harrison chad

You gotta pick one, Caitlin

Tonya Pinkins/Harrison Chad

“Underwater? It’s like a song you hear on the radio at night. Like sleeping with the light out. Like the wooden sound of your mama’s sad bassoon. Noah…someday we’ll talk again, but there’s things we’ll never say. That sorrow deep inside you? It inside me, too…and it never go away. You’ll be okay. You’ll learn how to lose things. My sorrow go where my heart grow cold; when you stop breathing air…you get oh so calm, no fire down there, so it’s calm, calm, calm. And there’s never any money, so it’s very, very calm. But you miss…oh, you miss…the sun, and the moon, and the wooden bassoon.”


no one waiting/night mamma/gonna pass me a law

 I just really love this scene.