harry and lockjaw

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who are your main ocs? and do you have a favourite?

YA YA YA!!! Excuse all the incredibly old art.

Let me introduce you to my GREEN FUCKERS!!

They are goblins, if goblins were more like pretty green elves I guess? I really dig fantasy races that get a lot of flack for being stereotypically evil so, in this world, goblins are just a normal fantasy race who have a kind of Mediterranean vibe culture. They were originally characters I made for a really silly comic when I was about 12 or so, and over the years I decided to development them as serious characters.

Harry is the bald, green one, Lockjaw is the not so bald, also green one. Harry is a young demigod, half goblin/half god, dumped by his dad on the mortal world of Mono, the planet that is also a living sentient god because pretty much everything in their story is a god lol, and he is my FAVOURITE. He is intensely neurotic, highly stressed, never happy, never satisfied, always angry, with crippling self esteem problems and insecurities he attempts to ignore with aggressive sass and general disgust and disinterest. He is a walking talking problem, and doesn’t really realise it because he has so little self insight and interest in himself. He is large and physically strong but is actually very sensitive and delicate, if he’ll ever realise that it’s OKAY TO BE THAT WAY.

Lockjaw is enthusiasm incarnate. He’s intensely charismatic, very genuine and sincere, can’t lie or act out of a paper bag. He’s sweet and naive and just wants to see the world and learn about everybody he can get his hands on. Although I shouldn’t really say he’s naive - it seems like it at first glance, but it’s mostly just inexperience with the world and travelling in general; he might be flighty and a lil bit of an air head sometimes, but he has a deep emotional maturity and understanding of people, and just a wealth of intelligence and common sense. He’s the kind of person who you meet and just click with immediately, who always gets you and is always there to listen to you, not out of any personal motive, just because he loves you. He’s way smarter and more reliable, more stable than Harry, but he’s also a lot more frustratingly childish, and a worrisome idealist.There’s a lot of things about Harry he just can’t understand or get, because Harry is so unlike him and has so many personal traumas that Lockjaw has never experienced, so he has a very intense understanding of who Harry is but sometimes just…. says the wrong things that Harry just can’t handle, at the wrong times.

Think of their story like it’s a buddy cop movie, where Harry is more or less commanded to act as guide and bodyguard to Lockjaw, and originally fucking DESPISES every minute hair on his perfect beautiful head, because who does this kid think he is?? Having AMBITIONS and DREAMS (what’s ‘motivation’?? can I glare at it??), being EMOTIONALLY STABLE (only weak and frivolous mortal people can afford emotions) and HAVING SUCH LARGE LOVELY EYES (?? ?).

but uhhhh then things get pretty gay uhhh harry is so fucking gay for beautiful boys uhhh

Their story is called Watch Gods and is all about a divine conspiracy that begins with the gods accidentally choosing Lockjaw as Mono’s Next Top Official Chosen One™ and ends with the sky being physically shattered, cities getting burnt to the ground, dead racist rotting demigod(s) being resurrected, and also an arm or two being lost.

My other fucks are Elepon and Promethius, who are also really old characters, slightly less old than Harry and Lockjaw. They have a pretty complicated backstory which is a lot more morbid and dark and sad, compared to Harry and Lockjaw at the very least, who were originally intended to be pretty whimsical (but I have intense Cerberus Syndrome and Everything Must End With Loss And Destruction And Pain). Promethius is a psychopomp, kind of like a grim reaper or anubis spirit, who is locked out of the underworld due to Very Ancient Shenanigans. He is trying to get back. It just so happens that Elepon makes a very agreeable host.

Elepon is Sad and Lonely and Dying and Very Messed Up. Last time I was playing around with their story he was a travelling musician. Their world is like of swords-and-guns 1700s low fantasy. It doesn’t really have a coherent plot at the moment, more just a vibe and character development.

MM ALSO im really into finding songs for ocs so HERE ARE SOME CHARACTER SONGS:



Elepon (headcanon singer)