harris toyles

Ok but being completely 100% serious

i really don’t understand how people can not believe larry is or ever was a thing

i mean

how do they explain this shit?

or this




and above all

to be honest i know larries are often discredited because, truthfully, we reach, a lot. But we have some pretty rock hard evidence buried under all the shit. Evidence which is what sparked our belief in the first place. 

So don’t ever tell me that larry isn’t nor ever was a thing until you come up with some damn explanations for these^^^^

ok so maybe im seeing things but see in this photo yeh

i can’t see where harry’s right arm is going?? it’s not on lou’s shoulder or waist. also, it’s as if louis is putting his hand in his pocket but he’s not he’s like missing it, as you can see when you zoom in - 


what’s that i see

are those harry’s little fingers???

boyfriends make me cry 

Oh I Can Be Dominant (Larry)

Warnings: R (Smut. And lots of it.)

Pairing: Larry!

Words: 1, 174

For the prompt from larrystylinsmut: (x)

Louis thinks it’s extremely funny when fics say that Harry tops because he always tops. He thinks that Harry can’t be dominant for the most part since he’s topped less than five times in their entire relationship.

But Harry proves him wrong. He can be dominant.

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what happened at tonight's concert
  • Fan question: "What's your favorite joke?"
  • Harry: "I've got one!"
  • Harry: "Knock Knock!"
  • Crowd: "Who's there?"
  • Harry: "A cow goes."
  • Crowd: "A cow goes who?"
  • Harry: "Noo, a cow goes moo!"
  • Louis: "That is a good joke, because cows really do moo."
  • Harry: *laughs so hard with the proudest expression on his face*