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Harriet help!

Okay can someone from the Animal Crossing world help me? Harriet won’t let me change my mayors eye color. I can change my other three characters but not hers. I’ve tried everything! I’ve gotten my hair done multiple times and even bought a Mii head. Why won’t she let me change them?

anonymous asked:

lol no, this is about the Tadashi RP you had. Audrey accusing Tadashi of a villain just because he was over 18 didn't sit right with me. lol

Over 20 - because the Isle is only 20 years old. By ‘villain’, she means one of the people SENT there, as opposed to someone BORN there. For this blog, Harriet is the first one born there. 

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Changes Coming

Now, I don’t know when this will happen given my computer situation and the fact that school starts in a little over three weeks, but I do have changes planned for some of my blogs. 

@harriet-roden: The changes I plan to make to this blog, are to update the rules and - maybe, I haven’t completely decided - change Harriet herself. I’ve spoken about how inconsistent I feel my portrayal of Harriet’s character is, and what causes the inconsistency. I think it might be best if I change Harriet so I can write her consistently. I will still work to improve my writing abilities and writing characters like what she is right now, but I believe it is best if I do that outside the RPing community. There is a chance I won’t change her though (I am uncertain about doing it, considering how I’ve already started the blog with her as she is and it might be confusing to change her now). 

@medic-drillbit: The only changes I plan to make to this blog is to just update the rules. I might also update the verses page because there are A LOT of different ways DB’s story could go. 

@great-fox-pilot: The only real change I plan to make to this blog - besides updating the rules - is to try and be more active. 

@autobot-solarblaze: The only changes planned for this blog is to update the rules, add to the verses page, and I will also try to be more active on this blog. 

@mj-fandom-talk: There are a ton of changes planned for this blog. I want to have a set posting schedule (I’m thinking either every Friday or every Wednesday), I also want to give the blog a new name, as well as a new icon and header image. I will also update all the pages, including adding a page with links to all Top 5 (or similar) lists I make on the blog.