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Presenting the all new season of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS:

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Ok but being completely 100% serious

i really don’t understand how people can not believe larry is or ever was a thing

i mean

how do they explain this shit?

or this




and above all

to be honest i know larries are often discredited because, truthfully, we reach, a lot. But we have some pretty rock hard evidence buried under all the shit. Evidence which is what sparked our belief in the first place. 

So don’t ever tell me that larry isn’t nor ever was a thing until you come up with some damn explanations for these^^^^

Imagine the boys having a conversation with Niall about him getting his girlfriend pregnant.

Liam: Niall you could have been more careful.

Niall: I didnt know I could get her pregnant!

Louis: Neil in case you dont know theres something called condom that you put in your willy so you dont put your seeds on the girl now its too late.

Harry: Yeah Louis showed me how to put a condom once.“

Liam: …..

Niall: ……

World: …. Obama: ….. The Queen: …..

Louis: ….. *face palm*

Harry: I used to be a baker.


It’s in your lips 

and in your kiss

It’s in your touch 

and your fingertips

And it’s in all the things

and other things

That make you who you are

and your eyes

(you little shit stop staring at his lips)