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Masterlist :)

Dan Howell:

Playlist Live / Playlist Live Part 2

Dan thinks you like Phil

Daddy Dan

Dan playing with the kids

Neck touching

Dan stands up for you at school

Fancy Date

I Win

One Million Subscribers

Half Asleep

Roller Coaster

Muse & Tattoo’s

She Has Her Dad’s Eyes

Sightseeing In London

Stood Up

Can I Have This Dance?

Radio Show

The Premiere


I Do

Baby Girl

Dr. Howell

Shut Up and Dance With Me

The Whisper Challenge

Accidentally In Love


The Only Exception

The Costume Party


Jump Scares

Stressed Out

A New Baby

Since High School

Wedding Night

Poor Judgment

Coffee Shop

Sleep Talking


Kitchen Dancing

Late Night Snack

Christmas In April 


Stupid Mistake

Pushing Him Away





Critical Condition


A Day In The Life

Phil Lester:

Phil celebrates your birthday

Phil apologies after a fight

Under The Blanket


Aberdeen (DeanxReader)

You and Dean argue (DeanxReader)

The Deal (DeanxReader) ~8 Parts~

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7    Part 8

I Knew You Were Trouble (DeanxReader)

Formal Ball (DeanxReader)

The Roadhouse (DeanxReader)

I Can’t Lose You (DeanxReader)

Drabble (DeanxReader)

Just A Dream (DeanxReader)

All I Want For Christmas Is….The Winchesters! (DeanxReader)

Cheater (DeanxReader)

Be Careful (SamxReader)

Crush (SamxReader)

Seal The Deal With A Kiss (CrowleyxReader)

Half Sister (With A Twist)   /  Half Sister (With A Twist) Part 2

Demon Blood (Supernatural Imagine)/  Demon Blood Part 2/  Demon Blood Part 3


May I Deduce You? (SherlockxReader) 8 Parts

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8

Quiet People (SherlockxReader)

Why Can’t I Deduce You? (SherlockxReader)

Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (SherlockxReader)

New Years Party (SherlockxReader)

The Hospital (SherlockxReader)

It’s For A Case! (SherlockxReader)

My New Pet (Jim MoriartyxReader)/  My New Pet (Part 2)

Flatmate(Jim MoriartyxReader)

Christmas Dinner (Holmes Sister)


I Missed You (Ian HecoxxReader)

Pretty Eyes (Ian HecoxxReader)

The Ball Pit (Anthony PadillaxReader)

Live Stream (Jack HowardxReader)

Filming (Ben CookxReader)

Cop Costume (Shayne ToppxReader)

Water Balloon War (Shayne ToppxReader)

Band Members:

Back From Tour (Josh DunxReader)

Facetime (Josh DunxReader)

Little Drummer Girl (Josh DunxReader)

Insecure (Josh DunxReader)

Party (Josh DunxReader)

Tell Her You Love Her (Josh DunxReader)

I Don’t Trust Myself With Loving You (Josh DunxReader)

Morning (Josh DunxReader)

What Would You Say? (Tyler JosephxReader)

Cincinnati (Pete WentzxReader)

Snapback (Pete WentzxReader)

Rooftop (Gerard WayxReader)

The Train (Gerard WayxReader)

The Movies (Mark HoppusxReader)

Tattoo Shop (Billie Joe ArmstrongxReader)


The Walking Dead (Daryl DixonxReader)

Weeping Angels (Tenth DoctorxReader)

The Panel (Grant GustinxReader)

Comic Con (Grant GustinxReader)

Subtle Hints (Grant GustinxReader)

Keys (Russell HowardxReader)

Triwizard Tournament (Harry PotterxReader)

Alley Way (Dallas WinstonxReader) 


Instrumental Playlists for MBTI: ENTP

She Is of the Heavens - Dario Marianelli
Come, Gentle Night - Abel Korzeniowski
The Wonder of Life - Alexandre Desplat
The Story of the Shield - Bear McCreary
Death Is the Road to Awe - Clint Mansell
Destiny - Craig Armstrong
Love Letters - Dario Marianelli
Fragile N.4 - Dustin O’Halloran
Childhood - Ilan Eshkeri
Your Hands Are Cold - Dario Marianelli

*House catches on fire*

*Starts throwing books out the window like birds* Be freeee!

The Houses as Fullmetal Alchemist Characters

Gryffindor: Edward Elric / Pinako Rockbell


Hufflepuff: Riza Hawkeye / Alphonse Elric


Ravenclaw: Van Hohenheim / Winry Rockbell


Slytherin: Roy Mustang / Olivier Armstrong


So both @nyodrite and @kunoichi-ume tagged me to list my favorite female characters in no particular order so let’s get to it!


There’s so many pretty gifs of her but my girl deserves to smile and be happy even though I would gladly let her murder me

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Evie has never done anything wrong in her entire life and I love her

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Kouyou Ozaki

she can kill me anytime

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Cornelia li Britannia

my original anime girlfriend, pls marry me

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Riza Hawkeye

Is there anyone out there not in love with Rosa Hawkeye?

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Olivier Armstrong

Marry me, Step on me, I don’t care you actual Queen

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Luna Lovegood

Fight me I love her

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Ms Marvel/ Kamala Khan

I relate to her so much it’s scary

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Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince


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So torn between that gif and the “A baby!” gif

And to round out the 10


my first Disney crush, but honestly it was the Rodgers and Hammerstein version with Brandy as Cinderella that I watched so much I still have it memorized.

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Looking at this, I have a type….