there is a group of people who have made it their business to deliberately misinterpret or flat out denounce every single thing that a person has said about their private life for LITERALLY YEARS, you have basically made it IMPOSSIBLE for that person to actively and openly support gay rights for others. Because it’s not like that’s what that article MEANT, and it’s certainly not what that fucking post about Louis supporting Tim Cook was really about. When you actively ignore context and IMPORTANT LOGO CULTURAL HISTORY to decide that REALLY, that’s Louis’s clever way of displaying his support of gay rights, and not a fashion choice, it becomes pretty obvious that what you really think is:

Gay rights supporter = GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY

And that damages EVERYONE. There is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ, but there IS something VERY FUCKING WRONG with assuming that if a dude supports gay rights (or has a limp wrist, or is affectionate with people of the same sex, or has an openly gay friend, or uses words like fabulous) that they must be gay. THAT IS HOMOPHOBIC, IN FACT. And that is EVEN MORE TRUE when the person in question ACTUALLY SAYS WHAT THEY IDENTIFY AS, and it’s straight.

And this is actually why I don’t mind that he called out the author of that article, at all. Because there’s only one reason to write an article about Louis wearing a rainbow apple logo t-shirt, and about Harry saying that being a female “isn’t that important” in the context of what he looks for in a girl. It’s to get hits for a website, and literally profit off of the speculation over their sexuality, and the related harassment of these dudes and the people in their lives. You know it and I know it. Yes, they’re famous, yes, they’re privileged as fuck, yes, they have more money than god - but that doesn’t mean they deserve to deal with shit like this, or that it’s okay to treat them like this.   

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but seriously. If your love of this band, and your investment in this fandom and these REAL LIFE ACTUAL PEOPLE WITH FEELINGS, is so dependent on a supposed secret relationship being real, in direct opposition with EVERYTHING THEY HAVE EVER ACTUALLY TOLD US, fucking leave. Who is it that you even think you LOVE, if by definition they have to be lying ALL THE TIME if your theories are correct? This isn’t how fandom or RPF should work. THE ‘F’ STANDS FOR FIC, WHICH STANDS FOR FICTION. IT’S RIGHT THERE IN THE TERM. COME ON, KIDS. GET IT TOGETHER. 

Hi anon. I replied to you in tags already but the more I thought of it, I realized I did want to address this situation in a real reply, so I’m gonna do just that.

The thing is with Harry and Louis is that it’s not the little details that make them a couple. 

You know what makes them a couple? The looks, the soft barely there touches, the withdrawn hands, the fond, the supportiveness, the domesticity, the finishing each other’s sentences, the attention when the other speaks, their hugs, their interactions vs their interactions with the other boys in the band, the jealousy, the protection when their media image is brought up, or the protection when they’re teased, their watching the other when they disappear and stare in the direction for 2 hours etc etc.

No masterpost can debunk that. And this is what I mentioned in my tags, that the above part makes it an assembled puzzle. Maybe some are missing, but it’s almost done.

My problem with these blogs is that they pick one puzzle (which perfectly fit into our picture btw) and try to over-analyze that one piece.

We never said that the extras are making Harry and Louis a couple, but I yet to see a masterpost debunking the looks, the touches, the different treatment when for Louis it comes to Harry and when for Harry it comes to Louis. Of course, there’s none. Because those are undeniable.

And the rest? Call them headcanons or the extra information we never asked for. :D  

Like when you buy something and you’re given something extra: little spoon, blue and green, living situations, engagement, L sign, sign language, sharing everything (tshirt, pants, shoes, guitar case, saying the same words, expressions), mirroring, serenading, tattoos, denials, song lyrics, the outings by themselves, their band mates, their friends, families and industry people, the receipts, the date rumors, the same hotel room, the house in LA, the Louis going MIA when Harry does, the being pictured after MIA on the same day, the social media likes/posts at the same time, the drinking at the same time, the shared wee breaks, the left-right sides (H t-shirt, the bed, the tattoos), size difference, pet names, blue bandana, watching each other on monitors, watching each other on the big screen on tour, the MEAL Louis cooked, the Larry lyrics and sooooooooo many other things. (although some of these alone would make a good case in front of a jury)

They aren’t a couple because they have a preference to wear blue&green respectively, they aren’t together because they never went to hotels in LA and they both disappeared when they toured there, they aren’t together because Louis drew L on Harry. etc etc etc

The puzzle is done and assembled.

It’s a waste of time and life trying to debunk it. By all means keep doing it, but the grass is so much greener here, and hey we have all pieces you were looking for.


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Hi wanna ask about the white boyfriend tshirt. I dont think h&l shared the same shirt? Because there was a recent video where they talked abt having too many white tshirt. And harry was wearing one and louis wore one too on the same video.

I’m sorry but just because they say something it doesn’t necessary mean it’s true. They said “There are no secrets in the band”. I think everyone can argue that, no matter their ship!

Of course they can have several white tees, but there has been enough proof that there is defeinitely 1 white tee out there that Harry shares with Louis usually when stunting goes on. Never wearing it the same time.

I’ve just reblogged the post again yesterday.

Just the top off my head I know examples when they wore the SAME T-SHIRT ON THE SAME DAY.

Exactly tailored to Louis.

Just his size, right? 

You can see the creases where Harry’s tucked the T’shirt into his jeans.

And now that we talk about it: I present you the King of the tight jeans: (or not)

And if you say he always wears loose t-shirt? Then..

Now this looks pretty fitting to me.

So you can decide to believe what they say or what you see. 
Sharing is caring. It starts home. They share everything. Not everything, Last name will come later.

Case closed. :)

Rainbow Report, 08/27/2014

My daughter and I were proud to represent Rainbow Direction at the 1D concert in St. Louis, MO. There’s a lot that could be said, but I’ll start with this:

The response to our outfits and signs ranged from polite curiosity to outright approval. There were some lingering stares, sure, but plenty of smiles! Several people mentioned my shirt specifically, one person commented positively on my bizarre rainbow headgear, and someone else simply said, “You’re awesome! Just so you know.”

I felt pretty awesome after the show, when that photo was taken. Exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. Something else too. I don’t think vindicated is quite the right word? Then again, maybe it is.

Standing in line for concessions earlier, we spotted a girl wearing a t-shirt that said, “F*&% Larry Shippers” and booty shorts with “Might as well” printed across the back. If she had noticed me, I would’ve asked for a picture together. Probably best she didn’t, in reality.

I don’t have to wonder too much who had the better concert experience.

Thanks again, Harry.

…do you ever just…think about how harry and louis missed each other at the script concert….and that they met when they were 16 and 18 and they got a photo together because louis knew harry was going to be alright and he told him so….and then they were put into a same band….and the 18 yo one jumped into arms of the younger one…and then they moved together to london…and louis cooked his first meal for harry…and he keeps talking about it to this day……and how harry wore the harry loves louis t-shirt and we have never seen anyone so proud of wearing a piece of clothing……and louis declared his love to harry on twitter and it is second most retweeted tweet ever….and do you ever think about how they look at each other…and how they literally got married….and do you ever think about how they got matching tattoos….and how harry sang im in love with lou and all his little things and louis looked like he had a heart attacks…..and do you ever just…..think about that they are literally meant to be like….they are fucking soulmates…do you ever just cry because….they love each other so much….because i do….

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Surely you can see how blogging the way you do and gathering evidence and breaking through the fourth wall is deprimental to the boys? I don't really understand how you think it's "support"?

No I actually don’t see that!

We don’t really break the fourth wall, first of all. That is risky and can cause problems, and needs to be done very carefully when it’s done. The way it is often done with the twitter fandom is often bad, but I don’t really associate with the people who do that.

But in general, it is the closet that is detrimental to the boys. That is what is harming them. Not us. 

Harry, especially, has made it abundantly clear to us that he watches us and knows things that go on and what our thoughts are on the matter - the blue “Louis” bandana was one example of that. He knew what we were saying. He kept wearing it….proudly. And happily. Same with the white t-shirt that they share. We have had evidence time and time again that they see what we’re saying on tumblr, and that, if anything, they like it. 

I would like it. I know for a fact I would like it. If I was in love and being closeted against my will and being told that my love wouldn’t be acceptable and would lose me fans, and that it needed to be hidden for me to be successful, it would be super shitty if that was the only side of it I saw. That’s what Harry and Louis would have if there weren’t fans supporting them - the oppression of shitty, homophobic management. That would make the closet even lonelier and harder.

We are supporting them. We are telling them we love them no matter what. We are rooting for them and loving them, and saying how important they are to us. And I think that that’s really important.

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Your 'a year ago' post was so moving and got me very emotional. I do have a question about it though. You mentioned the boys wearing white shirts, leaving Eleanor out and leaving the hotel 4 minutes later. Im a new fan so would you mind elaborating about this? Thanks so much!!


Yes sure. This post is about how Louis just wears the same shirt as Harry, hours apart! :) They have a white t-shirt we call the boyfriend t-shirt.

About the leaving the hotel. It was the old patterns, WWA tour, Eleanor appears and HL act out, and basically it was screamed from the rooftops that Eleanor would come to NYC.

So here it is. A lovely story. It’s from WWA US when in Eleanor appeared in New York.

Harry didn’t forget to give us a signal boost.

and his mom..

And Jesal the pap.. of course.

So this is Louis on Aug 3rd, his first fan duty day in forever.  That alone raised some eyebrows. (remember H’s and Jesal’s tweet). And let’s say Louis was not papped at all, only when he was with the cute brunette girl. So eyebrows in the space now.


There’s more coming:

On August 4th, Louis was photographed/mobbed leaving the front entrance of his hotel. He seemed cheerful and was friendly to the fans. He did not seem surprised or dismayed by their presence. 


The black SUV was at their hotel which Louis didn’t forget to advertise enough after the bazillion of HQ’s on the same day.

There were a bunch of fans at the hotel when the car arrived, basically mobbing them. Louis got out of the car ignoring whoever was inside (Eleanor, and Danielle Bernstein) and mercilessly let them mobbed.

If you see the entire set of pics, Louis never turns back to check on them.

Then Lou went to the hotel, left after 5 minutes. Guess how? Alone! :D

There were fan reports around 3 AM of him limping.. don’t ask lol.

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1) I think Louis spends a lot on travel, whether jetting his bro squad about or on his family (that Xms trip for the whole fam must have cost $$$). And someone smart said that Louis' personal wardrobe probably doesn't consist of "accessible" brands; IIRC, back in the day L was always outed as the one who bought the most clothes. And I think Harry was the one most impressed by free stuff. And I believe he still is; hence why H wears entire lines of brands. FREE! It's the BF who's the shopper.

2) Even the headcannon that Louis must be spending his money spoiling Harry with posh clothes ties into the manufactured images we see of them. Despite Caroline explicitly stating how contrived their looks are, even Larries accept ‘skater Louis’ as the real deal. Who knows? But back in TXF before he was ‘groomed’, he dressed fairly camp for a lad from Donny. But now he has money, he chooses to dress like a stereotypical small town boy? Hmm. I am skeptical. But I hope H manages their finances.


Yes, the brands that they wear a lot are most likely part of promo deals and image manipulation. Harry definitely has deals with YSL and Paige Denim. And I think it’s safe to say the same goes for Louis with Vans, Adidas, and ASOS. Do they really want to wear the things that they do? I have no clue. But they get a lot of free clothes and they each have their respective “images” to uphold. When you think about it we really have no idea what these guys are actually like when it comes to certain things. What’s genuine and what’s manipulated? For all I know Louis could be the one who actually buys $5,000 coats while Harry buys $20 t shirts. I admit I drool over skater Louis a lot that’s just always been a thing for me before One Direction was even a sparkle in Simon’s eye but I’m also aware that it might not actually be the style he would choose for himself if given that option. I don’t know!!! It’s hard to get a good read on their spending habits just based on the clothes we see them in.

So what does he actually buy then if Harry says he’s so bad with money? One can only guess. Expensive clothes are a possibility. And he probably does treat his loved ones very well. If I had the means I’d do the same. From what we’ve seen of his game room that looks pretty decked out. There’s that Hulk statue. And the Mystery Machine. So he probably buys a lot of dorky fun stuff like that. Official Marvel merch perhaps? But he may also spend money on practical things like property and business investments. I have so many questions.

Why Louis was wearing Harry's T-shirt on stage (7/10)

Louis:*Cries* Harry, they made me do it again…

Harry: I know, boobear. Come here. *opens arms*

Louis:*Falls in Harry’s arms*

Harry: Can I do something else to make you feel better?

Louis:*Starts to blush violently* Can I have your shirt? Then…. *sigh* I can…. smell you when we are on stage…*blushes even more*

Harry:Ooooh Louis. I love you!!! *kisses Louis right on the lips*

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I love Harry and Louis and I love your blog, really, but I'm sadly positive they're not gonna come out this year or any time soon. Maybe in their 30s if they are able to make it together. If 2 boybanders came out as a couple while still successful, it would be a HUGE thing and it would be beautiful for so many people and I even think the times are ready for it! Yet, I highly doubt they'll make this step in the near future, no matter how up we put our hopes, this is not how you act before a CO.

Hi love, this is gonna be solely my opinion. (and it’s looking to be long, so I apologize in advance)

I have to disagree with them not coming out this year. Either we’re watching a different story or we don’t translate their actions in the same way but to me any and every move Harry and Louis had ever made leads me to believe that they want to come out, they have shaded the bearding and the closeting any chance they got and honestly I don’t think they want to stay in the closet a second longer than the MM contract let alone 6-7 more years. 

I think people underestimate the power the boys hold when signing with a new team (which I still firmly believe is on the horizon) and would never chose to go from hell back to hell. Their success, their experience with the worst side of the music industry gave them enough to know how to negotiate a good contract.

I think people underestimate the PR side, the business opportunities, and the chances of rebranding with a potential CO. Huff Post made a very amazing article about the success of a coming out in 2014

M!M was too damn stupid to act on it, to have them BE A COUPLE PUBLICLY, but any sane team IN 2015 would be happy to have this and have their names tied to the CO. What I’ve seen: Simon Cowell and Irving Azoff are exactly the people who want to make history.

Your opinion is based on risking the band’s success, so let’s ask this question:

What’s the biggest obstacle of the CO?

The possibility of losing fans, right? (I mean I think this IS the biggest factor in the negative side of the story.)

So that’s why it’s a pretty big deal that Larry trends on twitter and that update accounts to report on HL. I have heard a lot of stories how these trends make people to just click there, be curious and we all know what happens if someone REALLY checks it out. Either ends up as a Larry with a tumblr, a Larry without a tumblr, someone who sees through the shenanigans or someone whose HET beliefs are at least a tiny bit shaken. They will read the articles about AIMH and then ask themselves, hey, what is AIMH? And again, rabbit hole syndrome.

This in my opinion is interfandom seeding. 

  • If you look at only the fact that in Feb the UA’s started reporting about 2 boy banders are maybe maybe maybe spending time together (hotel, toilet breaks, dinner w H’s dad), then that’s not a big deal, right? It’s really normal. Why wouldn’t they? They are in the same band.

But in reality it’s not, because of course it’s normal that Harry and Louis spend time together, but IT WAS SO NOT NORMAL to get actual report about it from Update Accounts. It’s unprecedented.

  • If you look into the media creating articles about Harry and Louis alone or separate, that’s pretty normal, right? They are members of the biggest boyband of the world, of course their names sell like gold

But in reality it’s not normal to see or read articles questioning Harry’s sexuality, and that was not the first time he said something big, but for some reason press picked up Not That Important and made SYNDICATED articles. Those are not by accident. All of them showed support and none of them mentioned him risking his or his bandmate’s careers. Then came the DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU’VE TRIED IT and another round of SYNDICATED articles. Again, that’s deliberate. And the more and more reckless it became, the more articles surfaced. And yes, we still had Harry and model articles, BUT WE HAVEN’T HAD EVER articles questioning Harry’s sexuality. Same with Louis, he wore the gay beach t-shirt twice. Was there a single article? Nope. Why? You have to ask yourself why. But in December right in the midst of NTI he decided to WEAR the rainbow Apple logo shirt and ACCIDENTALLY GET PAPPED then the next day Independent (which is not a gossip mag) writes an article, and even more outlets. Why? Why was it this important to 1) pap him and 2) report about him? How is it that a vine where we admitted we didn’t hear Eleanor gets so widespread that Italian and Spanish media doesn’t even bother to make a denial article, they still say he came out. WHY? And when was the last time anything from Louis made it to the press apart from Donny news? It’s accidental seeding, I don’t believe they could’ve planned it, and we had a Larrie here whose friend made the video, so it’s absolutely unplanned in my eyes. But it made the press. And BS 2.0 was mentioned, then there was another round where they created a second article for denying it. (to me that’s stiill seeding, but people can disagree with it.) In my opinion the more we talk about the pink elephant in the room the more natural and normal would be for the people to react with an “I knew it!!” when said elephant is not ignored anymore. (and the press reporting about all this in the paragraph is seeding for the fandom and outsiders) And I know it has been clarified many times, but media doesn’t risk access to bands by acting reckless, there are repercussions, they can be blacklisted so easily, and they just cannot afford being blacklisted. Yes, I think about ODE and Yahoo. Both getting 2 OT5 interviews during the Four promo.

  • If you look into 2 boybanders catching the same flight to go to their tour that sounds pretty normal, right? Fifth H travels together, McBusted does as well, so why wouldn’t Harry and Louis?

But in reality we haven’t seen them travel together in 3 years (and that doesn’t mean they didn’t travel together), because for some reason we were never allowed to. Now we are. And there were articles, reports about it. Why? Why is it so damn important to report about 2 guys landing? Who cares, right? But there were articles, and some went as far as calling them a PAIR, and HAPPILY ARRIVING TOGETHER etc etc. Do you think this is needed for a glass closet? To report about them? Hell, if it is a glass closet, then the shift wouldn’t be this gradual, months of work and effort was put into this and is still being put into this. WHY is the whole world involved in a glass closet? It’s not normal, it’s a big red flag to me, alarms go off in my head, because it just doesn’t make sense, it simply doesn’t make sense to me.

If this is not a CO plan then what’s the explanation for everything that started in 2014? I cannot say an exact start date, because to me South America was the start, but in Jan there were already suggestive SYNDICATED headlines, so it could be 2014 Jan. I’m not sure, and in reality it doesn’t matter.

What’s the explanation for the shift in everything?

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Hi Gabi, please don't misunderstand me. About the home home home thing: I went to the girls twitter and she did ask him to write other lyrics twitter(.)com /nocontrolszarry/ status/ 807362792043020288 but the caption to the home home home pic says "I asked him to draw a hedgehog as best as he could for a tattoo and he said he can't so he just wrote 'home' 3x" so I kind of think she didn't ask him to write home, but I don't know? Because the IG pic is so obvious H's doing, and they are very extra

I mean whatever it was (and according to this story Louis still deliberately chose WHICH lyrics) the fandom has to get rid of the idea that everything is coincidental.

That they just stumble into a tattoo gun and wake up with at least six complementary tattoos. That they turn up in LA two blocks from each other. That H just coincidentally goes MIA when Louis has one of the hardest weeks of 2017. Or that he looks 100 times more rested, fed after Harry turns up. These have been happening for years and yrs, butthey’re being extra dark Larries lately. Harry wearing the Donut shirt like a second skin which just happens to be next to a restaurant called Louis. Harry’s RBB tour in December. Dua Lipa. Hailee Steinfeld, the dog shirt, Elton shirt, lighting bolt shirt, but same on the other side: tasha’s pic is gone, Lottie and Fiz didn’t even say umph, Bre and T and cybgran liking posts which compare F to Austin, TMZ running that article with those words, now T liking a comment that indicates she’s the mum of F, deleting the J comment now the second time, a muted video lol…. I mean he had 1.5 years worth of fuckups from their end but this time the good side is also different. Douis ended. There’s no winter gf. That bday date changed everything. H posted the pic on Louis’ IG. And I would be very surprised if they didn’t wrap up BG in the very near future.