harrison ford is the greatest actor of all time

Two Things I Know For Sure

“There are two things I know for sure. One, Harrison Ford is the greatest man to grace God’s green Earth. Two, I will never ever get married.” Sixteen year old Dean Winchester eyed over his best friend as he stated these facts that he thought true in his heart. “I mean, Han Solo is the shit. And marriage is a crock of shit fed to us by hypocrites that get divorced every few years anyway.”

Castiel Novak shifted on the couch and kept his eyes trained on the blank television. “I do not argue that Harrison Ford is a very talented actor but I think that stating he is ‘the greatest man’ is a bit of an overstatement. As for marriage, I like to think that maybe I will be a husband some day.”

“Ew, why? Being a husband sucks.”

“How would you know that?”

Dean crossed his arms over his chest and nodded thoughtfully. “Cause I see it all the time on TV.”

“Well I happen to think being a husband is worthwhile. Being able to be bond to someone in a way that is special between only the two of you. It’s a nice thought. I’d like to find someone to make me happy.” Castiel let himself smile softly at the thought of the man of his dreams.

“Yeah, well, my advice would be to find a chick who won’t be a nagging wife.” Dean snorted sarcastically.

Castiel remained quiet as his mind traveled to walking down an aisle toward waiting green eyes.


“There are two things I know for sure. One, Han Solo is the best character in cinematic history. Two, the only thing better than being your best friend is being your husband.” Twenty-four year old Dean Winchester stood tall in his black tuxedo as his green eyes misted over.

A few sniffles came from the crowd that held onto every word spoken through the ceremony.

Castiel gripped tightly to his fiancé’s hands in hopes that maybe he would feel more grounded. But all he could feel was as light as a feather blowing listlessly in the wind. Looking into the same green eyes that had always been his safety net, he remembered the day all those years ago when Castiel had told Dean he always wanted to be a husband.

“Castiel Novak, you are the love of my life. I would be honored if you would allow me to make you my husband. Forever and always, in heaven or hell, as long as we can find each other’s eyes. I love you, angel, and I promise that I will never waste a day that I get to be with you.” Dean’s voice slowly faded as sobs started to choke in the back of his throat.

The ceremony carried on until the priest turned to Castiel and waited for an answer.

A single tear slipped down Cas’ cheek as he gripped Dean’s hands tighter in his own and whispered the words that he had wanted to say since he could remember. “I do.”