991. After the war, Harry and Ron ask the Hogwarts school board to forbid students from bringing in their own brooms for Quidditch matches (to keep the richer families from buying an advantage with more powerful brooms) unless they have valid excuses like medical reasons. In exchange for giving all the Hogwarts Quidditch teams high quality brooms to use for matches and practice, Harry and Ron offer to help advertise the broom companies by being seasonal spokesmen for their ads.

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(the one where Harry’s girl can’t sleep but when she does, it’s a beautiful moment for him)
•just a little blurb because i’m really not in a good place and i can’t sleep these days.•

Sleepy is the only way to describe my girl. She sits in front of me, listening to my voice, head cradled in her hands as she blinks rapidly, attempting to relieve her dry eyes. My large shirt engulfs her figure, soft and comfortable enough to lay an arm down across her eyes and soak in some shut eye. I continue talking in a deep, raspy voice, in an effort to cause her eyes to droop, eventually falling asleep. Her dark circles are concerning enough as they peeked out boldly from under the concealer that is patted so expertly onto the skin, and generous coats of mascara to appear more awake. Her fists are balled up against her cheek, head resting, shallow breaths and long sighs exhaling from her body as she hums, nodding at something I mindlessly say.

There’s nothing I want to do more than gently lure her a dreamless sleep for a couple hours. I can’t remember the last time she had gotten more than an hour of sleep at night and I don’t think she knows either.

These days, she lives in a haze, always disconnected from the world, a soft “hm wha-?” whenever I tell her I love her, rubbing her eyes, forcing herself awake and conscious enough to mumble the phrases back. As much as I pity her, it is amazing to me how she can live off of little to no sleep and still try to function normally.

She puts her head down against the cool table and nods again, whispering, “that’s nice,” as I speak about my day, watching her intently. Her cheeks are flushed pink, mouth open as she finally rests her eyes, humming once more.

She falls silent after that and for a moment, my lips break out in a grin. She doesn’t move, not even to tap her foot under the table as she always does and not even to ask why I’ve stopped talking. She’s finally asleep, I think proudly to myself.

I am extremely quiet and swift as I pull my chair back, walking around the dining table to her side, admiring her for a moment. Her mouth is open, breathing softly, eyelids fluttering as if still fighting with sleep, eyebrows scrunched, something she does when she is asleep and hands in her lap, limp. I lean down and wet my lips as I press a soft kiss to her forehead, sighing deeply to myself.

It had taken her about two hours of restlessness before she could succumb into this sleep, however I can’t be more delighted.

I bend lower than her face and gather her in my arms, bridal style, her legs free over my left arm, head resting on my shoulder. I feel her warm breath on my collarbones as I maneuver her into my chest and stay still for a couple seconds, basking in the moment of my beautiful girl asleep against me. I press another light kiss to her head before turning to the direction of our bedroom. Thankfully, she doesn’t wake up and question me about where we’re going, something she has done on numerous occasions to my frustration.

I softly kick the bedroom door open and place her on the bed, covering her in the blanket we shared the night before. Her hair fans over the pillow making her look like a cherubic angel, mouth now settled in a pout, eyebrows still in a frown.

Hesitantly, I place my index finger between her eyebrows, pushing them apart and am satisfied when she appears more relaxed but to my dismay, they go back to their original state eventually. I watch her breathe heavily for a moment, smiling in fond. She looks so beautiful. I wish she slept more.

I press a kiss to her temple, perhaps a little too hard, and this is what breaks the barrier. I hear her little voice, dripping with sleep, “Is it morning?”

I laugh breathlessly. “No, not yet. Go back to sleep.”

She peers are me through her half lidded eyes. “It’s late, go to sleep, H.”

I laugh again. “I’m not tired. You sleep.”

To my surprise, she doesn’t argue with me, sighing as she relaxes into the pillow. “Lay with me.”

I grin and walk to the other side of the bed, moving the blanket back as I place myself next to her, raising an eyebrow at my sleep girl. “Daddy’s here, don’t worry.”

A giggle escapes her lips, a sleepy one and she presses her body closer to mine, trying to sleep all my tiredness into her veins. Her head rests between my collarbone and neck, and I feel a pair of soft lips just at the bottom of my jaw line. “You’re not daddy when I’m this sleepy. You’re just Harry.”

My arm immediately wraps around her waist. I know her body all too well and I know where she likes my hands. Under her shirt, my hands are warming her up, fingertips pressing into her hips lightly, leaving burning traces of my love. She sighs softly again, eyes fluttering shut, yawning a couple seconds after. She’s restless. She changes the position of her head against my chest too many times before agreeing with resting it against my ribcage. My hand is still on her waist and my other hand is buried in her hair, lightly scratching at her scalp.

She won’t be able to sleep tonight, I am positive of it. However, it doesn’t matter because she needs to rest right now. We don’t need to worry about later. My beautiful girl is asleep against me and I couldn’t ask for a better moment that this.

992. After the war Harry got really ill several times because of stress and Mrs Weasley helped take care of him. It helped her continue on despite Fred's death and Harry was completely baffled by the care because he had never had someone help him while he was ill. Mrs. Weasley realizes this and goes batshit crazy and visits the Dursleys in an absolute rage over their neglect.
993. If there had been no Voldemort, Sirius and James would've sent Harry when Remus became a professor at Hogwarts saying "Congrats on the job, now live your dream Professor! Oh and Harry, get in as much trouble as possible. Love you too Minnie!"

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