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Could you do a blurb where Haz is feeling insecure and/or sad about something, maybe the lizard boy thing and the reader is trying to help him and she let's it slip she's in love with him and he's shocked ('cause he's in love with her too) and doesn't answer, she gets embarrassed and she's just like "forget it, I knew I shouldn't have said anything". That's when he realizes that he didn't say it back. Just really fluffy, please. Thanks and I'm sorry if it's too much.

(I am a sucker for the roommate trope, so here we are.)

“Hey, Haz,” you call out to your roommate as you pass through the living room and into the kitchen. It’s nearing dinner time and you’re hungry, so you decided to fix dinner. Harrison waves half-heartedly in response.

You pay no attention as you breeze into the kitchen, opening cupboards and the refrigerator, as you will the food that’s in there to assemble itself into something that resembles a meal. What the… I can’t make dinner out of this, you think. 

“Hey.” You poke your head into the living room, where Harrison is sitting on the couch, staring at his phone. “What’d you want to do for dinner?”

Harrison puts his phone down on the arm of the couch. “Do you think I look like a lizard?” he asks.

“Um… well, I don’t know how to make that. But let me call my mom and see if she has a recipe.”

Harrison grabs a throw pillow and tosses it at you. “Div.”

You laugh as you catch the pillow and carry it back to the couch, sitting down next to Harrison. “What’s up? You seem kind of sad today.”

Harrison shrugs. “It’s just… there are people that think I look kinda like a lizard, that’s all. Do you think I look like a lizard?”

“It’d explain why you eat flies all the time,” you reply jokingly.

Harrison snorts as he rolls his eyes. “But… do I?”

“No, Harrison. You do not look like a lizard. You are a very handsome boy.” You nudge his shoulder with your own.

He smiles a little. “Thank you. Also, um… do you think people only like me because I’m friends with Tom?”

“What is this, Free Therapy Hour? They’re idiots if that’s the only reason.” You smile softly at him. “You’re sweet, and talented, and hilarious. You’d drop anything and everything to help a friend. Not much help in the ‘deciding what’s for dinner’ department, but we’ll just ignore that for now. But all that other stuff? It’s the truth. It’s what made me fall in love with you.”

“Yeah, but…” Harrison trails off, as his jaw goes slack and he just stares at you.

“Oh, my God,” you mutter. “That was out loud.” 

Harrison still hasn’t said anything; he just continues staring at you.

“Forget it. I shouldn’t have said that, didn’t even mean to, I… you know what? I’m going to my room, not that hungry anyways.”

Before Harrison can respond, you get up and quickly walk into your room, closing the door behind you. You sit on the bed and groan loudly as you collapse onto the pillows, pulling the blanket over yourself.

Maybe… maybe if I pull this blanket tight enough I can just… disappear, you think to yourself.

You told your roommate you loved him. You do, but you weren’t ever planning on saying it. And all he did… was nothing.

“I’m such an idiot,” you mutter; your pity party is interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

“Open up, please?” Harrison says.

“It’s not locked,” you call weakly. You hear the door open and feel a weight settling onto the bed next to you.

“You can come out,” he says.

“No, I can’t. I’m too embarrassed. Your silence said it all.”

“What’d it say, out of curiosity?”

“That you don’t feel the same way I do, and that I should start scouring Craigslist for roommate wanted ads since now I clearly have to move out.”

Harrison chuckles softly as he rests a hand on the lump that is your body (and turns out to be your hip). “Don’t do that, that’s how you end up with an organ-harvester for a roommate. Do you want your organs harvested?”

“It’d be less painful than this.”

He laughs again. “What that silence said,” he says, “was that I cannot believe you feel the same about me as I do about you. I just… was so surprised I guess… I guess I forgot to say it back.”

“You… huh?” You finally poke your head out of the blankets; Harrison takes one look at you and smiles.

“God, you’re adorable. Anyway, uh… I love you.”


He nods.

“Oh. Um… okay. That’s a relief. Say, can we kiss now?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” He lies down next to you and presses his lips to yours. His lips are soft against yours; he tastes a little like the spearmint gum he’s always chewing. You part your lips slightly wider to allow his tongue access; his hands come to rest on either side of your face as yours find his hair.

“Wow,” you say when he finally pulls away.

“Yeah. Um… wanna go get food?”

“Is this our official first date?”

Harrison thinks about it for a minute. “Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, Thai?”

“Sounds great.” You lean over and softly peck his lips again. “Give me five minutes to get ready?”


“Love you, Lizard Boy.”

Harrison rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling as he kisses you again. “Love you too, Div.”

The Nanny//Tom Holland

Single dad!CEO!Tom x reader 

Warnings: fluff

Words: 861

Summary: Tom falls in love with his sons nanny.

Y/N Y/L/N is the nanny of Britain’s most popular business mans three year old son, Oliver Holland. Y/N has been Ollie’s nanny ever since he was four months old and she loves him as if he was her own son. 

Tom had received a lot of back lash for getting a nanny for his son when he was just only a few months old, but not a lot of people knew that Tom’s baby momma didn’t want anything to do with his precious baby boy. After a few months of taking care of his newborn and working he finally decided that he couldn’t do it alone anymore and that’s when he hired Y/N. 

Y/N and Tom met through mutual friends. Tom found out that you were struggling to find a position as a teacher after graduating from teachers college so he asked you to be his sons nanny. You were apprehensive at first since you didn’t want to be a nanny, you wanted to be a teacher and after all your parents remortgaged their house to put you through school. However, Tom is really persuasive, that’s one of the reasons why his business is so successful. 

As part of being Oliver’s nanny you lived in Tom’s penthouse with the two boys. It was a big adjustment from living in a cheap one bed room apartment that had noisy upstairs neighbours to a giant penthouse that had furniture that costed more than your tuition. Hell, Ollie’s room was bigger than your old room at your apartment. 

The first day Tom left you and Ollie alone he was a nervous mess. He made three trips around the penthouse making sure everything his son needs is in the correct places. When he got to work he called every hour despite you telling him everything was okay. Tom eventually came home two hours early. 

After six months of living together and you being Oliver’s nanny Tom harboured a small crush for you. In reality it was more than small, but he didn’t want to admit that to himself. 

You were perfect in his eyes. The way you and Ollie interact makes his heart skip a beat. Oliver looks at you like you’re his mother and he even calls you his mom. Tom apologised to you when he first started calling you that and you quickly told him that it was okay and you low key love it. That’s when Tom’s heart skipped a beat for you for the first time. All Tom wanted was for Ollie to grow up with a motherly figure in his life. Tom would sometimes have dreams of the three of you as a family and he was deeply disappointed when he awoke. 

Tom’s crush for you only grew with the months that went by. He knew that he didn’t just have a tiny crush on you when Oliver took his first steps. 

“Tom!” You yell from the living room. 

“Ollie’s going to walk come here!” You yell once again while sitting on your knees on the floor while holding your arms out for Oliver to walk to you. 

Tom, Usain Bolt’s out of the shower, wraps a towel around his waist and runs towards the living room, trying not to slip. “I’m coming!” 

He made it just in time to see his son walk to you. Tom and you both cheer when he makes it to you. Tom couldn’t be more prouder of his baby boy. Once Oliver was in your arms you picked him up and threw him in the air a couple of times while smiling brightly causing Oliver to giggle in excitement and causing Tom to stand there looking at you wordlessly with a towel around his waist and water dripping down his face from his wet hair. 

However, Tom knew he loved you when he came home one night after a late shift. 

“Y/N?” Tom calls out quietly throughout the penthouse after closing the front door. 

He sets his keys on the key rack before walking down the hall towards the bedrooms. Tom knocks on your door and after getting no response he opens the door to find you not in there. The next room he checked was his because sometimes Oliver wanted to sleep with his dad after watching moana with his daddy and ‘mommy’. After watching movies in Tom’s bed not only was Ollie asleep, but you were too. 

Neither you or Ollie were in there so he checked Oliver’s room next. Tom opens the door slowly, not wanting it to creak and wake up his sleeping son. At first his heart dropped because he saw a figure next to Ollie’s crib, but Tom quickly realised it was you. You were sleeping on the floor bedside Oliver’s crib with your hand in between the posts of the crib and Oliver had his small hand wrapped around your index finger. 

That was the moment Tom realised he was in love you. 

Six years later and now Tom is standing beside a minister at the end of the aisle, waiting for the love of his life, Y/N Y/L/N to walk down it in a white gown. 

More Than A Mission H.O [2/4]

pairing: spy!Harrison Osterfield x spy!reader

SPY!AU | part 1 

A/N: I hope all of you like this second chapter! I love writing this story so much you can’t even imagine 😩❤️ Enjoy some cute tropes and two oblivious fools! Feedback or comments are always nice! (idk if I saw all of my mistakes but I hope I did! If I didn’t sorry!)

Some people say they can’t pinpoint the exact moment they fell in love. You had heard it multiple times, the old “I don’t know when it started” and the “It started long before I even realized” family and friends always seemed to say that about the people they loved. But for you? For you it wasn’t like that. 

When it came to Harrison Osterfield, your feelings were like walking down a long hallway with old and new memories you made together hanging from the walls until you reached a dark room. Its too dark to see anything at first and you’re too unsure and afraid to move until something happens and switches the lights on to reveal your best friend in front of you. You see him there smiling and the ground underneath you crumbles because that smile had never made you feel like that before and you love it. In that moment you let yourself fall and you love him.

In reality, it didn’t happen in a dark room and there was no hallway, there was only a hostage extraction simulation and guns with paint balls in them.

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those coffee shop aus are cute and all but if a cute guy walks up to me and asks what i’m writing i’m not gonna tell him i’ve got 10k words worth of my own spiderman fanfiction

With You Till the End of the Line [1]

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With You Till the End of the Line. Chapter one:

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Undecided (Series): Chapter One

Undecided (Series): College AU

Harrison Osterfield x Female Reader

Warnings: None (some swearing) 

Summary: Graduation is approaching soon and (y/n) has spent most of her time at college study and trying to make a better life for herself. (Y/N) has often had thoughts about what it would be like to go to college parties, have tons of friends, and have a real college experience. But it’s important to not get distracted. That is until she comes across a particular frat boy with soft eyes and an addictive smile. 

Chapter Summary: Someone comes knocking on (y/n)’s door. 


Chapter One:

With every passing week, graduation was no longer appearing to be a distant dream. For the past five years, (y/n) had been working herself to death in order to get her bachelor’s degree. She was the first in her family to ever go to college, so there was so much pressure to graduate. Once (y/n) graduate high school, she was left to fend for her own, meaning she moved out of the house into a little apartment across campus, got herself a job at the campus library, and never asked anyone for help. The plan was to graduate with a long and impressive resume so (y/n) could get into grad school so she could have a brighter future.

Putting her future at risk was not an option for (y/n), so she spent most of her time studying. There were countless times (y/n) would walk right past any event that was happening on campus, ignored any offers about joining a sorority, and never went to a single party. Those were all different forms of an escape for (y/n), but they would also get in the way of a better future. So in order to distract herself but not fuck up her future, (y/n) buried her head into her studies. As the years went on, (y/n) found herself making very few new friends and never really considered herself as a real college student unless she was on campus in one of her classes.

Sometimes it did bother her, getting to watch all of the other students having a good time and getting to enjoy all of the new life experiences that (y/n) was missing out on. She wanted to know what it was like to go out on a weeknight, driving around without a care in the world and getting to be with new people who would help her become the person that she wanted to be. (Y/N) wanted to go out and have a good time, see other people do crazy things and get to hold on to those memories for the rest of her life. But no matter how much she wanted to, (y/n) would never let her guard down.

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11pm|pt. vi

pervious part

next part

5 hours. it was 5 hours straight of y/n and Tom cuddling in Toms bed, and getting to know each other, they learned that they both had a love for spider-man, what each other’s biggest pet peeves were.

“y/n..” Tom began, she looked him in the eyes and smiled

“ dad,” her eyes trailed down, she knew he wasn’t very…fond of y/n

“listen he likes you, he really does its just”

y/n opened her mouth to speak, but Tom cut her off

“no, its..its important, the reason he doesn’t want us together is because he doesn’t want us to..he doesn’t want us to get hurt”

“but the soulmate bond would-”

“it would hurt much less than the nici un om pentru suflet pereche killing you..”

y/n looked away from Tom

“i’ve read about my grandparents diaries…i thought they were all fake, i mean who would kill someone’s soulmate because of them being different?” Tom nodded in agreement

“you’ll make it out alive, and we’ll be together. i promise”

that promise was not only to y/n,but to himself as well.


“Astride, Elizabeth had another vision”

“who are they?”

“Hollandus’ boy, the eldest”

Astride nodded “very well”

she pointed to one of her fairly new recruits

“congratulations, you get to graduate after all, you’ll be watching Thomas and his soulmate, and if he doesn’t turn her, you bring her back here? understood?”

the frightened male nodded

“wh-what if shes like me?”

Astride rolled her eyes “Jackson, what did we say about questioning me?”

“n-not to..”

“thats right, now if you really wanted to know, that’s why you are to bring her here, Elizabeth will check for us”

“yes ma'am” Jackson quickly made his way out, back to his family for the meantime, while he waits till he gets to go back to school and try to be a normal teenager along with spying on the new couple

okay so y/n and Tom talked, they know the risks and Toms making promises and we met a few members of the nici un om pentru suflet pereche but what the hell and who the hell is Jackson?.. hmm

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You’re Not Real Part Three Ghost! Tom Halloween AU

Warnings: Mentions of ghosts, haunted house, murder, curse words

Word Count: 1.1K


Previous Part - Part Three - Next Part (10/23)

As the days passed, it was as if things got weirder. Things continued to move, and you still couldn’t figure out the history of the house. The cool draft seemed to follow you around the house. Sitting in your bay window, you let your book sit in your lap. Your door shut, and you let the sunlight flow into the room. Your eyes ran over the words of the book and you found yourself engulfed in the book. “What are you reading?” You heard an unfamiliar voice speak. You glanced around the room, you couldn’t see anyone. “In the other window,” The voice spoke again. You peered out from behind the wall where the window was. You saw the edge of the other window sill, a person now sitting there.

  Your door was still closed so there was no way it was Asher or Samantha. Getting up, you carefully stepped around your bed and could now clearly see the other window. “Who the hell are you?” Your voice shook. You didn’t recognize the boy who sat in your window. “I like what you did with my room, I always liked the color of the walls, I’m glad you didn’t change it,” The boy spoke as he continued to look out the window. “Your room?” You said looking at him. “Well it used to be my room,” He spoke mysteriously. “Well it’s not anymore, so get the hell out of my room and my house,” You said with your arms crossed. He laughed, and he finally looked at you. He had brown hair that swept over his forehead and his deep brown eyes pierced into yours, practically burning holes in your head. His skin was pale, abnormally pale for a human. “It’s not easy to explain. My family lived here three years ago. They moved away though. Too painful to stay here,” The boy spoke. “Three years ago? The death in the house. Holy shit,” You said connecting the dots. 

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Okay so I found Harrison on this site called HealthyCeleb or something and it has these statistics and facts on him and I have just a few comments…

How do you know this??

Kind of an odd fact but true I guess? Still a weird to have a whole section that is just someone’s ‘build’? Kinda curious what it says for other people

But it’s sometimes a little blond??

Apparently this is Haz’s only known favourite thing, and I had no idea? And then the source for this one fact… Is Wattpad really a reliable source? Are you sure someone didn’t write a fanfic where cookies are Haz’s favourite food?

And then this last thing… How do you know for sure?? AKA stop ruining my dreams and chances with Haz just because I’ve got a dick in my pants!

Well those were my comments on this weird as page…

Terrible Things (Harrison Osterfield) [1]

A/N: This is the official first chapter of the mini series. They’re going to be on the shorter side. Let me know what you think!



It only took one date to have them both swept up in each other. Their connection was undeniable, and when Harrison had shown up to pick her up for their first date, neither one of them could take their eyes off each other. Every time his bright blue eyes would find her brown ones, a blush would form across her cheeks and she would bashfully look away. He thought she was adorable, and even though he wanted nothing more than to reach out and trace the color with his fingertips, he refrained.

Their first date was simple, just grabbing a cup of coffee at a café not far from her apartment. While at first, she was a little hesitant to open up, being with him somehow felt natural. It didn’t take long before they were joking and laughing like they had known each other for years.

“So, you’re not from here, right? You said you came from the U.S. What made you want to move to London?”

“I’ve always had big dreams of moving to London. It took me longer than I had planned because I was in a pretty serious relationship, and he had no interest in moving out of the country. Since that ended, I felt like taking a chance and just packed my bags and left.”

Harrison’s eyes searched her face as he tried to determine whether or not he should ask more about her previous relationship. He could see a guarded look as she mentioned him briefly, so he decided not to push it further. Besides, she was here now and that was all that mattered.

They spent their next few dates in that same café, and it eventually became ‘their place’. The first time Harrison reached out to hold her hand was right outside, following their first date. Her hands were cold and his were shaking, but the contact brought immediate warmth. His fingers laced perfectly through hers, and she had squeezed his hand slightly in reassurance.

The first time he kissed her was while they were sitting on one of the loveseats near the window of the same café. It was their third date, and she had been abnormally quiet. He had looked over at her to make sure that she was okay, but saw that she was smiling at him. There was a look in her eye that caused his heart to skip and he couldn’t resist the force that was pulling him together anymore. Her lips tasted like her strawberry lip gloss, and he felt a thrill swoop through his chest when he felt her lips press confidently back against his.

From the third date on, they were inseparable. By the fifth date, he had asked her to be his girlfriend. They traveled all around London, checking out different places that neither of them had ever heard of. Coffee, stolen kisses in the back of bookstores, and hanging out with his friends became staples of their relationship. Harrison was ecstatic when his friends told him how perfect she was for him, even though it was something he already knew. He lived for her smile and spent every moment he was with her trying to make her laugh. Her laugh was his favorite.

For their one month anniversary, Harrison had planned a beautiful picnic in her favorite park. He had purchased her favorite snacks and her favorite bottle of wine. He had set up a blanket underneath a huge tree, and played her favorite music through the speaker of his phone. Her eyes had lit up when she saw what he had put together, and the kiss on his cheek was enough to make it all worth it.

They talked about their day and their days to come, and after a few minutes of people watching, her eyes found his. He could feel his breath catch in his throat like it always did when she caught him staring, not that he could help himself.

“Can I tell you something wonderful?” she asked quietly. Her hand reached for his, and he nodded. “I can tell that you’re in love with me.”

His heart stuttered in his chest, and his mouth fell open slightly. There was still a small smile on her face, but he had no idea how to respond. Sure, he knew he was in love with her but he hadn’t expected it to come out like this. They hadn’t been together that long and he didn’t want to seem like he was trying to rush things. He didn’t want to scare her away.

“It’s okay, Haz. I’m in love with you too.”

Warmth spread throughout his whole body at her words, and he reached forward to wrap her up in his arms. He captured her lips in sweet kiss, and then continued pressing small kisses all over her face. A giggle slipped through her lips as she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. In that moment, they both knew that they had never been happier.

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58 w/ Harrison please

58. moving around while kissing, stumbling over things, pushing each other back against the wall/onto the bed

gonna make this a Dad!Haz because why not?

“Ok, the girls are at Mum’s for another half an hour, which gives us about 10 minutes if we hurry up” Harrison says as he unlocks the door to your apartment.

“Enough time for wha-” you’re completely cut off when you feel Haz’s lips over yours, pulling your hips closer with a sense of urgency that you’d never seen before from him. 

Oh. That. 

With you and your husband starting a family, you had barely gotten any time together without your twin daughters taking up literally every waking moments. So 5 months after you had given birth, the doctor had deemed that everything was normal, you and Harrison had finally handed over your daughters to Haz’s mum while he treated both of you to a well-deserved dinner date. And something more.

You waste literally no time either, the feelings going through your body feeling almost like the first time you had sex with Harrison. Not letting your bodies break away, you push Harrison to your bedroom, his knee bumping against the coffee table. Your hip bangs against the dining table and you guys huff little laughs as you fumble with the buttons on his shirt. It’s a little breathless and frantic, but the clock’s going and this is the first time in 5 months that you’re able to have sex, so you weren’t complaining. 

You’re giggling into Harrison’s laughs and feeling giddy as he struggles with the zipper on your dress. There’s a trail of clothes that leads from the front door to your bedroom and everything seems so new yet so known to you. 

Harrison was your husband. 

You gave birth to two beautiful twin daughters.

Everybody was healthy. 

Your skin was on fire, your heart was thudding and you felt like you were the happiest person on the planet. When you reach your bedroom, Harrison just scoops you up, gently plopping you onto the bed, bending down to get on his knees. 

“I love every single inch of you” he whispers, placing soft kisses all over your thighs. You’ve got goosebumps all over your body as he continues upwards, pecking your thighs, hips, waist and chest, slowly crawling over you to kiss you again. 

“Me too baby, but we’ve only got 5 minutes left” you laugh, albeit the tears that shine in your eyes.