harry and jade

one of the loveliest feelings in the entire world is when you’re talking to one of your friends and your heart gets a sudden squeeze inside it and you then realise how much that friend means to you and how much you just love them with your WHOLE HEART

I still can’t get my head around how many millions of people will be watching One Love Manchester its so amazing to see the world unite against something that is attempting to mess this beautiful world up !! 

  • *Harry, Ron, and Draco sharing a table in the Library*
  • Harry: Really Malfoy could you stick your nose any higher?
  • Draco: Really Potter could you flash your scar anymore?
  • Ron: Really Malfoy could you wedge that stick further up your arse?
  • Passing Student: Haha Yeah Malfoy you prissy pureblood twit!
  • Harry, Ron: Hey!
  • Harry: Excuse me are you part of this conversation?
  • Draco: Yeah, who invited you?
  • Ron: No one gets to insult Malfoy except us!
  • Passing Student: But he just insulted you.
  • Draco: And I'm the only one who gets to insult them!
  • Ron: Exactly!
  • *Student leaves*
  • *Hermione arrives, pecks Draco on the cheek, and sits next to him as he puts his arm behind her*
  • Hermione: Hey guys did I miss anything?
  • All: No.
  • Draco: Just polite small chat.
  • Harry: Bonding.
  • Ron: Waiting for you.
Victorious and Diversity


1) The main character is Female and Half Latina…

2) … And so is her sister

3) The Main Character’s best friend is black

4) While his other male friends are one Jewish…

5) … And an Half-Indian, Half-Canadian guy who’s also one of the coolest guys in school.

6) As for the remaining female characters, one is portrayed by an Actress of Italian Ethnicity, and is heard speaking Spanish and then at a second time Yiddish at some point in the Series…

7) … While the other one is heavily implied to be Bisexual.

The best part of all of this is that it wasn’t even intentional for this to happen.

As a Bonus Point: All characters have some kind of shitty relationship with their relatives (or just shitty parents in general), along with some kind of neuroses or problem and what can be possibly only described as a very fluid sexuality.

Hogwartshousesnet Mini Bang Event

“Keepers” by @jadepresley

“… and before Harry could do anything, Malfoy was kissing him. Harry froze. Malfoy - Draco Malfoy, his number one rival, the person he thought he hated more than anyone in the world - was kissing him on the football pitch.”

// This is my Drarry/Muggle AU art for the hogwartshousesnet Mini Bang Fest. I was paired with the amazing Jade Presley and couldn’t be more happier :) I really enjoy working with you! Thank you for being such a wonderful partner!! //

  • Hermione: Blaise have you seen Draco? I can't find him anywhere!
  • Blaise: Did you call out for him?
  • Hermione: Yes, and I even tried using an apple to tempt him
  • Blaise: Well there is one other way, but you won't like it
  • Hermione: *hesitant* Umm...okay?
  • Blaise: *walks up close to Hermione* You ready?
  • Hermione: *gulps and nods*
  • Blaise: *goes to take final step, hears noise behind him, sighs, turns head to look back, sees nothing* What the?
  • Blaise: *turns head back, and comes nose to nose with Draco*
  • Draco: *glaring* I said no touchy.
  • Blaise: *pulls back in shock, and moves head to look behind Draco at Hermione who is being held by Draco's arms behind him* Found him