Happy 29th anniversary to The Phantom of the Opera

First opened October 9, 1986 at Her Majesty Theater on the West End, here is to many more years whether on the West End, Broadway, etc to come =) =)

*we know not all actors/actresses or every production of POTO are included but we love and respect every single actor and production just the same <3 =)

Spoilers: Grey’s Tonight (9-22-16)

1. The nerve of Catherine Avery to come into April’s room and act like she didn’t try to take Harriet away before April had her…. Still bitter about Catherine’s behavior towards April!

2. Come on, Alex! I hate that he jumped back into his old ways and just started beating on DeLuca, but I’m glad he turned himself in (show character development), but still…. Why can’t Alex ever be happy? I just want him to have a perfect little family, and it seems like he’ll never get that. I’m glad Meredith is still by his side. I love their friendship. 

3. Meredith not telling Maggie that she slept with Riggs is going to come back and bite her in the butt. I understand why she didn’t tell Maggie, but goodness, it’s going to blow up in her face.

4. April, Harriet, & Jackson are adorable. I hope they do reconcile and end up together. They deserve it after all they’ve gone through.

5. I’m sooooo happy for Amelia & Owen. Both of them have been through hell and back, so I’m glad they’re married and happy. (can’t wait for the little babies to come.. hopefully! :) )

6. I always forget that Richard’s married to Catherine.

7. I love how Richard’s a father-figure to all of them. It’s adorable. I especially love the scenes where Maggie and Richard are together, cute father-daughter stuff.

8. I really hope Jo tells the truth to Alex. He deserves to know.

Uhhh, I think that’s all for now!


@playbill Scrapbook 2006: some highlights from the POTO page

  • Michael Shawn Lewis demonstrating “the technique that won him the company’s cheese ball eating contest”
  • Patricia Phillips hearing “you are the best BROAD” when Hal Prince said over the PA system that “You are the best ‘frog’“ (mid performance, of course)
  • “Stephen, please keep your backstage voice small and unimportant, much like your performance” (Craig Jacobs being cheeky with Stephen R. Buntrock)
  • Jennifer Hope Wills having a boob accident in Hannibal, where one did a peek-a-boo out of her Hannibal bodice when dancing
  • An alternative MOTN pose by David Gaschen and Susan Owen

Christine in Il Muto maid costume backstage: 

1. Joke de Kruijf, Vienna, 
2. Janine Kitzen, Antwerp, 
3. Susan Owen, US tour, 
4. Harriet Jones, West End, 
5. Colby Thomas, Hamburg, 
6. Sierra Boggess, Las Vegas, 
7. Kristi Holden, Las Vegas, 
8. Janine Kitzen (and Ian Jon Bourg), Stuttgart, 
9. Melissa Dye (and Jeff Hyslop), Toronto.