harrisville designs


I just finished making and photographing another Stephen West shawl, named “Clockwork”. It’s mostly garter stitch with a few slipped stitches and purls to make the adjacent lines in the pattern. I used a fingering weight wool, called “Shetland” from Harrisville Designs. 

Yarn is clean and dry!

I retrieved my yarn from Betsy’s house yesterday. When I got there, it was almost dry, but not quite. I wasn’t about to leave without my beautiful yarn, so I took it anyways and hung it up in my room to finish drying.

Today, I have been playing with different arrangements of the colors. I experimented with randomizing the order, but I ended up settling on the classic spectrum:

Tomorrow I will meet with Betsy to begin winding the warp for my loom!

Almost ready...

Washing day! Today I biked to Betsy’s house to wash the excess dye out of all of my skeins. I peered into the basement and found this waiting for me:

Wow. (*Color arrangement courtesy of Betsy)

I took each of the 18 bundles into the laundry room and washed them with a bit of dish soap and then squeezed them out.

Surprisingly, most of them didn’t have a whole lot of excess dye, and the water ran almost clear right away. But, oh my goodness, the black walnut water was brown for days. Also the darkest pernambuco skein (3rd from the left on the clothesline).

Either tomorrow or Sunday I will be able to retrieve my yarn and then it will be MINE FOREVER.