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consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

Happier, Aren’t You?

{Part two of Honest}


Song or Quote: Happier by Ed Sheeran {This song fucked me up, btw}
Who: Tom Holland

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

Oh, ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

Tom could feel his chest tighten at the sight of [Y/N] and her new boyfriend walk into the same bar he was about to head into. It was difficult to be this close to her. Tugging at his tie to loosen it, he flickered a look towards Harrison who was cautiously waiting for his reaction.

“You good?” Harrison asked. 

Nodding and shrugging his shoulders, Tom cleared his throat. “Yeah, yeah. I’m good, I’m good.” Clearing his throat again, he motioned towards the bar, “Let’s go.” 

Harrison pursed his lips, “You sure? There’s another pub down the street we can hit.” Harrison had been against Tom’s decision on breaking up with [Y/N]. He knew Tom like the back of his hand, there was no way that Tom was ever really, truly going to move on. 

“I said I’m good, let’s go. All our friends are going to this one.” Tom replied with a colder tone than he had meant to. 

“Alright, mate. Let’s go then.” 

Tom’s heart was racing, they hadn’t spoken since the day after he had broken up with her. He had checked up on her, knowing in his head that it was too soon to be texting her but he couldn’t resist in hearing her voice one more time. She had sounded absolutely broken and he knew she had been crying all night. The call lasted only thirteen seconds but it was thirteen seconds of confirmation that he had made the biggest mistake. 

He hadn’t fallen out of love with her like most people did in his kind of situation. Tom just couldn’t find time to make her his number one priority like he wanted to. And to him that wasn’t fair to her. He wanted to treat her like a Queen, like his world revolved around her because at one point, it completely had. With his newfound fame, she became second to a lot of things and even though it seemed like she didn’t mind, it bothered him. 

As soon as he walked into the bar with Harrison, all of their friends cheered and hollered. He laughed along with them, telling himself to not search for her. But, it was like a magnetic pull, his eyes found hers instantly. She was the first one to pull her gaze away and he was thankful for that because he wouldn’t have been able to if she hadn’t. 

“Come on, Tom. They saved us a table over by the bar.” Harrison shouted over the music and chatter. 

Nodding, Tom finally tore his eyes from her and followed his friends. He desperately tried to ignore the fact that [Y/N] was just a few feet from him. Laughing with friends, he had to remind himself to fake the smile that his friends wanted to see. Eventually, it became a little bit easier with each passing hour and with each passing beer. Soon, the idea of [Y/N] being there was fading until he received a notification on his phone. Glancing down, his heart sank a little.

@yourusername just posted a picture for the first time in awhile, check it out.

Knowing that he shouldn’t engage in looking at her Instagram, Tom ignored his better judgement and swiped to look.

@yourusername happy ✌️

Tom chewed on his lip, bringing the bottle to his mouth. He took a swig before double tapping the picture and clicking his phone off. Continuing to fade in and out of his friends conversation, he couldn’t help but think of how different he would feel if she was sitting next to him. Or if it was his hands holding onto hers. 

“I’ll be right back.” Tom said as he leaned towards Harrison’s ear.

“Want me to come?” 

Shaking his head, Tom sighed. “Nah, man. I’m just going to get some air.” 

Harrison nodded, “Alright…” He could read between his words but respected his decision to go alone. 

Pressing a smile, Tom patted his shoulder and headed towards the exit. Running a hand through his hair, he broke apart the neatly gelled style. Looking up, he searched to find some stars. One of his favorite pastimes with her. Stargazing. But the city was far too lit for him to find any. Sighing, he started to walk a little, wanting to just go to bed and forget of having seeing her with him. 

“Did you intentionally like my picture or was it something petty?” 

 Tom jumped at the sound of her voice, swiveling to face her. His mouth sat open, shocked to see her standing in front of him. She looked ten times more beautiful up close, it hurt. “[Y/N]! Uh, um, I.” 

Stepping closer, her voice was firm with her eyes glossed over. “I can’t do this, Tom. Please just don’t remind me of you.” 

“[Y/N],” Tom bit his lip, “I, uh, I, um. I just want you to know that I’m glad you found someone.” Looking down at the sidewalk, he mumbled out. “I’m happy that you’re happy.” 

“I am happy, Tom.” She responded, her voice quivering slightly. “But the thing was, was that I was happy with you too.” 

Tom closed his eyes, sighing. “Love,” 

Shaking her head, she gritted her teeth, “Don’t call me that.” 

Opening his eyes, he looked up at the sky. His teeth still scraping over his lips. “I made a mistake,” he said defeated. 

[Y/N] scoffed with tears in her eyes, nodding. “Yeah, yeah you did.” 

Finally meeting her gaze, “You look happier with him then you did with me. So it wasn’t really a mistake for you to love me.” 

Her brows knitted together, her hand reaching for her torso, “A mistake for me? Are you mad?” [Y/N] twirled in her steps, her hand running through her curls. “You only think I’m happier with him because you aren’t happy. I was incredibly happy with you Tom.” Shaking her head, she frowned. “You broke up with me because you wanted me to be treated the way you thought I deserved. Little did you know the way you treated me was everything I wanted.” 

“So you aren’t happier?” Tom asked quietly.

[Y/N]’s mouth opened and then closed. Sighing, she looked away from him, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “I am happy with him. But I’m not sure I love him yet and that was the difference between our relationship and this one. I loved you with everything in me so of course I was happier then.” 

Tom kicked a pebble, shoving his hands in pants, he murmured. “I was happier with you then I am without you.” Looking up, “If he ever decides to be stupid like me and lets you go. I’ll be here, [Y/N].” 

 “How can you still love me after I’ve moved on?” 

“I’ll never hold it against you for finding someone, love. Because there are so many others that deserve you but I’m still in love with you and always will be.” Pressing his lips, he flinched as he felt rain drops hitting his face. “Would you tell Haz that I’ve gone back to the hotel?” 


Summary: can you do a tom holland imagine, where harrison introduced y/n to tom and eventually tom and y/n date and tom gets a little jealous of how close y/n and harrison is. one day while tom was shooting late at night y/n and harrison go out to a bar and get drunk and they end up accidentally kissing right when tom walks in,and can you use your imagination to how the imagine ends? Thank youu

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

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George Harrison had a big bar of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut and he gave pieces to me, Pete Clarke and Derek Taylor. Paul McCartney walked in and saw us all eating chocolate and wanted some. George, very deliberately, put the last piece in his mouth. (Laughs) It’s childish, and I’ve done things like that in the Merseybeats, but Paul was really annoyed that George didn’t give him his last piece of Fruit and Nut. (Laughs)
—  Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats, BBFC’s Harrison Exclusive (2011)
I just made myself sad again.

Okay, so you know how before this last episode Cisco’s greatest on-screen crisis was about Ronnie? Guilt over Ronnie, and trying to find Ronnie, and admitting his part in Ronnie’s death to Caitlin? Well, there’s something about all that that bothers me, specifically something in Caitlin and Cisco’s interactions. 

The first time it comes around is like episode three, when they flashback to the accident. Cisco approaches Caitlin at the end of the ep and starts to say something. She cuts him off, says she’s totally fine and they should go get ice cream, cuteness follows.

Second time is when she sees the FIRESTORM stuff on his tablet. He starts to explain, she says she wants him to let it go, she’s moving on, etc.

It’s the third time, when he confesses to letting Hartley out and she says she told him not to dig into Ronnie for her, that he finally tells her that he’s not actually doing this for her.

Like, it bothers me that he has to point out that he has feelings about this that are separate from hers. His guilt could have been alleviated the third ep if she’d given him a minute to talk instead of assuming that anything he had to say was going to be about her and how she felt.

(Bonus points for Ronnie doing it too, greeting him with a hug and then shutting him down when he starts to express some of his real, deep, painful guilt about his part in Ronnie’s ‘death’.)

Don’t get me wrong, Caitlin telling Cisco that things aren’t his fault is a good thing. But Caitlin saying things like that without giving him a chance to even get his feelings out first is kinda sucky. Sometimes people need to talk, okay? Sometimes that’s what they need more than anything else, even reassurance.

I mean it’s no wonder he works on projects and researches Ronnie and deals with Hartley all without telling anyone. No one would listen anyway.

So the reason I’m thinking about this right now is because the only person on this show who has actually asked Cisco to talk about his feelings is Harrison Wells. Barry and Caitlin ignore Cisco to have karaoke night at the bar, and Harrison Wells sits with him and watches movies while he avoids his brother. 

Cisco goes to Harrison when he has things to confess, maybe partly because Harrison is the manipulative father-figure, but also partly because Harrison is the only one who hears him out when he has something to say. And Harrison has to be the one to tell the others to listen to him.

But Harrison Wells is evil. And I’m sad. I don’t know.

Protect Cisco Ramon 2K15.