harriet the poodle


Who I am, darling, is a spinner of dreams! A fairy godmother, if you will!

It’s Harriet, the verbose poodle hairstylist from Animal Crossing! I always loved her because I have a standard poodle, which means I automatically have to love all poodles in media. (But she’s pretty nice for a poodle. They’re always getting the short end of the stick.) Also, getting Harriet in your game totally means you’ve made it in Wild World.

Anyway, Harriet here is for simbolism’s Animal Crossing Crossover, but I’d be willing to post her up for public download if people were interested. She won’t make pretty kids, but she will make your game significantly more pink.

sorry for the lack of ac artwork lately, i’ve been super busy!

I haven’t played on my sidecharacter in a while so I’m pretty sure her hair’s turned into a knotted/matted mess u_u 

Quick visit to Shampoodle/excuse for a Harriet gijinka~