Dating Harry Would Include - 28

Matching tattoos:

- Asking you a last time if you’re still okay to get a matching tattoo with him
- Opening the door for you, his hand on the small of your back leading you inside the tattoo parlor
- His proud smile when you ask to do it first, rubbing gently the back of your shaky hand with his thumb
- Asking you to look up at him, giving you a confident smile when he feels you stressed
- Crouching down next to you, kissing your arm while interlacing your  fingers together
- Distracting you when you hear the machine buzzing and start to tense and hold his hand tighter
- Laying  his warm palm over your neck to rub slowly your jawline and earlobe
- His encouraging words when you hiss “ You’re doing great Little Queen, much better than me for my first time!”
- Trying to make you laugh when you frown in telling how  scared he was  the first time he got a tattoo
- Stroking your thigh up and down, his hand resting over your agitated knee
- Letting you hold his hand as tight as you want if it can help you
- His tenderized smile when you keep your eyes on him to being distracted
- His  smile when you look at your tattoo with pride and then show him
- His lips pressing a soft kiss in your forehead “ You see, I told you it will be easy! You was perfect!”
- Taking your face between his hands and kissing you before taking your place
- His arm snaking around your waist to make you sit on his leg
- “Need you to be close, you stay with me?” Winking to you playfully when you roll your eyes
- His eyes never leaving your face, more attentive at your reactions  than his own tattoo
- Loving the way you look at him, biting your lower lip when you think it must be painful
- Kissing your temple and resting his forehead on your cheek, his nose caressing your jawline
- His silent moan when you pass your hand in his hair, in scratching his scalp
- Whispering  hiding his face in your neck “ Keep doing that Love, that relax me …”
- Giggling softly “ You’re such a weirdo, you know that?” him looking up to you in waving his eyebrows “You have no idea!”
- Kissing his temple and taking him by the chin to make him look at his  completed tattoo
- Making your small hand resting over his large one “ Looks like we belong to each other now!”
- Nodding your head silently looking at the same little crown tattooed on both of your left ring fingers
- Taking your hand in his and giving your wrapped in plastic finger a soft kiss in whispering “ My Little Queen …”

“You have no idea!”

Novels, scripting and coffee

Request: when you’re a famous novelist and he’s cast in the movie adaptation of your book? Xx

My palms were sweating and I was pretty sure I had no fingernails left by the amount of biting I had done to them out of nervousness.

I needed to pull myself together.

It’s only Harry Styles, for God’s sake!

Harry Styles. The internationally famous singer, songwriter, model and now actor was coming in for a meeting with me to discuss how to script my novel.

None of my novels had ever been made into movies before but I had always assumed that the actors’ teams would take care of scripting and casting and leave the actor to do solely acting. John, my manager, had laughed when I told him this but he did admit that he, too, was quite surprised by it as it wasn’t often - in fact, it was never - that the actor had this much involvement in the process. All he said was that Harry was a genuine, hard working man and that I had no need to be nervous.

I was reading over the key events in the novel one final time, making sure I had placed the correct sticky notes in the correct places for where I thought would be best in a movie and made as many notes as I could to aid Harry in getting the plot of the story. Just as I was placing another sticky note on the book, I heard a knock on the door and, seconds later, was met by the most attractive man I had ever laid my eyes on.

“H-Hi.” I stuttered, trying my best to force a smile and conceal my nerves. “I’m (y/n).”

“Harry.” He smiled warmly, offering his hand to which I shook.

“Shall we sit? I’ve pinpointed some key events in the novel and I’ve made a few notes on the rough idea of the plot so you’re not completely lost.” I explained, sitting at the small rounded table and opening the book at the first page.

“Oh you won’t have to worry about that, I’ve already read it.” He told me, holding up a copy of the book I didn’t realise he was holding. “It’s great, by the way. However, I’m not sure how exactly you were able to cut any of it out, I read it three times and couldn’t find one part that I wasn’t engrossed in.”

I was blushing furiously at this point, wanting to scream and cry at the fact that Harry Styles, the most talented person on the planet in my eyes, actually thought I was talented. “Thank you.” Was all I could manage to squeak out.

“You’re very much welcome.” He smiled, “Shall we start going through it together?”

“Yeah, of course.” I coughed, “I was thinking the conversation on page five would have been a good place to start off. Easy to script and minimal props needed.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!” He grinned, “Great minds think alike, eh?” He nudged his elbow with mine and I was surprised at how comfortable this felt. I was expecting to be on edge the whole time but I felt as if I had known him for years with how easy he was to talk to.


We had been stuck on this one scene for about fifteen minutes now, trying to figure out how we could possibly portray the thought process in a movie. “How about we-“

“I need coffee.” Harry announced, interrupting me mid-sentence.

“Hmm, I’m not sure that would convey how strong he feels about her.” I shrugged, tapping my pen against the table.

“How about, ‘I think I might die if I don’t get caffeine and a sandwhich right now’?”

“Perfect!” I giggled, “Now that you mention it, though, I could do with some caffeine.”

“Well,” he said, looking at his watch. “our lunch break isn’t scheduled for another ten minutes but how do you feel about being a rebel and going now?”

“Harry Styles!” I gasped, putting my hand on my chest to appear shocked, “I’ve been told you’re an honest, hardworker and you’re thinking of going on your lunch ten minutes early?”

“Good guys are bad guys that haven’t been caught.” He shrugged  and I rolled my eyes as I laughed at him.


“So, am I gonna have to rebel on my own or do I have a partner in crime?”

“I’m feeling pretty rebellious today.”

“Great.” He grinned at me, standing up and putting on his coat. “I noticed a coffee shop on the drive here, I’d say it’d only take us about five minutes walking if you wanted to go there?”

I almost swallowed my tongue, having to replay his words in my head to make sure that I heard him properly. “You want to have lunch together? With me?”

“Oh, you don’t have to!” He sputtered, “I just assumed you wouldn’t be busy. I’m sorry- I’ll let you go enjoy your break.”

“No, no I do want to!” I said a little too enthusiastically, “I just didn’t think you’d want to spend your lunch with me s’all.”

“Course I want to.” He smirked, nudging my shoulder gently with his.


“Harry, you didn’t have to pay for my lunch.” I sighed.

“(y/n), it was a sandwich and a coffee. It was nothing.” He smirked, sliding his wallet back into his back pocket. “And most people usually say thank you.” He teased.

“Well, thank you very much but I’m paying it back.”

“It wasn’t even five quid, I’ll manage without it.” He laughed.

“It’s not the price, it’s the thought.”

“Well if it would make you feel any better, we can go out again and you can pay a whole £4.75 of the bill to make it up to me.”

“Did you just ask me out on a date, Harry Edward Styles?” I smirked, only just realising how comfortable we had gotten with eachother over the course of the day.

“If I was, what would your answer be?” He questioned, cocking an eyebrow up. “Asking for a friend.” He added and I giggled.

“Tell your friend I would say yes because I have to return the favour of you buying me lunch.”

“Is that the only reason?” he asked, leaning forward on the table so that he could get closer to me, “It’s not because I’m super fit?”

“You have good taste in books.” I smiled when his cockiness was soon knocked out of him and he sat pouting like a child. “We’re need to head back, I think I’ve had enough rebelliousness for one day.”

“So I’m not even slightly fit?” He asked when we were walking on the street after a comfortable silence since we had left the shop.

I laughed. “I never said you weren’t.”

“Well,” He said, holding the door open for me and I thanked him before he continued, “I think you’re fit- actually, scrap that. I think you’re beautiful and I’d love if you’d go on a date with me.”

There were butterflies erupting inside my stomach and a pink tinge to my cheeks but even through all the shyness I managed to smile and nod at him “I’d love to.” I answered him, “And I think you’re pretty beautiful yourself.”

That time nick exposed Louis

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering, has the tomarry/harrymort fandom ever held a secret santa? Like everyone can become a secret santa and make tomarry-based gifts for each other in the form of fics/art/gifs etc.

The Harrymort group on facebook did this last year (JOIN US). You got to write a little wishlist, and you could decide if you wanted to create art or fiction as a gift. I don’t know if it’ll happen again this year, but I’d say it’s probable.

I gifted this picture, or more truly the story where I used is as cover art. An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground FF.NET —- AO3

In turn I got a lovely art-gift (NSWF!!! which is my excuse for not having reblogged here it -.-)


Felt cute today 🙈 tagging people who I honestly love to bits, loads of hate is going around on tumblr and I wanted to tell them that I loved them ; @trulymadlysydney @canistayhaz @harrysbunshun….Sydney…Allie…Maddy I love you guys and you don’t deserve any hate what so ever, you deserve to feel as cute as I did today AND THATS REALLY DAMN CUTE OKAI just be yourself and be amazing like you always are ❤️