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#‎ThrowbackThursday: The BBC might not have got around to adding a making-of featurette as an extra on their In The Flesh DVD or Blu-ray release, but luckily for us Holy Moly (the now sadly deceased entertainment website) paid the production a visit during series 2 filming. We never tire of watching how much fun they looked like they were having on set (despite the miserable British weather!)


Because when you do, when you finally do, I promise, you’re not going to want to go back. You’re going to be beautiful. You’re going to be flawless. You’re going to be  t h e  f u t u r e .

To all my fellow fans....

I have been thinking a lot recently about in the flesh (what’s new there) and I have something important to say.

I love this fandom more than the show.

In the flesh is beautiful. It is art if the most perfect kind, and we all recognise that. It is a show that needed to exist in the world and it did so wonderfully, and I like all of you am desperate for it to continue and evolve. But I think it is important to remember that whatever the fate of the show ends up being, it has already done so so much for its fans.

Back when I first made this blog, straight after the s2 finale, there were so few of us. It was this strange little show that no one really seemed to know about. And in a matter of weeks it had spread across the internet faster than any other show I have seen, and kept going. In the months since the last episode this wonderful fandom - the little fandom that could - has won polls against Goliath shows like Sherlock, has consistently been one of the best selling BBC DVDs in their store, has connected a whole network of people devoted to it and has, most importantly, saved real peoples lives.

Collectively this fandom has created surveys of its membership, fan fictions (ranging from very pg to very….not) beautiful prices of artwork, songs, games, and a plethora of other ways to express our love for this show. Again - all based on a sum total of nine hours of story. Nine hours, two series.

The point of this post is not to demand another series (although that is something we all hope for, and will continue to fight for), it is to thank you. To thank the fandom that took so little and turned it into a thriving community of like minded people who can be crazy, relentlessly optimistic, understanding, at times quite nsfw, outstandingly talented and above all, just wonderful wonderful people who deserve everything this show can become.

In The Flesh it’s not hard to explain you guys:

- AMAZING new concept about zombies that revolutionates the whole gender.

- Amazing characters and SO talented actors, you fall in love with all of them at first sight.


-Fascinating, intriguing story arc, there’s so much to explore, after every episode you always want to see more.

-They are hot AS HELL and back.

-The irony is PURE JOY.

-Incredible make up effects, it feels real.

- As cool and interesting as other shows you can think about.

Now go tell all your Twitter and Tumblr fellas to watch, because is amazing and must RISE.

-Sign the Petitions NOW, I warrantee you, when you watch it, you are seriously going to NEED it renewed:


2. https://www.change.org/p/amazon-amazon-give-in-the-flesh-a-new-home

3. https://www.change.org/p/bbc-three-give-in-the-flesh-a-third-season


Do you need any precedents?

Even the most famous Dr Who was cancelled once, and shows that now are a big success were in danger of cancellation.

I know is gonna happen because In The Flesh is awesome and you are all gonna love it.

I introduced several friends here to it with a simple message, they started watching it because they trust my critery for other things they see I love, and they love it now.


You don’t have to explain the whole story and values of the story to people, you just have to hint it, the rest belongs to the viewer experience.