harrison grey

Harrison Osterfield Imagine (prompt) (smut)

prompt: 33 - “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

a/n: request from this prompt list

word count: 985

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Being an assistant on a huge movie set meant there was almost always something interesting to do. But on the rare occasion where you weren’t needed, you found yourself by the trailers sitting in a foldaway chair, taking in the Atlantan sunshine. You enjoyed your job, you worked for your best friend, Laura, and work never really felt like work. You’d spent most of your time having a laugh and getting to know the cast and crew, plus you were getting paid.

“You’re not needed either?” You heard Harrison before you saw him. The bright sunlight was blocked out as he stood in front of your chair. You shook your head. “You’re gonna burn out here you know.” He was probably right. You had only been sat outside for less than ten minutes and could already feel your pale skin tingling.

“You wanna sit in Laura’s trailer and play cards for a while?” Harrison nodded. Laura’s trailer was small, and slightly messy. She had a large armchair, big enough for two people, in one corner, and a dresser, littered with makeup on the other side of the room. A couple of pairs of her shoes were strewn across the floor, and some jackets were piled up on the stool next to the door. You found the pack of cards from the drawer in the dresser and handed the box to Harrison, who started shuffling. “Blackjack?”


After exactly seventeen rounds of blackjack, you sighed loudly and sat back in the armchair. Harrison followed suit, both of you bored of card games for now. You looked up at the clock hung up on the wall opposite, wondering when you would be needed by Laura. Harrison finished stuffing the playing cards back in their box and suddenly became very aware of how close he was sitting to you. Your bare thighs were touching his, it was way too hot today for anything more than shorts. 

“Would you bite me?” Harrison’s hand flew straight to his mouth, shocked that he had actually said that out loud. You almost choked.
“Bite you?” Harrison bit his lip and scrunched his nose, his face now flushed with embarrassment.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” you reassured him. You turned your head back towards the clock. “I’d have said yes,” You muttered under your breath. You’d had a small crush on Harrison ever since you’d met a couple of months ago. You tried to hide it the best you could, but you couldn’t help yourself, glancing looks at him whenever you could.

“You’d do it then?” Harrison gained some confidence. His hand reached out to touch your thigh, his fingers caressing the skin softly. He noticed your mouth curl up into a smile as his fingers wandered further up your thigh. His face was close to yours, his breath tickling your ear. “Bite me.”

“If you insist.” You grabbed his hand, stopping his fingers from moving any further and brought it up to your mouth. Turning in the chair a little, you faced him, looking him straight in those blue eyes. His face twisted with pleasure as you pushed his first finger inside your mouth, sucking it gently.

“Oh,” he breathed out as you bit down on his finger. You sat on his lap, his finger still between your teeth. His other hand was on your lower back and you could feel him twitching ever so slightly underneath his shorts. Harrison gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing as you removed his finger from your mouth and replaced it with the lobe of his ear instead. “Jesus Christ.” You began grinding on his lap, his erection becoming harder with every motion. He let out a long and quiet moan when you finally kissed him. His fingers played with the hem of your t-shirt as your tongue worked its way into his mouth. The kiss broke as you both pulled your tops over your heads, throwing them to the other side of the trailer. Harrison whimpered as you stood up from his lap, the pressure from your weight no longer on his throbbing cock. You pulled your shorts off quickly as Harrison mirrored you, and soon enough they joined your shirts on the other side of the room. Tracing the intricate lace of your panties with his thumb, Harrison noticed the fabric was almost dripping wet between your legs. He smirked cockily.

The ache in your core becoming almost unbearable, you tugged your panties off hastily, quickly followed by your matching bralette. Before resuming your position straddling Harrison, you removed his grey boxers for him. He pulled you back onto his lap, his kisses becoming sloppy as he became more and more frustrated.

You lowered yourself onto him, both of you moaning loudly at the feeling of him filling you up. You rolled your hips quickly. Your stomach was doing somersaults, you’d never felt anybody this good inside you before. The trailer was filled with your breathy moans as your bodies tangled together.

The intense passion was cut short when the trailer door swung open. “Hey have you seen Harrison anywhere? Tom needs him on- oh my God!” Laura’s shrieked and escaped the trailer almost immediately at the sight of your naked bodies. You tried to cover yourself as best you could, but there was nothing to use since all of your clothes had been thrown across the other side of the trailer. “Oh my God, you guys!” Laura slammed the door shut so fast and so hard, the whole trailer shook from its force. You clambered off Harrison, sending him an apologetic look as you pulled your clothes back on.

Opening the trailer door, you apologised profusely to Laura. “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see what I just saw.” She said, secretly happy for her best friend that she’d finally got to fuck the guy she had been lusting over ever since they met. “Atta girl.” Laura said quietly to you, nudging you with her elbow, and you both laughed.


I couldn’t have been out for long. When the stark black of unconsciousness faded, I was still breathing hard from the exertion of running. I knew I had to get up, but I couldn’t remember why. So I lay there, the icy dew mingling with the warm sweat of my skin. At long last I blinked, and it was then that the nearest headstone sharpened into focus. The engraved letters of the epitaph snapped into single-file lines.



DIED MARCH 16, 2008

I bit down on my lip to keep from crying out. Now I understood the familiar shadow that had lurked over my shoulder since waking up minutes ago. I was in Coldwater’s city cemetery. At my dad’s gravesite.

A nightmare, I thought. I haven’t really woken yet. This is all just a horrible dream.


We are young, unexperienced and innocent. We still make mistakes but that’s how we learn. We’re only at the beginning and this is our starting line. We’re training to become the best of the best and one day we’ll discover cures and develop techniques.

We are the future of medicine.

The Residents