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Hello, 😀 I was wondering if you could do the Jaylos Prompt where Jay is part if Uma's crew and while looting he steals Carlos, Please. Love your stories and God Bless You.💝


Rated: M for minor violence and Jay being a perv

“CJ, Gil!” Uma shouts over the noise. She has a grin on her face and a light in her eyes and a sword in her hands that she is twirling dangerously. Well, more dangerous than Uma usually is with a sword. “Go check the shops on the south side! Harry, start loading up the ship! Harriet, Jay,” she falters, pauses. “You…you two…”

“Go check what the citizens are hiding?” Harriet offers.

“Yes! Go rob the citizens!” Uma declares and the light returns to her eyes. “Leave nothing of value!”

Harriet immediately leaves for the civilians, but Jay stops long enough to whisper a quick “you’re doing great, Captain. First raid is a success!” He gives Uma a thumbs up, then jogs to meet Harriet as she stands in front of a line of people huddling in on each other.

“Alright maggots,” she jeers, “empty your pockets!”

The citizens do so, rustling around in their clothes and murmuring to each other as their change and trinkets rattle to the ground.

“This is it?” Harriet sneers at the piles at her feet, walking up and down the line. “This is everything?”

“Why don’t we check their pockets?” Jay shouts down at her, placing his sword back in its sheath and stepping up to the first couple. “Make sure they’re not hiding anything from us?” He distantly hears Harriet agree as he lifts a man up by his shirt collar. “Arms out.” Jay orders and the man quietly follows his instructions. The pirate searches through pockets and the folds of his shirt. Jay runs his hands over the man’s arms and legs.

“I don’t huh-have any more muh-money,” the guy stammers. “I pr-!”

“Aha!” Jay exclaims at the knife he finds in the man’s boot. “I found it, it’s mine!” He shouts at Harriet, twirling his new toy between his fingers. “Alright, buddy, you’re done,” Jay moves past the man and onto the woman, probably his wife.

She looks up at him, reluctantly releases the child in her arms and shakes as she stands, but Jay extends a hand down to her and helps the woman to her feet. “Hello ma’am,” he chirps. “Can you turn your pockets inside out please?”

The woman obeys, shows she has given everything already.

“Alright, just one more thing,” Jay runs his hands over her arms and legs, feels she is truly hiding nothing. He eyes her necklace, but decides against it. “Have a nice day!” He turns to the child on the ground and instead of asking him to stand, Jay crouches down to his level. “Hey, little man, you hiding anything else?”

The boy shows a teddy bear from under his arm and holds it out with a sniffle.

“You know what?” Jay looks at the stuffed animal and pushes it back to the kid, “I don’t think he’d be very happy with me. I think he better stay with you. Go see your parents,” Jay gestures in the direction of the adults he checked over and the kid can’t run to them fast enough.

Jay picks up the coins from the family and shoves them all into his satchel. He stands and moves to the next person - a guy all by himself. Jay regards the puny pile on the ground - scrap metal and broken wires were all this guy had on him?

“You better have more than that,” he scoffs and tightly grips a black collar, hoists the young man to his feet. “Why do you have junk in-? Oh hello,” Jay’s voice drops as he gets a good look at the face before him. Wide brown eyes surrounded by heavy lashes stare back at him. “You’ve gotta be the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a while. What’s a boy like you doing in a place like this?”

“I…live here.”

Oh right. “How do you like it?” Jay steps closer and the guy stumbles back. “Because I think my room’s a lot nicer,” he throws in a wink as if his flirting isn’t painfully obvious already. Jay hadn’t been kidding when he said the guy was the prettiest thing he’s seen in a while - they had been at sea for almost a month already.

“The Isle? It’s practically garbage,” the young man deadpans as if he thinks Jay is some common dumb ass. “What you guys should do is leave us all of our stuff,” he gestures around, “and go rob some place wealthier!” He finishes with fake hope, but the effort is cute nonetheless.

Jay laughs. “This place can’t be that bad if it’s hiding something as pretty as you,” he steps closer and the guy stumbles back, cheeks tinting pink beneath all of his freckles. Jay can tell by his behavior and the confused, puppy eyes screaming virgin! Virgin! No one’s popped my cherry, wanna do the honors? that this guy has never been flirted with before.

Yeah, he’s a pirate and loots and all, but even Jay thinks that’s a crime.

“Umm, well, I-I-I.”

“Relax, pretty boy.” Jay reaches up, cups his cheek, places his thumb on a trembling bottom lip. “What’s your name?”


That’s the hottest name Jay has ever heard. “Why do you have a whole bunch of junk in your pockets,” he shuffles the fraying wires and rusted metal with the tip of his boot. “You collect trash?”

“Nuh-no. I’m a mechanic.”

“A what?”


“One more time.”

“I’m a mechanic?”

Jay laughs again - Carlos sounds so unsure of his own answer. “Sorry, I just like the way your mouth moves around that word.” He’s pretty sure that mouth would look great around a lot of things. Jay presses down on Carlos’ bottom lip, catches a glimpse of perfect tongue between his teeth. “You don’t have anything else?”


“Are you sure,” Jay curls his hand around the waist of red shorts, “that you don’t have anything else in your pants for me?” He yanks Carlos closer by the button of his pants and the young man gasps.

“Jay!” An obnoxious voice calls. Harriet has gotten through five more people in the time Jay has spent obsessing over Carlos’ mouth. “Move it! Take what’s valuable and move on!”

Right, he’s suppose to pirating, not seducing. But Jay’s not about to admit any faults. “I am!” He defends with a pout.

He,” Harriet points at Carlos as she pats a woman down, “isn’t treasure!”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” Jay mumbles as he traces Carlos’ mouth with his thumb.

“Come on!” Damn, Harriet is so threatened by her younger brother out-ranking her on the ship. “Grab what you want and go!”

Jay hums, “okay!” Without a second though, he lowers himself and hoists Carlos over his shoulder.

“You can’t take him!”

“Wanna bet?” Jay turns to the ship, where their shouting has attracted the attention of their captain. Carlos yelps at being swung so quickly, but Jay holds him tight. “Hey, Uma!” He shouts and points to the flailing man over his shoulder, as if his question wasn’t obvious enough. “Can I have him?”

Uma purses her lips, “that counts as your Christmas bonus!”

“Deal!” Jay shouts and moves to deposit his cargo. He claps his hand over a wonderfully taught ass and jogs up to the ship, stopping long enough to whisper, “thanks Captain” to Uma.

“Do I get a say in this?” A small voice calls.

“No, but if it makes you feel better,” Jay climbs up the ramp, sets Carlos down on the deck and takes in the red face and labored breaths (which are probably due to being upside down for so long, but Jay chalks it up to desire). “I’ve been told I give great head,” he waggles his eyebrows. 

“So you’re just..taking me?!”

“Yeah. You know, pirate,” Jay points at himself.

Carlos huffs and crosses his arms. Oh, Davy Jones, he’s being captured and he still has an attitude to give? Jay can only picture how wild Carlos will be in his bed. “I have no say?”

“No, but it’s not like you’re leaving anyone behind, right?”

“Why…why would you say that?”

Jay shrugs and looks over the side of the ship where Harriet is still torturing groups huddled together. “Everyone grabbed someone else when we showed up, they all held each other. You were alone.” He turns to see Carlos looking at the ground and hugging himself. “It’s okay,” Jay pulls Carlos close, “everyone on the ship was alone at first. But we have each other. And you have me,” Jay grins, “in more positions you can imagine.”

“Well,” Carlos mumbles. He’s set on ignoring Jay’s comment, “I have always wanted to travel.”

“Good! First stop,” Jay pulls him further onto the ship “my bedroom!”

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Headcanons for CJ?

- She’s not as confident as she likes to make herself seem. In fact, she is fairly insecure and had struggled greatly with making friends since she was young.

- CJ is very conflicted with what she hopes to be. A pirate? Regular civilian? Or maybe just the idea of doing what she wants without any strings attached.

- She is the last of the Hook siblings who still wishes to be like their father.

- Her hair used to be above her shoulders as a child, but decided to grow it out when folk had claimed that she looked like a boy.

- Absolutely terrified of crocodiles.

- She has known Mal since a child. Although they didn’t immediately get along, Mal more than a tad annoyed by how CJ seems to talk for hours without having to pause, they grew to actually be friends.

- Flirting contests with Jay. Like, they come up with the most ridiculous pick up lines to see who can make the other laugh first.

- Gets very competitive over the silliest things.

- Extremely grateful for Freddie for being her friend. Although she would have a rough time telling the teen, she feels like Freddie is sort of out of her league.

- Admires Harriet so much. If anything, she probably looks up to her older sister more than she does with Hook. She tries so hard to act cool around her, which usually ends up with her looking a tad silly.

*in Mal and Evie’s room, our now back to normal age VKs and AKs are finally starting to stir*

Mal: Ow. What hit me? …And why is my bed broken?

Evie: Not so loud, please…

Jane: Mmm *notices the crocus flower stuck in her dress, then looks at Carlos* Did you give me this?

Carlos: Dunno. But it’s pretty - suits you.

Jane: *sleepy smile*

Jay: Get a room.

*door opens and then slams shut, making all the kids wince* 

Harriet: Well, look who’s all finally waking up!

Uma: Ugh, be quiet-

Harriet: No, I don’t think I will. You ‘orrid kids gave me your worst yesterday, so I’ve got NO sympathy for ye today.

Harry: Ugh, what happened last night?

Gil: Were we drinking?

Audrey: Couldn’t be! I don’t drink!

Ben: Neither do I, but I’ve never had a headache like this.

Harriet: Some magic nonsense that left all of ye small children and I got stuck with ye. 

CJ: And really? You’re sixteen, learn to live a little.

Freddie: Seriously. 

Mal: *smirks a little at Harriet* Sounds like you had a worse day than we did.

Harriet: *fake laughs* Oh, you laugh it up, pixie. Ye know what *I* think would be funny? *throws the curtains wide open where it’s a BEAUTIFUL bright day in the pastel nightmare that is Auradon, immediately the kids are groaning and trying to look away*

Mal: Okay, okay, I’m sorry! Shut the curtains!

Harriet: No. 

Mal: They say *I* was evil. 

Jordan: Yeah, I’m calling it - there is NO WAY a hangover is worse than this.

Ally: I can’t imagine that either.

Zevon: Speaking of hanovers, how do you not have one? *picks up a flask near him and shakes it* This is like, half empty.

Harriet: I did have one. There’s an easy cure for it - drink more. Meanwhile, if I’m lucky, you’ll have magic headaches for a long time.

Lonnie: That’s mean!

Harriet: Good! 


In this installment of the Illipsis, Jay Smooth takes a hard look at the push to honor women’s contributions to society by putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. (Suck it Andrew Jackson!) While well-intentioned, our nation’s complicated history with slavery and the devaluation or black bodies taints the tribute. “What we are doing right now is honoring the work Harriet Tubman did to free us from slavery by putting her face on the reason we were in slavery,” he says, while raising a $20 bill to the camera. “The dollar is history’s measure of the distance between power and virtue, how far we will travel from our humanity in pursuit of this thing.”

(via Jay Smooth: The Problem with Honoring Harriet Tubman on the $20 - YouTube)