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The Houses as Fullmetal Alchemist Characters

Gryffindor: Edward Elric / Pinako Rockbell


Hufflepuff: Riza Hawkeye / Alphonse Elric


Ravenclaw: Van Hohenheim / Winry Rockbell


Slytherin: Roy Mustang / Olivier Armstrong




Thanks to everyone who came to my stream tonight and suggested who and what to draw, and for the awesome convo. I’m sorry I couldn’t follow it that closerly! <3

Edit: Hahaha I”m so used to tagging things as “Nina Alexander” (because I’m horrible) that I keep accidentally putting that as her actual name… I fixed it to Nina Tucker now :3c

Coaches & Carriages (pt.3)

Nottingham Castle. Courtyard.
(Two soldiers escort Marian by her arms to the coach. Isabella, watching from an alcove, makes eye contact with Marian who simply shakes her head. Isabella turns and heads towards the main doors to head them off. The Sheriff follows, putting on his gloves. Allan stops Gisborne at the top of the steps.)
Allan: “Listen, Guy, Guy. (Gisborne stops.) Are we really killing the King?”
Gisborne: “Part of the inner sanctum now, Allan. You should be honoured.”
(Gisborne goes down the steps. Allan follows.)
Allan: “No, no. I am. I am. It’s just…” (sighs)
Gisborne: “This is the ultimate mission and carries with it the ultimate prize. (Turns around, reaching the coach.) Absolute power.”
Allan: “Well, yeah, for you and the Sheriff.”
Gisborne: “And you. Allan, your loyalty will be rewarded in land and title, I’ll see to that.”
Allan: “Really?”
Gisborne: “Really.”
Allan: “What, you mean… you mean like a lordship or something?”
(Gisborne raises his eyebrows and turns to the coach. Allan ponders the possibility. Gisborne nods his head towards the coach and Allan gets in. Isabella races towards the doors.)
Isabella: “Guy! What’s going on?, Where are you taking-”
Prince John: (Appearing casually from behind Isabella:) “Carry on Gisborne, make haste now.”
(Gisborne nods then smirks at his sister and enters the coach. Soldiers close its iron doors. The Prince and Isabella watch as the coach rattles through the gate. The portcullis is lowered behind it and the sentries resume their post in front with crossed halberds.)

Prince John: “Now my dear, what shall we do with you? (Isabella looks at him anxiously:) Did you know that Lady Marian was the Nightwatchman?”
Isabella: (Composing herself, refusing to be intimidated by the Prince:) “Yes, Sire. I know the secrets of many people. (Defiantly:) Gathering information is what I do, it allows me to see everyone for who they truly are. To know their strengths and their weaknesses. It’s how I’ve survived for so long.”
Prince John: (Smiling malevolently:) “Oh you adorable girl, don’t misunderstand me. We’re kindred spirits, you and I. I just want to show you something, come with me to Locksley.”
(The Prince offers his arm and after a moment’s hesitation, Isabella takes it unsure of what he has planned.)
Nettlestone. Barn. Interior.
(Robin sits down where Will was sitting earlier working on arrows and puts his face in his hands. Djaq throws her head back as the drums start again. Robin stands and goes to the door.)
Much: “Now what?” (Leans on the ladder. Bagpipes begin to play.)
(A drummer and piper cross in front of Ellingham, who is swishing his fingers back and forth to the rhythm. When he thinks Robin is watching, he moves a finger to motion across his throat.)
“This is driving me mad! Why don’t they just come in here and kill us?”
Robin: “’Cause there’s no incentive, Much. (Turns around and walks towards Much. Little John is pacing.) Every hour that goes by we become more fearful… more tired… more likely to take foolish action.”
Will: “The foolish action was bringing us here in the first place.”
Much: “I’ve said I’m sorry!”
Little John: “Well, that’s not good enough.”
Much: “Oh, you’ve never made a mistake. I’m not saying anything.”
Little John: “What?”
Much: “I’m not saying anything. (Little John walks over to Much and raises his eyebrows. Much stands up, pointing at him.) You brought the Sheriff to our camp! You showed him where we live!” (Glances at Robin.)
Little John: “I was trying to feed the poor! That’s what we used to do! What’s this all about? Feeding your fat face!”
Much: “Fat face? Look who’s talking!”
Robin: (Walking past them:) “Shut up! The pair of you! (Little John walks away.) This is exactly what they want us to do. (Turns around.) Fighting amongst ourselves and save them the trouble. Don’t give them the satisfaction! (Much is ashamed. Sighs.) In fact… I think we need to relax.”
Will: “Relax?”
Robin: “It’s my birthday. Let’s celebrate. (Pats Much’s hands at his sides.) Let’s eat. Djaq, what do we need for this..Kalila and Dimna thing?”
Djaq: “Nothing, we just need to sit in a circle and…be honest with each other.”
Robin: “Alright then, good.” (Little John follows Robin to the table.)
Much: (Whispers to Little John as he passes:) “I haven’t got a fat face.”
Little John: (Whispers:) “Fat face!”
Much: (Whispers:) “Badger beard!”

The road to Portsmouth.
(The coach travels down the road. Allan and Marian ride with their backs to the front facing the Sheriff and Gisborne.)
Marian: “Are you seriously going to the Holy Land?”
Sheriff: “Yes, yes. I’ve never been before, have you? They say the weather’s wonderful. (Looks out the window.) Guy’s been before. (Marian looks sharply at Gisborne.) Haven’t you, Gizzy?”
Marian: “You’ve been before? (Gisborne scowls at Marian. Scoffs.) Then it’s true. You tried to kill the King.” (Stares at Gisborne, mouth slightly open.)
Gisborne: (Stares back a moment.) “What? Feel betrayed?”
Marian: “Are you going to try and kill the King again?”
Sheriff: “Yeeeeees. Mm. And you could say that it’s Robin Hood’s fault. You see, Robin did warn the King to be on his guard when he lands. So, first plan, mercenaries in the port… (scratches his neck)… dead in the water. The new plan, instead of waiting for him, we, er… we pay him a little visit.” (Grins evilly.)
Marian: “Mohammed not coming to the mountain.”
Sheriff: “Mm, indeed. (to Gisborne:) Shall I use that? (Elbows Gisborne.) Hm?” (Marian rolls her eyes.)

(The village is decorated with garlands and flowers. Two men bring a pig on a spit, ready to be roasted, past rows of long tables. The villagers stand and applaud as they pass by and set it over a fire between the manor and the church. Prince John’s carriage arrives from behind Locksley Manor. Isabella sits to the right of Prince John as they talk.)
Prince John: “With Vaisey and your brother both gone for awhile, Nottingham will be needing a new Sheriff.”
Isabella: “Yes, Sire.”
Prince John: “And so, having discussed the matter with Vaisey, we both agreed that there could be no one better suited for the position than you my dear.”
Isabella: (Surprised:) “Me? I..I… well I’m flattered my Lord.”
Prince John: “Yes I thought you might be. Of course there will be one final assessment to be made, to make sure you’re ready for the job.”
Isabella: “Anything, Sire. Put me to the task.”
(The Prince smiles broadly and then turns his attention towards the villagers. After several moments of silence, Isabella also looks to the gathering of people.)
Isabella: “Looks like a wedding.”
Prince John: “I love weddings. (Smiles and stands.) I shall speak with them. You’ll join me? (Prince John gets out of the carriage. Isabella walks with the Prince towards the people.) I took what you said about getting the people to love me to heart, it truly inspired me. (A boy comes up with a flower for Prince
John. A few men follow him.)
Hello, young man. (Takes the flower.) Oh, thank you.” (Isabella walks forward.)
Village Man: “Would His Highness give us his blessing?” (Stretches his arm out to welcome him forward.)
Isabella: “They would be honoured if you would bless the bride and groom.”
Prince John: “Of course. (Smiles and exaggeratedly swaggers forward.) Hah! Are you the bride and groom?”
Bride/Groom: “Yes, sir, Your Highness.”
Prince John: (Holds his hand over the couple.) “I wish you prosperity and happiness.”
Bride/Groom: (Bow.) “Thank you, sir.”
Prince John: “And I’m so glad that I could bring you sun today. (The villagers laugh. Prince John chuckles, turns and walks back to his carriage. The church bell rings and the villagers make their way to the church. Prince John steps into the carriage and Isabella mounts her horse. The Prince waves and smiles at the villagers, who wave back.) Wait until they’re all inside the church and then burn it to the ground. (Smells his flower. Isabella is shocked. The last villager waves at the Prince, and he waves back. Isabella is panicked for them.) Burn it.”
(Two soldiers on horseback with cold torches gallop forward. The church doors close. They hold the torches to the flames under the pig to light them. One gallops by and throws the torch onto the roof. It lights the shingles, then drops to the ground and the wall is quickly engulfed in flames. Prince John smiles. A third soldier runs forward and puts a stick through the handles, barring it closed. The second torchbearer lights the walls on the other side. Isabella can’t help but watch. The flames rise and the people inside scream. The doors shake but don’t open.)    

(A soldier lights a wooden cross outside the church as Prince John laughs. Inside, people are crying and screaming.)  
Prince John: “You’re being punished! For intolerable disloyalty to me! For harbouring and assisting Robin Hood, his outlaws and my traitorous niece for all I know! And may God forgive you!”
Village Man 1: “To the river, quick!”
Village Man 2: “More buckets!”
Village Woman: “We need more water here!”
Village Man 1: “Bring more water!”
(The men race with buckets from the pond.)
Prince John: (Whining:) “No, no, no, no, no! They’re trying to put the fire out. That’s not what I want! (The villagers dump water on the flames but the church is completely engulfed.) Stop them, all of you! Go on!”
(The soldiers all rush towards the villagers, drawing their swords and holding the frantic villagers at bay. A soldier sets fire to the back wall. Prince John sits, watching.)
Isabella: “Do you want them to love you?”
Prince John: “Of course. And I think they do love me. But I will have respect as well as love.”
Isabella: “Any landowner can subjugate his serf; only a king can liberate them. A benevolent king is loved.”
Prince John: “But I am benevolent. (Looks at Isabella, amazed, and double takes.) Come with me. (The Prince rises from his carriage once again and walks over to the gathered villagers. The screams of the wedding party still trapped inside the burning church ring out vehemently.) If you won’t love me, then by God you’ll fear me!”
Isabella: “Sire, please this is madness.”
Prince John: (Affronted by the word, the Prince rounds on Isabella:) “Madness? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. These (with derision:) people are what’s wrong with this country. They lay around all day and thumb their noses at my authority and are rewarded by the likes of Robin Hood. Well I say no more. (Stepping closer to Isabella:) This is what it means to show strength. To have the courage of your convictions. Zero tolerance for all those who would dare challenge their monarch.”
Isabella: “Sire, people are dying!”
Prince John: “The disloyal are dying, nothing more! This is your test Isabella, turn your back on those unworthy of your compassion. As my Sheriff I am offering you power and position the likes of which few have ever known. (He walks past her back to his carriage and climbs inside. Raising a finger.) I will never offer you this opportunity again.”
(The Prince leans back against the plush seat of the carriage awaiting Isabella’s decision. Isabella looks back at the inferno desperate to save the villagers. She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and does what she must.)
Isabella: “Sire, while those people may not love you, please know that I do. If you spare their lives I will show you just how much love I have to give you.”
Prince John: (Raises an eyebrow:) “Is that so? (Isabella nods. He sighs:) Oh, very well. (Nods to a soldier to call off his men, allowing the other villagers to resume rescuing those trapped inside the church. Chuckling at Isabella:) Ah, I love the refusal before the surrender.”
(He smiles and briey raises his eyebrows before taking Isabella’s hand and pulling her into the carriage beside him. Isabella’s expression is one of grim resignation.)

Nettlestone Mill.
(The air is thick with dust and flour as the mill is in full swing. A tall man climbs the ladder with one hand, carrying four sacks of grain over one shoulder. Placing the sacks where they are needed, the man stops briefly to remove his shirt and use it to wipe the sweat from his brow. As he turns we see that it is Lincoln. An older bearded man walks up to him.)
Albert: "Good work, lad. Very good.”
Lincoln: (Humbly:) “Thanks, boss.”
Albert: “Yes… (Absent-mindedly:) Very good. (Glances over his shoulder at his other workers.) Listen, Lincoln, could I have a word?”
Lincoln: “Yes Sir.”
(The older man motions for Lincoln to lean against the banister with him.)
Albert: “Now, there’s no easy way for me to say this, son, but I’m going to have to let you go.”
Lincoln: (Taken aback:) “Have I done something wrong? Tell me and I’ll put it right.”
Albert: “No, no, it’s nothing you’ve done. In fact you’re the hardest worker I’ve got.”
Lincoln: “Then can I ask why?”
Albert: (Looks over his shoulder again then back to Lincoln:) “Well it’s the other workers you see. They just aren’t comfortable with you being here.”
Lincoln: “With all due respect, Sir, I don’t come here for the camaraderie.”
Albert: “I know that, I do.”
Lincoln: “I’m here hours before anyone else and I sweep up after them. You just said I’m your hardest worker.”
Albert: “I know that, I know. I… I just can’t keep you on, I’m sorry. (Glancing back:) I just can’t afford the hassle.”
Lincoln: “Sir, I need this job. I’ve earned the right to work here.”
Albert: “Yes you have, and I admit this isn’t right at all-”
Lincoln: “Then let me stay!”
Albert: (sighs:) “I can’t. I just can’t. You’ll be paid what you’re owed I promise you that.”
(Lincoln looks at his boss a moment before picking up his shirt and starting back down the ladder. As he reaches the floor a group of workers begin heckling and jeering him as he leaves the mill.)
Worker: “So long, savage!”
Worker 2: “Good riddance!”
Somewhere In The Woods.
(Roan leads Clarke through the trees as he checks his map. Pocketing it, Roan pulls Clarke towards the entrance to a tunnel.)
Roan: (Looking behind him checking they’re not being followed:) “Scream again and we’re both dead.”
(Roan shoves Clarke ahead of him inside the tunnel.)

The Portsmouth Road Inn. Exterior. Near sunset.
(The coach arrives at the inn. A servant rushes to open the coach doors. The Sheriff gets out first as the innkeeper steps out to greet them.)
Innkeeper: “How many beds are you after?”
(Gisborne gets out and Allan behind him.)
Sheriff: (Holds up three fingers.) “Three.”
Innkeeper: (to Allan:) “And you? With the horses?”
Sheriff: “No-no-no. (Pointing to Marian getting out:) No. This one.” (Chuckles. The innkeeper is appalled at the idea.)
Inn’s barn. Interior.
(Gisborne pulls a chain attached to a cuff on Marian’s wrist through a ring on the wall, pulling her back. The Sheriff stands in the doorway.)
Marian: (to the Sheriff:) “You’d better not sleep tonight. (The Sheriff looks up, unperturbed, as Gisborne fastens the chain.) Robin Hood will find out what you’re doing and he will come and he will stop you.”
Sheriff: “It’s, erm… it’s Robin Hood’s birthday today. Did you know that? He’s having a party… (Marian makes a “so what?” face.)… in Nettlestone village. (Chuckles. Allan enters quietly behind the Sheriff, listening intently.) And somebody’s invited one hundred of my fiercest mercenaries. (Gisborne smirks and leaves for the inn.) And they’ve, erm… (Marian looks down, picturing Robin’s predicament.) … they’ve got him surrounded. So… so Robin Hood is no more. (Marian looks at the Sheriff defiantly.) Hm? Well, sleep tight. Oh, and don’t let the horseflies bite.“ (Winks and leaves. Allan looks at Marian before turning to follow.)
Marian: (Whispers:) "Allan! Allan! (Allan looks to see if the Sheriff heard, then turns and goes to Marian.) You can’t go through with this.”
Allan: “I can. You heard him, Marian. Robin’s finished.”
Marian: “Not if we get away!”
Allan: “Shh.”
Marian: “We’ll go back to Nottingham. We have to help him.”
Gisborne: (From the inn:) “Allan?!”
Allan: “Coming!”
(Allan gives Marian a helpless look and goes to the door, where he glances back. Marian looks at him beseechingly. Allan goes inside.)

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