harris county court

THOUGHTS ON FILM – One of the things I enjoy about film photography is that the medium allows an image to breathe. With digital, there’s a compulsion to get in as close as possible, to capture minute detail, to intimately connect with subject matter. Film, on the other hand, says to take a step back, to be an observer, to elevate the banal.   

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Franklin Street, near Harris County Criminal Court, Downtown Houston, Sept. 25, 2015  

Harris County Criminal Court, Franklin Street, Houston, Feb. 18, 2016

ALL THE WAY – People arrive at county jail one of two ways: either they are arrested, or they turn themselves in. Dale decided on the latter. “I don’t do running,” he said, shortly before entering into custody. He’ll spend the next 12 months in jail, due to parole violations. That’s on top of spending nearly 20 years of his life in state prison. “It’s the bottom of the barrel,” he said. “I’m trying to get restarted, but I can’t.” He added, “I have a home and people who want me around if I get right.” 

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Harris County Criminal Court/ Inmate Processing Center, Downtown Houston, Oct. 28, 2015