We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but I’d like to say:

Thank you to all my friends here on tumblr.

I am thankful that everyday I can come on here and share the love of hot older guys and fan over our favourites! You know who you are 😇❤️

Here’s a random post that wasn’t asked for 😜

I know a lot of Hollywood actors like to brag about “doing their own stunts” but you wonder how smart that is. Isn’t it just better to, eh, leave it to the people with the best training?

Tom Cruise should not be hanging out of the side of an air plane at 50 years old, let’s be honest. 

It’s unfair on the stunt people in the industry too.

 I remember Harrison Ford telling Parkinson about how he loved doing all his own stunts for the first Indiana Jones movie…until his stuntman came up to him and asked him, very nicely, not to do it anymore. Because while Harrison wasn’t getting extra money for doing that stuff, the stuntman relied on this to make a living. 

Harrison was basically: “Oh, shit. Sorry.” He was embarrassed.  

Gotta stay in your own lane sometimes.