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Daveed Diggs: Hamilton’s letter to Harrison Gray Otis

Daveed Diggs (Thomas Jefferson / Marquis de Lafayette in “Hamilton: An American Musical”) discusses a letter Alexander Hamilton wrote to fellow Federalist, Harrison Gray Otis, on the presidential election and relations with France and Britain

The Beatles, Edinburgh, 19 October 1964. The band performs at the ABC Cinema on this day.

“[…] [In the dressing room] sat John (in sunglasses); George, full of smiles, and Ringo, doodling in straight lines on a piece of cardboard. Paul’s cousin and two reporters didn’t help the space problem backstage at the Edinburgh ABC on Monday. But it was cosy.

‘Come on in, Andy,’ shouted George. 'Don’t know where you’ll sit… oh, yes, throw those clothes on the floor. They’re Paul’s.’

Paul was missing and George, whom I’ve said was the quiet one in a former article, was proving he wasn’t, even when Paul arrived and shook hands: 'Nice to see you again,’ he said to me. Always the diplomat, Paul.

[Talk turned to recent EMI recording] 'Two of the tracks were for our new single,’ said George. 'Can’t say the title yet.’

'State secret,’ came in John.

Ringo just doodled on.

'We’ve done 13 tracks of our next album,’ continued Paul.

'Two of the tracks,’ nipped in George, 'recreate the sound we had when we were at the Cavern. They’re tunes we featured at the Cavern three years ago. We’ve only one track to go… Ringo’s.’

I asked Ringo why his was the last. He looked up, smiled. 'Cause I haven’t learnt it yet,’ he said. Then he added: 'But I’m thinking about it.’

'Now you’ve passed your driving test, you can get on with it, can’t you?’ said George.

Ringo nodded. […]

I asked them if they all drove their cars on tour. 'No,’ spoke up George again quickly, 'we travel altogether in a car.’

'We’re good friends,’ shot in John.

'It’s hot. Can we have more air conditioning?’ George asked. Paul opened the door and, using it as a fan, shut and opened it quickly several times. The temperature dropped a little.

John said he might write another book and George said he and John were making a film called 'Nasty Pictorial.’” - From an article by Andy Gray, NME, 23 October 1964

I realised why I like Fairy Tail so much..

It reminds me of Pokemon. Hear me out!

A leading male character who is a bit dim and stubborn, but is definitely the good guy:

A cute and loyal animal sidekick:

A bossy, yet lovable leading female character:

The one the protagonist hates with a passion (who really isn't that bad at all):

The wise, yet funny, Grandfather figure:

The one that is waay too easily distracted by love:

That’s the essence of it, but I’m sure there’s more comparisons to be made!