harry and baby

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DONT imagine harry having a baby girl that's about 7/8 months old and starting to form words and her seeing harry's advert in tv and her getting all excited saying "dada" over and over again

Shut the HELL up, Anon! HOLY FUCK. She’d be sat on his lap, facing forwards and playing with his fingers and chewing on them every so often, as she leans back against his belly and kicks her legs against his thighs. His legs bouncing her up and down. Her eyes focused on the telly as the missus works away on her laptop, and, Harry would get all bashful and chuckle when he sees the all-too familiar advert play on the screen. The missus’ head would jerk up and look over at the telly, a smile on her face as she watches it, the tune catching the baby’s attention.

“Dada,” she’d coo, pointing towards the telly, “dada!”

“Is that daddy, Poppet? Is it daddy?”

“Dada!” She’d grin rolling back against Harry’s stomach and giggling, “da.”

“S’that me, Poppet? Am I on the telly, yeah?” He’d coo, tickling her belly and making her giggle more. Proper belly laughs leaving his daughter as he laughs with her, “are you excited for daddy’s songs?”


And she’d clap her hands and grin up to him with her toothless gums and plump pink lips and he’d just laugh and pinch her nose softly, “I don’t think she’s going to say anything else, Peaches.” 

“Both of my girls are excited for my songs, right? You’re excited to hear ‘em?”

“’Course we are, H.” xx


I was tagged by @fullonlarrie to do this thing!

My lock screen is baby Harry, because I love his picture where his nips are so puffy you can see them through his shirt AND hoodie?!

And then my home screen is my gorgeous refined cat who used to be a classic movie star and is now a washed up drunk lady reliving her heyday with a bottle of wine, Jolene. I love her so much.

I was listening to power, no surprise, I’m
Seeing little mix on Friday and this song gets me PUMPED, so.

And then there I am in the bathroom this morning!

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I always thought that Magnus is just fixing Alec’s jacket. You know as the reason for him to touch him. But it was just about 5 minutes ago that I realize that he is stroking his cheek too. I never saw that he brushed his finger at Alec’s cheek. No surprise that Matt couldn’t keep straight face and smiled and blushed. 

Seriously, what is wrong with me when it took me so long to get some of their touchings? 

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Are we gonna talking about the fact that Niall liked/commented Louis' pics but no Liams dad pics ?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:In response to ur concept anon: I do think they played off each other, (Liam and Harry) cause I believe that Liam’s kid was not born when they say it was born. There are two options and both make sense to me. Liam wanted to hide the information about his child so no one could invade the baby’s privacy so he announced it knowing what harry was doing… or the baby isn’t his and he wants to give false info so no one can look for a birth certificate he might not be on! And bury the story via Harry!

Who knows 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:the 4 is a day before liams magazine and harry’s single so it makes sense it can give promo and also be buried by them

Do it 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The jungleclan have been silent,,,,,almost as it they are about to *** **


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Breep liking Louis’ pic when she doesn’t even follow him……..😒😠

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:B and tammi liked Louis’ post on instagram. They want attention lol

Remember how Louis never acknowledged them in any way? Me too 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What do you thinks antis are gonna do when bg ends because I’ve seen some of them saying that they’ll unstan because that means harry and louis are horrible people bla bla. And I was thinking that sony would want more fans to buy harry’s album, so it wouldn’t be very convenient for them to end it before the album drops.

I think they’ll unstan Louis, they already don’t like him that much, it’ll be a step. And the ones that for some reason will end considering Larry as a possibility, will end up creating some houie type of fanfic to keep going because #denial

me: a harrie

harry: hi i know i’ve been MIA for the past year, but here’s a full-length feature film in which i act; a 30-second promo advert; an appearance on SNL; a five-minute debut single; an album that i have worked hard on and hope you enjoy with all of your heart and soul. lots more to come. sorry i couldn’t tell you sooner, but rome wasn’t built in a day… all the love xx

me: *is blessed*

  • remus: I wish I had some chocolate... if only someone would get me a piece...
  • sirius: *pushes james into peter, sprints out of the common room to honeydukes, buys 50 bars of chocolate* I GOT YOU SOME MY LOVE THEY WERE JUST LYING AROUND