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Oh, my gosh! I love Harry in the back❤️❤️
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A noise at the trapdoor above the basement makes Luna snap to attention. If it’s the Manor’s house elf, Shiny, he’ll have food (and Luna is so hungry. She’s almost as hungry as she is cold), but if it’s not… Luna shudders. She’s no stranger, after a term at Hogwarts under the Carrows, to the Crutiatus Curse, but that Bellatrix woman doesn’t care about spilling blood. 

To be safe, Luna draws back under the blanket she’d found folded next to her upon waking once - she doesn’t know if it had been morning or not - beneath a sack of apples and pumpkin juice. As far as she can tell, the other inhabitants of the basement are asleep. Olivander spends much of his time asleep, and she can’t hear Griphook cursing in the dark. Dean she’s not sure about. 

The door swings open, and the light makes Luna blink. At its top, though, isn’t Shiny….or Bellatrix. Instead, Draco Malfoy, dressed in robes that remind Luna of Ravenclaw (oh goodness, her common room) stands, peering down at them. It must be Easter break. 

She can’t read his intentions. 

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You better Marry her One Day (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt/Request: ‘’Hi!! I really liked my last imagine that you wrote for me. Do you think you could write another Draco Malfoy imagine, where the reader meets his parents and she later overhears his mother telling Draco that he better marry the reader one day? Thanks!’’ -  abbeyshadowhunter

Word Count: 1,181.
Warning(s): Fluff, I guess?
Note: Thank you for the amazing request, I liked it to write. :) Hope you like it too! xx

+     +     +     +     +     +

The nerves were killing you as you stood in front of the Malfoy Manor, a very big manor, almost like a castle with its own, little kingdom. Even though everything looked very clean and neat, it still had a very dark look. Yes, even when you were sorted in Slytherin and a pureblood, you still disliked dark colours. But following Draco his advice, you wore some black jeans, a dark blue shirt and a black leather jacket. To finish of your outfit, you wore black shoes, hoping the family wouldn’t hate it.

God, everything mattered if you thought about it. You were so concentrated on your appearance and manners you didn’t even realize someone opened the door already you had not even knocked on.

‘Good day darling, I’m assuming you’re Y/N?’ a woman with dark hair and dark clothes greeted you. In her hair were some grey locks and immediately you liked it the way she slowly accepted growing old. Well, that’s what you thought, maybe that was not the reason behind the grey locks after all.

You nodded and shook her hand, which reached out to you already. ‘Yes, Y/N Y/L/N. And you’re Draco’s mother?’ you questioned, not trying to sound rude at all as she led you in.

Inside it was dark too, as you expected, but it was very beautiful and all the stuff looked very expensive. Even when you’d touch the walls, you felt like it would break down right down to your feet. This was a whole other universe than your own, ordinary home. You shook your head and let your thoughts drift away.

‘Yes, yes I am. Narcissa Malfoy,’ she smiled before letting your hand finally go. The door behind you was now closed and you started to follow Narcissa to another door inside. Narcissa opened the door, which seemed to be the door to the living room. On the couch was Draco, laying down, reading a book for school while on the chair on the other side of him, was another man. He looked a lot like Draco. The blonde hair, the same face expression and his whole appearance made you conclude he was his father.

‘Draco, Y/N is here,’ Narcissa announced, making Draco look up. He shot up immediately and walked towards you with open arms.

‘Hey babe,’ he whispered when he was close to you, pressing a small kiss on your lips, before letting go of you and wrapping his arm around your waist. And there you stood, like Draco was presenting you to his parents, despite your little meeting with his mother.

He took a short breathe, looking at his father, who had not a single emotion on his face nor in his eyes.

‘Hi, I’m Y/N,’ you shortly introduced yourself, waving a little before a small laugh left your mouth. Narcissa was already smiling, but Draco’s father stayed silent.

‘Father?’ Draco said kind of unsure about his words, also nervous because his father hasn’t said a single thing but sending you glares. Well, you thought it were glares.

‘Lucius Malfoy,’ was the only thing he said. The corners of his mouth went a bit upward and you questioned yourself if this was supposed to represent a smile.

But to prevent any other awkward situations, you just said: ‘Nice to meet you, sir.’ And you showed your most beautiful smile, feeling Draco chuckle. His grip around your waist stiffened a bit, so you smiled even more, but not towards Lucius anymore, but Draco.

Your eyes met, feeling the spark inside lighten up again. He nodded, gesturing it was going okay. A wave of relief washed over you, before Narcissa and Lucius started to walk to another room. Draco hold on tightly when he walked with you, entering the big room which seemed to be the dining room.

‘Dinner’s almost ready,’ Draco’s mother said as she smiled, walking to the kitchen to check the food one last time.

‘Good,’ you answered, turning towards Draco and his father, ‘mind if I use the bathroom real quick and wash my hands?’ You showed a grin and frowned a bit. Draco nodded, ignoring his father as he told you were to find it. A quick thank you rolled over your lips and before you knew it, you were already inside.

‘Come on Y/N, you can do this,’ you whispered to you reflection, trying to encourage yourself, ‘it’s all going well right now. Kill it out there.’

You took a deep breathe, fixing your hair and make-up again, washing your hands before exiting the bathroom. That’s when you realized you got lost in the house. It was a bloody maze in your eyes.

Voices were heard, so you assumed it were Draco and his parents and as you were approaching the voices behind the door, you saw it was a direct door to the kitchen and not via the dining room.

The voices belonged to Narcissa and Draco.

‘What a beautiful girl Draco, reminds me of the younger me,’ you heard Narcissa say, making you smile and your heartbeat quicken.

‘She’s the prettiest and sweetest woman alive,’ Draco told his mother, love lacing in his words.

Narcissa laughed and laid her hands on the shoulders of her son. ‘Your father will love her too, darling. She makes you so happy, I’ve never seen you so happy.’

Draco just nodded, hearing things he already knew. You were indeed one of his only lights that brought him happiness and made him turn into a good person. Well, let’s just say you made him have a good side too.

‘You better marry her one day,’ Narcissa smiled while stroking the arms of her only son. Draco laughed and grabbed his mother’s hands.

‘Don’t worry mother, I will,’ he assured her, making her nod.

On the other side of the door, you were almost fainting. A hand clasped in front of your mouth, you silently left the door, finding the other way around immediately as the smile on your face wouldn’t fade away.

When you were in the dining room again, everyone was finally there, Draco sitting on a chair next to an empty chair. The whole table was filled with so much food, you almost lost count of the different meals.

Once you sat down, Lucius lit the candles with his wand and filled all the four glasses with some wine.

‘A toast for Draco and Y/N,’ Narcissa said, raising her glass as you followed her actions. Draco did the same and then everyone looked at Lucius, who still hadn’t raise his glass.

But after a few seconds, his mouth went open, his eyes showing some sympathy as he looked at his loving son.

‘To the beautiful, kind Y/N and my only, dear son Draco,’ he said, finally showing some of his opinion on your relationship.

You smiled, mumbling a ‘cheers’ but you were at cloud nine at the moment, so happy with this meeting.

Soon enough, Draco’s hand found yours, him squeezing your hand a little as you were smiling like a dork, happier than ever before.


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No but imagine the Malfoy’s reaction when you come into their house and insist on doing things yourself...

For instance, you wave away the house elves and take your own plate into the kitchen, or you (heaven forbid) clean up after yourself and Lucius is just like, “You don’t have to do that. The house elves are here for a reason.” But you’re just like

Malfoy manor | Draco Malfoy x reader


“So Y/n, how’s school going?” Narcissa asked you. You were staying at the Malfoy manor for winter break. You had just finished dinner. “It’s great, we’re learning so much and -” the words caught in your throat as you felt Draco’s hand creep up your thigh. “Y/n dear, are you alright?” Lucius asked with worry in his eyes. His parents were very fond of you because you came from a decent family and you were also a slytherin. “Oh yes, I’m fine just a little tired.” You let out a little squeal as Draco’s hand rose further up your leg. “Perhaps I should show her to her room.” Draco offered. His parents wished you goodnight, but Draco was already pulling you up the stairs.
The moment the door to your room closed his lips were on yours. You were pushed up against the door with his hands on your hips. He quickly pulled down the zipper of your dress, making it slide to the floor. “Draco, what about your parents?” “We’ll just have to stay quiet.” He smirked as he sucked on your neck, leaving dark spots where ever he could. You let out a soft moan when he found your sweet spot. “What did I just tell you babe, you have to stay quiet. You don’t want to get caught now do you?” You quickly shook your head while ripping of his shirt. His pants were next. He picked you up and placed you on the bed, your bra had been taken off somewhere along the way, leaving you both topless. His hand played with one of your nipples as he worked on the other one with his mouth, roughly sucking on it making them harden instantly. He groaned as you pushed your hips against his, feeling his huge bulge rub against your pussy. He started kissing down your body, dragging your underwear off with his teeth. You bit your lip trying to hold back your moans as he sucked on your clit. “Draco quit the teasing and just fuck me already.” You whisper yelled at him. He smirked as he took off his boxers and positioned himself at your entrance. He suddenly slammed into you, almost making you cry out. You kissed him trying to muffle your moans as your nails dug into his shoulders. He lifted one of your legs, hitting a different spot. One of his hand went down to rub your clit while he continued thrusting into you at an inhuman pace. You felt a knot form in your stomach. You flipped him over so he was with his back against the headboard. You bounced on his dick as he started sucking on your breasts again. No longer caring if his parents heard you, you let out a loud moan when your walls clenched around his cock. The feeling of his enormous penis burried in your tight pussy was the only thing on your mind as you hit your climax. He groaned as he too reached his high and released his seed into you. You climbed off him, completely out of breath. He pulled the blanket over the both of you as he pulled you into his warm embrace. “Goodnight love.” He whispered before you fell asleep to the sound of his rapid heartbeat.
The next morning you went down for breakfast. Draco was still sleeping and you didn’t want to wake him. You greeted Narcissa when you passed her in the kitchen. “Goodmorning dear, I hope you slept alright. Oh and before I forget, don’t forget to use protection.” She winked at you as he left the kitchen, leaving you behind with a red face.

- I hope this is what you wanted and I hope you like it :)

Wand Headcanons

Ollivander remembers making and selling every wand that does him harm while he’s in the Malfoy basement.

It’s a matter of status in the castle, who the House team players trust to keep their wands during matches. Madame Hooch, by tradition, keeps the Captain’s wand, but usually the person the players trust the most keep their wands. 

James and Sirius were so close, they could use each other’s wands interchangeably, with no adverse effects on their magic.

Wixen tend to be buried with their wands. Cremation, though can’t apply to wands. They won’t burn. Urns are typically sold with a slot on the side for the wand of the deceased. 

Luna’s wand, an occamy feather core, was a family heirloom, something her father’s family line had kept until it chose someone. It chose her when she was eight, the day after she learned about occamies from a moving picture book, and passed the bookshelf where the wand box was kept. It jumped off the shelf towards her.

Fred and George have wands of the same wood and the same length, with different cores. The wands look the same, but have a different feeling to them.

After the end of the war, and after using borrowed wands for a few weeks, Hermione spent a few hours in Olivander’s shop looking for a new one. It took just as long to find her a second wand as it did to find the first, but the fit was just as right. 

Parvati Patil is teeny tiny, but her wand is the longest in her year.

Fenrir Greyback used to own a wand, but it snapped during a skirmish with some Order members during the first war. He realized that day that he didn’t need one.  


A Draco x reader request from anon!  This took me forever, and I have no idea why…but here it is!  Thanks for your patience, lovelies!  Enjoy! xx

Imagine:  Draco x reader. The reader is a pure blood but after her parents finding out that she’s dating Draco they kick her out. She goes to the Malfoy manor. Soaked from the rain with her magical bag and cat. Will Draco’s parents turn her away?

Originally posted by huhhowaboutno

The rain was unwelcoming, stinging your exposed limbs like an agitated swarm of bees.  As your weary gaze trailed up the cobblestone walkway, framed artfully with hedges of brilliant green, and settled on the foreboding structure before you, you shivered. Malfoy Manor, although grand and definitely awe-worthy, stood silent and stern in the summer rain.  You found yourself unsure and wrought with a sudden anxiety that washed through your very skin, much as the water did your clothes.

A meek “meow” echoing against the cold stone nearly caused you to jump out of your skin.  Your orange tabby cat hissed and whined in your tensed arms, clawing at your bare flesh. Swallowing hard, you adjusted your grip and proceeded through the unfriendly shadows of towering topiaries towards the oak French doors.  

You chewed on your lip as you shakily lifted a hand to knock against the glossy surface.  The knock was swallowed by the pounding of the rain on the roof above you, mixed with the dripping of your hair and clothing.  The cat stirred in your arms once more and you breathed in deeply, closing your eyes and praying fervently that he would answer the door.

Your eyes snapped back open to the sound of the great double doors creaking open.  With relief, they met the grey eyes of a welcomingly familiar white-blonde haired boy and, all at once, welled with tears.

“Y/N?  What on Earth…?” Draco stepped into full view, his black turtleneck clinging flatteringly to his slender, muscular frame.  The sight of this man, your only love, was nearly too much.  Your tears flowed freely and burst from your swollen eyes, coagulating with the rainwater that remained on your cheeks.  Without wasting another second, you flung your arms around the fair man in the doorway and let your tears and sobs fill the fibers of his unseasonal sweater.  The orange cat jumped to the black marble floor and sauntered into the manor, standing out like a flame against its dark surroundings.

Draco was immediately filled with dread and confusion as your arms constricted around his midsection like a vice.

“Y/N!  Love, what’s the matter?  What’s happened?” he pulled you back only a few inches so as to hold your face between his hands, hurriedly brushing a few soaked strands of hair off your temples. Your eyes burned and your lip quivered as you tried to blubber out an explanation.  Sobs escaped one after another from your throat and Draco wrapped an arm around your shoulders, ushering you inside and closing the door behind you.  

You were in such a state, you simply couldn’t describe it. Anguish and fear coursed through your veins and you nearly crumbled to the ground upon entering the grave foyer of Malfoy Manor.  Draco remained calm and collected, at least on the outside for your benefit as he scooped your shivering body up effortlessly into his arms and ascended the stairs to his bedroom.  His eyes gave him away however; they swam with unease and worry.  You choked knowing how nervous you were making him.

Placing you gingerly against the cool green silk of his four-poster bed, Draco knelt in front of you and squeezed your hands.  He spoke in barely a whisper, hoping his voice didn’t shake.

“Y/N, darling…please tell me what happened. Let me help you, please,” he pleaded and lifted your hands to his eager lips, kissing them gently.  You shuddered and sniffed.  The horrible truth reopened the wound in your heart.

“M-My parents, Draco…t-they…” you bit your lip to hold back a pained sob.  He stroked his thumb over the back of your hand and sat patiently, the love and care written almost painfully in his pale complexion.  You took a deep breath.

“They’ve kicked me out,” you stated plainly, trying ever so hard to detach yourself from the words, which cut through your very being. Draco’s shoulders dropped and he moved quietly to sit beside you.  He rubbed the tops of your cold, bare arms and was quiet, but frowned.  You couldn’t quite read his expression.

“Bloody Hell, you must be freezing,” suddenly standing, Draco fished around in his wardrobe and produced a black jumper.  He extended it to you and nodded for you to put it on. You shakily held out your arms and he slid the garment over your head before sinking back down beside you.  He tucked a wet strand of hair behind your ear and searched your eyes.

“Now, why have they thrown you out?  How could they, darling?” he murmured, his eyebrows knitting together.  You swallowed and dropped your gaze from his.  Your lips quivered as the words you so desperately wanted to keep inside tumbled from them.

“They know about you and me…about us, Draco,” the familiar sting of tears persisted behind your eyes as you fixed them to the ground, afraid of his reaction.

“I’m so sorry, love…I was stupid and–“ you were whispering until Draco’s lips pressed softly against yours.  You welcomed the familiar feeling and blossomed under his lips, letting your damp hands slide through his fine hair.

“They were bound to find out, Y/N,” Draco cooed, stroking his thumb over your cheekbone.  You closed your eyes and kissed his palm.

“You’re the one who deserves an apology…” Draco stood quietly and walked to the window, watching pensively as the rain cascaded down the glass outside.

“If it wasn’t for who my family is…for who I am…” he turned to look at you with pain in his eyes and a scowl twitching on his lips, inwardly directed at himself.  “You’d still be safe and sound at home.”

You choked again and shook your head fervently, stumbling over to him and engulfing him in your arms.  He held you close and buried his face in your neck.  The two of you shared a moment of silent sorrow laced with the utmost care and love of two searching souls.  Somehow this man never failed in making you feel safe; in a sense, he was your home.

The loud crack of Draco’s bedroom door swinging open struck you both apart, your hearts beating nearly out of your respective chests. You stood by the window, eyes wide, as Narcissa Malfoy strode into the dimly lit bedroom.  In her arms was a mass of orange fur.

“Draco, darling, the funniest thing!  I was accompanying the house elf into the kitchen to prepare for tonight’s dinner when I found this little fellow snacking on our hanging plant,” for such a striking woman, Narcissa’s laugh was light and comforting as she stroked the fur of your tabby cat.  Her eyes smiled as she looked upon her son, but you tensed when they landed upon you.  She quirked her head and her fair eyebrows furrowed.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were expecting a guest, sweetie,” she looked down at the cat, which was purring incessantly.  “Is he yours then?”

You swallowed and nodded slowly.

“Yes, ma’am,” you stuttered.  Draco cleared his throat.

“Mother, this is Y/N,” he started to explain, offering a small smile.  All at once, she herself broke out in a smile.

“Oh!  My goodness, we’ve heard so much about you, dear!” she exclaimed.  You stared in confusion and were hesitant to respond. She continued:

“Draco mentioned he was dating a lovely girl from school, I just didn’t realize we’d get to meet you so soon,” she chuckled. You shot Draco a wary glance and he turned a rosy shade of pink as he avoided your quizzical stare.

“Well, it certainly is lovely to meet you, Mrs. Malfoy,” you finally sputtered.  The tall, slender woman before you looked exactly as you’d pictured.  Only, in your mind, she had been cold.  This figure before you had warm eyes and a kind smile.  To your own surprise, you found yourself confusingly at ease in her presence.

“Mum,” Draco interrupted your distracted thoughts as he gently placed a hand on the small of your back.  

“Y/N hasn’t got a place to stay for right now,” he started, choosing his words with exact preciseness.  “Might she be able to stay here?  At least for a few nights.”

You could practically feel Draco’s breath filling his lungs and holding still inside of him.  Narcissa smiled demurely.

“Well, I, for one, would love the opportunity to get to know Y/N,” she nodded.  You exhaled along with Draco and looked to him gratefully before looking back to Narcissa with the same thankfulness dancing across your expression.

“Oh, thank you so much, Mrs. Malfoy…I promise it won’t be for very long.  It’s just that my parents and I…well…” you searched the cold marble floor for answers and pushed back any remaining pain.  Draco stroked small circles into your back.  It helped.  “We’ve had a bit of a quarrel, that’s all.”

Narcissa nodded knowingly and strode towards you, never letting her gaze fall from your face.  You found yourself a bit intimidated by the beautiful, grand woman in front of you and a tinge of pink burned across your cheeks.  The woman only offered a sympathetic smile and extended the orange fur ball towards you.  The cat looked to you and mewed in protest.  Your nervousness broke and you smiled.

“Seems he’s fond of you…I don’t mind if you watch over him for a while, Mrs. Malfoy,” you explained, the cat seeming to stuggle back towards Narcissa.  She looked almost relieved and bundled the creature back up in her arms.

“Lucius will be cross…we don’t keep pets, you see.  The fur gets on the carpets…but I’ll just have to convince him,” she winked.  Draco let out a sigh and bit his lip.

“Oh yes…what about father, mum?  Will he allow Y/N to stay?” Draco’s voice was quiet, and you tried desperately to read his expression.  It was nearly a mix between fear, desperation, but quiet determination. Narcissa stroked the cat and raised her eyebrows, shrugging.

“Y/N is a part of your life, Draco, and she comes from a noble family from what you’ve told me.  He will allow it, and so will I, provided that Y/N is shown to her own bedroom of course,” she smiled gently and touched her beloved son’s cheek before nodding to you and exiting the bedroom.

You let out a breath so deep, you thought you might deflate right then and there into a limp mass on the floor.  Draco’s arms were back around you instantaneously, pulling your body against his and rubbing your back.  You closed your eyes and placed a small kiss under his jaw.

“Thank you, love…thank you,” you mumbled against his skin. He kissed the top of your head, and then frowned when his lips were met with such wet hair.

“You need a hot bath, darling,” he cooed, stroking your cheek. A small smirk played across his lips and you blushed.  After kissing the tip of your chilly nose, he sauntered into his connecting bathroom and soon, you heard the rushing of hot water as it began to fill the bathtub.

Draco stood in the doorway, his turtleneck slung over his shoulder and his hand tucked away in his undone jeans.  You stood shivering, whether from the cold or from the sight of your love in such a sensual state, you had no idea.  He quirked his eyebrows and smirked, beckoning you to him.  Without another word, you slipped off your clothes and joined him.

Your eyes fluttered in the small panel of sunlight that slipped past the blackout curtains onto your flushed cheeks.  The sound of Draco’s steady, deep breathing only inches from your ear did wonders to ease you into your still new surroundings. You smiled and rolled on to your side to face the sleeping man beside you, and giggled hoarsely and quietly when you noticed how disheveled his white-blonde locks were.  His body, though nearly pale as snow, radiated a heat that was irresistible.  You pressed yourself against him and placed a lingering kiss on his collarbone.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” you whispered against his skin. Draco yawned and pulled his eyes open with great effort.  Upon seeing your smiling face, so close to his, Draco grinned sleepily and pressed his lips to your forehead, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Good morning,” he mumbled against your hair.  You smiled as his eyes closed again and he traced his fingers over the exposed skin of your back.  The sensation was calming and soft.  You relished in the familiar feeling of him.  And yet, you could recall a sensation similar to this, years ago when you were small.  

Images of your mother and father’s bedroom blurred through your mind as a 5-year-old you teetered through the cracked door.  You’d been crying, as nightmares terrorized your lonely sleep.  You could feel them lift you into the haven of their bed, your mother’s soothing kiss to your cheek, and your father rubbing your back to calm you as Draco was doing now, over a decade later.

“Darling?” Draco’s eyes blinked open once more as your tears rolled off his skin.  He propped up on one elbow with his eyebrows knit together, gripping your arm. “Darling what’s the matter?”

You sniffled quietly as nostalgia washed over you, and shook your head.  Your heart ached with a still fresh wound.

“I can’t believe they’ve thrown me out Draco…” your voice cracked as you spoke quietly, a lonely noise in a dark, unfamiliar room. “I miss them.”  The warm skin of the familiar boy’s hand brought you back, cupping your cheek and stroking away your tears.  Draco’s expression had softened and he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“All will be well, love,” he assured softly, slipping his arms around your waist once more and pulling you against his body.  You sniffed and braced your hands against his broad chest.  

Despite your distress at the previous days happenings, his words soothed you and you believed him.  In his arms, you felt almost as you had in your parent’s bedroom all those years ago.  As you peeked up through the strands of his white-blonde hair into those cool, grey eyes, you couldn’t help but smile through the reminiscent tears.  The man you so loved smiled back.  With a lingering kiss on his pale, eager lips, you knew you had found another haven.


Request from anon: Can you do a story where you (a muggle-born Hufflepuff) go to dinner with the Malfoys, but they’re a little rude and snarky and Draco defends you?

Thanks for requesting anon, may I please note to you all that requests are in fact closed and I am writing requests from the queue. I hope you all enjoy:)

Originally posted by potters-broomstick

It was one of those summer nights, the ones where it doesn’t get dark until 9pm and everything feels light and happy and infinite. You were smiling as you were walking with Draco hand in hand; you didn’t think anything could ruin the light feeling of the soft wind rustling your hair as the gentle sun glittered down. That was, until you stepped inside the manor. 

To say you weren’t what Draco’s parents were expecting would be an understatement. You’d finally convinced Draco to let you meet his parents after nearly a year and a half of dating; he said he didn’t want you to get hurt and over the course of the dinner you understood. 

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Draco Having a Crush on you Would Include:
  • OMG it would literally be the cutest thing EVER
  • He would talk to you whenever about anything
  • He would insist on buying you stuff
  • Skinny love
  • He would punch someone for you
  • or get punched for you
  • He tries to act cool and suave when you’re around
  • and fails
  • He holds you when you cry
  • and vice versa
  • His father approves of you because he knows how much you mean to Draco
  • You’re best friends with Narcissa.
  • “Draco, if you hex Neville one more time, I’m writing to your mother!”
  • You try to rationalize with him, while at the same time, explaining that his prejudice against muggleborns is wrong
  • and he knows it’s wrong, but he’ll never admit it.
  • he can’t picture a world without you and sobs in bed at night because he knows you only see him as a friend

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Taste | Draco Malfoy & Slytherin!Reader

Summary: Reader and Draco Malfoy are best friends. They’re just getting into puberty, and Draco wants to learn how to kiss well so he asks her for help.

Writing Prompt #151 by @ourwritingprompts

“Welcome to my humble abode.”

“This place reeks of body odor and desperation.”

Warnings: Use of (Y/L/N), which stands for “Your Last Name”. Also, this is based around the summer of year 3 - year 4 :)

The first time he saw her, he thought she was ugly. Annoying. An abomination to the Slytherin house. But then, as she kept crossing his path on a daily basis, he began to feel attracted to her and her mean spirit towards the Granger girl. Despite her pug-like appearance, Draco Malfoy began liking Pansy Parkinson.

He had come clean about his feelings towards the girl to a few of his friends, as well as he looked forward to spend more time with her, even if it was just to do Charms homework. But –what was next? Draco Malfoy had never had any feeling for anybody, let alone be with someone. So, as he watched the Eagle Owl leave through his window with a letter attached to its paw, he prayed for a fast reply from the only person that was capable of helping him.

Thankfully, the reply came in a short time, followed by the apparition of a familiar girl at the Malfoy Manor’s doorstep. As (Y/N) (Y/L/N) smirked at him behind the black doorway, he couldn’t have thanked Salazar Slytherin enough for his best friend.

“Where are your parents?” she asked as they climbed up the large marble staircase.

“Father’s not home, mother’s here –somewhere.” he answered simply.

“Oh,” she only said. Finally, they reached the black door that led to Draco’s room.

He opened it and entered the large bedroom, turning as he opened his arms in an inviting manner.

“Welcome to my humble abode.”

(Y/N) cocked an eyebrow “This place reeks of body odor and desperation.”

Draco grunted, his arms falling heavily on his sides “You’re not helping, (Y/N)”

“I’m joking.” she laughed as she raised her arms in surrender. Truth was, the bedroom was far away from being humble, and the scent it held was of a strong fragrance that (Y/N) had learned to adore.

Draco proceeded to slump down on his bed, followed by a grunt. The girl walked towards the mattress, and sat down on the other side.

“Seriously, Draco, is it too bad?”

“Well, yes!” he exclaimed, sitting up suddenly “I’ve haven’t even had my first kiss!”

“And you want me to teach you?” she quizzed, and scoffed as Draco nodded with pleading eyes “Draco, I’ve only kissed Blaise Zabini.”

“More than once,”

“Well… yeah.” (Y/N) admitted, blushing. Last year, she had had her first kiss with her fellow Slytherin classmate. She thought that would be it, but instead, one turned into two, two into three and then she realized she had lost count. She didn’t know where her relationship with Blaise stood now, but she was too busy trying to figure out how to help Draco –especially when his hormones were all over the place at age fourteen.

“Malfoy, please do keep in mind that Pansy has only kissed Terence Higgs –and she told me he was awful.”

Draco laughed “I know, but still, I want to be good when she kisses me.”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but snort at the last bit. Draco scoffed and rolled his eyes, now getting annoyed at his best friend.

“So are you going to help me or not?”

Before he could say anything else, (Y/N) had suddenly grabbed both of his cheeks and pulled him in a kiss. Draco was caught off ward, but in a matter of seconds he closed his eyes and puckered up, feeling rather nervous as his heart thumped against his chest. He placed an awkward hand on (Y/N)’s thigh, but decided it was better if he placed them both on her waist. (Y/N) opened her mouth briefly, allowing both of their lips to now move in sync. She furrowed her eyebrows as she felt Draco’s bottom lip too close to her chin, so she took control and lifted his head slightly so his lips would be touching hers.

She couldn’t lie to herself; for a first kiss, Draco was doing pretty well. As Draco began to lean back, she leaned forward, until she caught on that Draco was done kissing her. She opened her eyes and saw his old, grey pupils staring at her with a small shimmer in them. (Y/N) was in trance as she stared back; something seemed to have clicked inside of her head when they kissed, her heart was racing and on her skin, several goose bumps had appeared. She only came back to her senses once Draco’s voice shattered the silence.

“So? How was it?”

“I think I’ll need a second taste.”


“Stand back. Line up against the back wall. Don’t try anything, or I’ll kill you!” [Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]

A bit of a Drarry-ish (but not necessarily) glance at the little scene of Draco coming to manor’s cellar for Griphook.

As far as I remember, Harry’s still supposed to have his face swollen from the Stinging hex, but uhh… I wanted to draw a normal-looking Harry with slightly longer hair and a stubble, and I also wanted to draw more angsty Drarry, so I bent a rule and just killed two birds with one stone

I refuse to accept that all house elves are treated as badly as they are depicted in the book series; not because slavery and racism aren’t alive and well, but because they are sentient, sensitive, intelligent creatures that are likely tasked with helping in raising wizard children.

No one with a house elf is going to hire a babysitter, and it’s even likely that some households have strictly nanny-tasked house elves.


Infant Draco’s eyes darting between various objects above his crib, and Dobby who has arrived with a fresh warm bottle as he makes small clucking noises, “sssh young master, Dobby has brought his milk. That’s a sweet baby, drink up.”

2 year old Draco’s father being angry at him for drawing on the walls, Dobby hearing Lucius’s angry yelling and apparating immediately, snapping his fingers and poofing the scribbles gone. He takes young Draco to his nursery, and papers the wall from a grown wizard’s waist down for Draco to doodle to his heart’s contentment.

5 year old Draco coloring a large Slytherin-themed banner, showing his parents and hoping they’ll hang it up to match the house drapings only to have his father’s face curl into a sneer and throw it away. Draco wanders down to the kitchen to soothe his wounded soul with sweets, and sees the banner hung up over the pantry, with Dobby holding a plate of cauldron cakes and sparkling pumpkin juice.

7 year old Draco falling into a pond looking for tadpoles on the grounds of Malfoy Manor, realizing he can’t swim and screaming for the only person he could count on being there for him at any moment; Dobby appears, calms him down and then they look for tadpoles together.

9 year old Draco’s father having a stern discussion over dinner about the purity of blood, the establishment of classes, and the importance of the elite wizarding kind to act dignified.

This is where Draco begins to employ a bullying strategy, driving Dobby away as a source of emotional support. Simultaneously feeling guilty, hurt, sad and confused he begins seeing more of Crabb and Goyle and turns to his father’s methods of superior behavior to gain “friends”.

But not every wizard child has to go through what Draco did. In more than just a few Hogwarts graduation speeches students have thanked their family’s house elves “-for without my dearest caretaker, Wanda, I never would have been able to study over the summer holidays for our N.E.W.T’s” or “I’d’ve never managed it without you, Tolki, thanks for always being there with snacks.”

If you’re not convinced, or have a streak of old blood purity and class bigotry you can’t shake, remember people naturally feel love for things such as pugs, mimbulus mimbletonae, toads, Crookshanks, tarantulas… now imagine any of those things can appear out of thin air, and genuinely be concerned for your happiness and wellbeing because they love you.

good times

I love this picture so much.
Like, Lucius is checking on them, afraid that he is the only one dancing. Draco is ashamed of his family and doesn’t want to dance with them. Narcissa is simply ignoring the fact that she wasn’t born to dance. And then there’s Bellatrix, who starts happy and enthusiastic, but then she looks at her family and thinks ‘What the hell are they doing?!’.

The Silver Egg | Draco Malfoy

Summary: Draco and Reader go Egg-Hunting on Easter, which ends in a pleasant surprise.

The Sunday morning sun bathed the magnificent Malfoy Manor’s garden, full of bushes and rows of flowers. The big, black oak doors that led to the Manor’s backyard opened, and thus two young lovers ran happily down the several stone steps carrying brown handmade baskets in their hands, still wearing their expensive satin nightwear.

(Y/N) turned to look at her boyfriend, Draco, with a sly smile.

“Ready for me to beat you at egg-hunting?” she inquired. Draco scoffed with a playful smile plastered across his lips.

“Good luck with that,” said the platinum blond, before running towards the nearest bush as he began to fetch the colored eggs.

“Hey! That’s cheating!” (Y/N) called from the other side of the garden, running and crouching in between some rosebushes.

Draco had by far picked up seven bright eggs with different patterns and surely, different surprises inside. He felt warm and fuzzy on the inside, something he had never felt since his days at Hogwarts, when the only thing that made him the happiest boy alive was to see Harry Potter fail miserably. And as he heard (Y/N) chuckling behind him, Draco was happy to acknowledge that the reason behind his newfound everyday-happiness was because of her.

He ran to a tall tree and crouched, picking a purple egg, when suddenly, something caught his eye. There, behind a bush, was a gleaming silver egg –The Silver Egg. This was the most valuable egg that had been placed for hunt on the territory. Feeling rather jumpy, he stretched out his slim hand and grabbed the shining object, placing it now in front of the tree were he had found the insignificant purple egg so it would be more notable.

“I think I’m done!” he called. (Y/N) glanced around at the grounds as she walked towards the boy.

“Yeah, I think I’m done too.” she said as she approached Draco. (Y/N) gifted a warm smile just mere seconds before her eyes widened and her legs moved quickly behind Draco.

“Aha!” exclaimed (Y/N), snatching The Silver Egg from the floor. She held it high and smiled smugly “Well, look what I’ve found.”

“Open it,” said Draco, slightly out of breath. (Y/N) walked over to him once again, stopping right in front of him and proceeding to open the egg.

Draco watched attentively as the girl pulled it apart, making a slight cracking sound as it gave in. Suddenly, the girl’s triumphant expression morphed into one of pure astonishment. Taking this as his queue, Draco took the egg lying in (Y/N)’s hands onto his.

He took out the price with shaky fingers and tossed the empty shell to the grass, taking in a deep breath before kneeling in front of (Y/N), who had clasped her hands onto her open mouth.

Draco now held the price higher; a silver ring with a big diamond on the center and three to each side resembling a flower gleamed underneath the sunlight, sending gleaming bits as it moved on Draco’s nervous hands.

“(Y/F/N),” he began “I’ve been in love with you since before I can remember. You had given me hope and support when I needed it the most. You have been my best friend and companion, and thankfully, my girlfriend. You have made me into the man that I am, out-growing the boy that I was. I want to keep spending my days by your side. Will you marry me?”

Teary-eyed, a shaky gasp left (Y/N)’s mouth as she lowered her hands and squatted to be in Draco’s level.

“Yes,” she croaked out “Yes, yes, I will!”

Draco smiled. He grabbed (Y/N) by the arms and helped themselves up again, not before he had slipped the precious ring in (Y/N)’s delicate finger.

Placing his hands on his hips, he took no time in kissing (Y/N) repeatedly, managing to say as many “I love you”s in between as he could.


Overview: When the Malfoys host a Masquerade ball on the Vernal Equinox, old relationships are rekindled and new feelings are formed. But the clock always strikes midnight and good things always come to an end.
Word Count: 2,500
Note: No Voldemort, Death Eaters, etc.

⇢  A Draco x Reader work loosely based on the story of Cinderella.

The last time you visited England, you were four. Now, over ten years later, you found yourself back in the same place. Wiltshire: The location of the esteemed Malfoy Manor and the home of the even more prestigious Malfoys.

For the first time since you were given the choice, you attended the Equinox ball with your parents. Every year, the ball had a different theme; this year, the theme was a masquerade.

As you walked through the rustic entrance gates, you noticed the golden glow of the sunset reflecting off the newly bloomed flowers lining the eight-foot tall hedges in the front garden. Despite your parents’ stories of previous galas, the manor was even bigger than you imagined.

Still, something about the stone palace was rebarbative.

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