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Uma x Harry genderbend headcanons

Okay, so here goes nothing. [Cracks knuckles]

▪ Male Uma (Or Umar maybe) is still very much short and especially shorter than his first mate Harri/Harriet, who’s a giant. Doesn’t bother him much though, because he’s rather fond of having a tall and intimidating girlfriend. It’s pretty fantastic in his opinion.

▪Harri definitely is who braids Umar’s hair. She’s used to helping her sister’s braid their hair and it was always a drag to do it for the two bossy pirates, but the moment he asked for help in braiding, Harri got unreasonably excited to do it. Umar isn’t one to let people be physically close to him or to let his guard down, and the fact that he allows her to comb her fingers through his hair as she braids, and even relaxs around her as she works, means the world to Harri.

▪In turn, Umar does Harri’s makeup, especially eyeliner. He actually likes applying eyeliner - He does his own and his blue eyeliner is aways on point - and just felt like it was one of the easiest ways to express his affection for Harri without stating it. And yes, it’s super smudgy on purpose because that’s how Harri likes it.

▪ He actually started doing it when he heard Harri grumble about CJ refusing to help her with it. He was originally only going to just show her how to do it, but found that he liked having the excuse to be closer to Harri physically and just kept doing it for her.

▪Like Harry, Harri definitely kisses Umar’s hand, especially when he’s stressed and needs to know that someone still stands by him.

▪ Don’t think that Harri Hook is anyless extra or thirsty than Harry Hook.She most certainly is and Umar, like Uma, has to bring her in when she gets a bit too over the top.

I hope these are any good; let me know what you think.

okay, okay, hear me out:

what if the boy who lived was the girl who lived? scruffy tomboy harriet “call me Harry” potter, getting extra rubbish from the Dursleys both from being a girl and being the wrong kind of girl

and absolutely nothing in the entire 7-book series changes except for pronouns. because girls can be brave and imperfect and angry and sulky and loud just like boys can.

(except a girl harry would room with Hermione Granger and the Patil twins instead of Ron and Sean, but that’s literally the only thing I can think of that might change)

Hook Siblings Headcannons

for @anniepetitt 💙💛 loving these requests so much! - lana 💓

- so, so closely knit
- harry steals harriet’s eyeliner so constantly that, instead of hiding it, she’s bought him one of his own
- they’ve all had a hook-hand phase
- cj gave herself a horrible deathhawk and wore a pirate hat to cover it up; eventually, the trend grew on her
- they all imitate “tick tock” noises to prank their father
- as mentioned before, harry is deathly afraid of swimming, and, alternatively, drowning; he tries to stay away from water as much as possible
- harriet secretly wants to meet peter pan; her childhood dream was to be able to fly, and she hopes his shadow will make its way into her room one night
- gorgeous , all of them
- harry and harriet debate over who is the mom of the bunch (cj prefers harriet as a maternal figure)
- a thousand awkward family photos in frames around the house
- cruel humor & laughing til their stomach hurts is in their nature
- made up peter pan stories that end the way their father would have wanted them to
- harry has secretly hand-made a tinker bell ragdoll for cj’s birthday. she doesn’t care that she’s too old for dolls, and sleeps with it tucked under her blanker every night while he and harriet tell her stories in silly voices
- uma is their unofficial fourth sibling

- family meetings for no reason other than to complain about miscellaneous things

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Rise of the Isle of the Lost Spoilers

I just finished reading “Rise of the Isle of the Lost” and just like the other books it was amazing. It is a little different from the other books but still a great story.  There is some new characters and information that was revealed in it. So spoilers are below if you are planning on reading the book.

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As if we needed more reasons to love the cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Calista Jane Hook aesthetic ⚔☠️

I know that for many Sabrina Carpenter would be perfect to play CJ, I’m one of those who think that. But if there is another actress that you like, leave your comments.


Did I do it right? Pls give me credit if use The right one is my edit (with the beautiful Emily Rudd), but not the left got it from pinterest by @TMG.