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BREAKING: @banksy just opened the Walled Off Hotel in Palestine! The artist created this project hoping to bring tourism back to the city of Betlehem. The hotel is filled with his art and you can actually experience it for only 30 pounds a night.
📷 by Emma Graham-Harrison #streetart #intervention #hotel #walledoffhotel #art #museum #banksy #betlehem #palestine https://www.instagram.com/p/BRLfoo-jQXs/

Previously unpublished photograph of George Harrison at the Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 June 1964; as sold by Julien’s Auctions. This and a few other images were photographed by young reporter from a Swedish magazine; the negatives have since been destroyed, making these unique prints.

“I was dead against carrying on without Ringo. Imagine, The Beatles without Ringo! Anyway, I bowed to the pressure and off we went, but I was none too pleased, even though Jimmie [Nichol] was actually quite a lovely guy.” - George Harrison, Off The Record


Can you do an imagine where Tom and the reader have been in a long relationship and they love each other a lot. But for months, Tom has been cheating on the reader with Ella Purnell and the reader finds out. Tom promises not to do it again. When it comes to the BAFTAs, the reader cant go and Tom and Ella end up having sex in a hotel room and the readers ends up finding them together, ending things with Tom?

Authors Note: I suggest listening to either “My Immortal” by Evanescence (for hard tears) OR “One Love” by Marianas Trench (for feels) whilst reading this for more of an effect. I decided to add on to this imagine (the ending) with something I was working on previously because it seemed like a good fit. Thank you to the anonymous person who requested this!💙

“What do you mean it’s nothing, Tom! How long has this been going on!” I raged, tears stinging my eyes. Tom’s normally kept hair was wild from him running his fingers through it constantly.

“Let me-”

“How. Long. Thomas.” I snarled through clenched teeth. He gulped and looked at me, worry in his eyes.

“Two months. ” he whispered.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” I said, crossing my arms.

“Two months.” he said louder. I threw my hands up in the air and yelled.

“You’re such a dick Tom! After three years together and you’re already bored of me. I knew from the start you would leave me for someone higher than me.” I rambled on, grabbing my jacket and bag.

“Where are you going?” he asked, grabbing my wrist.

“Away from you.” I said, tears rolling down my cheeks. He pulled me into a hug and I struggled to get out but he held on, bringing me to the ground slowly. I cried, my hands balled into fists, resting on his chest. He soothed my hair and I heard him sniffle.

“I promise to never do it again. I-I can’t lose you. It was a one time thing, I swear. Everything after, was just friendship.” he whispered. I felt a tear of his, land on my cheek and I calmed down.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

~Two months later~

“You sure you can’t go?” Tom asked, struggling to fix his bow tie. I chuckled and went over to fix it for me. I sniffled and made a face.

“I don’t think the red carpet would look great with someone sick on it.” I said, smiling. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I’ll see you home then.” he whispered in my ear. I nodded and let him go.

After an hour passed, my phone rang. I groaned from my place on the couch and reached over for it, setting my book down.

“Yeah Harrison?” I said, clearly sounding congested.

“Whoa there dragon. What’s wrong?” he teased.

“Har har. I’m sick you ass. What do you want?”

“Come surprise Tom! He’s nominated and Oh YES!” Harrison screamed in the phone. Tom and I didn’t have the channel the BAFTAs were on because well, Harrison dropped soda on the outlet so the television was done until we could fix it.

“TOM JUST WON. GET YOUR GROSS ASS OVER HERE NOW!” Harrison yelled before hanging up. Well then… Guess I am going after all.

After an hour of deciding what to wear, I settled on a nice pant suit, dreading the fact that it was my sisters pant suit that I packed. She was huge on showing cleavage. I put on some lip gloss and smacked my face a bit, trying to make it look less sick as I grabbed my purse and headed down to the ceremony.

“There she is! The after party started an hour ago!” Harrison whined.

“You could have gone Haz.” I said, taking his arm.

“I could have. But Tom was bombarded by photographers, I decided to wait for you.”

“Aww so sweet. Now where’s Tom?” I asked, excited to see his award.

“I don’t know but can you help me load some stuff into his hotel room?” Harrison asked.

“Hotel room?” I asked.

“Yeah. His parents are in town and he wanted to spend some time with them. They wanted to stay at your place but Tom said you were sick and they understood.” Harrison explained. I nodded as we walked to his car to pull out some wine and some CD’s. Harrison pulled out some confetti poppers and a camera.

“It’s going to freak Tom out once he sees you.” Harrison beamed. I giggled at his dorkiness.

“Why? He sees me everyday.”

“I know but you were sick and now you’re here.”

We got up to his floor to hear music pumping through all the doors.

“Seems like everyone is celebrating!” I shouted over the music. Harrison nodded and took out the room key. He opened the door and I dropped the wine bottle and CD’s, my mouth dropping. Harrison stopped in his tracks and dropped the poppers and camera.

There on the bed was Tom. And who else would be under him? Fucking Ella.

“What the fuck is this mate!?” Harrison yelled. Tom turned and looked like he saw a ghost. More like an ex, now.

“You better be fucking drunk or else. You know what? No what else. Get the fuck off of her.” Harrison instructed. Tom got up and covered himself with the blanket. Ella did the same. The tears came fast and Harrison wrapped an arm around me.

“He’s drunk Love. Look at his eyes.” Harrison whispered in my ear. I looked up and saw that they were glossy.

“Babe I-I can explain-” Tom said right before I marched up to him and slapped him. Ella looked taken back and I don’t know what came over me. I jumped on the bed and started pulling her hair, calling her names. She was screaming and tried fighting me off but I yanked and yanked. Harrison came over and took me away from my waist and Tom stood with his arms out, separating Ella and I. Tom was in boxers now, the little shit. He didn’t try to pull me off or anything.

“You promised? Some promise you fucker.” I spat, tearing off the necklace he gave me and hurling it at him. He caught it and was about to come to me when Harrison stopped him.

“No.” he said, standing in between Tom and I. Tom looked at Harrison and then back to me. I looked at him with tears gushing down my face.

“Babe I-”

“No. You don’t get to fix this one mate. You can’t. Not this time. Come on, let’s go.” Harrison said, turning me around from my shoulder and escorting me out with an arm around my waist.

“Harrison! Come back! It’s the alcohol’s doing!” Tom yelled after us. Harrison looked back and grabbed my hand, running towards the elevator. He pushed the button and I looked back to see Tom running down the hall in his boxers, stumbling to stay up due to the alcohol.

The doors closed on him as soon as he got to the doors and I sank to the floor crying. Harrison stopped the elevator and hugged me.

“Hey… You know it’s the alcohol, right?” He said, rubbing my shoulders.

“So? He promised.” I cried, sniffling as I felt the mucus coming. Harrison gave me his hanker chief and I wiped my nose on it. I rested my head on his shoulder and let the tears fall. His phone rang and I saw that it was Tom. I looked at him and he let it ring.

“I don’t want to be here right now.” I whispered, covering my face with my hands.

“Then let’s get out of here. Away from all this.” Harrison said, restarting the elevator.

“Where would we go?” I sniffled.

“We can go to the beach. I know that’s your happy place.” he smiled. I smiled and nodded. We got out to the parking lot and Tom called again.

“What do you want mate!” Harrison yelled into the phone as we got into my car. I started the engine and backed up, taking a left turn to head to the freeway.

“No. Leave her alone mate. I don’t care if she’s your girlfriend! You cheated on her.” Harrison yelled, ending the phone call.

“He’s called your phone like 8 times already.” Harrison said. I looked to the left to see if any cars were coming and then I drove onto the freeway.

“I have my phone on silent.” I said, signaling my blinker to go left.

Neither of us saw it coming. Then again, neither did the other two cars next to us. It came like a bright light as the semi barreled into the car on my left, dragging that car to us and then slamming us into the car on our right. I remember Harrison sticking his hand out in front of me like a mom protecting her child in a car accident and me hitting the steering wheel and tasting blood.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. I turned to see Harrison looking at me with fear in his eyes as we continued on being moved. My eyes widened as I noticed we were coming close to the wall. Harrison turned to look and looked back at me. He was scared. I reached my hand out to him and he took it as reality stepped in, making everything up to speed again.

I opened my eyes to see bright lights passing me and hearing distorted voices.

“Ha-harrison. Wh-where’s Harrison?“I choked out. I tried to sit up but a lady held me down. She looked at me and I saw fear in her eyes as well.

“Harrison? Where is he. Is he okay?” I croaked.

“Patient is speaking but is loosing-” her voice seemed to trail off into an echo until I asked where Harrison was again.

“He’s fine. He’s not in critical condition.” she said as I began to loose vision.

“Patient is dropping!” a distant voice yelled as I began to see darkness.


George Harrison, Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22 February 1988, photographed by Rob Verhorst

On this date, George appeared on the televison show Countdown. The two parts available on YouTube have been posted previously here and here. If you’ve ever wanted to hear George reading out part of the Dutch Top 10 and wryly saying words such as “…get into my car”, “wet, wet, wet” and “Dirty Dancing”… that’s in this interview.


Anon Request: Ringo Starr Photographed in the mirror

  • Photo 1. Ringo Starr and Robert Whitaker, backstage of Shea Stadium concert (1965) by Robert Whitaker.
  • Photo 2. Ringo Starr and Mal Evans in Japan (1966) by Rober Whitaker.
  • Photo 3. I´m not sure, but probably Miami (1964) by Robert Freeman.
  • Photo 4. Ringo Starr  in his room at the President Hotel, London, 2 July 1963 (1963) by Robert Freeman.
  • Photo 5. I have no clue.
  • Photo 6. Ringo Starr and George Harrison in The Bahamas during the filming of “Help!” (1965) by Henry Grossman.
  • Photo 7. Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey on holiday in the Caribbean (1964) by Ringo.
  • Photo 8. Ringo Starr Self portrait at the Tokyo Hilton, Japan (1966) by Ringo.