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Dinosaur Band-Aids (Tom Holland x Reader)

Hi! I love your imagines I’ve read all of them 😂 I was wondering if you could an imagine Tom Holland x reader and they are dating but she gets hurt once while (I’m very clumsy😂) and they talk about it in interviews and idk I’m in need of fluff so you can interpret this in any way! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Tom mumbles to himself as he walks with his phone out in front of him, speeding up every second. His shoes make a tapping sound with each step as his foot hits the cement tiles of the New York pavements.

“Bub, we’re not mad at you. It’s not your fault that we came this way,” you say gently as you rest your hand on his arm. He slows to a stop and lowers his phone before sighing. He turns and kisses your cheek before pulling you into a hug, resting his chin on your head. 

“I know, sweetheart, It’s just that we’re almost ten minutes away from a place we need to be at in two minutes.”

He’s tired. Tom and you have been to almost nineteen interviews in the past week for Spiderman: Homecoming and they’re getting very repetitive. The constant questions about your outfit that day, how Tom’s coping with the fame, the many rounds of “quickfire” questions that can’t end soon enough. He’s tired. You’re tired. Harrison is tired for the two of you. 

Trying to lighten Tom’s anxiety, Harrison says, “Celebs are always fashionably late anyway, mate. Don’t stress about it,” patting Tom on the back.

“Yeah,” Tom agrees, “Plus, they never start on time anyway. But I want to get there as soon as we can though, yeah?”

With nods from both you and Harrison, Tom grabs your hand and starts speed walking towards the hotel, Harrison beside him. People pass as you rush through New York City and you find yourself distracted by the tall concrete buildings surrounding you. You can almost see a maze in your head of what you think New York looks like from a birds-eye view. The mannequins in the store windows distract you from your thoughts until you feel yourself falling. Suddenly, you’re on cold cement, hands and knees grazed and bleeding slightly, your skin indented with tiny pebbles from the floor. You haven’t been on the floor for five seconds before Tom lifts you from under your arms until you’re standing again, supported by his arms around you.

“Bug, you know I love you, but now is not the time to be clumsy,” Tom says laughing before kissing your lips gently. Your mind comes back to Earth and you look down at your hands and knees.

You brush your knees down gently, removing the pebbles before saying, “I know, I know, I’m sorry. Let’s go.”

In the hotel room, Tom gets a few dinosaur band-aids and an antiseptic wipe from his bag and kneels between your legs to clean off the scrapes before the interview. Tom’s used to this by now. Your clumsiness causes many problems when on set, including the ripping of one very expensive greenscreen one time. He wipes down your knees carefully and makes sure to remove the one stray piece of gravel from your leg. He rips the band-aid backs off and puts one on each knee and each hand, giving each of them a kiss once he’s done. With a peck on the lips, he tells you he’s finished and sits down in the chair next to you before intertwining his fingers with yours. 

The interviewer sits down in the plush chair across from both of you and speaks to the camera guy about how long she has to film. She introduces herself as a host for some news Youtube channel before saying, “I’m here with Tom Holland and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for an interview about their new film, Spiderman:Homecoming. I’m supposed to ask you about your outfit, (Y/N), but honestly, I’d rather know why you’re wearing three dinosaur band-aids?”

Hotel Hightower” Dan Goozee, 2003

Cloning has always been a much-debated concept within the world of theme parks. Purists argue it dilutes a brand, while supporters believe guests like familiarity, (and that bean-counters love lower R&D costs.) Tokyo DisneySea’s “clone” of the classic Tower of Terror attraction is one that satisfies both sides of this debate. Instead of theming it to The Twilight Zone TV series, which would have been expensive and unlikely to be embraced by the Japanese public, an original storyline was dreamt up involving a greedy millionaire, a cursed artifact, and a turn-of-the-century Moorish Revival New York masterpiece. Guests are welcomed to the abandoned Hotel Hightower, which has recently reopened for tours following the mysterious disappearance of its owner, Harrison Hightower III. Along the tour through the lobby, offices, libraries and artifact storerooms, they learn that Hightower’s final acquisition, of an African idol named Shiriki Utundu, may not have been acquired under moral circumstances, and that the cursed idol may have his own nefarious revenge plot in store for them all.

Art ©️ Disney

The main thing that really buzzed me, even before I heard Elvis, was Fats Domino’s ‘I’m In Love Again.’ I can even see exactly where I was when I heard that. There was this little place near where I was born called Wavertree, a district. And right at that point there’s a thing called the Picton Clock Tower, this tower in the middle of the road with this clock on it, and then nearby there used to be this old art-deco cinema called the Abbey. I was just walking across the road there when I heard Fats Domino: ‘Yes it’s me and I’m in love again!’ It must have been on a radio or a record player somewhere. And it touched somewhere deep in me.
Later when I heard Elvis’ 'Heartbreak Hotel,’ I was on my bike passing somebody’s house, and I couldn’t believe the sound of that record.
—  George Harrison, Billboard, 5 December 1992

BREAKING: @banksy just opened the Walled Off Hotel in Palestine! The artist created this project hoping to bring tourism back to the city of Betlehem. The hotel is filled with his art and you can actually experience it for only 30 pounds a night.
📷 by Emma Graham-Harrison #streetart #intervention #hotel #walledoffhotel #art #museum #banksy #betlehem #palestine https://www.instagram.com/p/BRLfoo-jQXs/

TOURIST | harrison osterfield

in which the reader visits kingston upon thames for the first time and as she’s walking, she gets lost and bumps into harrison, who then helps her get to her hotel and they don’t see each other again, until 3 years later, when she’s back in california and harrison is there because of tom and he gets lost and she bumps into him and it’s like deja vu




Kingston Upon Thames. It was where she wanted to go. For some reason, it called her, it pulled her in and made her want to visit. Something about London made her curious as she booked her next flight to Kingston, telling her boss she was going on a vacation for a week, before she was given an assignment.

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