harris penn

I may be a Potterhead. I may be a Demigod. I may be a Danny Phangirl. I may be a Dragonite. I may be a Faller. But...

I’m also a Bookworm. Not a person-who-loves-reading bookworm (though I’m that too), but a fan of the amazing movie known as The Book of Life (2014, directed by Jorge Guitierrez). I love the animation, the music, the characters, the plot, the jokes, the life lessons. I ship Gravepainters and Musical Hearts like FedEx. Joaquin is my adorkable widdle cinnamon roll (in case my username didn’t make that obvious). It’s also my most favorite movie of all time. (I’m SUPER hyped for the very possible sequel!)

I’m also a fan of Penn Zero: Part Time Hero (Disney XD, created by Sam Levine). I love the premise and the awesome way it parodies typical genres. I totally ship Pennashi. I also love Boone and Larry as characters, being the Cloudcuckoolanders. (I’m really annoyed with the super long hiatus, BTW.)

I’m also a fan of the Jack Blank Adventures (written by Matt Myklusch). I love the crazy plot twists and awesome characters. Don’t really ship anything that much, though. I appreciate its adventure side more. I absolutely love Jazen and Skerren. (Actually, I’ve only read the first book. Still trying to get my hands on the others. AWESOME first impression though.)

These are just three awesome but SEVERELY underrepresented, underrated, and underappreciated fandoms. Reblog if you feel any of YOUR fandoms are like this!

don’t you ever find out about a person’s existence and you just sit there like “where has this tall glass of fresh, tasty milk been all my life???”