The Only Heaven I’ll Be Sent To Is When I’m Alone With You

When they were together, they burned brightly and brilliantly, like bursting starlight. They stayed in their little bubble of warmth and giggling. He was sure there was no sensation more thrilling and beautiful than the one he experienced when Harry gently squeezed Louis’ waist as he slipped past him in the bathroom, causing his world to whirl around and never rest. Or when Harry high fived him after he scored a goal in physical education, holding on to his hand a moment longer than he should have. Or when he beamed at him after something Louis had done or said, because really, he was only trying to send the same extraordinary electricity that Harry sent through him.

Gay Conversion Camp AU

It’s almost June and I’m still waiting for: 

  1. their picture with david beckham from harry’s party
  2. a picture from laiport2k15 from INSIDE THE GODDAMN PLANE
  3. a hq version of the “will you ever fuck me again?” episode in sydney
  4. why we got several denials over the past couple of weeks but no one bother denying that ONE 5-years-old rumor
  5. a hq pict of harry’s tight tat
  6. a selfie