harry and

my favorite moment in the sorcerer’s stone is when hagrid comes to get harry for hogwarts and he’s like “you mean to tell me this boy know nothing about anything?!” and harry, bless his heart, is lowkey offended and is like “i mean i know math” like what a pure boy…….. what a shining soul……

ok, I was starting an illustration on the entire Weasley family.
 I SWEAR! I was doing it.

 Then I don’t know what happened, I was distracted for 5 minutes, and this Sirius came out. 

Sorry, it was a time of weakness.

I swear I’ll do all the arts I promised.  

Just For One Day: Part 6

(( OOC: Pansy and Ron played by: @sirussly )) 

Pansy: *jabs “Draco” in the ribs, a sly grin spreading across her face*

Snape: *glances down at the horribly brewed potion* 

Snape: Perhaps you and Potter thought sabotaging your neighbors and letting them add the wrong ingredients-

Snape: *glances down at “Hermione’s” potion and smirks* Then again… perhaps you aren’t as smart as you think you are. *grins, eyes alight at having caught “Hermione” making a mistake* 

“Hermione”: I… I what-? *gapes down at his potion, which is distinctly the wrong color* *flushes and mutters* I was just going to add that-

Snape: Wasting precious ingredients. 

Snape: Both in human decency and in common sense. 

Snape: Maybe next time you’ll think before you selfishly use your classmates for your betterment… 

Snape: *smirks and drops a bit of root into the potion, turning it the right color* … And fail to deliver.

“Hermione”: *snarls* I’m not an idiot, I was going to add it! 

“Hermione”: Why am I paying for his idiocy? 

*the classroom falls silent, every eye turning to “Hermione”*

To Be Continued