Benedict Cumberbatch’s cut-glass vowels and public school background has meant that he is being linked to a starring role in a proposed new film set in the trenches of the First World War.

The Sherlock star and Old Harrovian is tipped to play the lead role of the hero Captain Stanhope in a new film based on R.C Sherriff’s 1928 play about a group of public school officers in the last year of the conflict.

In the play Stanhope is a father figure to his men but also reflects bitterly about the idiocy of war. Hiddleston is also a candidate for the new film, which has not been formally financed but looks to have a good chance to be made.

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Submit: Benedict is simply filled with jovial jocundity

My Dear Ms B - 

I am a DEAR, DEAR FRIEND of Mr. CBatch since we were in the nursery together, watching helicopters take off above Kensington.  In fact, I TAUGHT him how to say Helicopter.  Sadly, I was not so successful at teaching him how to say “penguin” or in teaching him the really important things in life - like wrapping up your baby carrot before diving off the deep end of the pool.

Anyway, I would send you pictures of us together, but I am FAR, FAR TOO Private to post our most personal interlocutions, but I can send you my email and you may find out that we have mutual friends on Facebook.  Benedict’s avatar is a blue raptor..

I just wanted to let you know that the dear old Harrovian knows ALL ABOUT the skeptic blogs, and quite frankly, he is far from devastated.  He actually finds them to be the bright spot in his most maddening situation with the most unctuous Soapy and the obsequious, fawning nannies.  Why, just yesterday, he actually said “fuck, I rather adore that Ballsy.  I need to borrow her testicle” and then raised his middle finger in a salute to the Nannies.

I have far more I could tell you all about B and his dangerous liaisons with scary sea monsters of the deep, but, I’m off to eat cake.

Most Cordially yours,

Benedict’s Bestest Friend from the Cradle…


nuqDaq yuch Dapol

(I, too, speak a second language - which I know Ms Soapy doesn’t)


Ballsy:  This is totes legit.  I mean anyone can see that.  No need to verify.  Helicopter IS Ben’s first word. He said so himself!  And he really can’t say Penguin.  We have audio of that.  Receipts!  And there’s a reference to Kensington.  I have verified myself that he did indeed live there as a child.  OMG we have inside tea!!!    I’m SO excited.  And this confirms that he definitely reads my blog. I told you all.  I told you – it’s his favourite bedtime read.  And he adores me!  Blushes. 

And just yesterday I too asked my Hubby where he hid the chocolate.  I had to settle for chocolate Baileys (I’m all out of Tim Tams).   bItlhutlh'a’?

Jam and Jerusalem

“So…” Ben settled down beside the two women, “I need your help.”

“With?” His mother asked patiently, ruffling his hair as she settled his tea onto the table.

“I want to marry Bonnie. But I don’t really feel like she feels… like she’s enough.” He murmured softly, “so… I’d like you to try and integrate her into our social circle. Make her feel more welcome to… well, mum, you’ve scared her before. And Connie, you rather bridge the gap between normal and… Old Harrovian so… it’d be nice if you could give her a hand.”

Wanda stared at her son momentarily, thoughtfully running a hand through her hair. “We can take her to the WI.” She said eventually. “Jam making and gossip, Connie?” ( @connie-harper-rp )

I'm A Celeb star Lady Colin Campbell's ex-husband says 'I don't care about her jungle show'  | Daily Mail Online
Link to dailymail.co.uk without improving their search engine position.

Don’t know if anyone already posted this, but there’s a little mention on the Daily Fail by Sebastian Shakespeare on Weirdo:

Sophie Hunter, Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife, turned up to a charity event wearing a £2,595 dress

While her husband Benedict Cumberbatch has been hectoring theatre audiences to donate to a charity for Syrian refugees, 37-year-old Sophie Hunter turned up this week to her own charity event wearing a gown worth more than any poverty-stricken child could dream of.

The Burberry patchwork print silk empire line dress costs an eye-popping £2,595.

Old Harrovian Benedict has finished his run in Hamlet at the Barbican and is filming Marvel hero Doctor Strange in Nepal. Perhaps he should be seeking donations for Sophie’s next outfit.