• Ravenclaw: *wakes up in a cold sweat*
  • Ravenclaw: Oh shit I slept in!
  • Ravenclaw: *Remembers it's Saturday*
  • Ravenclaw: *immediately goes back to sleep*

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MY HEART BE STILL. Love this prompt, hope you guys are ready for some more daddy Harry. This is in the same sandbox as ‘Flower Child’. Hope you guys enjoy, keep requesting!

Harry can only think of two other times he’s been this happy and both memories involved you. The most recent being in a similar position, but with a squirmy baby boy that laid against your chest. Now his brand new baby girl laid peacefully against your bare chest as she fed, both eyes closed tight and a small fist curled possessively around your index finger.

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  • Ravenclaw: I haven't written in awhile. I should do that.
  • Ravenclaw: But I don't have any idea what to write.
  • Ravenclaw: Maybe reading will spark an idea.
  • Ravenclaw: *reads a few chapters*
  • Ravenclaw: No, still no ideas. Maybe I'll watch a show and get inspired.
  • Ravenclaw: *watches something on Netflix*
  • Ravenclaw: Still nothing.
  • Ravenclaw: Well at this point I should just go to bed.
  • Ravenclaw: *lays in bed*
  • Ravenclaw: *can't sleep because they suddenly have 101 ideas of things to write about*

Part 1

Because I didn’t want @wonderwall1923 to die


“The thought of not having you was already becoming a nightmare.”

As Harry drove home, he was extremely mad. The reasonable part of him was now long gone. He hadn’t once stopped to think about his actions. There was a little part of him that warned him that he had been too harsh with you. But as said, logic was no longer something that he was aware of. He had had some drinks throughout the night. Not too many to make him unable to walk or drive, but just enough to make his mind a little tipsy; enough to block out any reasonable thought lingering at the back of his head. He drove home at a great speed, trying not to let his mind wander back to the crying girl he had left behind.

It wasn’t until he got home and begun to take off his coat, and his fingers softly grasped the soft velvet box in his pocket, that he was actually able to comprehend the situation at hand. This wasn’t how the night was supposed to go like. The two of you were to have a fun night in which later on he would get down on one knee and ask you to marry him.

As he stared at the ring in front of him, the very ring that his sister had helped him choose, he couldn’t stop his mind from going back to the scenes that had just taken place. His eyes watered as his brain tried to register what had happened.

You had accidentally spilled out his secret to the press.

And although yes, he was upset and this ruined some of the plans he had for the launching of his solo career, this was exactly what it had been; an accident.

The way he had treated you was in no way how he had been taught to. His mind flashed with pictures of him yelling at you and you visibly flinching away. How he had grabbed you so roughly and thrown you out of the car.

He looked out of the window, lightening flashed in the night sky and heavy raindrops loudly hit the shut windows of the house. His eyes shut tightly as the whole situation became clearer. As the guilt began to settle in, he started to panic.

You were alone out there, in the pouring rain at midnight, and he was the one to be blamed for that.

Harry had always praised himself on being a gentle man. The credit went to his mother, and he was proud of himself for being able to stay grounded despite the fame that surrounded him. As far as dating was concerned, he had been taught to always treat a woman with love and respect. It was a no-brainer that Harry was known for being respectful and kind.

However, as the situation became more and more pronounced, he felt his heart sinking lower in his chest. You weren’t just any girl, you were his girlfriend; his better half. The woman that he loved with every piece of him, the woman whom he wanted to marry and have a family with.

He felt his own heart break at the realization of what he had just done.

Just then, his phone began to ring. For a second, he thought you were the one calling him, before he realized that your phone was still in the car, something you hadn’t been able to pick up before he kicked you out of the car.

Once again, his heart ached at the memory.

He looked down at the phone to see his sister’s name popping up on the screen. He accepted the call before lifting the phone up to his ear.

“Did she say yes?!” His sister’s excited voice came out of the speaker.

And for the hundredth time that night, Harry felt his heart breaking all over again.

“Gemma, I fucked up. I fucked up bad.”

You had managed to begin walking. However, with the pace you had, you were sure that a tortoise could overtake you. In your defense though, that was the fastest you could walk with an aching ankle and the heavy rain resisting your footsteps. You didn’t exactly have a particular destination as to where you were going, but you kept on walking anyway.

You would be lying if you said that you weren’t scared. The roads seemed to look sketchier, darkness was everywhere, and you could barely see anything. Occasionally, someone would pass by you and you would hold your breath, scared out of your mind. It wasn’t until they would safely pass by that you would calm down again.

As wrong as it was, the only thing keeping you sane right then were Harry’s words that he had sweetly whispered to you a few months ago when you were being taken for knee surgery.

“Be a lion, baby. Can you do that for me? Be my little lioness and hold on for me?”

You wanted to scream. You wanted him, you wanted him so bad. But you had done him wrong, and he had done you wrong too.

You tried to maintain a strong exterior, repeating Harry’s words like a mantra in your mind over and over again.

At last, you reached a small park. The rain had slowed down much now, and you were able to find shelter underneath the metal tin sheet inside the park.

You sat there, with your arms tightly wrapped around yourself, trying to keep warm. You had run out of tears by now, and you had no idea what you were going to do next.

What did this mean for you and Harry?

Was he worried?

Was he trying to look for you?

You prayed that he was safe. For a second, you felt like laughing at your thoughts.

Here you were, drenched and sitting in a park with nowhere to go, and it was all his doing, and still you were worried for him.

It was dangerous, yes, but the day’s tiredness and the night’s events were taking a toll on you, and soon enough you found it impossible to keep your eyes open any longer.

After driving around for more than an hour, the park was Harry’s last hope. He entered the park, hoping with everything in him that he would be able to find you. He looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of you. He was close to ripping out his own hair out of frustration, when he saw a silhouette.

The person was lying on a bench, tightly hugging them self. He went nearer, and a gasp escaped him as he realized that it was you.

His very own girlfriend whom he had abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

As he took in your condition, he had never hated himself more.

Your arms were tightly wrapped around your own body, desperately trying to stay warm. Your clothes were drenched, and your feet seemed to be in a very compromising position.

He wanted to punch himself continuously until he could feel the same pain that you were feeling. His heart twisted in his chest, and he was almost sure that he was crying. He leaned down on his knees in front of you. Brushing back a loose strand from your face, he contemplated on what to do.

He could sit there with you for the rest of the night, and when you would wake up, he could talk to you.

Or he could carry you to his car and take you home right then.

However, given what had happened, he wasn’t sure if you would appreciate that. But as he looked at the dark sky above and the eerie silence surrounding the both of you, he knew that staying there wasn’t safe.

He had no choice, so he decided to wake you up. Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward, whispering your name softly. He had no idea how you would react. Either you would be extremely mad at him, or you would be terribly, terribly, upset. He didn’t know which one he preferred, but one thing he was sure of was that he couldn’t lose you.

Not now, not ever.

The both of you had made mistakes, his being the biggest, but he hoped that you two could get past this and continue to be together. Even if you stayed with him, he knew that it would take time for things to go back to normal.

He was willing to wait though, he was willing to do close to anything to stay with you.

He softly said your name once again, gently rubbing your arm.  He didn’t want to startle you, given the situation at hand.

As your eyes gently opened, you found yourself staring back at your favorite pair of emerald green eyes.

For a minute, you hoped that it had all been a dream. That you could just snuggle in your boyfriend’s arms and everything could be alright again. However, that wasn’t the case, and you knew that you had to be mature and face your problems confidently. You sat up on the bench while rubbing your eyes to chase away the tiredness enveloping you from the day. A silent yawn escaped you as you looked at Harry kneeling in front of the bench you were sitting on.

“Wha’ are you doing here?” You mumbled sleepily, still not fully awake.

“W- Was looking around for you, love. Goin’ crazy trying to find you.” He replied, stumbling upon his own words.

You looked around, before settling your gaze on him and frowning.

“Started caring too soon, don’t you think?”

You could practically see his face fall, head bowing down in defeat.

You felt bad for a second, before strictly reminding yourself that he was the one to be blamed for what you had been through in the last hour. After a couple of moments of subtle silence, his gaze lifted to meet yours.

“I’m sorry, pet. I really am. Went mad for a couple of minutes. Didn’t realize what I was doing. I had a couple of drinks during the night, as well. Know that’s no excuse though, I know that.”

His words were delivered in a pleading cry, full of remorse. You knew he was apologetic, but what had happened wasn’t something that could be fixed by a simple apology.

All the same, you knew that being mad at Harry wasn’t the solution. You had messed up too, and it was only fair that you gave each other a chance to work it out and explain yourselves.

With that thought, you slowly nodded, before getting up from the bench you were sitting on.

Harry immediately went into panic mode, unaware of what your next move would be. He slowly rose from his previous kneeling positon, ready to stop you from leaving him.

However, you stopped him before he could say anything.

“I’m sorry I divulged details about your solo career, but I didn’t mean to do that. I would never hurt you on purpose, you know that. Or at least, I thought you knew that.” You said, in a low voice.

Harry felt the pain in your voice piercing through his heart, tearing it up in half. He didn’t know if he was supposed to talk or not, and the last thing he needed was to dig his hole even deeper. So he stayed silent, letting you continue before explaining things from his perspective.

“I didn’t see you throughout the dinner. I had a whole speech prepared about how proud I was of your acting career. However, I knew that you wouldn’t appreciate it at a time like this. So I decided to save it for later. When I went into the car though, I could feel that your fury hadn’t dissipated. I didn’t know what to say to make it better. Maybe there was nothing that I could have really said at that moment that would make it better. And then when you burst out like that, I was lost. That wasn’t something that I expected from you.”

Harry had to bite his lip to keep from speaking up, his eyes watering at the pain of the situation.

“But I know it was a mistake. A misapprehension, if you will. A misstep caused by your hotheadedness. I can understand that, I suppose. Doesn’t make it hurt any less though. You promised to protect me, to be with me every step of the way. To be my patronage. It bewildered me as to how you could just simply leave me there and drive away. I was scared, so scared. It made me question if you even cared, if you were ready to leave me because I accidentally spoke about the fact that you were working on your solo album. I didn’t know what to think, Harry, and I still don’t. ”

You were standing a few steps away from him, but Harry felt like the distance between the two of you was larger than the sea. He wanted nothing more than to pull you up tight against his chest and kiss you until you understood that his career meant nothing to him if you weren’t there with him.

Although he knew that it was his turn to speak, he couldn’t do it while being so far away from you.

He took a few steps towards you, his arms going to wrap around your waist until your back was flushed against his chest, holding you to him tightly.

You let him do it, placing your hands on his and giving them a tight squeeze.

“I know you would never do that to me intentionally, my love. Of course I know that. I don’t know why I became so mad, but I’m sorry. For everything that happened tonight. I should have stayed with you during dinner, should have gone with you to the car. And most of all, I shouldn’t have burst out on you like that. That was very out of line of me, and I still can’t believe that I actually did that. When I couldn’t find you, for a second I didn’t mind you leaving me, just wanted you to be safe. But the thought of not having you was already becoming a nightmare. You know I’m not usually so easily inflamed. I’m quite good at controlling my temper most of the time. You know that, pet. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I’m really sorry. But Y/N, if you give me a chance, I promise you I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I vow to never repeat that mistake again. You’re important to me. I’ve never loved a woman before as much as I love you, apart from my Mum and Gem, of course. Would pick you over my career any given day, you’re my motivation in the hard times. Couldn’t be here without you, love.”

Suddenly, you shrugged off his hands from your waist, and his heart shuddered in fear that you hadn’t accepted his apology. However, he was once again left in awe of your unpredictable personality when you wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips to his in a passionate kiss.

You both knew that this didn’t suddenly make everything right. It would take some time for things to completely go back to normal.

And Harry knew that the ring in his pocket would have to wait a couple more days.

But the two of you also knew that you’d make it. It would take some time and patience, but together you were sure that you could survive through this, and whatever more life had to throw your way.

Book Photo Challenge- April: Purple
{such a nice smelling candle}

“Then perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are, rather than in what they expect you to be.”

Braids {Sirius Black x Reader}

Anon requests are a bit slow today so I decided to write down one of my ideas where Sirius is actually great in braiding (cuz I want me a man like dat)




“Hey, Sirius,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his neck from the back. “Are you ready?”

“Of course, darling. I’ve been waiting for this,” he replied before sitting down on the ground as she climbs up on his back.

It was the end of autumn and the trees had shed all of its red leaves, leaving them in a beautiful pile of orange and yellow shades. The weather was cold and so the two were in their coats and mittens. They were supposed to go to Hogsmeade with their friends but seeing as the castle was deserted, they decided to take advantage of this moment to enjoy the empty castle.

Sirius carried her on his back and walked to the courtyard, gently putting her down on one of the benches.

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked before sitting beside her.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying to seem as though she was thinking very deeply when he surprised her by kissing her cheek softly.

“You are so adorable,” he whispered.

“You’re more adorable!”

“Why, thank you, love.” He said, kissing the top of her head while she chuckled.

“You need to improve on your flirting,” (Y/n) said, facing away from Sirius while he began to comb her hair gently with his fingers. He loved the way it cascades down her back, the way it always smells sweet, and the way it tangles in his fingers. Although there were some days she often complained about her hair, wishing it was just like some one else’s; Sirius loved it the way it was because it made her who she is. He leaned close to her left ear and softly whispered, his breath tickling her neck.

“What do I need it for? I already got the one I want right in front of me.”

(Y/n)’s heart leapt out of her chest at those words. She blushed and pulled her knees to her chest.

“T-That was…”

“What? Too cheesy?”

“It was cute…” She mumbled, a small smile on her lips as Sirius continues to brush her hair.

“Mmm, guess I still got it,” he replied. “Could you give me a hair tie, love?”

(Y/n) pulled out a black hair tie and gave it to Sirius who placed it in his teeth, his fingers twisting small pieces of her hair and braiding them together.

“Do you suppose they’re having fun in Hogsmeade?” (Y/n) asked after a while.

“Why? Do you want to catch up? They’re still daylight, you know.”

“No, just wondering,” she said, “What’re you doing back there?”

Sirius did not reply, intending it to be a surprise but his silence slightly worried (Y/n) so she tried to turn around until she felt him accidentally tug on her hair.


“Don’t move now, love. Just a bit more,” he said and with the hair tie he borrowed, he tied her braid and pulled out his wand, sprinkling small stars on her (h/c) colored hair. He smiled triumphantly and rested her braid on her shoulder.


(Y/n) looked at the intricate braids he did and she had never seen her hair look this beautiful. She watched the stars he placed twinkle into red and gold then white, matching the color of her hair and eyes. It was like a mermaid’s hair, only it was hers. She could almost say Sirius was better than the other girls who would fix their hair in different braids (Y/n) could never master. She had no time. But now it seems like she will attend her classes in style.

She smiled at Sirius and kissed him lightly on the side of his lip before whispering, “You know, I’m starting to think you might have been a girl in your past life.”

“But I’ll still be adorable, won’t I?”

She laughed and nuzzled her nose against his, their foreheads pressed together as they shared another kiss.


  • Anônimo:Oi, eu gostaria de um em que ela fosse toda delicada (não ingenua e sem graça) e ele todo grosso, mas ele tenta de todas as formas ser a melhor pessoa pra ela aí um dia ele tem uma crise de ciúmes (ele é bem possessivo) e ela termina com ele, daí ela pega chuva quando estava indo pra casa depois da briga e no outro dia ele encontra ela voltando da faculdade e toda doentinha, ele obriga ela a entrar no carro ele leva ela pra casa dele e cuida dela (essa parte bem fofa por favor) com o Harry 
  • To meio enferrujada mas espero que gostem!
  • Boa leitura!

Os opostos se atraem literalmente, posso dizer que sou muito diferente do meu namorado, ele é capitão do time de basquete e não eu não sou líder de torcida, eu sou muito na minha sou muito ligada aos estudos, Harry se dedica bastante nos seus estudos também e às vezes pede minha ajuda! Ele é ciumento, na frente dos amigos ele é todo rude mas comigo ele é super fofo, vou dizer que amo esse jeito dele mas às vezes os ciúmes é demais.

— (seu nome), o que está pensando? — Harry me tira do meu devaneio — aposto que não está estudando biologia — ele vê o livro na minha mão

— Tava pensando em como meu namorado é lindo — digo e lhe puxo para um selinho

— Eu queria você aqui e agora - ele aprofunda o beijo

— Aqui no campo de treinamento onde todos os seus amigos estão?

— Não vejo problema - ele segura na minha coxa

— Harry volte já para o treino - O treinador fala

— Vá Harry! - empurro ele que me dá um selinho e volta para o campo

Volto para o meu livro de biologia e coloco meus fones de ouvido. Logo vejo alguém sentar do meu lado e me cutucar, retiro meus fones e vejo o melhor amigo de Harry me olhando e sorrindo

— Oi Charles, posso te ajudar? - digo

— É.. Estou com umas dúvidas em matemática e preciso que você me ajude

— Ah, eu e o Harry estudamos de sábado na casa dele, se quiser pode ir lá que ajudo você também

— Não (seu nome) quero estudar só com você - ele diz

— Desculpa mas acho que Harry não iria gostar de nós dois estudando juntos

— Ah qual é (seu nome) o Harry manda em você agora? - ele diz

— Não, mas ele é meu namorado e seu melhor amigo e não custa nada estudarmos juntos

— Tudo bem (seu nome), bom que pena que eu não vou poder fazer uma coisa

— O quê? - digo confusa - ele me puxa e me beija, eu tento me soltar mas ele me segura forte.

— Que porra é essa? - Vejo um Harry furioso nos olhando

— Ele… - ele me interrompe
— Ele nada, você vem aqui agora - ele pega no meu braço e sai comigo campo a fora, mas antes ele vira para seu amigo e diz — você eu me resolvo depois

— Harry me solta - ele me leva para o nosso esconderijo e me solta

— Nunca achei que você faria isso (seu nome)

— Eu não fiz nada, ele que me beijou - tento me explicar mas ele me prende na parede

— Você é só minha, entendeu? - ele diz perto do meu rosto

— Para de ser possessivo, eu sou sua namorada e não sua propriedade - digo

— Aé? Então volta lá e fica com aquele filho da puta de novo - ele sai de perto de mim

— Eu não te entendo, você viu que estava tentando me soltar dele, eu te amo e não te trairia e ainda mais com seu melhor amigo - digo com uma lágrima caindo - Olha eu cansei dessa sua possessividade e desse seu ciúmes

— O que você quer dizer? - ele pergunta

— Eu quero terminar, dar um tempo pra mim! - digo e saio da sala do zelador e deixo ele sozinho sem ouvir uma palavra da sua boca.

O resto do dia na escola eu evitei olhar para Harry. Na hora de ir embora tive que ir apè porque sempre ia com ele, mas no meio do caminho veio uma chuva forte que me renderia uma gripe mais tarde! Cheguei em casa toda molhada e fui direto tomar um banho quente, recebi várias mensagens de Harry mas recusei todas.


Dois dias depois eu ainda evitava Harry, ele tentava falar comigo mas sempre tentava me esconder dele, do jeito que eu o conheço ele ia fazer de tudo para que eu volte com ele e ainda to em dúvida quanto a isso! Peguei uma gripe horrível e naquele dia eu estava com dor de cabeça, na hora de ir pra casa eu ande devagar pois cada passo que eu dava era uma dor, logo vejo um carro parando do meu lado, e eu conhecia muito bem esse carro!

— (seu nome) meu amor, entra que eu te levo - paro e reviro os olhos

— Harry, eu pedi um tempo e eu estou doente e não muito a fim de discutir - digo com a voz meio rouca e vejo ele saindo do carro

— Então entra, não gosto de te ver assim - ele me segura e eu me solto

— Harry.. - ele para - Por favor (seu nome)

— Mas sem nenhuma palavra e você só me deixa em casa e vai embora- digo e entrando no carro

No caminho acabei dormindo e quando acordei eu não estava na minha casa e sim na casa de Harry, vejo ele com um termômetro e uma bandeja com uma sopa.

— Harry, eu disse minha casa - sento na cama

— Você começou a tossir muito, então te trouxe pra cá

— Eu vou embora - ia me levantando e ele me segura

— Deixa eu cuidar de você, por favor! - sorrio e faço sim com a cabeça

Ele me dá a sopa e eu tomo tudo, estava deliciosa, Harry não saiu do meu lado.

— (seu nome) eu quero te pedir desculpas pelo que eu fiz - ele segura minha mão

— Você pedindo desculpas? Acho que quem está doente é você - digo

— Eu só quero ser melhor pra você, melhorar meu ciúmes e te fazer feliz

— Você é o melhor pra mim, desse jeito que você é. Eu te amo - sorrio e te dou um selinho — agora fica aqui comigo e deita comigo e me abraça por favor - digo e ele me abraça

— Eu… Eu te amo - ele diz e eu sorrio, ele nunca me disse que me amava

— Repete - peço

— Eu te amo muito - ele fica por cima de mim e começa a me beijar, eu não sei se ele merece essa chance mas vou confiar nele por mais que ele não mereça às vezes.