taste on my tongue // h.s (smut)

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Taste On My Tongue 

The room washed over with the pretty lights from the television, with the soft sounds of voices of filled the air. Y/N’s eyes were wide open, observing details from the current local TV show they were watching, cradling Harry’s head which had nosed its way between her chin and chest.

Their legs were tangled on the bed, silk sheets tracing over the bare skin of their feet. Light from Harry’s phone- which was tucked between the two, glared over his face. Both of them found their comfort next to each other, not speaking any words, but just basking in the presence of each other. He was laying comfortable, with his arm swung over Y/N’s waist and fingers tracing circles on her back.

But then he didn’t know how- maybe it was an epiphany? But his mind blurred, filled with the vagary idea, and yearning fire to feel her taste on his tongue. His mind lingered over the thought of it, already feeling her drip down his chin and he could practically hear her moans roaming in his ears. He hastily trapped his bottom lip between his teeth, releasing a shaky breath which tickled Y/N’s neck.

She had diverted her attention to the TV, the seemingly endearing show giving her yearn to watch more. He carefully untangled his legs from hers making Y/N release her fingers from his soft locks, assuming that perhaps he wanted to use the restroom. But Harry had different plans. Before he could feel her hand leave his curls, he gripped her wrist, pulling his face out of her neck- a firm, dimpled smirk on his face.

Her heart was erratic when she felt her breathing pick up, eyes trained on Harry’s which had pinned her down. Leaning down to brush his lips against her neck, he pressed his hips into hers, whimpering as he bit down on her skin. His eyes were closed with his lips pressing against her jaw, “Baby, want to taste you.”

She smiled, suddenly feeling extremely flustered at the feeling of his body pressed against hers. The fabric of his sweater rubbed against her bare stomach- exposed because of her shirt riding up to her ribs. He kissed her chin, her cheek, lingering his lips over hers and resting his thumb on her cheekbone.

Craning her neck, she pressed her lips against his making Harry smile into the kiss, finding her eagerness rather endearing. He trailed his tattooed hand down her stomach, tickling her skin with his finger tips before hooking his fingers in the band of her panties, feeling them snap back onto her skin.

His lips left hers, leaving her in a breathless and flustered state trailing his kisses down her neck to her collarbone, all the way down to her flushed chest. He pressed his thumb against her heat, feeling her arousal gathering into a damp patch on her panties. Smirking against her stomach, she panted, letting out soft moans with every move of his thumb over her clothed clit.

The faint sound of the TV was long forgotten in the background, the colors still flooding the dark room while he pulled the sheets over his body, settling his warm body between her legs, using his index finger to drag her soaked panties down her caramel legs.

The sight of his pretty brown hair was lost under the sheets, making her trail her hands  beneath the covers and tangle her fingers in his hair. He locked his fingers around her thighs, holding her legs down, knowing how she thrashed with just a small flick of his tongue. Her sensitivity made her want to cry. She pinched her eyes shut, feeling Harry’s warm breath over her inner thighs and his lips kiss the sensitive skin.

His kisses were wet and slow with his eyes trained on her wet heat- which was dripping down the apex of her thighs and onto his grey, silk sheets. He lingered  his lips over her arousal, pressing a single kiss to it making her gasp in anticipation and pleasure. He was shocked to say the least, feeling her very wet arousal cling onto his cupids bow and lower lip.

He didn’t hold back- not when he pressed his tongue against her heat, feeling her arousal gather on the pad of it when he trailed it up to her clit. He didn’t hold back when he wrapped his lips around her nerves, hollowing out his cheeks and pressing his fingers against her thighs.

He nudged his way between her folds, wiggling his tongue in ways that left Y/N panting and moaning his name in tones that made her own cheeks redden. Feeling her wetness drip down his chin, he eased his middle finger into her core, and used his tongue to trace shapes and letters he didn’t know of on her clit, closing his eyes to the sound of her moans.

Her arm came up to cover her eyes, feeling her body shake and tremble under his mouth making Harry grip her thigh harder and quicken the pace of his finger. Pulling his hand way from her core, he inhaled deeply, not holding back as he ate her out. It was a shame how fast she could come with just his tongue and fingers. Her moans goat louder, mixing with the soft sounds of the TV and faint noises of Harry’s actions.

She was panting hard, her heart and body tingling because of her lovely post organism bliss. His hair tickled her thigh, when he rested his cheek against it, using his thumb to trace the skin around her belly button,

Think you can give me another one, love?”


Harry’s in awe.

He doesn’t have the slightest idea on what time it is even if his alarm clock is on the bedside table, but from what’s happening mere inches away from him, he couldn’t care less.

He was careful to grab his phone as he put it into silent mode, the lockscreen of you greeting him as he quickly switched over to take a picture of what he thinks is now one of his favorite memories from the thought with it.

“Can yeh now let me buy you one of those nursing pillows?”

Harry gently said as your head looked towards him, only noticing that he went awake too, a little smile adorning over your lips as you were fighting your eyes not to close.


He chuckled, moving on the bed as he kisses you on the lips and sat beside you, looking down on his son who’s being breastfeeded at the moment, his finger coming to brush over his little knee with a smile.

“C’mon, I promise. Just one, won’t go overboard like I did with the clothes, love.”

“It’s a pillow. And we already have a pillow.”

Harry laughed, rubbing his eyes as he knows you’re as stubborn as him but he let you win this time just because he didn’t want to add stress to you.

The both of you paused as the room was engulfed by comfortable silence, his eyes following everything you did from the way you’re eyes closed a lot longer to how you put him up and wiped some of the milk that was dripping down his chin, cradling him near your chest.

“Yeh need rest. Could watch over him if you want.”

Harry offered as he looks to it as it isn’t, insisting for you to let him take over just so you could catch up on all the restless days and sleepless nights that went by, a tired smile being given to him.


He saw again the smile that’s now embedded in his mind, now something he looks forward to every time he sees you as he nods and confirms it as he stretched his arms out.

“Anything for you.”

You slightly chuckled as he said the line you know he was going to, being so used to hearing it that you weren’t surprised you’ve heard it.

True to Harry’s word, he did mean it as long as he’d see your smile that undeniably still makes his heart flutter, not stopping at anything as he’s a man of many things but he surely swears by to be yours.

He now cradles his baby close to his chest, looking down on him as he knows that as time passes by, the more he looked like him.

He was happy of course from all the comments that pertained to how his son looks like a carbon copy of him and admittedly, he did have some angles and features that resembled yours.

Harry was happier when he saw his son’s smile that he teared up about when he knows it looks exactly like yours, the crinkle in your eyes and the dimples you had.

But this, this is what Harry likes.

He calls him raw moments even with the awareness that he isn’t the first to call memories just like that but he couldn’t care less, now that he knows another one was added to his mind and soon to be written on his journal he dedicated to you.

Harry’s proud and admittedly excited every time he introduces and calls you as his wife. It was something that brought shivers down his spine and a blush on his cheeks he’s sure that would last.

Once he finally puts his son to deep sleep and set him down his crib and kiss his neck gently upon his mother’s instructions, he went back.

And once he finally laid beside your already sleeping figure, your head turned over to him as he knows he has some time to spare.

He smiled, his two fingers pressed to your chest as he looked at it, feeling you heartbeats if he just focused on it and the hum of the aircon be lessened, contented as he felt it in his chest.

Harry had a thought back on his mind as he chuckled and shook his head upon remembering it, lowly speaking the words just for the sake of it.

“M’still gonna buy you that nursing pillow.”

Camping with Harry would include…

  • Getting lost on the way to the campground. “I’ve been there handfuls of times, I think I know where I’m going. For example, I know for a fact we have passed this tree three times within the last hour.”
  • Frustrated H trying to assemble a tent. “I’m good at this, I promise. Just let me warm up.”
  • Triumphant smiley H after somewhat successfully assembling a tent. “S’bit lopsided, but it’ll do.
  • “Did you pack socks? Because, I didn’t pack socks… can I wear your pink ones?”
  •  Nature photo-ops. “Nature….stagram?”
  • Building a campfire, struggling to light said campfire. “I’ve watched Man vs. Wild multiple times. If Bear can do it, so can I.”
  • Deep conversations around the crackling fire. “I’m just glad that this life is ours, you know? It’s crazy and unpredictable but we’re together and that means so much to me.”
  •  Cold fingers dancing lazily over your palm.
  • S’mores. “I know I forgot my socks but I remembered the most important thing, marshmallows!
  • “I can’t believe you burned that beautiful marshmallow. You’re sick.”
  •  Soft Harry with a thick sweater and a blanket wrapped over his shoulders. A dimply smile and shivers. “I would add more wood to the fire, but somehow it would probably put it out. Because that’s just how things work.”
  • Rustling leaves and a high moon. “S’getting late, let’s go lay down, yeah?”
  • Multiple pillows, several new blankets and a space heater crowded into the tent. “Just uh, watch your feet. Don’t burn your toes… or your socks because I need those.”
  • “I’m too long for this air mattress.”
  • “I’m too long for this tent, actually.”
  • Warm kisses pressed to chapped lips.
  • Late night whispers in a husky voice. “Skin is so soft, just wanna touch all of you.”
  • Crinkling tent, hushed moans and goosebumps. “Such a good, good girl for me. So good.”
  • Early morning cuddles as the sun casts shadows on the tent.
  • Deep morning voice and sweet touches from callused fingers.
  • “So… I could either go and hunt our breakfast or we can have dry cereal.”
  • “Okay, don’t look at me like that, dry cereal it is.”
The Hogwarts Houses As Ghibli Movies

Gryffindor - Princess Mononoke

“You cannot alter your fate. However, you can rise to meet it.” - Hii-sama

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Hufflepuff - My Neighbor Totoro

“Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away! ” - Tatsuo Kusakabe

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Ravenclaw - Howl’s Moving Castle

“One thing you can always count on is that hearts change.” - unnamed prince

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Slytherin - Spirited Away

“Ive gotta get out of this place. Someday I’m getting on that train.” - Lin

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“It’s not my fault that I died”

Harry Styles

“It’s not my fault I died”

A/N: This is VERY different from what I usually do but still, enjoy :)

“Summer baby”, Harry knocked on your teenage daughter’s door.

“Go away, it’s not a big deal”, she tried to hide her tears, but of course her heart had broken. Who’s heart wouldn’t break if they found out that their boyfriend of had three years cheated on them?

Harry let out a sigh, he had tried to reach her at least twelve times, she only seemed to push him away. He pushed himself off of the door and headed to what used to be your shared bedroom. He laid down the bed near the nightstand and stared at the framed picture of you and Summer laughing at each other with cake on your faces at her second birthday party, right before the accident.

“I miss you”, he whispered as a silent tear fell down his cheek, soon he found himself burying his head in his pillow with tears falling.

“I miss you too, but it’ll all be fine”, you voiced.

His head jerked up, “This is a fucking joke, I’m fucking hallucinating”, Harry mumbled to himself in the presence of your ghostly figure.

You smiled before sitting at the foot of the bed, “This is gonna sound…weird, Hazza. But I’ve been watching you guys, as a mother should”, you spoke.

Harry still looked at you as though you were a gho–never mind! He had the right…

“She may always push you away but trust me, that child loves you. Don’t give up, she loves you so much”, you caressed his cheek, “Almost as much as I do”, you gave him your award winning smile.

He gave you a small one in return, no longer seeming phased, “How are you so sure?”

“She’s crying in her room, going through the old photo albums. She feels alone Harry, us girls kind of wanna be chased”, you laughed.

He smiled before reaching for your hand and gaining realization, “I miss you love.”

“I miss you both too, but I’m always here. Always watching out for you guys”, your eyes twinkled, “We’ll find our way back to each other when the time comes, I’m sure of that.”

“Promise”, he asked with innocence.

“I’ll never break it.”